Thursday, September 27, 2007


Spaceflight Participant. What in (or out) the world does that mean? I have to admit it sounds more like we’re participating in a space-tourism thing than anything else. Doesn’t it?

Friends highlighted me on this, even provided the link somewhere here. All the crew members of the expedition were mentioned as astronauts and one cosmonaut but our space candidate was the only one addressed as spaceflight participant. Why the hell so is beyond me.

So is Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor a qualified astronaut or not? How about Dr Faiz Kaleed? I could be wrong as always but I seriously think somebody high-up needs to do some explanation here.


cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

Welcome to Malaysia! The land where everything is boleh, most of all when the politicians lie to the people.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

bro shah,

this is what i feared most i hv to admit. this mission isnt all abt the malaysia boleh thing is it? shit man. y cant they go solely for scientific reason i wonder. that wld hv made us prouder u know.

cakapaje said...


Same reason why they sent some people to the North Pole, supposedly for an expedition - 5minute thingy on the ground costing a huge sum from the people's kitty, and it qualifies as such!

Mat Salo said...

Bro' Kerp - I think you and I know what the real deal is. I'm sure you have perused NASA's web site. No, offence but Dr. Sheikh is just there in his capacity as a Space Tourist. If you and I had plenty of gozoongas we'd be able to hop on too (like the South African and lady Iranian entrepeneurs). What bothers people is the hype and the so-called abuse of the taxpayers moolah. There is none because it came with the 'Jet deal. The abuse is in the comissions awarded and WHO it gets awarded to.

I understand what up there is trying to do - instill in Mayshians a rallying point, a feel good factor, a binding theme.

If it was up to me, I will choose that lady from Klang, the andartu Engineer. To me, that would have made MY rallying point: A female, and Indian gal at that. But let's call a spade a spade, shall we?

He is just a space tourist. Period.

But as Malaysians, we wish him well, anyway.

OK lah, I'm also jealous of that good lookin' sob! I mean, hunk.
(Dah lah hunk, dokto lak tu. Free publicity. Can get ANY minah in Mayshia. Apa tak jeles nyer... heh)

Mat Salo said...

Sorry bro' Kerp, ada nak tambah.

I sort of missed the point that I was tyring to convey. To be called an astronaut is no small feat. It takes years of specialized flight engineering /training and you also need a very high academic background too. Just look at the biodatas of the actual astronauts. MIT, Caltech, PhD, Scientist, Test Pilot... goddeng! And it took them years of NASA training on top of that. Just because if one day on holiday in North London and I run up and down the Emirates stadium pitch and take a picture in my Gunners gear kicking a few with the boys does not make me a English Premier League playa. What it does make me look like one helluva lucky ARSE- hole! Capiche?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Bro shah,

I am all for the Malaysia Boleh spirit but it needs to be done in their own effort and capacity. But spending RM120m sending 2 guys as space tourists just to tell the world that Malaysia boleh? thats way too ridiculous. I’m losing interest already.

Bg Mat,

Looks like it la. This is something like the tourism package where one gets to board the specially modified G-Force One and experience zero-gravity without being shot up into space. Only the rich gets to do this but for RM120m we can do a whole lot more than just rocketing 2guys into space.

I guess u r right after all la bro. it only make sense that it is no easy feat for one to become an astronaut. No doubt these 2 buggers r qualified doctors and I’m sure they’re doing great in their respective fields but in comparison with other soyuz members, the huge gap academically is obvious.

Well, since the blasting-off is imminent, I should look at the brighter side of it. whoever fuck is chosen as Mayshia’s rep, he better not just sit on his laurel and start
playing superman once he’s up there and off the buckle.

Anyway bg mat, about that asshole I wrote @borneo blues, things r under control so nothing much to worry. He has yet to push his luck, which is the only genius move he’s made so far. But I’m glad to know I have ppl like u on my back., bro. Thanks.

tokasid said...

Salam kerp:

Do you remember bro muteaudio's Cik Yam and Cik Pah rendevous under the gelugur tree with some jeruk mempelam as their companion?

I thought mute was pulling our legs, but apparently Cik Yam and Cik Pah had their homeworks done and they knew our Astro-not are actually tourist. Like you me going to Langkawi or to Bali or to Gold Coast. Well, I know the will go in a paceship, maybe like the ones in Star Wars or The Enterprise with Mr Spock as their flight attendant.

Hey,I wouldn't mind going into space if everything is paid by my fellow Malaysians. I know Malaysians wouldn't mind(as long as they don't know I am going as a tourist...thank you BN govt and make sure the Auditor General doesn't know about this tourist thing).

But RM120 million is a lot of money bro. There are so many thing RM 120 million can do to the hardcore poor, or to OKU for that matter.

Well the govt can give me a D40 and maybe I can shut my mouth up after that. Maybe the BN should give you a brand new light-weighted motorised wheelchair, so you and me will become mute( no offence muteaudio). Maybe bro Shah Cakapaje can get a new waterproof raincoat made of the spacesuit material so he doesn't get the flu after kena hujan.

As for matsalo....just let him stay in Balikpapan forever and make sure he gets paid for being the unofficial malaysian rep in balikpapan.

And some of our tak berapa cerdik parlimentarian had suggested our astro-not do the teh tarik thing in space.Hey wakil rakyat, you try do a teh tarik in an express bus, you think the driver and his co-driver will be happy with that. Otak ada akal tak d punya suggestion.

But, tell you guys what? It election mode now. For some Malay chap to go into space( even as a tourist and all expenses paid) is like...whoa!!That will be among the hot topics that UMNO will use, especially Pemuda and Putera UMNO. Maybe Putera will ask the govt to send a mat rempit to space too( after all they did jump in the Artic right?)

So, this astro-not is all a very well planned thing to boost the BN capabilities.

And yes that film star looking doctor will have his hands full when he returns.Maybe in 15 years time he will be a minister if he plays his cards well.

And we thought we will have an astronaut, but it turned out to be an Arse-tro-not ( kerp, nothing to do with arsenal okay bro!! hang jgn marah )

Kata Tak Nak said...

I still remember something I read in Malaysia Today. All this is a package included in the purchase of arms, including the fuckingly expensive Sukhois. We buy your arms (ehm, and make money in the process) and you give us a seat in your rocket into outer space, just to make us look good. Don't worry, we'll serve you rendang and teh tarik.

I am not all negative man but while we still have very poor people scrounging for food, we have no business spending unbelievable amount of money for public relations. Thats my stand. If that means I am unpatriotic then so be it, at least I didn't steal my country's money.

cbenc12 said...

Hey, I know it's saturday but still I am tagging you!!!

Check it out here~

Have a great weekend ya! ;)

cakapaje said...

Hehe...tak pasai pasai nama den terpaut kat rentetan Doc :) Tapi baguih juga tu! Dapek den hisap rokok time hujan - cam cite matsaleh tu, tongah hujan lobat pun hisap rokok selamba!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Ya la. My hats off to cik pah especially. She was the one pretty convinced of this whole space tourism thing. Mute actually got it spot on. Maybe I was in denial when reading it but somehow I reached a dead-end to deny.

Its basically like what I said to mat salo earlier. have fund will travel. Only this is more of an exotic kind of tourism attraction. Darn it.

Eh doc, motorized wheelchair is a no-no for most who live actively. It will only pamper the user and gradually buat org malas. Seriously bro, motorized wheel sucks. No offense but its not cool to be on it. Hahaha…


I know man. being someone who doesn’t like to politicize things, cant seem to find the right answer as yet frm those concern. I think I’m just gonna let it be. Call me unconcern citizen but let others bring this up in the open. Perhaps the mainstream media would do the job. Or, maybe not but a ‘somebody’ better be, quick. No way this blog to start any ball rolling, spilling out the can of worm. Whoa, that’s a scary thought. And those damned cyver-troopers will be on my ass.


Awesome. Will do it the soonest. Sounds fun too. I’ll hop over a little later. Thanks hun.

Bro shah,

Water-proof cigarettes! Haha…only the soldiers can do such trick. With their m16, donning a poncho, that is so cool.

Its gotta be the filter-less Lucky Strike and I’m positively sure abt that.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia Boleh, Wa Caya Sama Lu, Wa Respect Sama Lu......suma larr. Last2 jadi Space Tourist yek..???

Anyway, kurangkan publisiti tingkatkan prestasi.....Malaysia Boleh!!!!

Not So Anonymous - Dee

X-Eyed Jules said...

if foreign bimbos think all Malaysian men look like him, I'm not complaining

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Malaysia mmg boleh. Think of something Malaysian and some idiots came up with a useless unity band. Wtf?

x-eyed jules,

I crossed over to yours and your take on this is somewhat refreshing bro. so he’s just a space tourist but his good look is where the tourism ministry is milking on. It may work in our favour. as you said, if the bimbos think all of us look like him, we’ll have more dumb-blondes in our shore in a few weeks time. not to poop on a party but they’ll be down-right disappointed.

Thanks man.