Thursday, September 13, 2007

First Time Tagged; The 5

I am so full I can barely walk…NOT!


So anyway, I was tagged. By none other than the adorable Daphne Ling herself.

I always thought that this business of tagging other people is kind of gay but this being my first time, and the fact that Daphne actually had me in her mind while tagging, I’m giving this a go. Should be fun right?

Ok, lets see. Here we go.

5 Things In My Handbag (in this case my waist bag I believe)

1) Tissue papers
2) Cannabis
3) Walther P99 semiautomatic handgun
4) C-4
5) Used cotton buds

some are imaginary items, like the 1st one.

5 Things In My Wallet

1) My OKU green card
2) RM17
3) Discount cards
4) Membership cards
5) Pictures of my lovely girlfriend

5 Favourite Things In My Favourite Room (my bedroom)

1) My blue wheelchair
2) My yellow wheelchair
3) Complete collection of Rancid records
4) The mosquito-trap
5) Britney Spears’ blow-up doll

5 Things I Would Like To Do

1) Taking a long dump
2) Helping myself to a tub of ice-cream
3) Meet Dr M, just like Daphne
4) Get a life
5) Tighten-up my yellow wheelchair’s footrest

5 Things I'm Currently Doing

1) Contemplating about taking a long dump
2) Sms-ing to someone
3) Thinking of something to write for this one
4) Munching on a kuih which I have no idea what’s it called
5) Thinking of 5 other people to tag

Hey, what do you know, that was quite fun after all. Now my turn to tag 5 of my blogger friends and turn them queer.

Raden Galoh

Not very sure if any one of them has been tagged but its part of the game to tag 5 others and i've done my part.

So I’m off, to the bathroom.


cakapaje said...

So, that's what tags all about eh? Good, just don't anyone go tagging me as I would know what to do! Anyway, I'd be busy in my red Prancing my dreams, off course :)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

bro shah,

ahh, shld have tagged u. it was either u or raden galoh but since i've already had 3 guys on my mind, i decided to tag on kak dalilah instead. maybe i shld suggest ur name to doc tokasid. haha...

its nice to hv a tifosi blogger friend. F1, incase u didnt notice as yet, most fans dont support a particular team permanently. i mean, where hv all the renault fans gone u tell me. thats wat makes a red scarlet fan special. with or without shuey/brawn/todt, we're still tifosi for life!

cakapaje said...

I have been their fan since 1984, when I first began watching F1. But at the same time then, I was also a fan of Niki Lauda and Alain Prost who drove Mclaren. Then it was Mclaren-TAG!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i'm kinda new actually. 1999 to be exact, the year SIC stamped its mark on the world map. it was shuey and irvine. so in a way, i hv been a tifosi all along!

tokasid said...

Salam kerp:

Aku dah kena tag dengan Fauziah Ismail, tapi belum sempat nak buat. Mungkin esok kot aku buat.

Pi Bani said...

I pun baru lepas menjawab 3 tag sekali harung. Jenuh juga pikior apa nak jawab...

keeyit said...

First time here =)
Enjoy reading your 5 things tags.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I was hoping to see AK47 Kalashnikov

cbenc12 said...

Coming right up.. next week i hope.. a bit bz this weekend.. thanks for de tag!!!
u have a terrific week too~

sankochan said...

so cute~~!! and farnee~~

I only see flies coming out when i open my wallet T_T

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Ok bang, will look forward to it. would be interesting to find out items in a doctor’s room. Selain dari stethoscope la doc…hihi

Kak Pi,

Senang la cam ni. Now easier to find someone that I can tag in the future…hahha


Hey there. Went over to yours and quite a nice blog you have there. thanks for coming over, buddy!


AK47 too big la. Wanted to put a hand grenade, but it may take a lot of space. Hahaha…


Right on. Will look forward to it as this was like my very first time being tagged. Kinda fun actually. Thanks.


Have you done yours? you’ve been tagged by Daph too. and I thought we’ve been victimized by her but as it turns out, its not really a bad thing…haha

Thanks guys!

muteaudio said...

Just like u lah. I carry around my 2 peluru meriam in my bag! Just in case....

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

bro mute,

eh, i was kidding la abt having a walther semi in my bag. only revolver...hahaha...

salam ramadhan bro.

Daphne Ling said...

Hey Danny,

Ah...I am adorable huh? Haha...I think I will take that...Better than cute: Ugly but adorable...

Haha...Thanks for being such a sport D! Will watch out for your pouch though...Dangerous thing you got there ;)

As for our meeting Tun wish, ah...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


u r adorable. period!

i read yours and sandra's and i sumed it up that both are trying to out-do each other on the boobies part. thats what i said to her and she confirms it...hihi...

not a problem lar sis. it was my first being tagged and it was fun.

muststopthis said...

Hey buddy...
"The mozz trap" made your fav list in your room!!
Love your sense of humour man...come on you arsenal....

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

yo tony,

it is pretty much my fav thing around. countless of mozzies r killed nightly. it may be just a mosquito trap but definitely one of my very few priced possessions.

thanks for droppin by man.

cbenc12 said...

I finally get it done! Here goes!