Friday, September 12, 2008


"And when I'm rich,
And meet Bob Hope,
We'll shoot some golf,
And shoot some dope..." - Dead Kennedys

I am so fucking selling out I tell ya.

Desperate times call for drastic measures, so they say. Couldn't agree more. Better late before its way too late.

I wanna be a tool,
Don't need no soul,
Wanna make big money,
Under Nuffnang's payroll...

*my utmost gratitude to a certain HRH princess who insisted of putting some sense in me. A huge thanks!


muteaudio said...

U finally met her and she put some sense into getting nuffnang? Errmm...

Kerp (Ph.D) said... brother...this was a different princess. yang tu lepas raya kot...

anfield devotee said...

As fer selling out . . . me opens yer blog & me sees "VISIT S'PORE" ad above our flag???!!!??

Dude . . . tsk tsk . . .

the Constantly Dramatic One said... know my stand on corporate advertising on blogs. I mean just go to my blog and check out the leftside bar. See the "owl" and you know what I mean.

YBmozcavalera said...

tuan kerpayuvchenko,

y'know what dude? sometimes yu never realise, yu just never realised how powerful, strong and meaningful some words thrown in together with 3-chords galore, by a group of four scrawnypoonks..can going forward 5,ten and until now,approx 20 years down the road. and here's the thing in a whole other part of the globe that they'd would probably never even dreamed of. choice words, choice quotes mate.

the DKs have always been there at the stirring shit from the bowels of the jamban level. honestly speaking, i've heard only 2 proper lps that i have (or rather did have) on the decrepid "TDKacousticpertama panjangconman" label. one of those bands that left an indelible imprint. the first time i heard mr.jello bellow his voice, i was up and about immitating it, mostly in the shower and while walkin to school. how did i do it? why, with one hand always thumpin either the chest at the front(somewhere near the diaphragm - chest diaphragm) or thumping on my get that uniquely jellowy vibratto "". nowadays i hear machines can do that.

i saw coupla small kids outside a tesco outlet the other day. there was this promo yu'know, selling body-pampering machinese - massage chairs, leg massagers and waist massagers (er..i was squiting hard here and there to see if i can something there vibratous and massage-ous THAT.. I BADLY needed - couldn't find it la *SIGH*). SO, this kids, they were damn cute, much to the annoyance of the caretaker of the promo location, got up onto the waist massager, strapped on the waiststreetch and opened up the mouths and went "aaaaaaaaaaaa" - and VOILA, all futher jelllosss duddeee!!!

read yer preceeding piece, just want to tell yu this mate, IT HAPPENS TO THE BEST OF EM mate alright. thing is, yu must realise not many folks would see stuff in the same vein as yu would. its like soaking some dirty undies before a wash; if yu don't the scrubbin', thumping, lashing and shoveshove squeezing motion is
gonna be one helluva
oh btw
i HATE FARKIN laundry.
which is why - my "turnover" is rather uhm..stretched.
what dei now? how long?
mind yer own laundry okay.
they got things call
deodarants around for that now.
okay kerp i am in melalut mode since it friday.

the point i'm tryin to say is i related to what yu said in yer previous articles - we're soakers mate. rest assured, yu soak 'em dry and put
a spin on things which inadvertently
makes us grin our pants off.
both LGL/FFS. and i got one more blog which really puts an
undefinable spin on things
KTN - kata tak nak.

mr.kata tak nak, dear sir, if you're reading this, just want to let yu know, you've got a pseudomaniacal obsessed fan on yer trail now..mwahhahahah
nice one boss

happy buke puase bro. take care. and pank on dude.

later mon.


YBmozcavalera said...

HRH princess???

Better in Time said...

bulan posa pun mencarut?? dah la antar orang gambar bogel!

ni nak kena cili mulut, mata dengan tangan...

can make money ah?

I also want to put lah

Kata Tak Nak said...

What you old out? You sold your soul to the Corporate people? You ditch our ideals for riches? Of all the people why you? Why?

Tell me how you did it. I am in.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Bala ji,

Hehehe…its ok brother, nobody bothers about them southern twats. A Malaysian (me) is the clear winner here..


I know, I know!! The dark force was too overwhelming my soul couldn’t find the strength to resist. Ok now I’m being a little over dramatic.

Moz biafraaa,

Who could resist them? Ok maybe any government would cringe the thought of having another DK to deal with, but DK is Dk, they speak for the minority voices. I tell you chief, these guys are ISA-material…muahahahha…

Thanks bro. your blardy rants and rambles never fail to crack me up.

Re-KTN- do leave him a comment. He’s cool really, and one helluva guy bro. cynical yet intelligent.

*no la mozz, not the royalty I blogged about. This HRH princess is a blogger too, and not to mention hot as well.

Moi lady,

Mencarut pada penulisan je…not emotionally uttered. takpe…muahaha…

*nuffnang- that’s what I’ve been told. Not so much but they do pay. Do check it out @


Muahahahahhaaa…in these trying times, tough nuts like us are easier to crack…

Like I said to tehsin above, they do pay, as I was convincingly told. Just go through it’s FAQs and see if they can make you succumbed to the force of the mullah.

cikgu, you've got yourself another fan to add in your longlist. read ybmozcavalera's comment. he's the only thing thats acceptable about tottenham hotspur.

Salt N Turmeric said...

Welcome aboard Kerp! The pay do come. Slowly but surely. ;)

cakapaje said...

Salam kerpie,

Keep me informed whether its really worth it. Thanks.

Tinesh said...

I havent checked how much money ove made since the time i installed the ads hehehe..But sorta good to know that my unique hits traffic is considered large enough for them la

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Yup. Definitely better than nothing. You da woman!


Wsalam bro. yes, will do. If you’re free do try and go through their faqs. May help to convince you.

T man,

Bro, have you ever tasted the fruit yet?

mott said...

WAKAKAKAKAA... why not earn some moolah while u sleep? At least u're not prostituting yourself. Heheh..

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


ha? do i look like our PM?