Saturday, July 21, 2007

Air Ass

Ok, this may be a little late in forwarding my two cents regarding our local budget airliner practicing discrimination towards people with physical disability. But what is there to talk about anymore? Everything has been said and this particular airline company should just start take a closer look at themselves and completely change their corporate tagline all together.

Why change? Well, they should. it's misleading.

They claimed everyone can now fly with them. Yet, they cannot accommodate people who are wheelchair-bound. So in other words, the physically disabled are not included as ‘everyone’. So what are we then? Goats?

Yeah sure its their father’s company and all the shit that they can do whatever they wish. Go ahead but for goodness sake get a new tagline that’s more appropriate and one that does not contradict with their own stupid policy.


MAS, our national carrier, on the other hand, has been a little more sensitive towards the disabled community. Maybe its based on hearsay but most of my buddies had a wonderful experience flying with them. Even my flight attendant friend assured me of that.

My only concern is that we have to switch our chairs into theirs to get to our seat, which may not be convenient since some quads can only sit on their customised wheels. MAS should find ways to improve on this particularly. Surely they want to prove they are hands down the premier airliner for Malaysian masses, that includes being extra sensitive towards the needies

I’ve never experienced flying on planes since I was confined to wheelchair but still, if the need arises, I know which one to board.


zorro said...

Wow. Welcome to blogosphere. You banner is zappy. Darn proud of you Danny. I will walk beside you, behind you, in front of you, but most important, side by side with you, as you wheel on. Am dedicating a post to you. My wee contribution.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

thanks uncle B. i'm just honoured to hv u dropping by. and to have an entry just for me is something more than i expected. i dont think i can ever thank u enough.

patrickteoh said...

Hi kerp. Got your link from zorro. From one cacat to another, welcome to bloggosphere (although I have never found out what that word means)First time I travelled with Air Asia I was pleasantly surprised as they allowed senior citizens and families with children to board first or rather to go through the departure gate first. To be chases seconds later by the usual Malaysian "I want to be the first to board and get the best seat" kiasu traveller. That soon ceased. Now they charge you RM20 for the privilege of first through the door. So these days I hang back until the hoards are gone and just take my time walking my cacat walk to the plane. So I get to sit in the middle seat. So what?

Sorry, I don't know why I am telling you this la. Just wanted to say Hello.


Hey brother Kerp!

Welcome to the blogworld, man! Zorro told us about your blogging last week at the Press Club. I can't remember which day or night, and I don' think he can, either. I am glad he did not forget to blog about you blogging!

You are on my Google Reader and you are on my roll, so let's rock!


Hey Pat, that's a bloody story man. You mean they charge oldies, kids and you RM20 to go first? Betul2 cacatlah diorang.

BigDogDotCom said...

My bro in law just did a lumbar surgery at USM Hospital in Kota Bahru about the same time I did mine. A week after his operation, he felt the extreme need to come back to KL, ASAP. So he flew MAS. Of course he was on wheelie and very much sedated.

He is a big man too (6'2" and almost 300lbs). However MAS service for people like him made his journey pleasant. Imagine, someone who can't walk, in pain and a big person for people to handle through the narrow aisle of a narrow body aircraft and long walks at the airport.

At least he got home in one piece and now further treatments in Universiti Hospital.

I had a MAS advertisement once in my PC (now gone because reformatting). It was never used before on TV. Its a story about a German student who goes around to his research for thesis, all over the world. He flew MAS most of the time because the airline provided service for wheelers like him, incl a convenient wheelers toilet, usually mid section of the aircraft. On his luggage, shown so many MAS destination stickers he have flown to.

The society have to do more for wheelers. Some business people think too much about making money. Just like Tony Fernandes who can coyly say on TV that AirAsia cannot provide for these people because they are not "premium airline". We should take AirAsia to SUHAKAM because they conveniently discriminate wheelers and deny them their right as paying customers!


Sdr Kerp,

Selamat datang ke dunia blogger. Terbaca mengenai blog saudara dari blog Rocky’s Bru.

Keep it up and I sure many people will find your blog useful. A firsthand account is always interesting and effective.

Corporations like AirAsia can get with many things, including their own promises, because Malaysian consumers are not demanding.

Your activism can help. Keep up the spirit and the good work.

BTW, I used to live in Subang Jaya and one of my favourite teh tarik and roti canai shops is in Subang Jaya. Going there for breakfast this morning.

Cheers and thank you.

mekyam said...

Yo kerpie,

You dark blog-squatter, you! Kenapa never never a hint where you set up camp, huh? I'd have membetis here sooner. (Thanks Unc Zorro & Rocky!)

Just langkah lintang pukang from rocky's bru to get here. Haven't read one precious word yet, nor trained my blog-critical eye around the premises. Just want to marker quickly on your comment board... deelighted Kerplunk (whose comments never fail to make me chuckle) got site! WooHoo, Who knew! ;D

[In my best Governator Arnold impersationation:] Aah'll be BAACK!

shar101 said...

Yo Kerp,

So when are you gonna blog on Musa Hitam or Mona Fandey, man?

Hmmm...New wheelie on the blog.

Steer clear, folks. Or you'll get streamlined. Or fingered (especially for RM320 jerks).

Btw Kerp, welcome to blogging. Now, your life belongs to All-Blogs. And you know who's the prez, right?

The Ancient Mariner said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Kerp.

Any friend of Zorro is a friend of mine.

botak said...

Hello Kerp,

Got here through Rocky Bru.

Interesting read, I must say.

I'll be back. Till then, best wishes.

zorro said...

Danny....gee all the big blog-rollers have wheeled in...some more will be wheeling after they get over the morning-after. Cheel-on buddy-neighbor.

zorro said...

Danny, do you think Fernendez is subtly asking for invite into Zorro's Chamber?lol.

Hafizan said...

Kerp, U dont' have to look far to the airlines to see how insensitive and discourteous Malaysians are. I m not a exactly quad, and a student at a local university and currently on crutches to move around cause i broke my leg in an accident recently. Even the so called "educated" malaysians here (at my U) are so insensitive. People wouldnt even hold the elevator or even hold the door (thts a difficulty for me). Even on the road, I'm still honkable when I cross. And people (no matter how politically correct they think they are) just loooooove to stare.. So in a way I thank god for this temporary disability for it has shown me just how ugly Malaysians really are. I'm with U, bro.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

woowwww...i am just stunned and overwhelmed by all the support given from each and every one of you lovely people. never in my wildest dream I’d expected this.

mr teoh, glad to have another cacat fler to share my grouses with. hahaha...its like nigger calling another a nigger. you may not know me but i have known you since your radio 4 days sharing spooky stories with its unofficial tagline 'go to sleep'. Which was way better than 'now everyone can fly'.

bro Rocky, i'm struggling with words right now. got free promo from the hottest blog around, couldnt get any better than that. THANK YOU!

BIG bro, political ally. i was glad to have you back blogging, but its really something to have you here. i am just too overwhelmed to give my feedback on your take about the 2 local airline rivalry but as i said, MAS is my preffered choice.
some may not know this but i've been following Girl-girl's 'yeah, sure whatever' as much i've been yours.

Datuk Kadir Jasin,
terima kasih banyak2 atas komen yang datuk tinggalkan. I am not much of a writer but your writings has always been an inspiration for newbies like me and really look up to you as the 'father' in local blog scene.

were you refering to ravi's roti canai? his is abit overrated la datuk..haha..
Thanks for dropping by SIR.

Mek Yam, another ally of mine. you know what i'm talking about surely. only that i've made peace with him some weeks back. thanks for lintang pukanging just to get here. I spoke to unc Zorro some time back that if there's one person i'd like to see him/her blog, it is you. you're hands down the best commenter around.
thank you.

Bro Shar, yea thanks bro. and you know you'll never get to read political stuff in here. maybe i should write something of past, stuff like how mona fandey was a turn on to some men back then.

or maybe blog something about war. I wonder if the war's over. i mean there, in vietnam? hahaha..thanks shar.

Capt Yusof, Dont Play-Play. unc Zorro told me alot about you sir. sure hope to meet you soon.

Botak, thanks for dropping by. sometimes i wonder before i write if it would make an interesting reading. only guys like you can judge. just try not to be hard on me la...haha...thanks once again.

and Unc Zorro. since i doubt i can ever thank you enough, perhaps a six-pack will make it up to all the missing words meant for you. my treat.

Again to all, THANKS.

anaktelosan said...

7 Rajab 1428

Yep... Tony charge whoever wants to go first. Found out about it last Monday when I sent my mum-in-law. She is old and because of her size, she is not able to stand or walk for a long period. 5 min should be okey but 10 min without rest may cause her to blackout. I assured her there will be this previlage for the oldie. Only to found out... not without a cost.

Ramli AR

pollyneedsacracker said...

Greetings Danny,

Good post, but don't forget to also take a swipe at LRT operators as the Sri Petaling- Ampang/Sentul Timur line is still disable friendly. What about our city buses and when cab drivers shun those in 'wheels' off. Even schools aren't 'friendly' as well.

A lot more can be done. We are all citizens, be it on two legs or two wheels.

-The Man Who Sold The World-

Wattahack? said...

Welcome dear knight in shining wheelies... may you slay ugly little napoleans with no less the force of those before you!

Uncle Pat: From one cacat to another.... (I hardly think you are anymore cacat than us here)

Nak Tak Nak said...

Got to know of your blog through zorro too. Welcome aboard pal. Fuck them Air Asia people man and fuck all other insensitive people.

ewoon said...

Just wheeled in from Rocky's. Wish to say hello and welcome to bloggsphere.

i see a sharp mind here. Keep on rocking or wheeling, whichever suits your fancy. Like the good Capt. said, any friend of Zorro's is a friend of mine.

Halley said...

Hello Kerp,

Reading your blog has been really eye-opening.I am not disabled but my hubby is in a wheelchair because of muscular dystrophy. We have been married for two years and I sometimes think that I might not be able to weather this storm. Reading about your spunky outlook in life, has really been a refreshing change from what I'm used to facing. Although my hubby has his good days, they are too few and far between.
I look forward to your further postings as it gives me hope that things might get better for me and my hubby.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hafizan, i feel for you man. sadly being stared at is part of the game but i get them too much i just couldnt care anymore.

as in AA's case, its just one of many fine examples that malaysians at large lacks the awareness.

salam anaktelosan, it may be cheap to fly with them but there's no guarantee we wont be charged for every services offered by them.

TMWSTW, again the lack of awareness. not just there at the places mentioned, its basically almost everywhere. but come to think of it, as far as public transports are concerned, LRTs are the best compared to over-priced cabbies and well, i cant even imagine getting into public busses.

wattahack, nicely said. thanks bro.

Cikgu Nazir, thanks sir. yea, give it to them. Nak tak nak, MAS is the only choice. AA, rapidKL they deserve all the name callings.

ewoon, thanks man. and couldnt be more correct than that. regardless of any political believe, we're all pals here. so glad to see all the 'regulars' here.

Thannks guys.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Hi halley, you deserve a pat in the back for sticking by your hubby’s side through thick and thin. My able-bodied girlfriend went through similar experience and it only made our relationship stronger. we weathered the storm but took it as just another hiccup.

You know what Halley, jerks always have this idea that persons on wheelchair should just stay sick and sorry. Why such perception? I always tried to prove to them I’ve been ‘back on my feet’ ages ago. I’ve had my ‘off’ days too trust me, but dont everyone else aswell?

Hang in there Halley. You are definitely one of the rare gems for just trying to understand your hubby.

honoured to have you here.

yeen said...

Hey Kerp,nice blog. Keep it up!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

thanks Yeen. short but sweet. and thanks for dropping by.

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Danny,
I came over from Zorro's blog...I hope you don't mind me calling you Danny ;) Anyway, just here to wish you a quick Welcome! to the blogging world, and to wish you all the best in everything...Holler if you think I can be of help, however small!
And ditto on Airline carriers doing their best for special Danny's to fly! =)
Warmest regards,
Daphne Ling

Halley said...

Thank you for your words of encouragement.
In your reply you said there were some jerks who treated the disabled as if they should remain sick and sorry. Personally, I find, in my hubby's case, he's the one who bashes himself up instead of the other way around. I find all that anger purposeless and misdirected. At the same time I also know and try not to retaliate with a negative. It's hard when HE's being a jerk, like that.
I'm sorry if i sound like I'm indulging in some hubby bashing session here. It's just that I am currently living far from immediate friends and family which makes things all the frustrating at times.
I take my hats off to you when you said that you've been on your feet ages ago as I gather that your injury was not hereditary. My hubby was diagnosed with MD as a child and has lived with it all his life. Because it's progressive in nature, as time goes by I guess it takes more and more from and of him than I can even fathom.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Wow, even THE Daphne Ling dropped me a line. Boy what a Sunday it has been. Call me anything Daphne, I have yet to shake this overwhelming feeling off of me since I first logged into my blog earlier today. Altho I have never left any comment in your blog, its one of my favourites for being actively involved with the special kids. Aisya’s case is one worth mentioning. Thanks for the support and do keep up with the good work.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Halley dearest, altho it wasnt much, glad i've had in some ways inspired you. and with the likes of Zorro and Daphne on my back, I know where I can turn to if I ever face a dead-end. words of encouragement will always keep on flowing.

between me and your hubby, we're of totally different cases all together. i damaged my spine from a bike accident more than a decade ago, and believe or not, it took me 4 years to realise that i should make full use of this 2nd chance of life given.
support from the loved ones was vital. i was a real jerk but family's love proved to be stronger. similarly, your hubby needs that very much i am sure. keep it up halley.

So don’t you ever hesitate to email me if there's anything of a help we can offer you.

zorro said...

Man, I am so proud of you. My latest soul-mate. Lets rock over a six pack buddy.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

unc B. its been a pleasantly long day which i'll cherish forever.

since i dont drink, i'll have a stick of that expensive cigar PS got for you.

thank you.

Monster Mom said...

I knew there's something fishy in that airline.... though business is business, still, they can go &%^* themselves!!!!!

Halley said...

Hi Kerp,

I can't find the email function in your page. I would appreciate it if you could drop me an email instead at


Lau Cheow said...

Kerp, some tips to enhance your page:

To remove the ugly lines from your banner, go to your template (Edit HTML) and seek out these two lines:

#header-wrapper {
margin:0 auto 10px;
border:0px solid $bordercolor;

#header-inner {
background-position: center;
margin-left: auto;
margin-right: auto;

#header {
margin: 5px;
border: 0px solid $bordercolor;
text-align: center;

Change all your border command to zero:


border: 0px solid

The you will have a nice banner without the ugly lines...

ps: Great blog here. If you need help, drop a line at mine.

alliedmartster said...

Welcome to the blogsphere, Kerp.
I do understand your problem, coming from the same industry.
I can tell you that the problem stems from those accepting the responsibility. The airline has its own policy,but before you go round singing MAS's praise, please look at this.
Air Asia is a budget airline, which basically means they limit their cost, instead of turning people with mobility problems, they should have given a flight of choice per day, which allows for these cases.

I don't work for AA, so I can't comment for them, but Joe Public should also understand Budget Airline policies.

What happenned to our Ministers? Don't they understand the plight of the immobile?

acciaccatura said...

saya kagum dengan semangat anda!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Monster Mom, Thanks for dropping by. Flattered to have a mom of them potentially-future Tiger Woods in here.

Halley, I will email you in abit.

Lau Cheau, The lines didn’t really bother me but nevertheless, I appreciate the tips given. Thanks. And if it turns out an eyesore to some in the future, I’ll dfinitely get back to you. oh, and thanks for dropping by.

Mr. Yew,
Its catch 22 for people with physical disability especially those on wheelchairs. MAS has its weaknesses, as experienced by you and missus. but in terms of accessibility, until AA bucks up, MAS is our only option.

So nice to have you here anyway. Thanks.

Acciaccatura, thank you. short but deep. Semangat ni je lah bekalan untuk tidak ketinggalan lebih jauh.

kleptocrats said...

Hi there. This is totally out of the subject. Really wanted to comment on the homer with arsenal t-shirt picture. I love it. I happen to be a big fan of Arsenal and Homer!!! Nice :)

monsterball said...

Hello Kerp!!
From commenting at kata tak nak blog...we joked and laugh over you are a blogger!!
Looks like all the heavyweights are so pleased.
On planes..well I gave up Air Asia..because I cannot get my duty free stuffs....and it works out same for me to go by MAS or other at KLIA.And if you count all the bits and need to pay...for a coffee or a small packet of tit bits to munch at unbelievable high the small uncomfortable seats and dirty looking planes are quite old....add them all up...the savings may not be that attractive for International flyers.

halley said...

Thanks for the email kerp.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Kleptocrets, yup. I’m a gooner for life and a huge fan of Homer and all the guys at Moe’s Tavern.. Couldn’t get any better than the combo pic. Thanks for visiting.

Mr. Goh, you and KTN are political allies but that aside, you and I do have something in common afterall. We both enjoy reading his stuff. Well, non-political entries atleast. So in some ways KTN is our UN. Hahaha…

Anyway as much I’m honoured to have all the big guns around lending their support, I’m equally flattered to have you here. Thank you.

Halley, no prob.

svllee said...

Hello Kerp, I am new to blogging as well , so from one novice to another, welcome! Will pop by often.

xman said...

yo man, welcome to nasty world of blogging hehe love this post

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Hi mr Lee, nice to have you here. I visited your site the other day and you’re not that new actually. Thanks.

Man, check out svlee’s blog. You guys have something in common. And thanks for visiting bro.

bennyloh said...

Welcome Kerp, to blogsphere, got here through Zorro's.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

thanks benny. I enjoyed reading malaysian cartoons. keep it up.


hello kerp,

welcome to blogosphere.

Finally I can comment in YOUR blog.

take care

and keep up the fighting spirit.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

woww, thanks pn Nuraina. I really need that from someone as established as you.

get well real quick. i can imagine how some readers waited in line at Jln Sudin for the latest TWB since early yesterday morning.

monsterball said...

Kerp...Thought you like to know....Susan Loone became the first lady blogger to obtain one million hits recently. She is thanking everyone for her success.