Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dogs: licence to bitch

Based on all the reports I read the next day, the first ever dog forum organised by MBPJ being held recently was a great success. Even though I didn’t stay until the end, the morning session was enough to convince me to make it a point to attend in future forums.

The highlight of the day was when it was announced by YB Ronnie Liu, the state exco member that the Selangor government will waive the licence fee for the disabled and elderly who wishes to own a dog.

Free dog licence will definitely encourage more people from this group to keep dogs as pet as it is well known they make good companionship.

Being a non-dog owner/lover, the move wouldn’t make any difference but I’m all for anything that’s beneficial to those who are in need.

But apparently not everyone took the announcement well. I was told an officer from the local council feels it’s not necessary to waive the licence charge as the existing fee is relatively cheap, affordable even to the unfortunate groups.

So in other words what this bitch said is to pay the exact amount for the licence like everyone else does if the disabled and elderly want to be treated equally.

To the officer, this is how she cynically defines equal rights, the campaign synonymously advocated by the disabled group.

OH FINALLY. At long last we get to hear someone in the authority council barks around upholding the rights.

The question is why only now? For a mere dog issue finally the definition breaks through their thick skull when equality of rights should be extended to numerous other issues since ages ago.

When the disabled group demanded accessibility to shop houses, unscrupulous developers still get the green light to operate the building by the same bunch of authority.

When we asked for wheelchair-friendly curbs on roadsides, it took them ages to approve only a stretch.

When we constantly brought forward our decades-old transport woe, only one van is provided to cater to thousands disabled PJ residents.

And our endless woe keeps piling up...

Yet when it comes to dog licence suddenly their version of equal rights takes into effect.

For a few hundred bucks she’s denying a little privilege the not-so-fortunate group hopes to be able to enjoy.

If there’s any left, her rationality to oppose such a good cause is that her employer will go bust for giving free dog licence.

Imagine that. MAJLIS PERBANDARAN TEMPATAN MUFLIS GARA-GARA LESEN ANJING, and PJ will be left without any local council to man the district.

But come to think of it, not that it makes much difference anyway.


anfield devotee said...

Please don't get me started about mppj . . . had me fair share when me was running me pub.

Many a time me wished me had some fooking explosives to bring down that ivory fooking tower of theirs . . .


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

I hear ya bro. not sure they've done anything right but from OKU's point of view, finally something's looking up when they appointed a wheelchair-user councilor, WITH BRAINS!

Kata Tak Nak said...

Considering there are 3 billion disable people in PJ and if 20% of them have dogs that makes 600 million licences and if 1 licence cost 10 bucks then MPPJ would lose 6 billion bucks. Thats a lot of money man.

Pak Zawi said...

MPPJ will go bust with the abolishment of dog licence for the OKUs? Shah's ironic calculation of the supposed losses says it all. There ain't much to be lost actually. Just wait for a brainless so called moslem activist to make a statement and pretty soon they will change their stance.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


hahaha...typical KTN-style. cynical yet straight in the face. if there's 6billion in their account, MBPJ will administrate PJ from their new HQ in Las Vegas or something.

Pak Z,

correction- its cikgu, and not shah.

btw, i couldnt agree with you more, especially those from the so-called malay-based NGO groups with obvious political affiliation. once it became political inevitably racial issue will crop up. and the victims as always, are the disabled community.

Tinesh said...

eh speaking of broadwalk, i saw the place when i went to get sponsors from mystyle. i was like hey! bala's old place! lol.

I love Cikgu's calculations! :D

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

if only he was still the owner. heard the music spun was of bala's choice, so should be good.

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Danny,

So this was an announcement, right (they're abolishing the fee for OKU and old people, right?)? They're not still consulting, right?

Which means, yay! Finally, something good!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

yes Daph, it is good. but the announcement was made by state gomen exc man, which apparently still needs those from the local council to approve it. then came this lady who felt by waiving the licence to the disabled and elderly may result in MBPJ going bankrupt. ok maybe not to such extent but i dont see any reason some of the officers are making a big fuss of it. dog lover groups may get the blessing from the exco man but we still need to lobby for it.

Achilles said...

Kerp: I feel your frustration man.

What i want to know is, why do we have pay for dog license? Do you remember TV & Radio license last time which was abolished later? i hope they just abolish this some day as they did with the TV & Radio license. doesn't the govt already make enough from ripping us off with income tax, sin tax and of course tax on cars.

2ndly, the cost of the license not the real issue i think, its hassle of going to pay for this stupid license.... hence why the elderly and disabled should be exempt from this... its just too much of a hassle.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

exactly my point raj. with the licence abolishment i doubt they'd notice it at all, let alone going bangkrupt.

and your second point should be pondered upon by the council people. i might just raise it up when i meet the local council next time around as it will strengthen our argument.

thanks man!

Achilles said...

Kerp: Glad to be of service. :-)good luck with meeting these people-lah.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the comment that people with disabilities are always the ones that suffer. Why is a person with disabilities immune from the laws even the ones meant to protect them?
Let's say there is a person that in recognizing he/she would spend less money and make more profit if they didn't or didn't want to make required ADA accommodations. This same person asked for a variance to exempt their project from following a city's construction code in regards to ADA compliance and accessibility?

What would be your feelings if that person had a severe mobility disability and did this? How would you feel if they even used this same disability to not pay the fees associated with filing the variance? Would that situation be ok just because he is disabled?

It seems so by your crazy (and I know crazy ([insert googley eyes here]) argument.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


my argument is simple. its only fair we seek to uphold our rights in areas where the authority has been keeping a blind eye on for years. since we dont get to enjoy facilities enjoyed by the majority, we push for things potentially favours us, and ultimately lessen our burden.

what have you got against the disabled community anyway? my argument may be crazy as you claimed but seriously, does it affect you and your rice bowl in any ways when we demand for dog licence to be waived?

Anonymous said...

The reason I mention all of the previous is that next week I am to give a 3 minute speech in my Public Speaking class. In searching for points for my topic I typed in the words, "is it ok to waive a fee because someone is handicapped" into google. This blog is what I got back. The resulting hit came without regard to your location (which by your profile, is somewhere in Malaysia). So my earlier comments are skewed to the actual "Equality of opportunity" protected by law in in the form of the American's with Disabilities Act in the United States of America. This equality of opportunity is being protected by an ongoing retrofit, current, and future (where possible) removal of physical barriers and discrimination towards people with disabilities.

In being from the United States and thinking you were too, I was going to give you a ration of crap for not making yourself a plurality or a part of the majority and solving your own problem. Then I saw your profile and thought 'well maybe where he's from he doesn't really enjoy a democracy or like the U.S. a Democratic Republic.' Well after further consideration that moment of empathy I had flew out the door. You said in your profile quote, "You can stop staring now and get on with life."
I say substitute "crying" for "staring" and apply it to yourself.
You say fair? WTFO Nothing is fair! Rise up (figuratively of course) and change things. If anyone cries 'I can't." or "It won't work here because of (insert pathetic reason here)." then you really don't want. Changing things has a cost and that cost can be anything from minds, money, to lives.

In the context you present your arguments--what you say is 'FAIR'--they will only ever be valid, they will never be sound. I doubt you'll ever convince anyone (even yourself) to change their minds or take your side whole heartedly without at least making the premise 'that you believe in the laws and follow them', true.

In one of the best lines ever, and I paraphrase for basic content,

'You hit me because I'm a guy in a wheelchair and you think I can't defend myself.' ---"No, I hit a short guy who was being a jerk."

Signed Mr. Anonymous
that has not one iota of pity but maybe a little empathy.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hi again mr Anon,

that is where the different lies, you in the US and me in malaysia. generally there's a huge gap between malaysians disabled and our american counterparts. ADA have been well executed and even though we have our own acts which was passed recently, sadly enforcement is rather feeble. hence its necesary for us to demand for crazy things as to get the local government to turn their head and attend to our basic needs.

based on my readings on disability in the US -Mark Zupan's biography being one of the best reads- i dont think i'd be whining if i were a disabled american citizen. such country, together with australia are top in terms of providing equal opportunity to their citizens, and the disabled are included.

my apology if my blog doesnt really help, but if you're still looking for infos, try www.petpositive.blogspot.com.

all the best in your speech next week.

anfield devotee said...

Oi, update yer blog la ye fooking lazy twat.

BTW, ye may find this inetresting: http://themalaysianinsider.com/index.php/opinion/aidil-rusli/43557-the-art-of-letting-go

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

sorry chief, am down with bad fever la. but thanks for reminding me i have a blog that is due to be updated.

oh, and thanks for the link. couldnt agree more with the writer. for weezer fan, Pinkerton is definitely a legendary album.

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Saya sangat bersyukur atas rahmat yg diberikan kepada saya dibulan ini karna alhamdulillah melalui MBAH RAWA GUMPALA saya sekaran sudah bisa sukses atas nomor yg diberikan kepada saya dan saya yg dulunya cuma seorang TKW dari singapur yg gajinya tidak pernah mencukupi kebutuhan keluarga saya dikampun dan alhamdulillah berkat bantuan MBAH RAWA GUMPALA kini saya sudah bisa pulang kampun,saya bersama keluarga dikampun sudah punya usaha sendiri dan saya tidak pernah menyanka kalau saya bisah seperti ini,jika anda ingin seperti saya silahkan hubungi MBAH RAWA GUMPALA di nomor 085-316-106-111...karna alhamdulillah saya menan nomor togel dari MBAH dan kalau uang indonesia 750 juta,,ini bukan rekayasa dari saya dari IBU RISKA.untuk lebih lenkapnya silahkan buka SITUS MBAH RAWA GUMPALA