Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Here's To Them...

Good things come and good things go. Its just got to end eventually, doesn’t it?

I have lost dozens of friends down the years. Well not exactly my loss as they’re not worth being one anyway. But what if your true friends are going off far away and wont be seeing each other for some long period of time? I dread thinking about it.

But it happened. God, I hated it. This is the real deal buddy. Or should I say buddies, a young couple I was very fond with, has left.

Actually not that I’ve known them for decades or anything like that. Infact, only after I moved into my current residence that I got to know them. And its been only 3 years. But 3 years of great quality that when I was first introduced to the husband, we hit off extremely well, as if we were like long lost brothers we never met..

When I was invited to have lunch at their place next block the first time, never crossed my mind I’d be in for a treat. A great deal of several type of delicious meals, desserts, coffee and good conversations. I love kids and their then only son was a joy to me aswell.

That first experience with them was what moved me. I mean, surely they have dozens of other friends to hang out with and things to spend their time on than being with someone on wheelchair. I was too dumb to see they were just great and fun people to be with. I didn’t get the special treatment for being cacat as I thought that was the case initially. I was wrong as always. Its just the nature in them, treating everyone equally and with great respect.

The hubby is one intelligent guy, very wise with his words. He may be one big shot working up the corporate ladder, with an office in one of the cubicals up the tallest twin towers building in the world, but at home, he’s just a family man and a friend to a loser like me. Sometimes, we would just hang out in front of the grocery store downstairs talking nonsense over a few can of sodas and stick after stick of cigarettes. It was nothing to most people but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

He is also a proud hubby of his missus, one gorgeous lady with an attractive personality. she is pretty, alright. The thing is, she loves cooking for me. And the best thing was, since my fingers are semi functional, I didn’t have to worry about going over their place for a meal as she would do everything, one of which includes shreading the chicken meat into bite-size pieces for my convenient. That’s exactly what my mom, girlfriend and maid would do. She fitted in nicely on the missing piece. I had a sister to call my own.

About four months ago or so they were blessed with the cutest baby girl in the world. She adds up their family members to four. Unlike her brother, I didn’t get to hold her as much. Maybe it’s a good thing that now they had left, I wouldnt miss her as much or it would be another heartbreak of a broken heart.

This may sound a little gay but I couldn’t care less. I was in denial when first heard about him receiving a much better offer abroad. I took it as mere talk until it was confirmed. Now this is where the gay part comes in. As the date got nearer and nearer, the thought of losing a good friend again were unbearable and tears would flow on some nights. Not a good friend, but two. And on the eve of their departure date, as we hugged, my tears were there gushing down for the world to see. As much I was happy with the career move, I was equally sad to be far apart from them, if not sadder. And I cried again the following 2-3 nights after they had left.

To you, Nani and Bdee(pictured below with yours truly), and the kids. Wishing you guys all the best there. As sad as to be far apart from each other, lets not make it permanent. You guys are one of the best few things ever happened to me.

Better things in life may be just around the corner meant for each and everyone of us. Yours are definitely in Doha. Perhaps I have my share too…somewhere.

Everybody came into my life and went again. As for me,…and as for me…

Oh well, I can never keep up with the pace. I guess back to where I’m always at, the starting grid.


lms said...

yr story touches my heart. I guess I am as sentimental/emotional as u.
remember when Loga passed on, I kept playing their video over and over again.
I am sure God will send someone new into your life to fill up the space left by Bdee. I am sure because u seem to me to hv a real big huge heart with space in there for people who are looking for true fellowship. Just hang in there n be yr real self.

zorro said...

Danny, I miss B-dee and Nani too. i will miss Riyad's tradition hand-kissing salam near our fountain.I will miss the bubbly Nani and her quietly strong and unassuming B-dee. I continue to look at photos of their farewell night at the Subang Golf Club. I became young again....yep, I took to the floor and maybe made a fool of myself. It is ok I guess to do silly things when you are happy...happy for two young people on the way up. Our loss, Qarta's (temporary) gain.Danny, pass on B-dees email address to my email pls.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

thanks for the encouraging words Ims.

the thing is, true friend is hard to come by, let alone a package of one whole family. and being on wheelchair, it is even harder.

oh, and thanks for dropping by.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

yea unc B. but its our loss as much as Qatar's gain. suddenly there's a big hole in part of us.

anyway a party wont be complete without you unc B.

will pass on bdee's email via email.

WIELMAJA said...

Dear Danny,
Your article touches my heart. And you have a real BIG HEART. God bless, hopefully one day our paths will meet ....

p/s thanks Rocky for the heads-up.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Wielmaja, it was more the heart than mind and fingers did the typing. thanks for visiting bro. I, too, am so thankful to Rocky.

Radical Scope said...

hi there, say your link in uncle rocky's blog, and decided to add it to my list. hope you don't mind that.

anyway, been where you were (except for the being disable part. my loss). i still remember how i cried when my best friend departed to uk for his studies. and a whole month went by slowly with a gloomy cloud of sadness hanging above me (huhu, poetic radical scope). but distance didn't actually pull us apart. it actually got us closer. thus validating the saying that we need to be apart from our dearests for the love to flourish well.

besides, we have the internet. here's an example: you and i, strangers, divided by distance (unless you are living at permatang satu, kempas johor bahru as well), yet here i am, reading your blog, and responding to it. so cheer up, and use whatever advantage you can garner from the internet to stay close with the buddies you hold dear.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Radical Scope, like others, I am honoured to have you here in this humble blog.

And its always nice to have someone with something in common. Am still picking up the pieces and its only been a week. We may have all the state-of-the-art gadget just to stay intouch but it can never replace the real deal, agreed?

Hey, by all means add me. altho I am not much a fan of japanese songs, I might also add you in return.

thanks bro. salam.

Radical Scope said...

you bet. nothing beats talking to your buddies face to face. because of all the right and wrong reasons, if you catch my drift :p. example: right reason = shake hands, see his/her smile, facial expression, etc. wrong reason = mintak hutang, some violent slapstick, etc.

well, your link has been added, and i'll be taking a leave for a week. a week that may change my status. from professional grape planter, to employed. wish me all the best, okay.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

couldnt be more right bro. i'd rather get punched in the face than to be stabbed at the back.

all the best with your new job. and just quit if it sucks.