Friday, August 24, 2007

No Idea

Looks like nothing much been happening lately, as we’re getting ever closer to the 50th Merdeka Celebration next week.

I read Wheel Power today, a column by fellow wheeler Anthony Thanasayan on what Merdeka means from the disabled community's point of view and Perwira K9’s advisor was one of the two featured atleast in half of the article.

Mr Chong Tuck Meng, fondly known as the ‘Boss’ amongst some of us has been a quad for 25 years now. He has vast experience under his belt fighting equal rights for persons with disability and played a major role in the setting up of Perwira K9 and involved in various of programs for the benefits of the needies in general.

He touched on the Disability act bill that has yet to be implemented in Parliament and strongly feels that its high time a representative from the disabled community make our presence felt in the Dewan.

Hold on. Don’t we actually have one already? That Tiger of Malaya guy? Eh, sounds like a heat rub tiger balm. That Haw Par brand from Singapore, or the emblem of Filem Negara Malaysia.

Ok, seriously. Karpal Singh is an elected representative and he’s on a freakin’ wheelchair. But no. I think he’s too occupied with political matter to bother about such bills. Besides, we need someone from the NGO, a non-partisan with respectable knowledge on the current issues.

We urgently need one. Maybe we could get one of the senators to crippled their limbs and, voila, we have an instant candidate. Or is that an incumbent?

Oh hell, this entry is getting nowhere. It was originally supposed to be part of the run-in to Merdeka but typically I screwed it up somewhere and went astray.

I wish I could be more focused in dealing with certain subject and finish up the whole article on it. I am surrounded with too much distractions to write even half a paragraph.


I just don’t have what it takes to be or come even close to Rocky, Nuraina or Peter Tan as far as writing goes, but I cant be that dumb right? Wrong.

Ok, lets get back on track. Yes. Merdeka is like, what, 7 days away? And its going to be a long weekend as 31st falls on Friday.

I bet everyone has applied to take an extra day leave on that Thursday. So imagine, as from this Saturday til the next Sunday, they only have to waste three days of their life working. I think I’m gonna ask my girl to do the same and we can spend more time together.

Back to the Rocky, and possibly Pn Nuraina. They’ll be attending the much talk-about do which will take place tomorrow in Damansara Heights as part of Merdeka celebration. Themed The Bangsa Anak Malaysia Merdeka Get Together, I believe most of the heavyweight bloggers will be around. I would love to make myself present but I fear I may be out of place, not because I’m on wheelchair, hell no. it’s a brand new chair, mind you. Honestly, I’m not very sure about this Bangsa Malaysia Thing. I mean, I doubt it'll be a non-political affair. But it does NOT mean, in any ways I am against it. No.

Really guys, have fun. And uncle Zorro, do tapau some Mihun… NOT!!

Ok this piece of poop is getting crappier and out of hands. I should stop. Infact I should have stopped much earlier.

Maybe I should write something on Anthony and the ‘Boss’ as they are the wheelchair heavyweights championing the equal rights of the disabled but since weekend is here, I might screw it up again and start doing football commentaries.

I’m outta here.


Nak Tak Nak said...

Hey, write the way you like, with all the digressions and whatevers. If that is you, than so be it. I like the way you write coz its not too heavy. Once in a while when, and only when you feel up to it, write something serious.
Hope you find your rep in parliament.

Pi Bani said...

Remember the Apple Polisher in one of your previous postings? I think he'd make a good rep. Gaya ala-ala YB dah ada dah tu... ;)

tokasid said...

Salam kerp:

Che'gu is right bro. Just write whatever you think is right. The important thing is you get your message across to us,your friends and readers.

I'm not sure if the present govt would want appointed reps from NGOs in the Dewan. At least not Dewan Rakyat. But I'm sure it can be done for the Dewan Negara, as senators.

sankochan said...

I would sleep throughout Merdeka day...

Dont wanna be caught in any traffic jam and start cursing...

That's how patriotic I am T_T

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Honestly, I wanted to write something serious but since it was 330am, my mind got distracted on something else. I lost my focus but tried to stay in-line with Merdeka theme. Susah betul lah. Mcm ni lah jadinya bila takde experience menulis.

This weekend cikgu. This is a rare thing to say but I really hope ManU get their 1st win. U know what I mean..hahha..

Kak Pi,

Maybe gaya ada tapi substance takde. Maybe I shld ask bigdog or Tokasid more on what it takes to be a senator. We don’t have to be a member of a political party to be one do we?


But Karpal singh can still do the job right? Killing 2 birds with stone?

As ive mentioned to cikgu nazir, I’m lacking the experience in writing la doc. Sometimes I have to refer to your blog just to find the right word or phrase. In this case, it was very late and decided to go with what ever crosses my mind.


Hey, cursing is good to let your steam off. That should be the spirit. Lets chill out, sister. Not every week u get to stay up late on weeknights. Make a plan and have a blast!!

Thanks fellas.

i'll try to be more serious the next time around, if my brain is up for it.

Anonymous said...

Yo bro! I'm with Cikgu and tokasid: write what you want to write! If you start giving hoots to others, then you won't be you! To heck with the rest...except your readers here hehe. But I'm just kidding bro...just write what you want, will you?

With regards to your rep, you'd need someone who understands your plight better. And there's no one else who can but one of you. May be pi bani is right there. May be you may make it as a real quad father! And I mean that as a compliment - Amir

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Amir my brother,

I really think you know me better here than the rest. I’ve never really got the chance to thank you. here’s a big one. THANKS.

Yes, I’m going with you guys. Somehow it works, even when the subject I was trying to get It across went off-track half way through, as proven by your take here. It’s the rep thing, which shld be repped by the right man for the job. Y bother elaborating when you can get it done short and sweet, right?

Amir, it is a compliment for me to be the quadfather but it wont be so original as it was the brain child of an american quad. but the hot-seat of belacan-eating Don is still vacant, and I’ll grab the 1st opportunity offered. Hihi…

See you around bro.

*Amir, start a blog will you? I want the honour to be the first to link you up from Let’s Go.

Mior Azhar said...

We like the way you write. Period. You make us read and smile at the same time. How many blogs can do that, you tell me?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

bg mior,

thank you so much for the encouraging words. coming from an experienced writer like u, i'm just flattered.

anyway, i really salute u la bg. ur one heck of a family man.

Daphne Ling said...

Hey Dan The Man,

Hmmm...Sounds like you're just like me...

I start talking about one thing, at the middle terpesong to something else, then go back to the original topic, then terpesong again, and at the end, forget what I started with!

Ok, so you're not that bad...

And I like what Kak Pi said...Apple-polisher ala-ala YB! Fooyoh!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ms Ling,

in my case, once out of track, i'll find it hard to get back in line.

eh, err...dont all YBs love to polish apples?

wahhh...political statement from me..hihi