Wednesday, February 27, 2008

GE Stupidity I

When a very influential party-member sulked and blamed the bickering between top party people for her decision not to contest the sure-win seat.

And this had to happen when the polling date is just around the corner. Excuse me YB, not that I have anything against you nor your party but you’ve dented your party’s image and you’re fully aware the opponent will capitalize and make an issue out of this. But no, you just had to talk shit about the party. And the best part was, you ended the pc in support of the party’s leadership. Wtf?

And now she’s made a sudden U-turn, which was the only clever thing she did since the last 2 weeks.


Kata Tak Nak said...

Sometimes I wonder. I am sure they know that by washing dirty linen in public, people would be able to see the semen stains. I wonder.

Anonymous said...

people also can agak what their mattress look like, heehee...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

but at the same time people gets to see the stain she made herself.

m said...

kerp....are you talking about that DAP lady?
Have you not seen family members quarrel?
The main the end...all is well and good......and voters there can judge for themselves. Lets wait and see.

m said...

What stain did she made..that is so terrible against DAP?
Why don't we talk one...the UMNO downright corrupted people....out to suck our country's weak high and dry...wrecking the country......year by year.
The UMNO Nik said ....are orang hutans...not humans.
Do you agree?

m said...

kerp....both "m" messages are from me.....monsterball!!
I don't know what happen!!
Thought you like to know.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

mr goh,

i have nothing against Fong but she made a mistake by letting the world know of a family squabble. and knowing the biasness of the mainstream media, the least she could do is control the damage but no sir, she held a press conference. was it a clever thing to do when her party was obvioulsy to get the bad name?

yes, all well ends well. all the best to her. she's proven to be a a good YB anywya.

i read Nik Aziz's explanation and couldnt help but to blame the media. one word was left out and Nik Aziz's statement was misconstrued. MSM are such evil.