Thursday, October 23, 2008

Back to life

The worst part about a vacation is the end of it, or the long journey back home.

After spending days in a dreamland, getting back to reality can be extremely dreadful, which is exactly what I’m experiencing right now. Breaking out of routine is almost heavens-like but getting back to it is triple the hell that sometimes I wish I had not taken any break in the first place.

Ok, maybe not about coming back as you tend to miss your room at some point of the holiday break but to kick-start your routine again is what makes it tough. To add to the misery, you are greeted with piles of workload craving for your attention to get it done.

Getting out of the usual routine is what I look forward to the most when on a holiday and the last trip was no different. I managed to stay clear completely from any news; be it the newspapers, the ever-so-crap news on terrestrial tv stations, blogs and even from any sports event, from F1 to Arsenal’s league game. Well…ok maybe not the last one.

Who am I kidding right? Although I stayed away from the tele on that footie night, my mind was always at The Emirates. I specifically told my friend to only let me in on the full time result but as if that would work. Anyway, glad it was a favourable result or the whole vacation would have been ruined. Maybe I should plan my next holiday during international friendly weekend. That ought to do it.

Now its back to square one, struggling to find the rhythm of getting back to a boring life again.

I should just stay at home for now while making some bucks.


4theprecious4 said...

A vacation to get over the vacation perhaps...? Take care Kerp.

Pi Bani said...

Ah, I see you need a break from your break. Take another break this Saturday ya? ;)

akuani said...

welcome back :))

senorita.. said...

if it makes u feel any better, we missed u ard here... ;P

Malaysian Tigress said...

where u went ah?

Dubai ker?

best eh? dubai is many opportunities..damn..I contacted the alumulla group and asked them if they wanted to set up their syariah compliant luxury hotel here..angan2 nak jadi Trump..and they called back...any real estate mogul known to you? I can just offer them a smile...unless we bloggers set up a consortium? dead...they is serious...

anfield devotee said...

Fooker, got to go away fer awhile, don't grumble la pundek . . .

Slave to the System

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Mama precious,

Maybe I should. What’s good is, weekend is just a day away…woohoo!!

Kak Pi,

Lepak with you would be a welcome break…looking forward to that.

Akka ani,

Thanks, yo!

Ms lim,

Awww…my heart melts reading your feedback. Time to take advantage on your sweetness…muahahaha…no la, kidding. Thanks.


Gimme a break la sister. Dubai/abu dhabi/doha all for trendy young malays making their living. All into O&G field. Boring la. This malay guy prefer some place cold. Not quite aspen, closer to home.

Bala ji,

I wouldn’t mind another round of vacation. Thn maybe I’ll stop whining.

Zawi said...

Welcome back to earth. Which planet did you go to?

Tinesh said...

dey itu cameron dgn frasers damn cun place to chill out. :D

tokasid said...

Salam Ahmad Kerpomovicgasbayor:

I knew you had a swell time at the tempat sejuk gedi buat nak terkencing-kencing. And I hpe the F1 re3sult I gave you didn't spoil your hols.

Bro, any strawberries for me??

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Ahhh yes, vacations. I rmbr those....

Kata Tak Nak said...

waa! you lucky bugger you can afford to go for a vacation. planning to go to the capital during this hols and really hope it materialises this time. if it doesn't then i'd kick myself hard.

tokasid said...

Mai...mai....sila oi sila.....

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Pak Z,

The location was supposed to be a secret but docTA had in a way, let the cats out of the bag below. It was a good break for me and my other wheelchair buddy. InsyaAllah, Kota bharu pulak one sweet day.

T man,

How you know? Been there ah?


Wsalam doc. Yes, it was the weather that I wanted to be there in the first place. As for the F1 result, I was disappointed but football result the night before made it up to a disappointing sports weekend…hahha…tak beli strawberry la doc…tak beli apa2 sngt. Kami berdua on wheelchair, mcmmana nak bwk barang…


You should…it was only recently you took one, didn’t you?


This was my first since as long as I can remember. Yes, that long.

*That is one piece of good news sir. You can ask shah, I’ve been looking forward to the next school break as there cld be a possibility you to spend a few days here. Bak kata docta, mai la, sila ke mari…and If you don’t, you certainly deserve a hard-kick on yourself. Don’t disappoint us cikgu. Even docta is willing to close his clinic…muahahhaa

Jon-C said...

Dude you got new things to look forward to since ya back from the holidays - item 3,5 an7 from you know who's latest blog entry. Wahahahahaa! Anyway, nice to have ya back mate.

muteaudio said...

I tot I saw u kat Jln Kejora?
Next time go to Pg. me N Chegu will take u to the best'est Nasi Kandar in the world. Provided me N Chegu can decide which NK is better.

Tinesh said...

cameron dah lama la. but frasers we went last year. i mentioned in my blog before i went france wat hehe. but yea. awesome place to literally chill out ahah

Anba said...

Bro..welcome back
i managed to read your article on Malay Mail bro...nice one
so how was ur vacation...?
where you go bro...

wanshana said...

Welcome back, Kerp.

Kira not too bad laaa - ni dah long weekend pulak, kan? (or maybe this will make it even harder to get back into the grooves next week?!)

Anyway, what better way to start off the new week than diving into all those seriously mean tosei, chappati, mutton curry and all those sewaktu dengannya at all the Deepavali Open Houses, huh?

Let's continue with the bingeing session. No need to dwell on all the "back to life" la, Bro...

You think ka, you tak think ka - life still goes on. So, just don't think about it. Reserve the brain cells for something else :)

Salt N Turmeric said...

diam2 dia pergi holiday rupanya. gi mana kerp?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Jonny C,

Thanks man. Apparently I am back for the second time. And yes, she’s so adorably dirty, isn’t she?

Raz mannn,

Aku gi jalan kejora boleh sesat bro…muahahaa…

About the nasi kandar, I’ll tell you what I have up me sleeve the next time we meet. But first, we’ll be co-hosts to cikgu next month.


Am giving serious consideration about spending a weekend at fraser’s. then off to the northern states.

*happy belated deepavali, thamby.


Thanks for reading bro. that’s what I’ve been doing lately. Bread and butter thing. The vacation was superb I wish I didn’t have to come back.

*happy belated deepavali, macha.

Kak shana!

Yea, I had a wonderful long weekend. Actually it was part of the plan to intentionally that particular date to go on a holiday, which followed by a long weekend. and just like raya, I had a scrumptious deepavali. Nasi putih with lamb curry rumbe-rumbe. Never crossed my mind to go on a diet until that one(possibly three!) delicious meal.

It took me just a short while to get rid of that back-to-routine blues. The trick is, plan another holiday!

Puan Carr,

Diam2 kumpul duit. Then we splashed around like nobody’s business. Oh btw, Me and my wheelchair buddy went to Cameron highlands.