Thursday, November 27, 2008

Finding issues

I received some emails from anons a.k.a silent readers, wondering what I’ve been up to lately and why I have not been updating as frequently.

First of all, I truly appreciate their concern and for having to go through the trouble to check on any updates here every so often only to be greeted with the same posting from last week.

To be honest, I am not up to anything exciting besides earning a living, which I can always use as an excuse.

And I can always blame this temporary loss of idea due to writer’s block but that’s not quite the case.

Here’s the thing. I’m trying to stay focus and bomb this blog only with disability issue at least for the time being. Which means no footie, and definitely no politics as what I have vowed to stay away from as long as I could.

But its never easy to come up with something on regular basis when you limit yourself to a single topic- in this case, issue that concerns the disabled community in our country.

Hey, not by any means are we- the OKUs- currently living in a wonderful time, where everything is rosy, fine and dandy. Not by a long shot.

Our woes are far from over. If I were to bitch about it, our daily adversity can be made into a book and the end product will be twice thicker than all Hefner’s magazine collection combined.

In fact, I doubt if our problem will see any ending to it.

Take public transport for example, the community’s age-old quandary. If you think by making it compulsory for all buses to provide facilities for wheelchair-user would shut our mouth for good, you’re way off the mark. There’s the roadside curb to think of, the uneven ground,…then there’s the mentality of the people involved; the driver, the PBT personnel, the assholes etc.

You get the drift. It will be a long and tedious campaign, numerous of lobbying just to get one dealt with. Then while getting to the next woe, the other one will be lost in oblivion.

The cycle will go on, while us in the community will still be in the stinky quicksand waiting to be rescued.

So basically it’s the same thing. I can always come up with a different shit every other day for the sake of updating but you will pretty much sniff the same smell, and ultimately throw up.

To those who have written in, I thank you all once again for sticking around.

How about this- for your sake, I’ll create an issue and give em authorities concerned a reason to retire early.

Ok ah?


monsterball said...

Yes kerp....find other issues.
Politics are for political bloggers.....mostly looking for NGOs.
But NGOs are non political bloggers....yet few like Susan Loone and Amin Iskandar..write so much about Malaysia politics ...instead of the many other unfair unjust killing orang hutans for sale...because in Malaysia...our politics is at he worst by UMNO..race and religion dirty politics.
So..they will talk..till they drop see..change in government.
Most political bloggers are ex journalists...and retired old drunkards.
These are the need a smart pair of see who are real sincere guys. Noticed Sheih and Rocky changed for the better?? something else....and be a noble human being.
One who can change for the better is one nearer to Allah.
One who can be bought and a political one of the scum ...of Malaysia.

Tinesh said...

Take your time dude. Im taking mine as well hehe. Damn repetitive commenting about politics la. And football is boring this season.

I'm just waiting for something awesome to pop up so I can say my piece but tarak la.

Anywayz, this OKU problem will never be solved till change happens la. And whatever happend to the blind senator guy?

cakapaje said...

Salam kerpie,

Somehow, I read the title as finding tissues, lol! Then again, reading through, it may not be wrong :)

anfield devotee said...

Kerp: No footie? Apo la. The amount of drama surrounding yer team should give ye plenty to rant about.

Tinesh: Boring? I see . . . Just coz it ain't a fooking two horse race between scum & chelsea (not yet anyways) means its booorrrinng. Sooooorrrry Booossss . . .

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Mr goh,

I wont quit totally. Just a temporary thing. I know who you’re referring to btw. But for your info, my respect for these people, will never subside.

T man,

You mean change of admin? I doubt. But thanks for reminding me of that senator guy. The long forgotten man. Call me a braggart but I think I’d make a better senator.


You are spot-on in a way. It’s a sad reality we have to face.

Bala Ji,

It’s a sad drama la chief. More the reason I’m staying away the best I can.