Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Stingy Salty Booger

So today I received an sms from the telco that I have been subscribed to since forever, informing me 20 free smses have been credited into my account. And this was some sort of a gift to their faithful customers for sticking around.

My initial reaction was like, whoa…is this for real or what? Free smses man…now I can send 20 free text messages to all my loved ones around the country and this was supposed to make me feel over the moon. Ok then Mr Maxis, here goes; woohoo…

For being their loyal customer all these years and all I got was a WHOPPING 20 free smses.

What a mug.

20 free sms konon. Cehh

If you people scared as shit I might switch to your close competitors, it takes more than just bribing us with pittance to buy our loyalty.

On a different matter but as miserly as the telco nonetheless, we have our government who from their part could have been more generous last week.

All the efforts of requesting and lobbying by various disabled groups prior to the recent budget 2009 simply fell on deaf ears.

Our demands were not met with. The only increment we get was an apologetic RM150 for non-working disabled, and this was after much fought from the community for ages.

They’re jobless, naturally they don’t have any form of income to cover all the bills that may incur. Now how the hell can one survive with such meagre amount every month? Medical fees alone can cost triple the allowance.

A people-friendly Budget I hear? Cehh...Feck that shit mannn…


Anba said...

Fret not bro...soon you'll be able to change telco without losing your number bro..
u still maintain the prefix of 012 plus the rest of the number but you'll be using Digi or Celcom service
u might need to pay like 25 rinngit if u wanna change
its Called MNP mobile number portability maybe u've heard case u havent't
they are implementing it now in areas around klang valley for prepaid service later by october they'll expand to all over malaysia
this will force the telco's to come up with better service,...n thas good

Zabs said...

Salam Kerp,
Orang di atas sana tu masih mahu kita hidup macam di tahun 50an lagi. Tu yang dia ingat RM150 tu cukup. Cuba diorang rasa macamana nak belanja wang banyak tu untuk diri mereka sendiri.
Sesekali naik LRT atau pergi beli sikit barang di pasar Ramadhan bolehlah...
Saya pula dah guna telco yang stu ni sejak 10 tahun lalu, satu apa pun takda dia nak bagi percuma. Potong line saya dengan cepatnya adalah, walaupun tak sampai seratus, bila lambat dibayar. Mangkok hayun punya telco....

anfield devotee said...

Now you see, if they were to ACTUALLY divert alcohol & tobbacco taxes specifically to help the poor & handicapped, do you think anyone would COMPLAIN?

After all, the taxes from those two are hardly gonna help with our national deficit, so why not channel it into something useful?

It would even make boozers & smokers feel good about their nasty habits coz every time we lift our mugs or lite up, we will justify it that we are helping our fellow citizens out!

fergie said...

Hehe .. Kerpove .. "feck" is allowable eh?? Not a swear word hahahaha ... I can't believe the pittance they threw at the "disabled" (eh .. I don't like d word disabled .. I'm sure there's another word but my short-term memory is shot these days). I feel the telcos have a win-win situation, I use Digi .. was using prepaid then changed to postpaid .. either way I lose out :(

Kata Tak Nak said...

What RM150 a month to non working disabled? This is too much man, too much. He could buy a bungalow 3 E-200 Kompressors, go round the world 5 times, smoke cigar at cigar bars and grope waitresses and still have plenty to spare with that amount.
I tell you this government is too pampering la.

Eskapisminda said...

Hi Kerp, yup, RM150 is a joke. like the joke for FREE electricity - my bills never, never, NEVER less than RM20. so..tak merasala aku elektrik percuma...

Anonymous said...

kerpov...i noticed nowadays you punya heading all in the 'safe zone'..takut masuk ISA ka? hahahaa...
back to the lousy does nothing to help the needy and poor, but look on the bright side, Gomen expenditure increased by a few billions..i mean, these goons worked so hard or in these days, under tremendous pressure..kena la bagi insentip sikit..somehow..20 free sms...sapu je la, better than nothing :D MK

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Anba my man,

Eh, you sure about it? This is good news. The only reason that holds me back from switching is the number. Its been with me for ages I fear some long-lost friends/relative may not be able to reach. But thanks for the info, bro…you sound like you’re working with one of them telcos la…hehehe…

Pak zab,

Untuk pengetahuan pak zab, bantuan am rm150 ni sebenarnya dah lama OKU demand. Tapi bila naik, setoet je. Bagi OKU yang berkerja pulak tak dapat apa2 masa bajet hari tu…kata bajet untuk semua?

· bukan la tak bersyukur tapi 20 sms tu setakat celah gigi diorang je. Dah kaya tp kedekut…hmm…

bala ji,

as usual, good point from you. And I’ll be puffing away knowing it will help my wheelchair comrades to lead a better life with the gomen help…muahahah…

aunty iris,

here’s a better term that we (me) could be used in the future- the PWDs (person with disability).

But yeah, rm150 is too small an allowance to lessen patients’ burden on monthly basis.


Yea and this was after much lobbying. When they can afford all the ridiculous stuff that only a ridiculous amount of money can buy, they should at least give something to all the community. Hence, the title of this entry suits them perfectly.


You know what, when they’re with the disabled community they’ll say the budget’s very disabled friendly. When they’re with the poor, the budget is to uplift the needy…but when they cant come up with something for the ordinary folks, they’ll say the budget is for all. Eskapis jugak gomen kita ni…kahkahh…

Hey, thanks for crossing over.


No reason to fel scared of isa…my neighbour (zorro) drives to kamunting quite often…muahahaha…can always get a lift home.

Yea, the budget actually reached billions. Making pledges are easy. Now for the difficult part; start handing out the billions to the (right) channels as promised.


cakapaje said...

Salam kerpie,

Bro, if you feel like being cheated, take it to the company. They, must be made aware of whatever your grievance is. And if they do not want to rectify, lodge a complaint with; for whatever good they can do now. This goes for broadband, satellite TV, and telcos.

cakapaje said...

ps. As for RM150, what you should do is bring your copy of medical bills and whatnot and throw it into the face of the ministry officials. This thing has been going on for too long - not only for OKU's but for others who are badly in need of financial assistance from the so-called people friendly gomen. Up theirs!

Salt N Turmeric said...

ish sabar kerp. kurang dah pahala tu. :P

mari kita fikir about all the food that you can get from the pasar ramadhan. hehe. dok cakap pasal kedekutan (ada ke word tu?) menteri2 tu, perabih kan boras aje.

senorita.. said...

y 20 huh? give lar 50 or smtg. what's 20 free sms-es to them man....

Pi Bani said...

Sabor Kerp sabor...

Anyway, mana you tau the booger's salty? You tasted ah? :)

Daphne Ling said...

Only 20?!? That's lame...

They should give you free credit instead! You know, something like RM 10 credited into your account would have been much cooler than 20 free sms's...

Tinesh said...

ehhhhh ini tak adilll... i dint get no 20 free SMS's and Im using Maxis for shitloada years (ok make that 4).

I was at a mamak in bangsar during the budget, and when I saw the sad amount allocated for the disabled, I actually shouted. Nampak abit bodoh at that time la hehe..

You see dude, the bastards directed the entire budget to Sabah and Swak flers so that they dont jump ship to Pakatan.

You better make your move to become the next PM la dude.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Shahrir saadon,

Hey thanks for the link. Yea, I feel like I have in fact been cheated but Its ok la shah, its a bit too petty to bring this up to the authority. I’ll only pursue if it had cost me any losses.

As for the non-working disabled allowance, the lobbying was done from the community’s leaders on behalf of those who qualified for this aid. I don’t quite belong in this category. Just spoke on their behalf as well. Actually we do have a senator representing us in the dewan negara but sadly, his appointment doesn’t seem to help.

Farina Raja idris,

Eh takpe, I wrote this piece lepas buka…muahaha…

Ok talking about food, this may leave you to slobber - mom said today dia tak masak but instead nak beli beberapa jenis asam pedas from a stall selling variety of it…so no burger for me during sahur…kihkihh…

Karen lim,

The question should what’s 20sms to us instead.

Afizah bani,

I tau laa…dulu kecik2 pernah jugak try…muahahhahaha….

Daphne ling,

Yes, agreed. Lets get real, for being their customer for years, surely we expected something more than just 20sms as a token for staying loyal right? 20sms…pttuuiiii…gimme a break la…

*eh, back from the camp thing already? Ok, will cross over in a bit.

Tinesh nagendran,

Dude, rm150 for those who cant work for obvious reason. How do you think they’ll survive? Obviously these flers are more interested in playing the political game more than minding the needy. Trust me la, we have made our voices heard but as usual, all went down the drain.

Once I become a PM, I’ll make sure all the able-bodied will be ruthlessly discriminated…muahahahaha

YBmozcavalera said...

tuan kerpluychenko,

cannot help, but to concur with MR.T as well. the RM150 is a mere pittance; a moist spittle of oratorical reproach.

i mean, come on, this is one area where they could have at least shown their mettle in all normalcy - i.e. without the sacreligious underpinnings of race,religion, state and nationhood.

a handicap knows not to discriminate; it knows no colour, no culture, no poverty nor does it imbibe wealth.

i guess what i'm a-trying to say in my usual self-assuming prejudicial dumbarse way is this:
if yu want to show yu really care for the people, why the beladi hell don't yu bend yer arse over, backwards and fronts - for the one people who may actually depend on it as a livelihood and a means to an end.

oh hang on dude, i forgot - that crap doesn't bring in the votes for em does it now? *sigh*

it's not like 50% of the entire population are doin' freestyle wheelies to boomboxed beats on their quads, crutches, guidestic? (read: link it to the votes) *siggghh*

oh oh lest we forget, even if we do cradle them all rockabyebaby, how they even reach the polling stations *sigghghghghhghgh*

so why farkin bother?

the root of the matter is this bro, i just felt they lost a whole avenue of opportunites to redeem themselves well and true la bro. look, say i'm an altruistic hypocrite (dei, now bulan puase you're not supposed to kutuk me ok mwahhaha)..but just bear with me say i'm an altruistic hypocrite, bent on bolstering up my waning profile, i would to say the least work on stuff the can get me there. and if it benefits a noble cause - what have i got to lose? oh yeah, i forgot 2 states - *sigh*

but all the same the opportunity is lost, in a big a big huge slab of glorified JAMC feedback sorta way.

later mon.

yers appreciatively,

p.s. i know i may not be the right person to speak about OKU, but i did have first hand experience on dealin with meagre portion of issues. see my old man kerp, he's like tone deaf now without his pair of hearing aids. and those farkin things man, they really cost a bomb leave alone the batteries. he's managing it though, but he did ask me once, what about the folk who can't afford this son?

Anonymous said...

budget 2009 is the most boring budget ever. seriyes. bujet for rakyat? i dont see how i can benefit from that.


- radz

YBmozcavalera said...

just to clarify kerp, am in no way equating loss of hearing to a physical disability alright.

heck even my old man doesnt acknowledge it as a disability, mwahahhaha.

regardless of his constant, incesssant (and sometimes irritable) "ahh? ahhh? whattt? haaa?" and translating say "i'm going to play badminton" into something like
"what? you're going to bed at nine to ten? why la so early?"

he can be awefully cute though, my old man. in his usual wiseguy deadpan humour; he'd throw a wisecrack or three, someone who tries to see the bright side of things and hidden advantages..especially when the old woman (in his own words) starts to nag, which in my humble abode is almost equivalent to warzone of sorts...according to him, that's the beauty of bein' deaf. the moment the yapping starts, yu switch it off and just nod yer head and thrown in
the odd punctuated complete
(keeps telling me "wait till yu fellas get married la dei, see who has the last laugh")

later mon.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Please go to my blog to collect an award you rightly deserve.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Mozzy my keropok man,

Spot-on la chief.

Lets get real la mozz, the disabled community belongs to the minority. You know very well what that spells; a second class citizen.

*hey bro, your dad’s story got me in stitches la deii…muahahahaha…dead easy to shut all the whining thrown at him…muahahahahhaaa…

I can actually relate to your dad’s hearing problem. My grandma uses the same device. Bought her one some years back and never realised how costly it was. For that one month I was totally koyak, but its ok la, out of love for me beloved granny, anything mann…


Neither could I. It may have benefited some of the disabled community, but sadly I don’t belong to that particular group.


Thanks sir. I’m honoured.

Lau Cheow said...

Kerp, be thankful lah. Oghang bagi pon nak bising. Just ambik je.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

bloggoreng brother!

hey i just thought i deserved more than mere pittance.

hows it going with you bro? lama tak nampak...

Ceritalah said...

Well is was a people friendly budget but it depend on what type of people you are... If you are THEIR PEOPLE then u might get it but IF YOU ARE NOT THEIR PEOPLE then is not... It doesnt even tackle the real issue namely how to reduce inflation and boost economy or at least solve one of it but there is nothing on this... What the point of record budget when most of it go to goverment operation and where is the allocation for development? Goverment operation cost is higher than development? Somethg not right that... Give me a fish please....

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

salam firdaus,

i wouldnt rule that out but whats clear was that it was not people-friendly as some people would like to believe. we are being real not because we lose out on the goody-bags. just that whats reported on the budget must be accurate.

thanks for dropping by brother. will cross over to your blog soon as i dont usually stay infront of the computer on weekends.

*will link you up once i'm back.

monsterball said...

They are afraid to lose you as a customer and business is bad might as well give free use up airtime quota.
I also got RM10 rewards ..for free calls for my!
But I think we both have been overcharged and those bastards never tell you the come out with this smart idea.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

mr goh,

rm10 is a lot. thousands of sms there.