Friday, August 3, 2007

Ching Ai Te Quo Chia

And so we’re off. The countdown has just begun. We are now well into Merdeka month. Although the actual event is like 28 days away, the excitement is already in the air. I can feel it. I do.

Now, let’s see what’s in store for the whole of this month.

Re-runs of Sarjan Hassan and the likes. Hey, Its Merdeka month and we only get to catch such films once a year. Sure we’ve seen them for umpteenth times but I’ve pledged to watch atleast two of them. It’s a good way to instill patriotism in you without having to lift your ass. I know I don’t have to.

Crash a party down at the spinal ward @ HKL. One Scomi group of company will be throwing a bash for us. With the money at their disposal, Scomi has the means to provide wheelchairs for all the new patients with spinal cord injury and put a broad smile back on their crippled faces.

So anyway, It’s going to be fun filled with food, games and even prizes up for grabs and rest assured, the 'shindig' wont be short of chics I promise. There’ll be nurses galore…woohoo. Now, when is the do again…

Meet up with old friends. In the spirit of unity, I’ve decided to bury the hatchet and let bygones be bygones. I blamed my former best mate for being such a pain in the neck and he accused me of being a twat, whatever that means. We talked things over the other day and got things patched up, forgave each other’s guts and other gay stuff and now things are really looking up. So for a start, together with our respective spouses, we’ll be having dinner at an exclusive place in Taman Mayang somewhere…by the road side. William’s anyone?

Nation-wide sale. Since I doubt I have anything to get for myself, I should give this one a miss. But it wont be easy. The thing is, new EPL season 07/08 commences next week. So I may have to be in my best behaviour and tag along with my girl to shopping malls and hopefully I’ll get to watch Arsenal’s game later in peace. It pays to be sweet, charming and shit.

Neighbours-Get-Together. Just a reminder to do more often in this special month. Being a Malaysian, this is something I’m always proud to let the whole world know. We’ve been doing it all year long without making a big deal out of it. different faces from different races of different ages sharing a bench down at the garden whenever the opportunity arises. Its really a Malaysian thing to be colour-blinded by your neighbours’ skin. So, fuck racism. I mean, why would anyone believes in such prejudices really beats me. It’s the good company that should matter, right?

And finally, fly the Jalur Gemilang. Not so original but a must-do. I’ve got mine ready to be displayed proudly. Well, not exactly ready. I still have to search for it. But I’m pretty sure I kept it safely somewhere in the room…some eleven months ago.

There should be more but Its close to 330am and I’m hitting the sack.


PrincessJournals said...

Merdeka! i miss tht, among other things of course. Living abroad makes me miss Malaysia. sob sob. im always excited abt merdeka but not 4th of july. very one-sided, i know. but im a Malaysian and damn proud of it! ;)

Nak Tak Nak said...

I am Malaysian and am damn proud of it too. I just don't like what have been happening in this country the past 10 years or so.

No I don't party and only watch P Ramlee's comedy reruns. Love the idea of meeting up old friends or even the chance of meeting my new cyber-pals.

I hate sales coz they are just hypes to make us spend unnecessarily and as for neighbours, hmmmm, let them remain neighbours.

I hate people who differentiate colours.

Daphne Ling said...

Hey Danny,

Crashing party at Spinal Ward HKL, huh? Plenty of nurses, huh? Haha...Sounds like the very-spirited Danny I know. Have fun!

I was tagged by Uncle Zorro to write the final '50 Posts to Independence' tag in conjunction with our Merdeka...Have to go think what I'm going to say...;)

Whatever it is, to all Malaysias, Happy Golden Jubilee!

Mat Salo said...

I'm with Chegu Nazir Danny-Boy! We're just proud Malaysians with high-brow tastes in ethics, music, and wimmin that's all. Gotta stand up (err, don't meant disparage the wheelbound, dude - figure of speech) and speak out when somethin's not right...

Can I cum? Shindig at HKL, I mean. Heh-heh. Most likely I'll be 'shindingin' with mozzies here in the swamp...

Have fun, boy-o.. I'll be there in spirit. Take some photos ok? Especially of the missies... ;)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Yo princess,

Don’t feel too bad, you’re not missing much back home I can assure you. and you can always do your bit patriotically there by promoting all the great stuff our beloved country has to offer.

Imagine them surfer dudes having a go on your delicious sambal tumis udang and they’ll be like, ‘dooode, that’s raaadddd…. Awesome’.

Beaches, sun and sidewalk surfer girls. Orange county isnt too bad actually.


You summed it up pretty well. And I get your drift, sir. Thank you. Hehhe…

I should have added meeting up cyber-pals aswell. but it seems that most of us are far apart. Penang, ipoh, indonesia and even as far as the States. Lets make it a point for a get-together anyway.

Daphne dear,

You know what it s like having a do in hospital wards surely. Hopefully it will be livelier than I anticipated.

Hey, a perfect encore. Cant think of someone better than you to get the number one spot. Go strut you stuff, daphne…just to add abit more pressure on you, we’ll all be waiting ;))

Abg Mat,

Like you and cikgu, I’m proud being a Malaysian and I’m used to being put up by the rats running around making mess of our beautiful Malaysia.

but seriously, lets all put our differences aside for the sake of togetherness AS Malaysians, for this month atleast.

Will you be around in time for the celebration anyway, abg mat?

thanks guys for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

You mean Malaysia is already Merdeka? I thought Merdeka is in the minds only! I mean, the gomen we have is still a penjajah, by any other name.

Anyway, Happy Merdeka! - Amir


Nationwide sale = OK. Not sell the nation, which is what's happening.


La Cucaracha said...

Sales??? Sales???? Did someone say sales???? ...*frantically rushes about like chicken lil* ...prozac)))))))))))))

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Its all in the mind, brother. but Merdeka also serve as a reminder of our past great leaders who fought the real colonialists with all their guts. So fuck the A.G.M thing.

Rocky bro,

They can sell our land for a bargain but our soul is priceless and here to stay, not even for a piece of land next to the opera house thingy.

La Cucaracha,

I’ve got mail? are you sure?

thanks guys.

La Cucaracha said...

Yea yea kerp,

Keep an eye out for underpants!!!!!!!! They're smokin'

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

la cuca,

smokey underpants. sounds hot to me but errm, did i miss anything here? or i may hv to crank my IQ thing up to figure this one out.

yoy said...
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reek said...
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tim said...
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fargoman said...
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miya said...
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yuking said...
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samp said...
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Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Whooaaaa…what in the world are these all about? Fucking spam.

I don’t mean to be rude and shit but this is getting way too political for me to stomach. I have never made my stand known nor have I declared which camp I’m affiliated with (none), and I intend not to for as long I’m running this particular blog.

So guys, you can take all the political shit stuff some place else.


Looks like I may have to get all the comments moderated afterall.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...don't know what to say about the spammers. But heart's out to you bro. Good thing I've kept my blog to myself. Political, apolitical, just keep plugging and I'll keep butting my nose in. - Amir

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ahh, thanks amir. its refreshing to hv u back here. just to clarify that my comment above was meant for the ones deleted. not taking any chances with those cyber-troopers.

PrincessJournals said...

very funny. i think those surfer dudes wud die fr the hot-ness of my sambal. not to mention hubby wud def not like the idea of surfer dudes close to his wife! lol!

of course i always promote msia (hubby too!) but only after telling them tht im not chinese or thai or viet or taiwananese or spanish or etc.

zorro said...

Danny, you will be my special guest on 25 August at Blog House, 66 Lorong Setiabistari 2, Damansara Heights. It is to officially warm up Blog House, All-Blogs own hangout and also to kick start a brainchild of Haris Ibrahim....Bangsa Malaysia. Danny, Bloghouse is disabled friendly! So you keep that date free.It is a Saturday, I hope bloggers will make a date with us. Kind of a pre-Merdeka bash.....web-casting internationally the do is also planned.

monsterball said...

Kerp....During the Merdeka celebrations...I prefer to watch all the events from to drive and avoid the crowds is too much stress for me.
Your list of events are interesting though. Wish I was younger...but I hope to meet kata tak nak...have a nice cuppa with snacks..if my Merdeka wish can come true. He and me have so much things in common.

La Cucaracha said...


Check your email for smokey underpants! Hahaha!
note- totally unrelated to feminist bra-burning.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

The best way to tell them yanks - Malaysia is somewhere in the middle between Thailand and Singapore.

Unc B,
Wahhh..sounds great. Will definitely try my best to join in the ‘partayy’…
I will get more of the details from you later. Thanks.

Mr Goh,
Nah, I’ve never attended to any merdeka parade myself but I think all malaysians should, atleast, do it once in his/her lifetime.

Tell me if cikfu nazir’s coming down to KL. It would be interesting if I could join you guys over some coffees and Monte Cristos. We’ll talk politics and I’ll turn you two into pro-TDM. Are you game? Hahaha…thanks anyway.

La cuca,
Great. I’ll be checking my inbox in awhile. Thanks!!