Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sharing the common voice

On Wheel Power recently, by Anthony Thanasayan.

'I RECEIVED an interesting e-mail from a new friend I made recently. Daniel Ahmad Sharani who lives in Petaling Jaya, writes: “People often ask me if I was born a quadriplegic. The answer to that question is no,” says Daniel, and went on to explain a little bit about his background.

For full article, go HERE.

Someone sent me an email in response to the article. She felt both Anthony and I would make an explosive combo and ought to work closely together at ironing out disability issues. Of course from my part, I find the suggestion rather flattering.

In truth both of us have in fact, discussed on the possibility of merging our ideas and work out on things that can be beneficial to the community.

I think that’s mainly the reason why we hit it off very well when we first met. Since the first time I bumped into his column a decade ago, can’t remember if I had ever opposed to any of his views.

Its about looking at the bigger picture. If a certain issue benefits the unfortunate in general, then you can count on me for the support. I totally dig anyone who promotes positive changes. From our living environment, to creating awareness amongst the public, we know darn well Wheel Power is all about that.

So basically both of us shares a common goal.

Now, before anyone starts having silly idea I’m curry favouring Anthony (now that he’s somebody in MBPJ) with hopes of getting something in return, I admit you are not too far off. Apart from both of us sharing the common wish of living in a barrier-free environment, he is in the position to make that change, beginning with my area part of the town.

So I thought maybe...just maybe, a little back-rub might do the trick!

Whatever it is, I don’t get paid for having full praise of him. For all the effort he’s put into for over 2 decades, he rightly deserves it.


Kata Tak Nak said...

Shit man, if you were to curry favour to e.g. a certain Mr. Tempe, I am sure you would be receiving cheques after every write-up.
Yes, Kerp you are doing a service to your community and that is what should matters.

Pi Bani said...

Does he support Arsenal too? ;)

Anyway, back rubbing ke... arm twisting ke... whatever that's beneficial for the community, go for it!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


thanks. now i wonder if i can actually cash in on writing only GOOD STUFF about a certain mr tempe. err...thats one hell of a task!

Kak Pi,

yes, its all about the community and nothing personal. when the people benefits, i get to taste some of the sweets too.

Anba said... long as your doing what your heart tells you..
there should be no conflict between you and your conscience...
It's all for a good purpose... y not??

Achilles said...

Kerp: I too agree... nothing wrong with what you doing bro. Don't feel bad... its for the betterment of the community and not about you trying to make some money or something.

Psst... BTW, if got MBPJ parking summonses, your fren can help to make them disappear? hehehehehehehee

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


thanks brother. that's a good one. will keep it in mind.

p/s- flying start from our Gooner lads. lets hope they can maintain the form for long.


agreed. its all for the benefit of the disabled community as a whole. and Mr Thanasayan is all about that.

re- incidentally i approached him too when my fiancee was slapped with illegal parking summon some time back but no special treatment even to a friend. this Anthony is one law-abiding guy la...nice try tho...hehehehehehheeh...

anfield devotee said...

Hey, dude. You should use yer celebrity blogger status to gain more publicity fer yer cause.

Yer def the rite man.

All d best!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

me celebrity? muahahahha...very kind with your words la bro. in good mood, i know...hehehehehe...