Friday, August 7, 2009

They are not any better

Here’s a scene I managed to catch on one of the foodie shows produced by our little neighbour down south;

Three ladies -one's pregnant- just had scrumptious desserts and was on their way out when the pregnant lady reminded her friends to NOT assist her descending some flight of steps because get this, in her own words, “I’m not a handicapped, mind you!”

I always hear good things about Singapore. From OKUs perspective in particular, the country’s disabled community are well taken care of and a subject of envy to most of their counterparts in the region.

But that statement above proves no matter how advanced the disabled have progressed, general perception still stigmatises people with physical shortcoming. Its simply like, you’re a cripple on wheelchair, so even if you’re as healthy as an ox from the public eye you’re sick and in constant need of a help.

That’s a familiar story happening in our own backyard by the way.

Its not always we get to take a swipe at our southern neighbours because admittedly, they are superior to us in many ways.

But while I’m at it, let’s kick on the gash and further damage their dented ego.

Their national football team sucks!

Hell YES. Sucks as in, appalling. If there’s any other accurate term to describe it, its MACC.

The 5-0 drubbing by an English club side some weeks back suggested the national team are in dire need of a total revamp. Sure they can argue it was the mighty (under-strength) Liverpool they were up against but if it is news to them, our young Tigers did fairly well against a full-strength English champs!

Yes, it feels good to have a go at them, especially to be backed with facts and not just emotion alone.

Finally after a long while it reinforces my belief they are not any better than us in some ways.

Now I wonder what will happen if the two national sides take it to the field. I definitely have some good feelings about it.


anfield devotee said...

Good story:

A few years ago, some cheeky mu supporters held an auction of an large empty cupboard in the city square. The cupboard was labelled: 'City's trophy cabinet'.

Come a few months later & the scum were playing at the old toilet when a small plane flew overhead with a banner behind it: 'Manchester United - The Pride of Singapore'.

Ouch & double fooking ouch!

Tinesh said...

Hahaha damn you Bala. Btw, have you realised our Harimau Muda are stronger than our Harimau Senior? Im not surprised that they almost drew with Man U. Hell, I would defs be proud and I think I said this a few years back either on this blog or at FFS.

And Kerp, I think it's an Asian thing to think that people with disabilities cant do anything by themselves. Or maybe just this region. OR maybe someone has to come up with smething extraordianry like Stephen Hawkings to be taken seriously. Mentality has to change.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hehehhehe...good one bala. and i bet bernard would be happy to add more.


exactly my point bro. just that i thought malaysians are worse off glad that's not quite the case.

p/s- i'm with you, Harimau Muda looks set to attract more fans to throng the stadium the next time they're up against the regional rivals especially.

Achilles said...

Kerp: Me hates Sigaporeans.... everything about Singapore sucks.

Only thing i envy about them.... cars are cheaper (even with COE - this is of course if you are earning in Sing Dollars.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


hear ya man. i totally share your sentiment. and i especially hate it when they claim some of the delicacies found there are their own. their own identity. in truth nothing there is original la. everything's fake.

reek said...

umno youth = otak babi = muka monyet = ekor beruk = samseng bodoh = kurang ajar buruk pengganas……….bagus pergi mampus semua……….terus berkubur tidak bangkit lagi……….bullshit!!!!!!!!!!

kentanjim said...

Another UMNO goon in PKR, the idiot Zulkifli.
Talk like UMNO, behave like UMNO, shit also like UMNO.
He thinks he is the king of the world.

romsam said...

Oh, great. Not only are they racists, they are racists and idiots.

Boleh said...

I hate malay pig so much in my life
If all malay pig jump into sea and all die
This world will become very very beautiful

ruyom said...

Barely a year old, the MACC has generated so much mistrust for itself. Does it not have a sense of shame?

And we thought we would see improvements with ACA being replaced by MACC. This is worse than a prostitute dressed in white for a wedding proclaiming she is still a virgin.

yoy said...

Najib is the son of bitch and he is also scrap of the earth! He definitely will get the punishment from God!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

riiiight...say yes to porn.