Monday, January 5, 2009

New year, same despair

Just to inform everyone that I’m very much alive still, although not quite kicking.

The reason(s) why this blog has been long abandoned is simple. The horrible connection is to blame, which had constantly driven me up the freaking wall lately. I had no choice but to be on borrowed laptop, stolen wireless connection and became a cheapskate yuppie for a few weeks in order to get some of the important work done.

Hope to get back real soon, with no interruption and all that shit.

A big thank you to all on the wonderful New Year’s greetings. Wishing everyone likewise.

Gotta wheel off again. I’m on borrowed machine. Can’t hold her back for too long.



anfield devotee said...

kesian . . .

actually, me has been facing similar problems as well along with issues with blogger itself.


Pi Bani said...

So, what's new other than the year? Ah, I know... new shoes right??! ;)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Bala Ji,

have to kesian la. the internet is my major source of bread and butter. no connection means no money. no money means no rice to dig in. and that is good enough to spell DEATH to me.

Kak Pi,

eh, mana tau? the new pair cost be a bomb la akak. i hated the design but for practical reason, sarung je la. nak buat camna lagi...