Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mihun Again

So the partayyy went pretty well down the garden at Wisma Rekod (formerly Wisma Kayu) @ HKL. The wheelchair-bounds, patients, volunteers and all the staffs joined in the orgies.

Free-flows of booze, unlimited supplies of weed and methamphetamines, strip teasers on every pole,…these were the only absentees.

It was fun all in all. At least It was fun for me to have met former ward mates. The do was jointly organised by us, Persatuan Perwira K9 and Yayasan Scomi, the company’s wing that handles charity events. But there was no sightings of that Kamaluddin guy nor the other infamous fella.

The thing kicked off very early with breakfast served for all the participants. I went with my two cousins and since we’re a bunch of big-eaters, we expected more than just fried mihun and several types of cakes. I mean, mihun again? I get mihuns on practically every functions I have attended. Maybe its hassle-free and conveniently cheap but hey, we’ve got it all covered by the Scomi Group, They can afford Chili’s or some weird french restaurants serving slugs as the caterer but no, we’re not demanding on silly things like that. Just a fine malay/chinese/indian restaurant would do it. Why is it compulsory for such functions to have mihun, dry karipaps and if you’re lucky, roti jala and chicken curry on the menu really beats me.

By the way, havent they heard of nasi lemak?

So anyway I took my time when all had proceeded to the ‘dance floor’ at the rehab garden. And the best part was, by the time I reached there, a long speech by one of the organisers was just over. Yay.

From my observation, those guys from Scomi had a blast more than we did. According to one of them, it was a rare opportunity to get upclose with us quads and paras. They tried their hands on wheelchair basketball and had a tough time adjusting on their body balance and would usually end up falling backwards. Fortunately, nobody broke their spine. Or he would have made instant friends for life.

The event was already in full-swing by now. We all strutted our stuffs on darts, carums, table tennis, you name it. The show-offs all around. Everyone wanted to be a clown so the professionals were not needed.

Not surprisingly the board games were the main attraction as it was played in an air-conditioned room considering the hot weather on that day.

All the games were over by lunch time. Nasi minyak was served with little helping. I was starving like hell that while having our lunch we actually discussed about going to Makbul or Sri Paandi or Burger King right after that.

Towards the end, A wheelchair-dance demonstration took the spotlight and got everyone in awe. Then followed by prize-giving ceremony and a short speech from our president. Goody bags were handed to all the participants on wheelchairs and after a few photos taken, we split.

We found ourselves at hartamas’ Burger King 15 minutes later.


sankochan said...

i would die if I have to eat mihun everyday!

Nadia said...

Mihun??? I'm lost for words.... errr...

acciacca2ra said...

salam kerp,
saya pun pernah terkena dengan meehoon ni. had meehoon for breakfast, then was invited for lunch at Putra Jaya dengan mee hoon lagi. Nak buat camne. dah rezki! lepas pada tu, i told myself, if its a planned gathering, i wont serve meehoon.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


hey, not that mihun sucks but to get them in every functions u attend, i mean, whats the deal with these people?


ur not a big fan of mihun too are you? nasib baik hari tu we didnt serve u guys miihun. i myself got tired of it.

kak accia,

if u knew u were to attend a function, a government's function especially, u better have something heavy like nasi lemak or masi beriyani as u shld expect mihun to be the event's main course.

rezki mmg rezki tp apa lah salahnya to serve something more unconventional stuff like, err...kungfu mee or something. hihi..

thanks gals!

Pi Bani said...

Speaking of meehoon, macam dah jadi kemestian for every function, even informal potluck gatherings. I've attended potluck gatherings with 3 or 4 varieties of meehoon goreng brought by different people. So for me, if it's potluck, I NEVER bring meehoon.

tokasid said...

Salam kerp:

I know what u mean by....meehoon again.

Mihun is tasty( kalau pandai cook lah)but memang betoi lah...I do think depa asyik bagi mihun sebab senang nak masak dan MURAH.

I'm glad you enjoyed the gathering. Lagi bangga bcoz 2 of your saudara( non-OKU I supposed) sanggup accompany kerp ke sana. Not many manusia( yg kononnya) normal mahu buat begitu.

Have a nice weekend bro.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

kak Pi,

you are so right. some may find it the simplest meal on the menu but expect to find exactly the same thing on the table. gatherings, parties, events, mihum is a must...hmmm..


betul tu doc. mmg mihun sedap but still nasi lemak pon murah and convenient. mintak tukar sikit je menu of the day tu.

yes, my 2 cousins are abled-body and they have no qualms in taking me anywhere. they're big-sized and tall which is a plus. i have even roped them in and they are now proud members of Perwira K9 too, as volunteers. this is an advantage especially in their resumes.

thank you.

Mior Azhar said...


Now that you mention it, ya lar, very not creative lar these people, dah lah kaya.... hmm
Want nasi lemak, bro? come on over, wifey cooks very fattening nasi lemak....

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

bg mior,

sounds good. will make it a point as nasi lemak is just too irresistable for me. thanks for dropping by.

PrincessJournals said...

kerp, i ni dah lama tak makan fried meehoon so id welcome it anytime. hehe.

but i kno wht u mean. how many ppl attended the gathering tht big company a.k.a cash rich scomi cant even afford a decent free-flowing of good food? haji bakhil gamak tu. our raya potluck gathering last yr w 10ppl pun have more food and better selections. :P

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

yo princess,

ok for obvious reason, you're excused. hey, but u can still get all the ingredients needed for one good mihun. its the simplest dish and cheap too. or perhaps a plate of good mihun at chinese' mann's theater show. its in california right? hihi...

it wasnt that big of an occasion infact. u can get a good kari kepala ikan caterer for 1000 lousy ringgit. so what is there rm1000 to them some may ask? peanuts.

thank you.

Anonymous said...

It seem to be a Malaysian thing already! As much as we've had meehoon, some of us still could not resist it at any function!

Still, consider yourself lucky. A certain government agency head insist on having roti jala at any of his agency's function! Imagine if you have to attend 2 of its function in a week, 4-5 weeks a month, 12 months a year! - Amir

BigDogDotCom said...


It looks like a great party! I particular love the wheeler on the left's (front) wheels. That's so kewl!

So one of these Mee Berus (Ooppss...Rebus!) at Maria's, you must come and do the Bloggers party............................

And personally see the 'handicap' in me (Whilst others enjoy their weekly Mee Rebus, I hv to settle for scrambled eggs!)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


mihun is definitely a malaysian thing. it is cheap and consumed by all.

and u do hv a point there. it is a good thing that functions arent held on daily basis or we'd be having the same thing day in day out. particularly roti jala, and yes...the mihun.

big bro,

i would love to join u guys one of the tuesdays and i've made it a point, hopefully before puasa.

but hey, i'm not much a fan of mee berus either. err...do they serve rice aswell? i cant go a day without a plate or two lar bang.

thanks guys!

Nak Tak Nak said...

I don't mind meehoon as long as it stacked neatly next to my steak, large, sizzling and well done.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hahaha...good one la cikgu. i dont mind mihun either, as long as its only an entree between nasi lemak bungkus and sirloin steak as the main course.

PrincessJournals said...

kerp, i find it hard to make anything fried using electric stove. there's no lil-bit-burnt taste thts supposed to come w fried stuff.

it is funny tho tht everybody else seems to be wanting steak and all and here i am dying for nasi lemak a'bangsa or evn meehun goreng. tsk tsk tsk.

BigDogDotCom said...


Maria Mee Rebus is undoubtable the best mee rebus north of Johor!

Its a cardinal to go to Maria's and ask for nasi (except Mr Biggum Dogmansteinberg, who gets away with scrambled eggs after his gastric by-pass).

Daphne Ling said...

Hey Danny,

Sorry it took me so long to come here...Got lost up Bukit Jambul Hil *Tsk...*

Mihun again huh? Haha...

Striptease, pole-dancing, orgies, by nurses in uniform huh? Dream lar bro! Malaysia lar ni...Pakai sleeveless pun, got people complain lar...

But oh well, I guess it wasn't the food that was important, but the company, right? After all, the Burger King always around what!

Anyway, my best friend and I cadang nak do another balloon fest come XMas...We sure could use a clown to go around with us...And now I know who to call!

Keep your date free ok?

Daphne Ling said...

Sorry, that should have read 'Keep the date free ok?'...Hehe...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Yo PJ,

Ok, no more steak for me for the next few weeks atleast. Had a big portion at chili’s over the weekend and I know I’ll crave for rice for the next 7 days, lunch and dinner.

And honestly, nasi lemak antarabangsa is abit too overrated. U can get good ones in pj and around KL. But then again, I know any nasi lemak here is better than the californian’s, if they hv any.

Big bro,

Ok then. Its not much the mee rebus aint it. it’s the good company that matters. Zorro reminded me again today to make sure I’ll join before puasa. I’ll have mee rebus. Malam can have rice. And for the rest of the weeknights too…hihi…


Yes, as I mentioned above to bigdog, it’s the company that matters. So, mihun and mee rebus r secondaries.

U may not know this but uncle B is a specialist in livening up parties. and he’s good with the kids. with his naturally cheerful character, we know we have all-year long santa.

Thanks fellas.