Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Look who's talking

Nude pics. Rarely I’d say this but really, what’s the fuss about it in the first place?

A politician sleeps in her nude, then unscrupulous individual rudely invaded her privacy and (somewhat unsurprisingly) her detractors jumped out at this lifetime opportunity to put her down politically

First and foremost, she’s a human being, like you and me. She has every right to lead a life like everyone else. Its just unfortunate that her personal activity was made known to public and being a politician made it even worse, no thanks to those only with political interest to tarnish their rival’s good name.

The worst part is, suddenly those who made the call acted as if they are a piece of untainted white cloth, free from sin with uncorrupted moral values.

Please don’t give us all the bullcrap about Malaysians not ready to accept leaders embroiled in scandals.

Dude, where the hell have you been man? Scandal-free leaders? We’ve had (and had to put up with) them for decades. Go check it out, its in your own backyard.

As a politician, she has done quite a wonderful job that demanding her to vacate her political post is uncalled for. She was after all, voted into office by the majority. The question of betrayal to the people must never arise because as a fellow human, I think she deserves sometime to her own. Whatever takes place behind closed door shouldn’t be any of our concern. Mind your own business, anyone?

Let’s put it clear and simple; if anyone feels the need to put her political career to the test, then by all means, go ahead but judge her as a politician.

Comprende, Mr Ex-mb?

Y’know what’s even funnier, el-tempe quoted as saying to let people decide if they still want her.

People to decide? Rrrrright. Since when?


Anonymous said...

respect to you brother Kerp.

kalau kau perasan, only KT jer yang memekak dalam kes Eli ni. faham-faham je lah, nak jadi wira pada pemuda-pemuda. al maklumlah, bulan mac just around the corner.

take care bro.


Pi Bani said...


Anonymous said...

If Yang Berbogel (YB) Elizabeth Wong kennot keep her pubic hair secret, how to keep state secret?

And, the Yang Berbogel (YB) Elizabeth Wong is not a Christian? Thou shall not fornicate? Morality do not appply to Christian, but Muslim only?

And, did Khir Toyo took the pictures? U men that was post coitus pix of KT and Yang Berbogel (YB)?

MRSM kalae Chepo 66/73

Jon-C said...

Bro Kerph, I've laid down my thoughts about the whole crazy episode in me blog.

Well, i'm dumb folded to say the list by how dirty politic is in Boleh Land. Sad day indeed. To resigned over a gross invasion of your privacy is an insult to her intelligence.

Let's hope the law or whats's left of it will deal with the culprit who took and exposed the pics.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Thank you bro.

We have to accept the fact that politicians have their very own agenda, and mostly, its always personal.

Kak Pi,

Lebih kepada politik- membahayakan keselamatan….hehe…

Kalae chepo,

Her only mistake was the trust she gave to the culprit responsible. And I’m very sure all the secrets entrusted to her are safe. Nothing much you can do if its beyond your control.

Now, if this happens to be a muslim involved, I’d stick to all that I have written. Call me a bad muslim but I don’t judge a person for screwing up as mere reason.

Thank you. And thanks for dropping by.


Yea man, really hope she will think hard about stepping down. Its not really a question about moral value but as you put it, a gross invasion of her privacy. Worse, she has to pay for someone else’s doing.

Will cross over soon bro, thanks.

ex-boyfriend said...

"unscrupulous individual"? Pleaselah! She was not in her pyjamas or nighty, bro. But wearing a shirt and skirt without panties.

One horny lady, I can tell you that.

Jim Broga said...

Anybody got the pic?

cakapaje said...

Salam kerpie,

Yo bo! I think you have it wrong bro! Really! I mean, you need to focus on the issue with a fine comb, then you'd see the reality of it all. The point here, is not because the good YB was filmed in nude! Nah, that's not it! The real thing is, because someone captured her on film while sleeping SEMI-nude!

Achilles said...

Kerp: Somone need to whack the toyol lah. too much.

As for those who said Elizabeth in the wrong, she was in her own house, hence she has the right to do what she wants. Even if she wants to dress up as a french maid and sleep, so what... its her own house. is there a law on how you need to be dressed when you sleep in your own house? If yes, please enlighten me.

If you have sex with your own wife at home and someone films it... is it your fault for being indecent or the guy who filmed you? i really don't see the logic behind how the person whose privacy was violated can be in the wrong. Its like saying rape victims ought to be blamed, not the rapist.

What about Chua Soi Lek who slept with another woman, got it video taped and now he is back in politics like nothing happen. is this fair? Is he also not "gatal"? If anything, his is worse. Why is the toyol not jumping up and down for this?

This kind of one sided logic really pisses me off.

Mark said...

I fail to understand how anyone can fault her. If she wants to sleep fully nude even, that's her perogative. If she wants to "fornicate" before marriage, it's to do with religion, not politics. Those that claim that she's being immoral are probably hypocrites themselves that emplore everyone takes the moral highground while they themselves get all woozy at such heignts.

Resign over this? I'm not surprised by such notions actually. I mean this is a country where women who get raped are chastised because they dress like sluts. Yes, all women who get raped are dressed in micro mini skirts, have ultra low necklines and walk around with "come rape me please" signs. What are these women thinking?

Back to the point. How is this even a "scandal"? Is she married? Did she cheat on her husband? Common sense is unfortunately not common enough. Can those who think she's wrong please state how so while applying logic?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Unscrupulous for reason the guy leaked the pic/video out. I am however not here to judge her moral behaviour, but to sympathise, that’s all.

Thank you.


Ada, sila layari talkonly.


I believe that’s what I was trying to say. She was not in the wrong becos she was the victim. Will cross over right after this.


Well said bro. Couldn’t agree with you more.

She was in her own home when the incident took place. We cant judge her for having a guy around her house can we?

To be fair to CSL, he did the most honorable thing by quitting. and credits to him, he came back strongly.


Whats even appalling is suddenly everyone acts as if they are proud owners of clean record. That in my book is a hypocrite at the highest order.

Its sad that she had to bow down by people demanding for her resignation. the only thing that made her case scandalous is the fact it was captured and recorded.

Thanks for crossing over bro.

Mark said...

Kerp: Been meaning to drop by for some time now :)

It just really irks me that some people don't bother to think before speaking like Mr. Botox. Someone takes her picture, posts them on cyberspace and suddenly she's involved in a scandal. If anything, it was an intrusion of privacy. Don't think we need to point that out anymore.

It's no big secret that certain individuals are really impulsive and release statements that make them look really stupid. Worse still when they are put on the hot seat live. A certain interview by Hardtalk comes to mind.

Achilles said...

Kerpie: I agree, CSL did do the honourable thing by quitting, but now that he is back, i don't see anyone even asking anything about it. so it really feels one sided-lah.

What irks me is to hear some of our politicians saying things like "this is what happens when you simply recruit candidates before checking people's profiles". What about CSL? We know what he is like, but yet, he is back stronger than ever. yet no one saying anything. How?

bottom line, the "toyol" needs to be smacked-lah.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Yea, in fact, I cant see anything scandalous about this whole episode. its sad that she succumbed to all the pressure from people like toyol and resigned. But there’s hope yet. Lets hope TS Khalid rejected her resignation.


Nothing new la about all these biasness. Its very much part of our political landscape. Just imagine la bro, an innocent victim can be made like she was always full of scandal just becos she’s with the opposition, no thanks to the mainstream media, malaysia’s number 1 asslicker.

Bernard said...

I have to admit that I had a look at the pics & liberal as I may be, I would have to say that I don't think the pics would make the good Tok Guru up in KB blush. Why?

1. The pics were of very poor quality.

2. The good YB was NOT nude as has been reported by all the rags.

3. The angle from which the pics was taken made it difficult to tell who the subject person is even. Compare to Mr. Korek Korek Korek - his face & voice was clearly for everyone to see & still he has the gall to say "looks like me, sounds like me BUT its not me".

4. There MAY be a hint of a private part but then again, with some imagination some people could still get turned on by a lady in a burqa.

5. The pics were definitely not posed but taken without her knowledge when she was deep in slumberland.

So really I don't see what reason she has to resign & I really do salute her for her integrity. Unlike Botox Face, at least we know she is intelligent & hard working & in spite of the accusations, she has more moral fiber in her than all of the Ameno & Beeanne people put together.

Mark said...

I can't help but wonder if she would still have got all the sympathy she did from the powers that be, had she refused to resign.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Admittedly I have seen it too and all the points you made were spot on. Number 5 especially is the most crucial point in proving her innocence. It was taken while she was dozing off and it looks so obvious she had no idea someone was violating her privacy.


To be fair, some of the bee-anne leaders came out to support her before she announced her resignation. but mr botox definitely isn’t one of them la.

anfield devotee said...

Kalae Chepo: Rahim Thamby Chik? UMNO fookers commit statutory rape, semua ok. Orang lain tidur (half) bogel, dosa besar! Bit presumptous of you to think she's in a post-coitus mode here. And even if she is, at least she's getting laid unlike you!!! So please do us all a favour & go FOOK YERSELF!

Kerp, Can't wait fer the day when Khir Totyo meets his ugly end. What a waste of oxygen.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

bala ji,

nothing new la, when it comes to them, semua ok. this is a case of 'semut diseberang boleh nampak, gajah depan mata tak nampak'. but we all know, they pretend not to see. to them, they're free from sin.

Tinesh said...

Macha!! Good to have you back dude!

On related notes, who is toyol or anyone for that matter to say what's morally right or wrong??

What was the line again? Let the one without a sin cast the first stone?

I think corruption and nepotism is a worse offence than sleeping in the nude, but then again, who am i to say that rite? :P

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


thanks brother.

these people are being hypocritical la. suddenly you have the moral police minding your back for the slightest of flaw you may unintentionally do. in eli's case, she did no wrong to be asked to quit. thats simply appalling.

ex-boyfriend said...

Why on earth did she quit then? More pictures coming out? Feeling a bit guilty?

As an exco and adun whom is look upon by the younger generation, what is the message she's giving? That having pre-marital sex if you & your partner are single in private, is okay?

Who is being hypocritical? To say that this not a moral issue? "I am not ashamed of my sexuality and being a single woman..." she said.

Yes, definitely an excellent role model for our youngsters!

Anonymous said...

Bro Kerp,

She is supposed to be 'Yang Berhormat', a sample to the public, young and old.

Not "Yang Berbogel' who has been allowing a man roaming around her home.

You want your unmarried daughter to co-hab with a man? Its her privacy?

Guess, where would she learn such deed is ok? Her own father.

Maybe you should think deeper.

Its maybe that you have been 'immuned' to such pictures from having been viewing far more raunchy pictures in the net, but this aint good for the public.

You know that.

Anonymous said...

Bro Kerp,

She is supposed to be 'Yang Berhormat', a sample to the public, young and old.

Not "Yang Berbogel' who has been allowing a man roaming around her home.

You want your unmarried daughter to co-hab with a man? Its her privacy?

Guess, where would she learn such deed is ok? Her own father.

Maybe you should think deeper.

Its maybe that you have been 'immuned' to such pictures from having been viewing far more raunchy pictures in the net, but this aint good for the public.

You know that.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


I don’t know man, but whatever takes place behind closed door shouldn’t be any of our concern. She is entitled to her own private life, like you and me. Its just unfortunate that hers was made known to public, obviously without her consent.

Her morality may be questionable but who am I to judge? It would be hypocritical of me to tell her to pull her act together.

But then again, I could be wrong and should in fact, think deeper.

Noted. Thanks brother.

Tinesh said...

Wow, so many are talking about morality. What happens behind closed doors are the business of the people behind it.

And please dont patronize us youth in thinking that we "dunno" anything about sex. Like it said in The Star article a few days back, cigarettes and booze is not the thrill anymore, pre marital sex is. So, whether or not we youths have a "role model" encouraging pre marital sex, it's there and it's being done.

It's time for you people to face it. No offence to any of you who take it.

nanda666 said...


Politics is a dirty business and if what you do "behind closed doors" come out into the open, it only means trouble.
This has been true in every country. (Even Obama was not spared..remember?)
It takes a responsible and educated society to see beyond these issues and honestly, looking at some of the comments from various "religious" bloggers, we are a long way from being that civilised society.
We are still caught up in this "agama, bangsa dan negara" and can't even comprehend a "satu bangsa, satu negara" concept.
I guess the "infidels" and our loose morals will always be the target, huh??

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


You couldn’t say it better. As much I do not condone the idea of pre-marital sex, to me its solely up to the individual. Go nuts as long you don’t get caught.


Yea, it’s the game that politicians worldwide have to deal it. you’re under the spotlight for the rest of the term, the slightest of mistake will cost you your political career. Everybody wants to be the judge and waiting to pounce the moment you hesitate.

anfield devotee said...

Anon & Ex-BF: What fooking bullshit! Suppose you think Khir's RACIST remarks during the televised debate is the right message to send to young Malaysians?

Me also supposes that RAPING an UNDERAGED girl is ok since the perp walked.

You fooking HYPOCRITICAL CUNTS disgusts me. Yes, me has resorted to name calling coz you understand nothing better.

So pls just fook off to whichever EDEN you came from where CORRUPTION, RAPE & RACISM is the lessons to be taught to children.

ps: Also cool to know yer kids are taught its ok to murder Mongolian nationals coz they are like y'know . . . infidels or something.

Anonymous said...

anfield devotees,

From your language I can give a good guess which hole you crawled from.

Your mom's.

Anonymous said...

El-tempe? haha!! you ni funny la Kerp. I totally agree with your, our politics are lower than the sewage. Let's not judge her private life, its private afterall. Bogel ke fully clothed ke in her house is her problem. Just sad this had to happen to her, and she was a good politician.MK

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


i liken this episode to beating a red light. in most cases people got away scott-free. eli was unfortunate to be one to get caught. lets meet up la sister?


owh man, that was a cheap shot la. go ahead, you're free to swear here but like mr anfield, you should provide together with some points of argument la, like i believe, you did previously.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

I pity that woman. But her she could come out stronger if she wants out of this. Sok Lei could have a sex tape and still okay. Sex tape. With a hooker. This woman is just sleeping.

anfield devotee said...

Anon: Oh, wow, ouch. And you? Immaculate conception?

And pls get yer grammar rite, mate. Its embarrasing . . .

ps: Note depite me language, me raised a few points on "morality" which you ignored. Typical.

pps: Invitation to go fook yerself is still valid.

Anonymous said...

There is a tinge of hypocrisy in your tear jerker press conference so contrived. You make an admission where one is not yet necessary. No one yet convincingly has demonstrated or led any proof of the existence of nude photos of you. In admitting to it by your conduct you accept the truth of the allegations against you. At least that’s the inference you now compel us to draw by your actions or inaction on the matter.

It is also evident that the purpose of your whole press conference and your failure to deny or to assert the substance of the allegations about your personal life captured supposedly in pictures was to elicit sympathy and the adulation you associate with the office you hold.

Such histrionics is to be expected of you with your long history of courting the media to further your personal causes like the other narcissistic parliamentarianTheresa Kok. Your contrived grief is also understandable to a point since, the euphoria that followed you and your party’s election into office quickly degenerated into an internal orgy of bickering by a foul cacophony of mudslingers with little or no real political objectives other than wild accusations which they failed to substantiate ending in the debacle that is Perak.

More important the failure of your group to demonstrate a clear and unequivocal agenda that would be an alternative to the current BN has driven your credibility into the sewers of politics where you find yourself now crying foul struggling to get out. There was a well orchestrated chorus of “dont resign” like the cursory encore at a boring ballet not genuine yet repeated because it is the thing to do.

You took an alternative morality with you into government with an impressionable permissive generation of youth in tow who expect the party to rage on forever. Thats youth. But with the privileges of your office comes responsibility. You failed to discharge that responsibility to a standard expected of an elected member of parliament. But then so too did most of your Pakatan colleagues who stand metaphorically naked for all to see. Full of rhetoric, promises and threats and little of substance if any other than self help.

This is not the first dalliance of yours where you clearly left yourself open to the sort of perfidious actions of a former lover through your own dance with lust. Power as Henry Kissinger once said “is the greatest aphrodisiac”. You attracted it not once but also flaunted it as often as there was an audience.

This is not an attack on your sexuality. If that what you are trying to make of this situation you are clearly out of step. It is of your promiscuous behaviour which you attempt to equate with women’s rights and privacy that’s at the core of this situation. And yes a conservative in every camp will reject what you see as right.

If you promote promiscuity, an act that should be reserved for the privacy it deserves then advocate it as a virtue so liberally equate it with democratic and liberation feminist doctrines typically using feminism and women’s rights and democracy as your fig leaf, the leaf is too small a cover. It will fall off as it just did for you.

This is an issue you cannot simply internalise or localise to suit your own personal situation. As a public figure you are public property. Thats a fact of the life you now lead.

The western liberalism you and Anwar promote has its pitfalls. It may be okay to “let a thousand flowers bloom” as Mao proclaimed in the cultural revolution a philosophy of unleashing unbriddled youthful energy against established conservatism you and Anwar now exploit for your powerbase. However remember it cuts both ways.

What about the other young men and women who are exploited daily whom you pay lip service to? Prostitutes held to ransom by Tai Kongs and OKT’s? the police protection of money lender sharks, the murders of young people in police custody? they don’t have that luxury of switching boyfriends and living out of wedlock for all to see? again they do not rate for you, Anwar, Theresa Kok and that old fool Kit Siang.

Why should anyone see your misfortune as anything more than something to comment about in coffee shops today and forget about tomorrow? yuo too after all engaged freely in unsubstantiated claims against other public figures, the chickens perhaps have come home to roost.

This is Malaysia where there are no privacy laws or did you just realise it. Remember what happened to the former MCA chief ?. This scandal will circulate throughout the world. Some will see you as a martyr of free and unbriddled passion in bed, a carefree soul who cares little about discretion and then uses the effect of her indiscretion as a political tool to further her dying popularity.

Elizabeth, from Australia’s universities where you learned your craft, you have failed to realise that you cannot change a conservative culture that is Asia overnight with a foreign degree, foreign ideas and then seek to impose it on the vulnerable, the youth. Together with freedoms come responsibility.

At least in consolation I can say this. if you and Theresa Kok both ran down the streets of KL naked, it will be the offence for which attention will be paid to you not for anything more. Nothing personal;. But learn to be discreet and not to champion those causes that end up biting you in the Behind.

Gopal Raj Kumar