Thursday, August 9, 2007


People have been very nosey, asking if I belong to any particular support group. As a matter of fact, I do. Back then during the 90s such groups were a rare thing and I was basically battling on my own to get on my ‘2 feet’ again. I was partly to be blamed as I wouldn’t even budge out of the comfort zone, the bed.

It took me like years to bounce back. Its never too late but would have made a lot of difference if I knew miracles will only knock on your door if you work for it. Never thought I’d sound like some gay motivational speaker but that’s how things work. In order for you to reach for the star you have to bla bla and bla and shit and there I was, ready to face all the prejudices bound to be thrown in my direction. I was knocked down as a dumb kid, but prepared to get up as a man, only crippled, and still dumb.

The first opportunity came and i jumped right at it and in no time that I found myself as one of the members of Perwira K9, a support group for spinal cord injury persons. I thought its high time I should contribute something to society, and have never looked back since.

Before your mind gets all the silly idea about Perwira K9 being a PAWS-like association, championing dog's rights, you better think again. Not in any ways has it anything to do with the labradors, rottweilers, tottenham hotspurs, alsatians and the likes, no. K9 is simply the name of the only spinal cord injury ward in the country. Which I believe the K is for Kayu.

Here’s briefly about perwira K9, taken directly from its website. You can find the link somewhere in the middle of the blogroll as I have yet to learn how you bloggers did the here, here and here linking thing.

With the encouragements from our rehab specialists and doctors, a group of patients in the spinal ward K9 of Hospital Kuala Lumpur together with counselors, physiotherapists, nurses, and a few ex-patients decided to form The Bravehearts of K9. An organization formed and run by people with spinal cord injuries.

Why the bravehearts of K9?
A normal person in his mid life, suddenly obtained spinal cord injuries resulting him being paralyzed, a drastic changed in lifestyles that coped with multiple medical problems, immobility and physical problems, social and prejudices, financially and lots more. It needed the hearts of a warrior or patriots to cope with all these problems and carry on with this new lifestyle. That is why we are calledThe Bravehearts.

Our mission
To help people with Spinal Cord Injuries to accept and adapt to the drastic change in new lifestyles and bravely carry on with life.

This bit is important. We are multi-racial, non-religious and non-political NGO. So to all corporate companies, GLCs and politicians, play your part by sending us cheques worth a million bucks or something.

(from top) The Boss, The President and The Apple-Polisher.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...that Apple Polisher, he looks kind of familiar. Wait! I think I remember: saw his mug in an NYPD (or was it FBI) most wanted Mafia who fled the US. Yeah, that's it!

Just kidding bro! That's you, isn't it? You do look good. But you do look kind of mafia-thing as well.

But seriously, how can I help? I'm not a rich guy, in fact, jobless now. But I may - or may not - be able to put things together. - Amir

Nak Tak Nak said...

Hey, I saw the picture of that apple-polisher on the Most Wanted List Dead or Alive Preferably Dead at the Tottenhan Hotspurs training ground

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

amir my brader,

yes thats me. a buddy said i look more like a menteri besar but nowdays its not an 'in' thing being a politician. now that u've mentioned it, i'll stick with the Don.

u know what bro, i've met those who are penniless and still wanted to lend their hand on something for this good cause. do your bit by spreading the awareness, for any good causes infact. trust me you'll make a huge different.

cikgu,'re dealing with thru and thru Gooner. just cant help but to say something crap abt them, the dumpsite of north london.

this weekend cikgu, this weekend.

thanks, brothers.

Pi Bani said...

I would say it's a satisfying job being in a support group, don't you think? I'm sure you're doing a great job at that, especially since you're doing it for "people in the same boat". They can't say you don't understand... I have a tougher time trying to convince the people my support group is dealing with. Sometimes we get the "What do you know? You'll never understand!" kinda response.

And yeah, that photo of the apple polisher looks like a minister being interviewed lah...

BigDogDotCom said...

You should have a more 'brutal' look! Look more tough.

One wheeler character on silkscreen which always gained my admiration is "Lietenant Dan", played by Gary Sinise in "Forest Gump". An officer with an illustrious family history fighting for America, crippled in the Vietnam war, struggled with disabily at first BUT eventually managed to live in tough street life in NY and even enjoyed himself. Stepped up to be Gump's crew on the "Jennie", living up to his own words.

When through the whole cycle of life and came out very dignified and 'normal'.

Nadia said...

Hehe. Nice one! :) Glad that we met up the other night and chat for a bit. We'll come by again, one of these days, InsyaAllah. And when you're in Alamanda, give us a call and we'll come and fetch you lah. :)

Anyway, as for the linking thing, click on the "link" button which is to the right of the "text colour" button. Once dah click, a box will pop up and all you need to do is to just insert the link address and voila! Siap dah.. ;)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Kak Pi,
Yes, sometimes when you are there to lend your support, you are in a way getting the support yourself, from the older and more experienced peers. That’s what I like about in attending such counseling sessions and functions. And who knows I may get the chance to be in one of PLWHA’s dos. That would be a thing to look forward to. Thanks.

Alaa Kak Pi, minister tak cool lar…I’m sticking with the quadfather-look, as suggested by Amir.

Big bro,
I wish could look more brutal like lietenant Dan. But in forrest gump both his feet were amputated. the upper body strength is pretty much not affected from a mishap that resulted in one being an amputee.

I wanted to join wheelchair-sprint but learning I have to be up against the amputees, it wasn’t such a good idea afterall.

I was so pleased to have finally get up-close with Irfan. And you guys aswell, ofcourse…hihi.

Oh, and thanks for the tips. I have yet to explore much but reader friends have been feeding me with all the infos necessary. You’re the latest.

Lets meet up again, but instead of putrajaya, lets make it somewhere near civilisation, ok? Hihi..thanks for droppin’ by, sister.

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Danny,

I emailed you on how to do the here, here and here...

If I type the commands on this comments page, it will create a real 'here', which will take you somewhere, because this comments page accepts HTML tags...

So what you will see is a 'here' which is linked...You won't get to see the actual commands!

There are 2 ways of doing 'here's', the easy and the more difficult...I've included both in the email...

Anyway, with regards to the K9, I'm glad you're into it! I think you can help many people who have been suddenly crippled get back on their 'feet'...

Salute you for your courage and spirit!

Thanks for sharing...Visit my blog, I'g going to blog soon about a boy I worked with who met with an accident...Soon...


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

yo daph,
always a pleasure seeing ya around. and thanks for the tips. nadia gave some of hers but i'm all for second opinion. thanks for the email in advance as i hv yet to receive it.

anyway, i'm glad too to be involved actively with them. nobody can understand u better than those in the same situation. and its good too that we get to attend fucntions for free..haha..i'm such a cheapskate.

i'll be looking forward to ur next entry abt the said boy. wld love to learn more abt him. i can only hope none of his injuries r permanent.

thanks, daphne!!

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Danny,

I resend the email di...I think (Think!) there's only two ways to do the here, here, and here's, both of which I included in the email...

Blogger is driving me crazy...My posts are disappearing! Argh...

Daphne is naik'ing gila in the wee hours of the morning ;)


Anonymous said...


Out-of-topic - kindly accept my apologies.

Bro, a lady in a yahoogroup tried initiating a campaign writing to TNB and requesting to pay only half of the latest monthly bills. The other half - should TNB agree - would go to the sole surviving family member. Think you and other bloggers could help?

On the campaign letter, the draft copy is made available at - Amir

IBU said...

Way to go Kerp!

Never retreat, never surrender. Setiap ketentuan ada hikmahnya, insyaAllah.

Hang in there Bro!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


thanks for the email. its been quite a hectic weekend and havent had the chance to sit infront of the laptop at all.

amir bro,

bro black can surely handle that one. thanks anyway. thinks are pretty hectic la suddenly. i dont even have the time to read all the blogs.hopefully by tuesday things shld be back to boring routine.


it is so true. ada hikmah disebalik setiap kejadian and personally i've experienced it first hand. not all things are bad actually. i'm living my life now..alhamdulillah.

thanks guys!

Nadia said...

Oy!!! Putrajaya IS civilized, thankyouverymush! :P Hahaha.. well, I know what you meanlah, so whenever you're in a "civilized" area, do ring us, and I hope people are civilized enough not to stare and bitch when my son starts throwing tantrums. Hehe.