Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dogs & Bitches: Pets or Pests?

During my childhood days, walking past a particular neighbour’s house had always been a dread as more often than not I’ll end up running for dear life with the irresponsible owner’s pet dogs hot my trail.

Ok they may be a pair of Shih Tzus, but the thought of being eaten alive by these midget mutts was enough reason for me to take a longer route home from school daily.

Back then it was quite common for kids my age, especially the Muslim kids, to fear them. Some would run a million miles by a mere sight of the animal...even from a million miles away.

In our tiny mind if we are bitten, the thought that we are ritually unclean will haunt us for the rest of the day.

Naturally I loathed them, and felt those neighbourhood canines ought to be captured and sold to the mobile satay vendor who plies his trade from house door to door.

But decades have passed. And my perception towards the animal have since changed.

To a certain extent, I have yet to conquer the fear, and it still pretty much dogs me. However, long gone the days when I thought they’re nothing but a racist animal with appetite only for flesh of a Muslim boy.

Throughout the years, I learned that apart from it being an intelligent animal, dogs make great companionship. And due to their helpful nature, certain breeds are considered god sent to the disabled community. They are known to fetch items that are beyond reach especially for those with physical limitations and serves as an eye for the visually-impaired.

No, I don’t intend to own one for obvious reason but I make no bones about people keeping dogs as pets, as long they do it responsibly.

But do they all?

So in commemorating with the World Animal Day, a first ever dog forum organised by MBPJ will be held this Sunday to discuss on this very topic.

Besides lending my support to a dear buddy, I’ll be there yet for another attempt at overcoming one of my childhood’s worst nightmares, which now I’m beginning to believe to be a bit unfounded.


Kata Tak Nak said...

No dogs for me. I think I'll keep a hippo for a pet but the only place to get a hippo in the wild is in Putrajaya.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

You know Muslim people can own dogs. Tapi ada syarat and sunat dia lah....of which I have no idea of.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


there's one, lying injured in the hospital in bagan pinang...hehehehe...


yeah, i know a few muslim who are are proud dogowner. not me tho, its more due to fear factor than anything else. but i dont mind hamster, like Ghendut...hehehe...

Anthony SB Thanasayan said...

Hey Kerp(Ph.D),

I loved your writeup. It was one of the best pieces on dogs that I had read in a while.

Candid and straightforward and touching one's soul.

It will be an honour to have you at our Forum this Sunday

Ahli Majlis, MBPJ

Pi Bani said...

There's a dog at my NGO center now. Actually the neighbour's dog but since they are doing some renovations at their home, depa dok tumpang the dog at our center temporarily - tapi the owner makes sure dia kena rantailah. This dog really barks kalau nampak strangers But I dah muka biasa to him, so kalau I yang buka gate nak masuk the center, dia buat donno aje. But when some other colleagues yang datang, dia bark bagai nak gila. Nampak sangat depa jarang datang ke NGO center...

You tak nak try datang to my NGO center ke to overcome your fear? ;)

IBU said...

Salam Kerp

Ibu pun "takut" dogs la... Not so much for the need for the cleansing routine. That one is standard la, if you sneeze & cover with your hands, you still have got to wash your hands. Just that the cleansing for being "in touch" with dogs would be more rigorous.
Takut kena gigit laaaaa.... aiya....

p/s kecik2 dulu takut "angsa". Some neighbours... bela ajer tak buleh ke? Why must let them loose? ishhh....

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


that coming from you is a real honour. and yes bro, i'll definitely be there on sunday. see ya!

Kak Pi,

wanted to ask what breed but then again, it doesnt matter to me. kecik ke besar ke, tetap takut..haha...kalau besar at least your NGO center is safe. i think Buddies should consider keeping a big one (alsatian, rottweiler) as a guard dog. the non-muslims boleh jaga.


tu la, kena gigit satu, kena jilat lagi... back then in my mind samak alone is not enough. it was like i have really committed a huge sin even tho it wasnt my fault.

p/s- sedikit sebanyak kena tanya abt your latest addition...haha...whats the baby's name?

cakapaje said...

Salam kerpie,

Coincidentally, do read my Cakap Gambar blog for some small notes about dogs and cats, related to a mural in Alor Setar.

Achilles said...

Kerp: Me is a dog lover and just to add another point... dogs are very loyal animals as well. Truly is one of the best pets to have... if you can-lah. Dogs actually miss you when you are away and are happy to see you at the end of the day when you come home. how nice is that?

Wah... i didn't know that Muslim's could own dogs as long as they go through the proper "procedures". i thought it was just haram all the way.

mozHASturnedINTOaMartian said...

tuan kerpbragas,

nish oneeee! good to read yer views again, prods the diarhoeatic thoughts.

like rajen, i'm a salivating sucka for dogs.
not too sound facebombingly judgemental bro, but to a certain extent i rate dogs on a much higher level than
some hu-mans
i know, friends that is.

it's true, whether everyone sleeps or goes about their own duties, their the only suckers who will dangle their paws on the fence and almost give
a somewhat
a sucka..
like me that is.

loyal. dude, thats the key word with 'em.
beat 'em all yu want, punish them for pullin down the pots or eating yur slippers though, they never
seem to forget the hand
that fed them. oh shit, now i sound like a freakin' overriped politician.
what i'm tryin to say is, in their own unique way,
they actually care.

then yu have cats, bloody useless animals..sorry mate, just do find them at all loyal, they come, rub theirselves against yer shins...coyly em crybaby eyes...and we feed 'em. they eat,
and walk away.

pan chowkitarama.

like a furry pros on four legs, with

unless of course i'm runnin a farm, where the avid mousecatchers would play a pivotal role of the eco-survial of crops and
what not.

dun understand why this inbred dislike.

happy to hear your viewpoint on dogs, especially for the handicap, their treasures.


p.s. have been hooked on simon & garfunkel all sunday at office. awesome.

words that kill.
si and funk - silent killers.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

wsalam shah,

ok bro, will do. looks like you're already in 5th gear into your new passion shah...


ahh yes, loyalty. i missed out the important point. i guess they dont label them as man's best friend for nothing.

muslims are not allowed to keep dog as pet but its permissable for security and farming purposes. but ofcos there are muslims who does the former. the main rule here is as long both our hand and the dog are not wet we can touch them.

luca mozzric,

sunday at offcie, typical la lu...

yes bro, in fact i remember during one of your earliest comments @ffs you actually seeking for tips to handle an injured dog or something. that pretty much tell you're a sucka for em canines.

i dont hate them please dont get me wrong macha. just scared shitless. but as i said, i'm beginning to believe the fear is unfounded.

p/s- sorry abt saturday night bro. was totally flat-out. weekend schedule aku pack gila babi. cameback only to sleep.

mozHASturnedINTOaMartian said...

huh? i know yu don't hate them la bro....oh..
by the inbred dislike for em....i didn't mean yu..i meant me and cats la..mwahhahahhaa
okay need to hop on over punch in my regards to the new daddy O in town.mwhahahhaha.

take care.

Anba said...

kerp you might find this interesting...
taken from wikipedia...

The Saluki is perhaps the oldest known breed of domesticated dog. A study published in the May 21, 2004 issue of Science confirms the Saluki's antiquity through DNA analysis identifying it as one of the earliest breeds to diverge from wolves.[1] Like elsewhere in the Fertile Crescent region, Saluki-like animals appear on the ancient ceramics from Susa and Sialk of 3500 BC in Iran, as well as on Egyptian tombs of 2100 BC.[2]

The Saluki has historically served as a courser, a speedy hunting dog that operated in packs. They often hunted in tandem with falcons which locate the prey and for the dogs to run down.

Salukis appear on Egyptian tombs from 2100 B.C. The dogs were so esteemed that they were often mummified like the bodies of the Pharaohs themselves. Numerous Saluki remains have been found in the ancient tombs of the Upper Nile region.

In Muslim cultures, dogs are often seen as unclean. A saluki, however, is given a different status by the Arab culture. The Bedouin value them, breeding them for both beauty and hunting qualities. A saluki, instead of being viewed as unclean, often sleeps in tents with their owners, to be protected from the heat of the day and the cold of the night...

Anba said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anba said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kerp (Ph.D) said...

my apology the rather late reply bros...have been under the weather lately.


i know a specie of cat that get you all excited...muahahahhaa...

and anba,bro...

thanks for the info. the bedouins may value the salukis but still as far as islam is concerned, dogs can be touched but only when they're dry. we are allowed to keep them but only as guard dogs as well as for farming.

anfield devotee said...

Ah ha ha ha . . . Wot a superbly written article, mate.

Eaten by Shitzus . . . Only hungry fer the flesh of Muslim children . . .

Classic, bro, absolutely classic.

Yer more than welcome to overcome yer fear of canines by getting acquanited with the world's smelliest (& naughtiest) dawgs ie Austin & Morris.

Both were rescued animals.

Like Mozzer & Achilles pointed out, there's nothing like it when ye get home after a long slog at the office to be greeted by two dawgs who are pleased no end to see ya & show their appreciation by making a mess all over the porch . . .

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

muahahahaha...i like the last part macha.

eh, so your dogs are rescued animal? the forum was all about it, taking in and give them love. you'd make a perfect speaker for it, perhaps i'll suggest your name for next year's forum.

eh so when can we peeps gatecrash your house? barbeque la dei, i know your house compound is big what...but make sure to chain the dogs first la...kah kahhhh....

IBU said...

Salam Kerp

Baby's name ( & pic ) dah uploaded to FB. Jenguk lah!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


will be right there in a jiffy. thanks IBU!

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