Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dat Phan

I’m taking a short break.

As I mentioned in my previous entry, I’ve got piles of dung to clean up before I could do a decent posting here. I might even touch on political bullshit just to be part of the GE season, analyzing all the foul-play that will be taking place in every towns and villages from the 24th, leading up to the orgy party on the 8th of next month.

But in the mean time I’ve got a much bigger thing to settle and will be fully tied-up for the whole week. I can always do a tag as a filler but I take tags seriously. And since the tagger sincerely wanted me to do it, Its only fair not to be taking it lightly.

So anyway, no better ways than to listen to music during any kinds of intermission, right?

Absolutely wrong.

I religiously followed the just-concluded reality show Last Comic Standing over on Astro and true to my prediction, the Vietnamese-American comedian Dat Phan was the clear winner, voted by Americans nation-wide. Ok I admit, I rooted for this guy partly because he’s an asian. Asia untuk asia what. But mainly, because he was the funniest amongst all the participants.

So here I bring you…Dat Phan. Ciao sin.


tokasid said...

Salam Kerp:
This Dhat Phan guy is really funny. And he's cool. I think if given a chance he can make it big.

Farina said...

i dont follow last comic standing but he has potential to make it big. thanks for sharing the clip w us Kerp. ;)

monsterball said...

Yes....Take a break to finish your work load and treat blogging secondary.
As much as you get so much fun out of will also get certain amount of sickening visitors to make you mad..especially when you are getting great comments.
Some just cannot see others happy.
So take blogging as a hobby...and look forward to agree or disagree with you in two cultured gentlemen.
That video clip was entertaining......but did you see two or three audiences were confused and not laughing?
it's a sign ..he may not do well......or those guys IQ way below par.
For me...I think he got guts...but frankly speaking..his jokes are not that great....for American standard.

anfield devotee said...

0-0? Don't worry la, got a feeling that the arse will steal a 1-0 at Milan.

Shame bout Lyon though . . . sigh

Kata Tak Nak said...

Between Dat Phan and Russel Peters, its Russel for me.

Here in Penang we call the viets sibatnoi. You see we like to use the 'la' they would use 'noi' and since they all quite kurang ajar, believe me they are, Penang Malays like to curse Musibat so sibatnoi is born.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Yea, its just nice to see an asian can make it big in America.

Thought of writing politics la after this, ok ke doc? Hehe…


No problem, sister. I think Dat Phan is big already, doing gigs in comedy clubs.

Mr goh,

Thought of taking a break but I could get bored too. but ofcos blogging is secondary, as I only write once my work is done. I might be touching on politics too, leading up to the election day, just to be part of the orgy…


Their defense line was a real tough nuts to crack la. They’ve got like 100 years of experience combined. Nesta is what, 54yo and maldini will be turning 67 soon.


Yes, I agree. Met a couple of viets and they can be very rude, just by the way they speak. cibainoi betul depa ni…hehehehe

*I think russell’s the best in the business, cikgu. But do check out carlos mencia whenever you’re free.

Thanks, fellas.

sankochan said...

ahahaha!!! funny stuff!! Gonna go find more of him~~

blackpurple @ jowopinter said...


Orak opolah. Nggawe seng penting-penting ndisek. 'Blogging' kapan-kapan pun keneng.

p/s id masih ok. :D

mob1900 said...

You're going to look for China-dolls at estates ar? Tak aci, didn't call me also!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Sandra Teh the aussie girl,

yea, he's funny. check him out, totally worth it.

Wak Purp,

Tenan wak. Macm biasa, tu je lah yang nyong tau jawap...hehehehhe...


Spent a night in sepang, only came across shemales along one of the streets there instead of PRCs...hehehe..