Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Musical Intermission; Don't Worry Baby

I’m on an assignment that could change my life for good. Either make or break, I think the time is here that I need to pull this one off, once and for all.

So to a certain extent, its a do-or-(spiritually)die mission.


Ok that was pretty dramatic but still...



akuani said...

Kerpie is this something to do with what you told me the other day???

the am sending you all the good vibes and best wishes ... akka is rooting fer ya!!!!


Pi Bani said...

Errrr.... you're not going to Gaza, are you? ;)

Zabs said...

Salam Kerp,
All the best to you.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...
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Kerp (Ph.D) said...


basically yes. and i can do with all the encouragement needed. thanks!


and add to their burden? muahahaha...

wsalam pak ZAb,

thank you sir! nanti insyaAllah kita bersua lagi, boleh la saya bercerita lebih lanjut.

anfield devotee said...

So what's up lar?

Do share . . .

monsterball said...

You sound like James Bond on wheels.
Jin Samsuddin was Malaysia's Jimmy.
So good.. was decorated..and became a Senator......mostly due to his great the film industry.
Datukship is waiting for you...if your mission impossible turns out cicak man......hahahahahaha
Jokes aside...take good care with your limitations.
I enemy get near to grab him...enemy..dead duck...but they will stay few inches away from you.
Surprise them with extended robot hands..hidden inside.....hahahahahahaha
I have a strange are going to Terengganu.
Surely not to Gaza.....OH MY GOD!!!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

bala ji,

will give u a call soon.

Mr goh,

no i aint going to terengganu, nor gaza. got my own shits to settle in my own backyard to think of world's problem. and that datukship, i dont mind getting one and i'll abuse my status...hehehe...

monsterball said...

You have too many sexy birds surrounding you..that's your problem
I saw it from my crystal ball.
If not true...tell me...I will throw it away.....and buy new one from Petaling Street.
Hi Kerp..."Bauh Buah Restaurant " at Central Market...close shop!

wanshana said...

All the best with your possible life-changing assignment, Kerp.

No need to die laaaa... :)

jue said...

Hi Kerp,

What kind of assignment huh? You made me eager to know and wonder what was that???......hihi

Anyway,..all the best...i support you...

Ridzzy said...

Dont die yet la.. we still have a mission remember? :D

monsterball said...

"Don't Worry Baby"
That's the his sweetheart.!But who??
Is it...Pinky?
Is it his cat..going for major operation?
Was it his huge bet...lost...and budget gone haywhile?
Will all the chicks surrounding be introduced to his bachelor friends in a make Pinky trust him?
Who will not worry ...with this lovable character..on of the rare educated and successful.
Friends are not worried.
Friends are getting stress with suspense and anxiety.

akuani said...

monsterball : suspense adds to the mystery :))))) and the best we CAN do as friends of this awesome dude is wish him all the luck in the world ....

Kerpie: just in case ya forget ... akka has the pom poms and is cheering you on ... and more importantly ... as Mozz told ya 50% **wink** akka loves ya

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Mr goh,

No sir, no sexy birds. Very decent and lovable. Not quite a hamsup fella to be honest.

Kak shana!

Thanks. wish could do a tell-all in here. Perhaps the next time we meet I shall spill it out. And no, I’m not quite dead yet…hehehe…


How shall I put it…errm…maybe I see you online I’ll spill it.


Bro, how can I forget about that little mission. Lets meet up during the cny period.


I know I can always count on ya. Love ya too!

monsterball said...

One need not be humsup to attract females. is all written in your fate...than gals..simple love to be loved by you..and do not mind to complete the cycle of 4 wives are entitled to.
On wheels...does not mean..power of less than others.
Infact..Kamasutra 32 ways of making love can learn something from kerp.
He can keep on saying..he is very decent person..which I never doubt. So are thousands with 4 wives......hahahahhahahaha. He created th post...keep all his friends in suspense.
I am focused on "LOVE"...problems....most common to lovable successful man.
Now all you guys/gals...go and he lovable and successful?
Come on kerp...tell one reporter ask Batman...tell ....who is he...remember??
So not be "Two Face" villain. You simply cannot tell lies.
How can you create a post like that....and will tell to selected few...when you meet them?
No can do.
Pinky getting mad???

monsterball said...

We all must
Excuse my lousy English..and one finger careless typing.
Now wait for Kerp to ell to selected few.
Are you trying your luck to be a novelist....on Dan Brown or..Alfred Hitchcock?

akuani said...

monsterball : ala patience la ... when my buddy is ready, he make tell all announcement ....

mana tau you get lucky one free meal also covered - kih kih kih ...

speculation is the worst kinda anxiety you know as there is never any substance to it merely fascination and hyper-thesis :))

Kerpie: in your time my sweet most loveable thambi ... akka waiting for confirmation of our together-gether with Mozz and Riddzy ... maybe even muscleman Archilles :))

Ridzzy said...

If you wanna meet up for just lepak2 can la.. but mission cannot take place during CNY lest we be doomed to fail..

senorita.. said...

hmmmmm.... interesting

monsterball said...

If he invites me to his wedding... I will attend.

monsterball said...

What is this!!!!
akuani advise me to be patient.
Ridzzy is talking about a mission....after CNY.
How can anyone not get confused.
What's that "mission"...doomed to fail .if done on CNY?
Maybe many kittens will not turn up for the traps?....hahahahahahahaha

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

muahahahahaaaaa...ok Mr goh, this time you really got me in stitches. no, nothing to speculate, so better dont. its just a personal stuff and nothing to do with any ill-activities. and i am certainly touched by your statement. sure sir, if ever that day comes, i'll sure to count you in.

monsterball said...

"Don't worry baby...I used condom..just babies la.
Stop phoning me..saying how much you miss me.
One time enough..go find new cat.
You want me to have my dick cut off by my pussycat?
Please please stop phoning and sms me. I had to delete all these....before my pussycat curi to read .while I am snoring ..after a hard days night.
I cannot change HP number.. ...too obvious".

monsterball said... children booked several rooms in Port Dickson for reunion dinner.
Viewing that video...and listening to the song..I wonder...old fut like me...can curi curi makan with a sweet young thing...making me miserable after that..hahahahahahaha
I better read a good welcome the OX...into my life..with no
"Wild Things" ..coming to my life.

jue said...

Dear Kerp,

Hmmm, no new posting for quite sometimes...too busy i guess...


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

thanks for your concern jue, will catch up with you and tell you all about it.

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