Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dr Sheikh It Is!

Dr sheikh Muszaphar Shukor has been confirmed as our first astronaut. I didn’t watch the news today but got this info from Bigdog.

Somehow we knew it all along he will be the one selected to create history as the first Malaysian to be rocketed into space.

I am very sure those Russian scientists were professional about their choice and selection was not based on who is hunkier than who, or that shit.

So anyway congrats to dr Sheikh. He will be blasted off into space on the 10th of October, which means come Aidilfitri he’ll be up there celebrating raya with the Stormtroopers, E.T, Alf and the likes. That also means this fella wont be able to pig out on the usual rendang and lemang stuff and have to make do with Moon rocks Candy or Milkyway Chocolate bar instead.

Back on earth in the mean time, let’s help ourselves to a few pieces of Space Cake, perhaps that would give us some ideas howsit feels like being up there, in the outer space.


BigDogDotCom said...

I'm willing to loose my head for Dr. Sheikh's opportunity.

To be able to say "number one, make it so!" at an elevation of 200 km above sea level on Hari Raya Aidil Fitri morning!


to be able to fast in space, man! i hope they have dropped the teh tarik experiment! have they? makes our astronaut look like the irritating Malaysian "mo" who goes abroad fro three nights and four days and keep shouting into your ears - and sometimes to the next guy whom you both never met - about how much he longs for the roti canai and teh tarik while abroad! real mo.

mariannie said...

Fly me to the moon :D kecik2 dulu ada gak mimpi nak pergi ke bulan. Tapi setakat mimpi aje..whatever -congrats to our astronout

BigDogDotCom said...

Orbiting the earth 24 times a day at an elevation of 200 km will be a marvelous fasting experience.

Imagine you break fast at the same time every hour and within 30 mins you are back in fasting mode.

Senang bayor qada' Puasa cam ni!

Kata Tak Nak said...

I can't help wondering, what if the choosing process is done in Malaysia.

IBU said...

he's got nothing to worry for missing raya dishes. all will be served, fresh & delicious by his biz partner, chef ismail. dah try kat rstoran "Rebung"? Sedap wooo....

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Big bro,

I’m with dr sheikh on this. he should be the envy of most but him being our country’s rep, I’m proud of it. its our first mission to the moon. It shld be closely watched by us Malaysians.

Eh, will he be the first ever muslim to celebrate raya away frm home? Home as in, the earth…hihi…that’s like totally out of this world.


I read somewhere they hv dropped the teh tarik mission, as well as spinning gasing or anything of such silly in nature. They really shld. Afterall, this isn’t abt doing a free-falling mission to the north pole nor abt grilling the longest chicken intestines in the world. Time to really have something for Malaysians to be proud of and dr sheikh is on the right track..

Kak mariannie,

Moon cake wont get u anywhere but space cake would definitely give u some of that blasting taste! Hahha…

Yea, congrats to dr sheikh.


I have some gut feeling Malaysians will hv to cast their vote thru sms to choose our favourite astronaut and the outcome is a forgone conclusion, the hunkier fella wins hands down.


Whoaa, lama tak nampak.

Yes, I had lunch at rebung some months ago and the spread was awesome. In fact I was lucky to have bumped into chef ismail as well as Mr Astronaut himself. I wld hv asked him more abt the mission to space if not for the screaming girls demanding to have some piece of him. that fella is such a chic-magnet even my girlfriend cant resist taking some photos.

Thanks all…!

La Cucaracha said...

Can i be his spacesuit?

PrincessJournals said...

eh dah confirm ke tht hes the one? i tot stil between 2 ppl?

tokasid said...

salam kerp:

I doesn't matter if that doctor or this doctor( but to them it really matters).The important thing is a Malaysian will be in space( not like that ancient TV series "Lost in Space")and that is something to be proud of by all Malaysians and Muslims all over the world.

As for his fasting, he will start and break his fast by using the earth time of some city in Russia( JAKIM's statement). If I remember well, one can also use the time of Makkah to fast and solat.

ps- kerp my e-mail:

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Smokin’ cucaracha,

U cheeky u…hihi…I think he’s goin to be even bigger a celeb and the younger generation will now hv an astronaut in the same line as neil Armstrong they can look up to instead of lamers in the form of local artists.


I think it has been confirmed. We just need to wait announcement from the guy up there to make it official. But why wait when we can hv the news first? Eh, after all, dr sheikh has always been the firm-fav. So not really a news to most.


Yes la doc, it doesn’t really matter just as long they r Malaysian representing Malaysia. And this is no UMNO-initiated mission so we all shld not politicize things. One thing I’m glad is that they scrapped the silly teh tarik idea, which, if it ever takes place, will only make an ass of ourselves.

Thanks for the email doc. I will be writing to u soon.

Raden Galoh said...

I'm going to offtrack a bit cake? wow! must make us terawang-awang like we are walking on the

take care Kerp.

Anonymous said...

errrrr babe, sure ke its him?? coz i heard from other sumber its the other one......but if it is him, well....our first astronaut is a..........hmmmmmm

not so anonymous - Dee

tokasid said...


Sori..e-mail yg aku bagi tu silap.

Sepatutnya yang ini:

Sori ye bro. Dah tua-tua macam ni lah, manjang lupa. mem aku kata : Abang jangan lupa jalan nak balik rumah sudah le...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Kak Dalilah,

it sure will. follow the link and u'll get the idea...hehe...not that i've tried myself, no.


where did u hear it? come on laa..its a forgone conclusion since day one.

eh, mourinho sacked? good news or what?


just wondering la since u mentioned it. pernah ke lupa jalan balik? hahhaha...

thanks doc. wanted to write to u earlier but read a very disturbing news at rocky's bru. not sure how to react on this one. it is just so sad.

Minci said...

wahh.. ALF!!! haven't heard that things name for ages.. used to love watching it on TV..

oh yea.. nak ikut la cucaracha.. jadi spacesuit dia.. woohooo..

*ish ish ish.. dahlah tgh pose nih..

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


yes, ALF was big back then. who cld ever forget this adorable Alien Life-Form from Melmac? and he eats cats, thats like, so original. haha...

thanks for dropping by minci. i figured u're not in ur benci mode?

muteaudio said...

I heard they've decided on this guy since 'before July'. So all this while they've been drama'ing infront of us lah.....

Anonymous said...

He may be a chick magnet but he definitely likes the men! First gay muslim in space? Malaysia boleh!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


hihi...i may get into trouble from some quarter by responding on this. but i guess everyone's entitled to their own opinion. in this case, bro, i'm with you...hahaha