Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cherry of a New Beginning

I’m wrapping up...for the year that is.

Hope to be back very soon with more concrete ideas that I can chip in towards the disabled community, an issue like it or not, remains top of my whimpering list.

But first things first, as I need to get my own life sorted out.

Some 10 years ago, when I resigned to the fact that only through a set of wheelchair can determine the black and white of whatever’s left of my remaining life, never really imagined it’d prolong colourfully that now I don’t wish to give up the ghost anytime soon, not at least for another 5-6 decades more.

Before anyone starts having idea this is one of those crappy motivational pieces, it is not because normally my advice to those who always moan how his life sucks to go ahead and snuff it out in the most dramatic way possible.

Personally however, I’ve got so much to live for thanks largely to the decade that’s about to see its curtain fall before us in a few hours time.

It couldn’t have kicked off on the righter foot, when I finally realised it was about time to get off the bed and start learning the trades of getting around on wheelchair. By no means a walk in the park but as I found the groove it didn’t take long before it hits on me there’s actually life ahead that waits.

And so the journey through the decade began, constantly a learning process throughout. Getting back into the society was the toughest hurdle but looking back, it’s not much them but my own weaknesses, the emotional department being the biggest culprit.

That’s all behind me now.

Fast forward to 2009, the final year has at long last provided the elusive break that, to be honest, I’ve been craving for since as far back the day when I first stepped into the wonders of the adolescent years.

Anyway, just as it started, I’m pleased to end the decade on a high.

Similarly, if everything goes to plan (insyaAllah) the new beginning will see the continuation from where it left off, and the New Year will kick off the new dawn on a more positive note.

Only this time with a bang...


...screwing up.


Pi Bani said...

So what do you want for the new year? A screw driver... to screw tihngs up? Hehehe...

Here's wishing you a really HAPPY 2010, Kerp! Semoga berbahagia hingga ke akhir hayat... ;)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Kak Pi,

you know very well what i want...hehehehe...

Wishing you likewise akak. Dan diaminkan segala doa yg kita mintak.

Anonymous said...

Salam Bro Kerp.....

Sealamt menyambut tahun baru dan semoga azam kau dimakbuli Allah.

Weding kelak jgn pula lupa orang segamat sini :))


anfield devotee said...

So fooking obvious la ye. Good positive vibes all round when yer team is doing well & doom & fooking gloom when ye've had yer arses kicked . . .

Happy New Year!

.ani said...

Kerpie my thambi!!

Happy Happy 2010 and am looking forward to the nasi minyak session ok!! And for that I prayer all your dreams and wishes come true ...

p/s: anything but winning the league that is ... (notes Bala only talks football sense) ahahah

Happy and Blessed 2010 everyone!
.kerpie's akka

Kata Tak Nak said...

Happy New Year buddy. Looking forward to the big day.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Amin bro. And salam tahun baru jugak pd lu sekeluarga. InsyaAllah kad sampai nanti.

Mr Bala,

Dei, i'd still be in positive mode even if the team failed us. And you GUYS, should rejoice la. Grabbing all 3 points away, and at Villa Park at that, was massive. Fools' turning point of the season perhaps?

A blessed New Year to you too, Missus and master Seth.


Wishing you likewise, my dear sister (+ Ashna & Kasha).

Nasi minyak soon. personally i just cant wait to get through everything and proceed with my new life...should be fun...hehe...

Cikgu sir,

Wishing you and missus likewise. It'd be a huge honour if you could come down all the way from Penang just for my big day. I'll give a call soon and let you know of the exact date so that you can plan your trip down south.

Anonymous said...

happy new year.

please visit to know what's brewing in Tabung Haji.

anfield devotee said...

RE: Married life, ye says, "Should be fun" . . .

A wise man once said, "When a couple tie the knot, the woman thinks she can change the man & the man thinks the woman will never change . . . how wrong they BOTH are . . ."

Macha, don't say u weren't warned . . . (*muahahahah*)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

thanks anon, will check it out.


hehe...but wei, Gimme some credits la bro, am not that naive ok? Fun in this context is ofcos referring to the roller coaster ride me is about to hop on to.

Anonymous said...

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Tinesh said...

Happy new year macha! Hope it also brings better things apart from your end of bachelorhood haha

Daphne Ling said...

Happy 2010!!



Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Thanx brother. And likewise, best wishes in your uni life!


Likewise, wishing you a blessed 2010!

Eh, what's that 'Er' about la? surprise meh? I told you didnt i?

Achilles said...

Kerp: Happy Belated New Year to you Bro. Sorry for the late wishes.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Thnaks my brother. Wishing you likewise, better late than never.

Anonymous said...

great ...........................................................

Umar_LoveIja said...

Helo,nice blogging,nice info,erm ingin mengetahui kisah misteri,pelik tapi benar ? jom ke blog saye ni di ,ok bye

Anba said...

oink oink bro...great vibes for all yer around to you

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Anba my bro, thanks! wishing you likewise. expect a call from me sometime soon.

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