Sunday, August 26, 2007


Ahh, so he’s at it again. Leaving a shitload of comments on my other half’s blog. Sometimes I wonder if he gets paid for wasting precious hours minding other people’s business. He hated me with all his guts and I don’t even know him.

This time around, he stressed more on my so called ‘westernised’ family background. Whatever fuck that means.

Woi beruk makyeh, aku melayu!!

My girlfriend had Kerplunked re-posted on her blog hoping to get the messsge across. And apparently it did. As predicted he didn’t take the kick while on the floor snorting on faeces. And sure enough, he’s got plenty to say.

He calls me a coward while hiding behind his anonymity.

He thinks he is God and believe I have sinned for leading a ‘westernised’ lifestyle.

He thinks he is God again that I should repent.

He thinks I’m rich for whatever reason only he(the god) knows.

He enjoys molesting primary school boys.

He plays ice-breaker and thinks that my girl is better off with anyone but me.

He plays sex therapist and believes for being a crippled I’m suffering from E.D and I can never satisfy her.

And some other shit. He certainly is up to something. I think he likes my girlfriend. Maybe that it hurts him even more to accept the fact a physically-fit moron lost to a crippled. yeah. That.

What is it about a guy on wheelchair and a sweet girl that we are not compatible? I mean, we’re definitely not, according to this pig atleast. Is there such a law, or by-laws written in the constitution somewhere that forbids the crips from having a relationship with anyone? Is there? Mr Haris Ibrahim? Someone please enlighten me.

This prick even claimed everyone he approached shares the same sentiment. Am I missing something here? And he actually had the time mongering on something that’s none of his concern.That says a lot about this guy, whom we believe is not in any ways related.We can only conclude that he has been secretly admiring my girl and they both were once professionally acquainted.

….Oh boy………. I really need a drink. And I mean a glass of this morning’s refrigerated 3in1 coffee. But since he has this silly idea I am too Mat Salleh, I’ll have iced latte instead. Or better still a pint of Tiger just to add a few more to all the shit I have sinned.


Here we are, just days away from celebrating our 50th Independence and yet we still have people with such backward and down right stupid mentality.


tokasid said...

Salam bro kerp:

I think that guy is plain jealous of you.
I have 2 things to say to that mamat:
1- Get a life
2- Pergi mampus sama lu.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, bro! Who are we talking about? Don't-lah put me on a suspension cable bridge and leave me hanging there! But whoever this guy is and whatever he says, take it easy...let it go bro, let it go. He's not worth a spit, alright?

Anyway, I don't blog. If I do, the honour will be all mine, bro. But perhaps you may want to read this guy here...his last entry had me laughing out silly! And I think he may have visited you, reading from one of his entries. Go: - Amir

Pi Bani said...

Whoa! Is that smoke I see coming out of your ears?!

Don't let the moron ruin your mood lah. He's not worth it.


Aku second Tok Asid.
Plus, I think he's suffering from acute self-esteem deficiency as a result of having a prick the size of a tooth-pick.
That's why he so desperately wants to be called a prick.

Raden Galoh said...

Kerp...Let him say what he wants...the bottom line: he is NOT getting anything so don't let him get into you my dear...

Dia nak label you western ke, itu hak dia, pandangan dia...kat dunia ni eh kat mesia ni ada mcm2 jenis orang...yg pastinya dia ni jenis suka label orang and taksub dgn diri sendiri tu yg dia rasa dia 'bagus' je or 'lebih bagus' dari orang lain...

His mind and emotions are so crippled...tu lagi teruk Kerp...Akak nak gelar dia luncailah. Biarlah dia terjun bwk labu dia tu...

Chin up (tell your girl that) and hang on both of you. Brace it with pride...tu kan tanda org jealous tgk you all loving and darling2 gitu...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Yes, its got to be jealousy. Mamat bodoh ni tak makan saman, tu yg susah tu. His only concern is to see us apart. I mean who the hell is he? Tu yg buat marah sgt tu.

Bro amir,

We’re talking abt an asshole on the loose here. In a way, he’s the reason tht got me to blog. Mamat ni stock melayu mentaliti sempit. We hv no idea who he is and worse, he expects us to take all his shitty advice.

Oh, thanks for the link. I doubt he has ever crossed over to my blog. He writes extremely well and I doubt I can even come close to him. and I really had a laugh on his latest entry. It took me a full 30 seconds to before I really get it. slow lar…hahaha

Kak Pi,

He’s been around for sometime now and it has really affected us. If only we knew who this monkey is, we wont hesitate to take any action against him. calling him name is totally worth it la kak…hihi..

Bro Rocky,

Nicely said lah! I am so pissed tht I’d rather refer him as pig or monkey.

Eh, when can I drop-by at the bloghouse? U guys really had a blast last Saturday and I missed it. but I’ve made it a point to join u guys on Tuesday, definitely before puasa. But I need to make sure first that u and several other guys wld be around.

thanks, guys. your support means the world to me and i really need that.

Nadia said...

Dude, what the hell is wrong with that nosey parker? Takde kerja lain ke? And what's so westernized about your family? Hel-lo??? Even if your family *do* lead the said lifestyle, who's he to kepoh? Ish! Suruh dia pergi main jauh-jauh ah? And yes, I think he likes/loves your gf lah. Otherwise, apasal dia nak sibuk sangat?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Kak dalilah,

Maybe it hurts him badly that he cant get anything out of me.

Maybe he thinks he’s great but he’s a life-less nobody. We already have one suspect and we’re 99% sure its him and guess what, he’s a married man with a kid. How pathetic can one be? This guy’s worse than a hog.

We thought it wasn’t a good idea afterall putting our love tale down in her blog but that wld only make him think he’s right. Again, who in the world does he think he is?

Thanks akak. I will make sure your words of encouragement be read by her. It’s a soothing feeling to learn we hv allies now. and I can assure u we have never done anything wrong to upset anyone.

Nadia akak mrs irwan,

This is just getting better and better. He sure has some issues with my girl. Obvious isnt it? I dah suruh dia pegi jahanam for like 58 times but he still comes snorting back. Gila tak? But I know I hv u guys on my back, and only God knows how much I appreciate it. thanks!

Oh, and I managed to do the linking thing correct this time around. Thank YOU.

hugs to Irfan. Tight one please.

Peter said...

If you are rich, I wanna be your friend.

Trolls are a dime a dozen. Save your breath for something worthwhile.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

yo pete,

so nice to have u here my friend. only that i'm not rich. are we still friends or what? hahhaha...

thanks for your advice. its just one of those things u find it hard to ignore. i'll try and refrain myself from reacting unnecessarily.

hey, so r u counting the days til merdeka or your trip to seoul more? hehe...thanks bro.

sankochan said...

whats wrong with being 'westernised'?? I'm westernised!! Studying their subjects.... ADORES Oprah Winfrey~~ That toot live in a jungle is it??

Haiya... he jeles la... You love her so much~~ Why no guys love me like that!? buhhuu~~

Ok.......... didnt need to know whether you can ahem ahem with her or not. He pervert la and I'm innocent O:)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


that toot lives in a farm mind you. hihi..

hey, i went to your blog and dropped you a line or two and have answered your million dollar question. check it out.


Mior Azhar said...

Hang jumpa sapa mamat tu hang panggang dia hidup2. We westernised people will be with you...

PrincessJournals said...

sabar Kerp. u kno wht? i think u shud be honoured tht someone is jealous with wht u have (whom he wants). biarlah mangkuk tu dengki 1 lautan camne pun, ur gf is stil ur gf and not his. ahhahahh..
btw, im having bagel with strawberry flavoured cream cheese. is tht too westernized? :P

sankochan said...

I was right!! I'm so smart~~ he lives in a farm~~ close enough to jungle

yea I've read it~ aww... shucks...thanks!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Bg mior,

That guy is ridiculous. To his retarded mind, cakap omputih is considered westernised already. Even staying in subang jaya is westernised. And he thinks it’s a sin. How narrow-minded can one be? Gila betul mamat ni.


Yo sis, how has it been with you and the sunny californication weather?

Yea, I have to agree with you. but how to feel honoured when the admirer is a psycho? Anyway my girl is so touched by your comment, PJ. and the rest aswell. Thank you so much.

To him even barbeque-do is too westernised for him to stomach, imagine what he’d think of bagel with strawberry cream cheese, close to apostacy level kot.


Ok, how about this. he was disowned by his family and was thrown out of the jungle and now had to beg for poop at the farm? Perfect.

Take care alright. Thanks.

Nak Tak Nak said...

You just don't give the motherfucker the time of day. Don't entertain cowards. I think he is a Spurs fan out to get you.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Thanks man. I needed that. Hahaha…

I’d be happier if he’s a spurs scum, atleast the rivalry is taking place here, in Malaysia. But this asshole is too occupied minding other ppl’s life to even care abt football.

Peter said...

Counting down to the day I finish my presentation....

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


should be all wrapped up by the first atleast. then you can start packing.