Monday, November 3, 2008

Idiots at work

So I was at the nearest Giant Mall the other day to get some personal stuff, which is not really a biggie, right? Definitely not because this wasn’t my first trip there.

But certain matter can do with urgent attention.

Here’s the thing, for the umpteenth times running we couldn’t get the best parking spot which is obviously reserved for the disabled, because it was always taken by someone else.

I am not being fussy about this whole parking issue, as the mall provides ample parking space for all shoppers. But we have our own reason to not park our vehicle meant for other shoppers because usually designated parking lots are wider, which makes it easier for us to alight from our vehicle and transfer to the wheelchair.

Yes, we need that extra space.

So anyway, since we rarely get the chance to use this particular parking spot, it hits on me that afternoon to check if these people actually have the right to enjoy the privilege or otherwise. On that day, this commercial van below was conveniently seen parked there.

As I pretty much had guessed - after a quick check with the staff wandering about the parking bay- the driver was not in any ways crippled. I know it sounds rather cliché but cant help to think if the driver was indeed suffering from some kind of mental illness.

I did the next best thing (or so I thought!) and went up to a security personnel to ask if he was aware of a certain dickhead parking his vehicle illegally. To my surprise he did and went on to explain the driver used the parking space to do some deliveries.

And I thought that’s it? The goddamn driver had to send some stuff so he was allowed to fucking break the feeble law. That easy.

Ok so the driver is a stupid dickhead, and we can all agree to that but to deal with the security guy who apparently turns out to be a bigger dickhead, I totally didn’t see that coming, to be very honest.

Y’know, I always thought that by displaying a sticker that verifies you as disabled driver is not good enough because time and again we witness assholes tend to abuse the ruling. The best solution I thought was to have a security personnel permanently stationed at the parking spot but judging by the case above, even the enforcer couldn’t give 2 hoots about it.

I cant help to believe the disabled community in our country are still being marginalized, even in this age and era. Ask everyone and chances are majority of you lot, like that security guy minus his stupidity, couldn’t really give a shit because not just it’s kinda trivial, it is also none of your business to begin with.

Hey, no man, I am not blaming you. Its just a simple observation I did lately and if the case above is not shitty enough, I had to put up with another typical (and bigger) case of discrimination on the same weekend. For this bigger crap however, a bigger spotlight is required.

However, regardless the size of each crap, it still stinks. And thus, strengthens my belief.

* A shout-out to one Mr Mohd Fitri!


Salt N Turmeric said...

this makes my blood go upstairs! kerp, did u tell tht security guard tht designated parking lots are not to be used at any time by others than by those they were intended for.

im very sure they have loading areas so those dickheads can use them. Its all abt malas nak jalan, thts for sure. u shud take pictures of the licence plate, driver and tht security guard and post it here. while ur at it, mention the name and full address of the mall too.

anfield devotee said...

What can me say? Perhaps next time you just park yer car rite in front of the Giant entrance & see what they say.

If they ask you to move, then point out that the reserved parking space fer disabled has been taken up by uncaring drivers.

So if they are not bothered by that, they shouldn't be bothered by you parking rite in front of the entrance, rite?

Create a scene if you must (preferably armed with a camera).

Mat Salo said...

Brother:Ever watch Walking Tall, the original one with Joe Don Baker? Yes I fancy myself as him, and this time I'm out to get violators who abuse parking lots.

Bro - don't tell anyone. I've defaced quite a few cars already by leaving nasty notices on their windshield. Sometimes using an old lipstick in my glove compartment. Susah nak buang, padan muka. If it's a klunker, I give them the benefit of the doubt. But if it's a fancy RM100/K and above, watch out.

One of my favorites was this S80 volvo at the Mandarin-Oriental. I saw the lady park at the disabled simply because it was closest to the lift. Walhal not twenty feet away were PLENTY of parking bays. This is pure kiasu-ism. She probably thinks no disabled guy can afford the RM 6/hr parking at this 6-star hotel... so what the heck..

So out comes the lipstick.. Stupid...XXXX .... - in big bold letters on the windshied... ha ha...

They had it coming, bro'...

Pi Bani said...

Kerp, tell the management of the mall, next time employ people like Mat Salo as their security personnel...

Zawi said...

The management of such shopping complex are only intent on having such facilities for PR but never put their mind to enforce it fully. They could have done it if they want to by enforcing the rule to the T.

nanda666 said...


Now that I have a little baby in a pram...I truly sympatise with you dude....I don't know how you do it man....most places don't have the ramps, aisles not wide enough, parking bays not wide enough, etc, etc.

It seems that Malaysia just does not cater to the disabled community!!! (and prams either!!)

Even new developments like Solaris Mont Kiara is a nightmare as far as the curbs are concerned. Parking spaces for the disabled?? Haven't even seen one there...must be hidden in a corner somewhere!!

I agree that you need to kick up a storm!!!!!

wanshana said...


I agree with salt n turmeric - You should have taken pictures of the van and its dickhead driver, AND the even bigger dickhead of a security guard tu, and make a scene. Demand to see the manager.

I always feel so angry when I see those designated parking spots, be it for the disabled or for parents with babies taken up by all these dickheads, and always (unlike Mat Salo who uses lipstick!) feel like taking out my KEYS to scratch their cars!

You should write about this in your next MM article.

muteaudio said...

Once I used to stay at an apartment where I would always greeted by 1 pretty car at my spot whenever I return home late night. Then, I also have a bike and 1 day when I saw the car there, I decided to leave my beloved bike in front of my spot. Locked the bike, include 'rantai'ng N solex'ing the 2 wheels. Left the bike there for the night and went to check out the bike at 11am the next day. Since then, the owner never park the pretty car at my spot.

Yes I agree, take pictures of the licence plate N post it here. Maybe ur regular visitors might know some of them.

monsterball said...

Bottom line....civic sense is low.
But then...look at our Universities ratings...going down and down.
Three important factors need to work hand in hand.
First the government must show....leadership by examples.
So what do Malaysians learn from expert liars and gas bags.
Secondly...parents should teach their children...manners and civic sense.
How can they...when government is again...not showing good examples.
Lastly..the teachers......hhhhhhhhmmmmmm..what are they?
Most play politics...instead treating teaching as a noble career...they play politics. UMNO...or else!!
Sooooooo....expect Malaysians.....thinking about others?
They have no sense of reasoning power....from educations.
They don't have the be one..but be a race.
Each have become like fight for survival.
That makes UMNO real keep playing race and religion politics.
To conclude..change the government......most problems will be people makes the country...and right now...Malaysians are all fucked up by UMNO.
It's the strong minded ones...that cannot be influenced by lousy us...keep advising and guiding young think...and don't simply follow.
And that Giant have guards and few ...looking out for shop lifters. What are they doing....sleeping ??
When one parking at a disabled parking lot...they should be alert and see...if that car driver is trully driven by a disabled person..
I think...Mid Valley is much I saw...guards are watching.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Farina Carr,

Talking to the security itself boils me up. Macam malas2 nak layan camtu. Btw I took the van’s plate number, not sure what to do about it tho.


Good idea. I was with pinky btw. I might be doing it if I’m with some guys.

Mas Salo,

Yea man, they had it coming. They’re asking for it. It needs something as harsh as what you did to make them aware what they did is wrong. Since the ruling is too weak, a hit in the head is the only way to go I guess.

Kak Pi,

Trust me, you wouldn’t want to be near Mat Salo when anyone pisses him off. I experienced that once; someone made my life hard and in came Mat Salo telling him off.

Pak Z,

I agree. Reserved spots are only meant for PR reason. The attitude of that security speaks for itself, that enforcement is totally missing. And the mall management, they just couldn’t care any less.

Nanda my man,

You said it. ramps are not just meant for crips on wheelchair. Its for multi-purpose use that even baby strollers can use it. to me its rather simple; every walks of life can go up and down ramps but unfortunately you cannot say the same thing about steps.

And again, enforcement is weak. When it is compulsory for new buildings to provide facilities for the disabled, developer simply refuse to adhere to the ruling. What’s even more puzzling, they’re oftentimes given the go-ahead to operate from the authority concerned.

Kak shana,

I did actually. Took down the vehicle’s plate number but not too sure what to do about it. I can always bloe it out of proportion because this is the only way to teach these people a lesson. They’re in a way committing a crime aren’t they?

As for my next article, I’ve got a bigger and pressing issue to place under the spotlight. You can imagine la all the shites I had to put up with last weekend…hehe

Raz mann,

In your case if that happens to me I’d sure to knock his front door and tell him to fucking move his car that very instant.

· it’s a commercial vehicle. Chances are, the driver isn’t the owner of the van.

Mr goh,

Yes, agreed. Now people know exactly why Midvalley is the favourite mall amongst the disabled community. Their security are simply world class. They’re very strict as parking is concerned.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Fuck man, just get out a key or a 20 sen coin, apply a little bit of pressure and walk for a few meters. That ought to do it.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

That's just wrong. I hate it when ppl abuse those parking spaces. It is just wrong.

Fuckers, the lot of them.

cakapaje said...

Salam kerpie,

Bro, you should have silently punctured all of his tyres, and leave a note about AKU parking spot.

muteaudio said...

Bila gua balik, kereta tu dah parking kat tempat gua. Sebagai pengajaran, gua letak lah motor tu kat depan kereta dia. Esok paginya tak dapat lah dia keluar pergi kerja. terpaksa lah dia tunggu gua turun bawah pukul 11 pagi. Lantak lah dia ada meeting ke atau kena jumpa client. Siapa suruh parking kat tempat orang lain. Dalam hal ni gua agak kejam.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


i would love to do that but considering it is a commercial van, i doubt the stupid driver owns the vehicle.


yea, i feel like an asshole for by right, i ge to fucking park our car there. but alas, a dickhead gets too enjoy the privilege. just dont feel right. jijik rasanya.

Jarm Barn,

another good suggestion. i was thinking on taking a permanent marker that could come in handy some time. what i need to do now is practising on drawing the wheelchair logo. no OKU sticker, no worry. i'll give one.


lu kejam la bang. you do realise you could have cost him a date of his lifetime, a meeting that could seal a multi-million ringgit deal, or his life after being tagged by a cobra that super-urgent treatment is needed, dont you? i'm hoping you dont btw...muahahaaaa...

konek said...
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aston said...
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vesewe said...
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Jon-C said...

Dude, if only you can see how pissed off i get when ever i see idiots park their cars on lots especially marked for the disabled. Bloody unbelievable how freaking ignorant and inconsiderate the Malaysian public can be.... same shit as the jokers in power.

senorita.. said...

wow.. that security ass. wow...

sorry to hear about the state of things man..

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


thanks man but its the reality, kiasuism is pretty much well and alive in our society.

ms Lim,

its kinda shitty but i'll survive. thanks.

Tinesh said...

You know, there's a joke among musicians that a drummer is allowed to park in a disabled spot. lol

jokes aside, this kind of shit shows why we are still stuck in the stone age mentally. fuckin morons these flers are.

akuani said...

Kerp: I understand what you're saying. I was in Suasana Sentral last Friday night dropping a girlfriend off and I saw this chilli red 2-door sporty merc lady driver coolly reverse into the disabled lot.

The only thing disabled about that freaking witch was her brain probably from too much peroxide to make her blonde and too much foundation fumes to cake that moronic face of hers.

I kept hoping she'd trip and crack both ankles in her designer dripping fakism and 4 inch heels ... GGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR the damn guard was there or else I'd have defaced that witch's car in solidarity with me disabled buddies!

muteaudio said...

Yea, I'm heartless. What to do...
"Don't mess with my parking spot!"

Anonymous said...


52, GROUND FLOOR 4/62 D,


Anonymous said...

Mr. Kerp

After this when u go out, don't forget to standby your camera...

If something or someone makes you feel bad, just click the button and blog about it! You should make it clear.

Let the whole world see and know that things...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

T man,

To me its simple la. You want that parking spot, break your fucking spina.


There you go. everyone here has at least witnessed it once. And in your case, a security was there some more. Just because the witch drive a benzo, he turns a blind eye. I’m partly blaming on weak enforcement.


Drive me to the curve, you’ll get one of the best parking spots….muahahahaa…


Thanks bro but the reason I did not highlight it was becos I doubt the freakin driver was the owner of that company nor is he the owner of the vehicle concerned.


Thanks and I will make it a point to make life hard for those who make mine shitty.

Life's Like That said...

Tesco also has parking spots for couples who have babies. Guess what, no enforcement and everyone parks there as well!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Gav man,

Cineleisure provides parking spots for single ladies, and apparently guys are single ladies too!

Zabs said...

Salam Kerp,
Tentu rasa kecewa dengan sikap pemandu dan juga pihak penguatkuasa yang tidak prihatin ini. Lain kali letak pula kereta di belakang mereka biar diorang tunggu sampai anda keluar. Kemudian baru boleh "bagi sikit peluru berpandu anda".

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hahahhaa...idea yang bernas pak zab. nak lepaskan peluru berpandu tu, kena bersama rakan2 lelaki, dengan teman wanita tak sesuai sikit..hehehe...

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Kerp,

We have disabled parking lots here too, and they're usually vacant...Call the mat-sallehs whatever name you wish, but they are very hebat when it comes to civic responsibility (or whatever you want to call it)...

But cool with the language lar, bro...Why sink to their level of immaturity? You're better than that!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


i'm leastsurprised to learn of their level of civic responsibility. unfortunately we have a long way to play a catch up before we could even claim to come anywhere near them. that bad.

i was so geram,hence the language la...hehe

mott said...

Eh...DUDE! Over here it happens too!

I saw very abled WOMEN parking in disabled spots. I kept looking up and down for some disability..but NADA!

I gave them my evil eye. But..they were too tall to notice.


IBU said...

Problem nya kat Malaysia ni, semua nak tunggu ada enforcement officer, baru nak comply.

From using handphone while driving, seat belts, overtaking on double line, run on red, beli dvd/cd makruh, etc, etc.

Kalau toilets confirmed ada camera, baru semua orang nak flush & throw sanitary napkins into the proper bin kot?

That's the level of civic consciousness kat sini.

Marah ni.... hehe

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


even in australia? i am shocked!


yes, enforcement is still weak. in serious cases, we cannot afford to have weak enforcers. our lives can be at stake!

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