Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dial-up: I feel so Yesterday

Damn it man, I have been without any internet connection since last week and calling the TM guys have been very much part of my boring routine these past few days.

Now that this case affects even my bread & butter, it in a way has given me a reason to harass them every minute and call them names for all the crappy crap crap I have to put up with.

But I’ve got my temper checked. They came up with a valid reason; that some cables near my place were stolen and as far major repair is concerned, it is going to take a while before normal service can be fully restored. Whether or not it’s a genuine excuse, I’ll just be a sucker and suck up to everything they want to tell me.

One option is to create a dial-up connection, which I did and painfully on right now. I dont know about you guys but after so many years of relying on high-speed broadband for any Internet activity, surfing on a dial-up connection can be a real test of the nerve. It is just not surf-able and super duper crappy kuasa dua.

Nothing that I want now than to have my broadband connection back. It feels so weird without it. Its been almost a week since I last drooled on pictures of naked anime soccer moms that I myself feel so naked, only minus the eroticism.

And political news, fuck man, I need more balance report before the terrestrial tv can claim victory to have successfully persuaded a sucker to buy all the grandmother’s story they cook everyday. Ok maybe not that simple but to a certain degree, I too need to know what’s been cooking on the other side of the fence.

I think I’ll just get the hay outta here for now. To those who left feedback in the previous post, rest assured I will get back to you once the connection comes back.

Lets hope it wont take its own sweet time.


Kata Tak Nak said...

What? Dial-up? You can't be serious? They still have dial-up in this Multimedia Super Corridor country?
Hey even King Tut would laugh at you and call you ancient.
Alright on a more serious note, hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Okay okay I 'll stop being mean. It is a lesson in patience that you are forced to go through.

Tinesh said...

welcome to fucking civilization man! :P

my streamyx also playing around with me la. first they said my network card got problem, then in the night i managed to use for a good 2 weeks. Tengok tengok they having maintainence work. Stupid streamyx bitch.

Now the modem pulak messing around. fuck the MSC la

Pi Bani said...

Dial-up bro? Mak aihh, kalau I pun tak sabar nak tunggu. Macam gi fishing le pulak, jenuh menunggu nak dapat ikan.

tokasid said...

Ahmad Kerpomovic:

What?Still no broadband? I really pity you bro. Lets face it, we are being fucked-up from all directions. You'll notice this streamyx connection problem is happening all over the country. And TM have so many excusus.

I think ,they are gonna come up some new super-duper broadband system which theywill claim is much better than streamyx and a more expensive one too. Mark my word.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Cikgu, sir!

Yes they do still…haha…to sum it up using my own words, dial-up is a modern technology yang kuno…hehehe…

T man,

Eh ya la. Them streamyx frontline fuckers don’t know what they’re saying. First they told me it was my line. Then, it’s the cable and went on to say its caused by natural disaster i.e landslide. What the hell la.

Kak Pi,

Dial-up mmg patut di scrap je. Bukan apa, jangan kata nak nengok youtube, nak upload page pon terhegeh-hegeh…leceh gila…


For some reason, I’m taking your words. When the product is supposed to be installed as part of the streamyx system, they’ll introduce a new package that will cost a bomb. Trick boleh baca dah.

anfield devotee said...

Just rely on good old dvd fer yer porn fix fer awhile la . . .

senorita.. said...

blame the cable thieves!

anime soccer moms? u dig cartoons with huge boobs huh? lol

test ur patience,increase endurance.. =P

Pak Idrus said...

Kerp, why not forget streamyx and instead go for the USB wireless broadband gadget from Maxis. It works perfect if you have 3G coverage and work better then the dial up where you do not have 3G coverage. And the good thing about this gadget is that you can take it everywhere.

Anyway Have a nice day.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Bala Ji,

Been having problem with the player since puasa. Haven’t been watching much movie as a result.

Ms Lim,

I dig boobs. PERIOD.

Pak Idrus!

The problem lies with my laptop, which is kinda old. Many of the new tech are not compatible. If I were to use a wireless connection, I may have to get a new machine all together. But thanks for the tips, sir!

Pemuda IKS said...


I dig the old-school-laptop thingy.

Streamyx? Whut do ya expect? It's the only thing here. No competitors. Fucking monopoly! I bet if there was another hi-speed broadband company existed, they would've provided with better services. But as usual...dream on! This also goes the same to Astro, our "one and only" satelite TiVo.

Whut's with you and animes?

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

I have been there before and dear Lord I do feel your pain. I do indeed feel your pain.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

I have been there before and dear Lord I do feel your pain. I do indeed feel your pain.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Salam brother. I believe streamyx do have competitors breathing down their neck but definitely not astro. Mitv tried but failed miserably. Lets face it, for as long astro gets to hold on to their existing sport channels, they’ll continue monopolising.

*the question should be whats with me and Porn!


Got my connection back. And I am so relieved. PORN TIME!

Jon-C said...

Kerph, dun go changing ya porn habits because of TmNut! You're my idol bro! Wahahaha.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

muahahahaa...cibai la jonny. in the holy name of Clitoris, i demand you worship me instead!!

Mat Salo said...

Bro'... WHOA! The Zeds! The lead frontwoman Azean. DOUBLE WHOA! You're dad on lead guitar - TRIPLE WHOA!

Eh, so when's THIS post coming up? :)

Zawi said...

Cable theft is the rural areas of Kelantan is real but never thought such an excuse is valid in KL City or anywhere around it. Cable theft will happen as long as scrap dealers can continue buying such stolen materials as scrap.

monsterball said...

You will never get the real reasons for your fucked up phone..internet..astro......postal..electricity and water.
All these people never tell the truths.
My streamyx was faulty. They blame the phone faulty this my that...never check anything properly.
Fortunately...I have a determined programmer...tracing the complaints to higher up..and found their end...not released!!
I do not know...what that means..but after that....all OK.
My electricity bill...from normal...RM400 per month....jumped to RM1200 and was threatened few cut off...if I do0n't pay up.
So I paid through my nose.fww months...and wrote lette5rs to Tenaga...complaining ...with supporting past bills. No replies at all!!
But all of a sudden......I have so much overpaid money...and have been enjoying balance with credits...for few months now.
It one come to check the meters....and they simply issue bills....based on their so call average calculations.
So if water one come to no bills...and all of a fat bill..and given 7 days to settle...or water cut off.
Astro is the worst!
Go see all their Discovery channels...same old thing repeated over and over again for more than a year....yet we pay monthly idiots.!!
Need I say more..of others???

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Mas Salo,

No post about me being a son of a Pop Yeh Yeh artist will ever see the light of day. No big deal la bro. a rock icon or not, I’m always proud of my old man. My guitar hero perhaps? Absolutely.

Pak Z,

Trust me, we’ve got the living deads everywhere, throughout the country. Optic cables are valuable item, so you can pretty much figure out why dato Mukhriz (whose company is the main supplier) has gone bald…hehehe…

Mr goh,

You need not say more. Everyone of us has in some ways or another, experienced what you had to go through. I think astro is the worst of these lot. They have yet to provide good after-hour service and the staff manning their customer service department simply sucks. They’re are rude and extremely incompetent. In other words, they are bloody useless.