Thursday, June 11, 2009

Back and banging

Hey I’m back, back with a BANG.

It could have been sooner but when I was supposed to scout around for a new laptop, I splashed a chunk of the allocated budget on a gun instead.

Yes, a pistol, a Beretta 92 to be precise.

It was unnecessary and all the blabla, I know. Got that a lot and the flaks haven’t ceased since the day the gun was purchased.

But I’m going ahead and keep it. Its meant for protection after all. Just like a condom y’know, only safer.

I mean, you just never know. A cold-blooded murderer might just strike while you’re bumping uglies with your spouse.

So protect yourself and your loved one. The best form of safe sex is carry a weapon.

Anyways, after two sans internet weeks, I thought I had loads to catch up on. So I scoured through all the news available online and read as much as I could.

Then I caught this one piece and then again I thought hey, I didn’t miss much after all. Apparently some things never change.

For being a menace to the Malaysian society, the Mat Rempits continue to enjoy special treatment from the authority. This time around a whopping RM4 mil will be spent to cater to this group’s need for speed by building a circuit, courtesy of public fund, via the clever Terengganu state government of course.

And those who excel get this; will get a sponsorship to race in the International circuit. So instead of getting the law to go down hard on them, they get to travel abroad and see the world.

It just doesn’t sound right at all. I mean, while we still hear cases where the OKUs are being oppressed and punished for enjoying little things we have in life, the Mat Rempits on the other hand gets to travel to places that most Malaysian could only dream of setting their foot in.

It makes one wonder why bother wasting their precious second passing the amended, stricter law in the first place if they’re not going to apply it.

Now, if only these road fiends were the reptilian kind, I’d take the law into my own hands and go on a shooting spree.


Kata Tak Nak said...

Hey, The Melaka CM has even allocated a sum of money for these rempits to take up flying. Serious, about 6K loan for them to take light aircraft flying license.

It just doesn't pay to be a law abiding citizen la.

I mean the thieves in Putrajaya are filthy rich, the rempits in Melaka get to take up flying and their cousins in Terengganu would be riding alongside Rossi one day.

anfield devotee said...

And yet, the MAJORITY of Malaysians insist that BN are are the only way forward.

Apo mau bikin?

We get what we desrve la . . .

Eskapisminda said...

My ex-bf had one professional toy Beretta 92 ordered from Japan. I regretted didn't use it to shoot him after finding out he cheated on me. The fake bullets would have left permanent 'beautiful' dents on his pretty face/eyes. Alas, my grandma says we have to be nice to people so that we can go to heaven. :P

Bernard said...

But then again, with the kind of building supervisors found in Terengganu, don't be too surprised to find a fair few Rempits falling down a pothole that suddenly appears on the tracks or find the grandstand roof falling down on them.

Tinesh said...

duuuude dont forget the flying license!!! Motherfucking idiots siaaaaaaaaal. Dah lah got so many who want to be pilots, and these fucks can get loans for flying license.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


its getting ridiculous day by day. havent they learbt anything? remember the kutub utara campaign mooted by azeez mamak? it was a dud because obviously the mat rempit menace still rampant.

Bala ji,

some people are playing it safe i think. would rather put up with the same shit rather than gambling on something untested.


ball bearings are capable to leave quite a mark, possibly a permanent one. got mine from Thailand. at the mo cant be as trigger-happy as i wanted to as bullets are not available at your nearest sundry shop...hehe...


aye to you. i'm not a person who wishes for someone to die but i'll make the rempitsan exception.


yea man, cikgu actually reminded me about that particular clever idea coming from melaka. they should abolish the amended law all together la, really...

cakapaje said...

Salam kerpie,

Yo bro! Glad you made it back :)

Btw, I lost my hp and all the numbers in it. Please call my land line soonest. Thank you.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

aisehman shah...what happen la? ok will give you a call soon.

Salt N Turmeric said...

If they want to 'help' those fucking morons, why dont they just get THEM to build the thing? Why spend the money when you can surely get damn free labor? If they screw it, it's their freaking fault, no?

Use the money to help their victims, not them!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

thats one good idea. but still i doubt such drive or campaign would actually work. so if the circuit is built and they get to race on a proper race track, you think the problem will be solved? only selected riders get to enjoy the track, while the rest takes to the road again. the only way to solve such menace is to apply the law and get even tougher.

monsterball said...

You announced you have a gun.
I guess robbers or anyone who wants to harm you.. need to shoot you dead first before executing their other any.