Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gardening: blaming on the soil?

I think Md Khir Toyo must have lost his mind to point finger at the new government for not doing much to tackle the landslide problem. Hey, the present gomen may not be the best there is but blaming a government that’s barely 10 months into the office actually reflects the true colour of the previous one instead. The former MB might have been grilled well by the press to conveniently put the blame on others and find the easiest way out. Come on, he was at the helm for many years and he is trying to say that his admin played no part in issuing approvals for any of the on-going hill slope projects? I may not have the facts with me but only stupid fools can’t smell the story he has cooked up. Oh well, screw him anyway.

The reality is, when there’s big money involved, enforcement goes straight down the drain. No, money isn’t the main issue here. Developers are business-minded people and they wouldn’t care any less to be accused of practising greed from their part.

I think the frailty of enforcement has been the root cause of it all. Not restricted to hill slope development for weird reason needs not to abide by certain guidelines, even new residential buildings that are not disabled friendly are given the green light to operate. And what happened to a certain building by laws that stated clearly new buildings are compulsory to provide facilities for the disabled? If enforcement had been strictly carried out, not even a ridiculous amount of money can break the law.

I’m blaming solely on the lack of enforcement that causes many lives lost. Equally, condo residents with disability are not spared from this irresponsible act by the agencies concerned.

Until they buck the fuck up, many others will fall victims due to feeble enforcement.


nanda666 said...

Wasn't there a landslide along the NKVE near the Duta toll where the slope came crashing down? Didn't they make a ruling that the slopes have to be less than 60 degrees or something????
Don't see anything done at all until today.....

Kata Tak Nak said...

Lives are mere mere abstract entities while money is definitely tangible so they will even approve it if someone wants to build a condo on their mother's grave as long as there is money for them.

Well Toyo better not locate his soya plantation for his face lifting tempe miracle near any slope if he knows whats good for him.

anfield devotee said...


nanda666 said...

Check out Patrick Teoh's blog. Nice post on the land slide....

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Nanda my man,

They made the ruling but whether it was enforced is another matter all together. We’ve been hearing the same shit annually since highland towers tragedy. Nobody seems to learn anything la bro. nothing changes, only the casualties.

*yea I read Patrick’s take on this national issue. He was spot on. Our 2 leaders only good at talking cock.


Its sad that because of greed human lives take 2nd priority. Still I think enforcement, the lack of it is the root of all catastrophe.

Bala Ji,

Yea man, I saw that coming…muahahahaaaaa…

Pak Idrus said...

Let not play the blaming game. The rakyaat are not naive. The disaster has happened. The new government in Selangor has done a good job. Do read Eli Wong blog - http://elizabethwong.wordpress.com/

Anyway do have a nice day.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Pak idrus,

yes i have to agree. the new selangor state government has done a relatively good job so far. but still there's plenty of room for improvement. its nice to have YB Eli in the line-up.

Anonymous said...

That Toyol is behaving like a typical sour loser. He's got nothing better to do since contributing to society is not his way at all. He just want to stir shit and point his shitty fingers so that his own deeds or misdeeds are overlooked.
Why not just put him away. Dig up all his dirt and publish the evidence.

akuani said...

Nanda: 45% or less

As for Khir Toyo .. GAWD the fooking moron's time la more and more fooking developments on forest reserves on slopes on marsh land on reclaimed mining pools - all ok now suddenly buildings older than 9 months fall and it's new gomen's fault ...

Fooking idiot!! I was cut off in the 1999 landslide - pregnant some more at that time ... had to dirt road it with the WIRA on the banks of the river that flowed thru Kg Pasir - now the funky monkey UKAY Perdana - another tragedy WAITING to happen ...

Highland Towers should have been a lesson to the greedy but hey what's a few lives every now and then ... like the tower of babel we're reaching for the stars and falling under rubble!!!

The condo I lived in faced a secondary jungle and many springs gurgled past the perimeters of our place, used to watch the monkeys and other wild life now there's condo units standing proud on the cut down slopes and the gurgles have vanished! I wonder where all that water has been diverted to ... perhaps the next condo collapse in Bkt A'bangsa I might learn I've become a widow - which could be a blessing in disguise ahahahha.

But seriously, when will all this madness stop???

cakapaje said...

Salam kerpie,

Yo bro, not wanting to scare you, but of late, development on former tin mines in Klang Valley are beginning to feel some earth movements and depressions. To that, the toyol will also blame the PR Selangor State Govt. Damn toyol and his people.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Yea man, couldn’t agree with you more, he’s a shit-stirrer. He was a dud himself, better he shut the hell up and focus on his party election intead.


According to toyol none of the hillslope projects were approved during his time. He put the blame on those in power some 15 years ago and stirring shits on the present one. In a way he’s saying that he played no part at all la. Such angel la…

Wsalam Shah,

I don’t need to look further than just through my window. The former lake is now bulldozed to make way for new mall. The approval definitely was clinched during his time. But I can imagine he’ll come up with all sorts of excuses and blame others.

Ridzzy said...

The resident committee of my area (kemensah heights) has sent an official letter warning the MPAJ that there is a high risk area just beside the new development heading up to kampung kemensah. They have ignored our warning. I went to the spot with a qualified geologist, who was attached with Renong (last time) and he shook his head saying its a disaster waiting to happen. I really hope they look into this before its too late. 2 days ago it was in the news, yet still no response from them. . . . what to do?
If the approve the CF for this place i will be fuming...

Achilles said...

Kerp: I'm back... thanks for your well wishes the other day. Appreciate it a lot bro.

As for the landslide... its going to happen again and again until enforcement is improved. Rules and laws are just worthless pieces of writing on paper until it is enforced. When are we going to learn.

And you are absolutely right...law enforcement goes down the drain when there is under the table money... which seems to be always the case here in Malaysia.

BTW, do check out my blog... posted something you will find very interesting.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Ridz man,

You know what you guys should do? Get the tv people and there’s high percentage MPAJ will get their ass moving. And if CF is still given you know something is definitely not right, an official complaint must be done.


Welcome back my man.

Its very unfortunate that under table agreement has become synonymous in our culture. Tragedy will persist as long there’s money involved and ultimately number of casualties will increase. It’s a sad reality happening to our country.

· will cross over in a bit. hope you’re doing great over there brother.

monsterball said...

They all learn to talk like that from Mahathir.
22 years as their teacher...those students are fast learners.
Toyo is a typical UMNO man...to blame everyone...but himself.
His broomstick act...what a side show he put up.
He first said the bangalows were built long before he was M.Besar.
That should lead to Mat bin Mat approving the project.
Dollah blame contractors...developers...but never the man from UMNO...OK the project. That should be the M.Besar.....20 years ago..so clear.
How low can UMNO go.
It takes another balls carrying like Ong Ka Chuan to say...if they are no good...they should fall 3 years after building them. He said.it is a act of nature....just like Samy Vellu. Trying to save his own skin ..as Housing Minister...which he should have resigned few weeks ago...after loosing his own party election....this young fut....knows....next to nothing.
OK....if he keeps quiet or say sincerely....he does not know...but he chose to blare out....like an expert..housing minister.
This idiot..does not understand quality control productions..as with going ...against nature.

Daphne Ling said...

Aiya, biasalah...Nothing surprising what, this finger pointing by some politicians!

monsterball said...

No matter how good the service after sale one can provide...if the product is a copy cat with no much professionalism applied.....before it was manufactured...same results will arrive.
Tsunami and volcanic eruptions are due to man ..disrespecting nature.
We keep saying..."IT'S GOD'S WILL"....which really mean...every action have an equal reaction.
In Malaysia..UMNO limped up buses..trailers ..oil tankers into one freeway...where we motorists pay toll fees....driving at roads for hell drivers
Fortunately...car drivers are skillful and alert...so UMNO never bothered top separated these vehicles....like i Europe.....some 40 years ago.
UMNO always have stupid answers to their stupidity..they they to cover up.
Yes...we need to talk...till we change this corrupted ...racialists..good for nothing..government......once and for all.

melayuphile said...


I live in kemansah and know exactly what you mean. Please contact me if you are interested to pursue this.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Mr goh,

I don’t think its fair to blame TDM. Toyo has always been an asshole anyway.


And the finger pointing will lead to nowhere, soon the hype will die down and the problem will persist…familiar aint it?


Yea man, go for it.