Thursday, April 2, 2009

Melayu lagi...dan Lain2

So the political slugfest is pretty much in the thick of action. Knowing our country, not that it has ever taken any break anyway. But the bouts have become official now after the nomination day last week, more the reason for both rivals to kick it up a notch.

Then broken record starts spinning and the usual shit commences.




Stupid goons, give us something fresh la guys!

I read somewhere the battle for 2 of the seats up for grab will be determined by whoever’s better at enticing the hearts of Malay voters.

But what if they’ve made up their mind? Then too bad la, they’ve got only themselves to kick because politicians should look into people’s plight all the time, and not just during campaigning period.

But all is not quite lost. Since there’s every possibility another by-election will take place before the current term ends, they can start now by tackling the Malay mind not just in one or two constituencies but the whole country.

Buy a slot in between Akademi Fantasia concert because get this; that’s where the mind of the Malays is glued to on Saturday nights. You don’t trust me, take a drive around the Malay-populated area during primetime Saturday night, and it will be as empty as election promises itself.

Of course votes from other races play a vital role too.

Unfortunately the same approach is impractical to the Chinese community. They’re virtually everywhere. If you’re stuck in traffic congestion for instance, try kissing the bumper in front and chances are you just hit a certain Mr Wong’s car.

Get what I mean?

But don’t worry about the Indians. It’s the easiest of task, just head over to Bangsar.


Pi Bani said...

In that case, maybe they should get Mawi to stand for election. Then his next hit song will be, "Aduh salah aa?"

Anonymous said...


lu racist la brudder. but that's the brutal truth, aint it?


mozhasturnedintoBabaO'Riley said...

tuan kerpaholic,

fuhyoohhhhh kerp racistgiler siottt...mwahhahhaha..
well said
and well
done :)))

however, if yu wanna look up for cheapskates like the moz, try dingy lookin cornershops, particularly in angular corner of corneshops, with a titled fag
dangling from the lower lip
and aimlessly headbanging to the sounds (imagined) in his head.

if yu're lucky, yu might catch him playin' an air guitar solo. even luckier, if yu can catch him with a stand-in prop in place of guitar e.g. penyapus, botol besar crates as a brass drum set...or half empty i wish now them beverage companies didn't stop churning out them chicky posters of yore....sometimes i tell ya kerp, when yu're sitting in that particular angular corner of a dingy cornershop...them poster babes are the only company yu got....*sigh*
ciao mon.
keep on steamin'.

and hey i noticed ms.pi bani has raised an interesting point re: mawi ....with the point being..."hey, why didn't i think of that" - he's an obvious choice now isn't he? magneto extraordinaire. :)))

anfield devotee said...

ha ha! talk bout racial profiling.

Bangsar's dead baby, Bangsar's dead . . .

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Kak Pi,

Yea, his aura is capable of swinging huge number of votes.


Yea man, admit it la, we’re all racists to a certain extent.

Mozzz man,

Hehehehe…mr mozz rambling at his finest. Real classic la brader. Eh, nowadays I also have to switch to cheapskate mode. Got some shit to spill and you’re the only economist I know. Lets chill over a few glasses of kopi tarik, ON YOU!

Bala ji,

No more bangsar ah? where then. Hartamas? Kihkihh…fuck the yuppies!

akuani said...

Kerpie Kerpie ... you make me laugh la thambi :))

{{HUGS}} we're a nation lead by fookers what to expect ... today is a tragedy - imagine PM Rosmah's appetite - scary scary ..

Please to bring Mawi as Pi Bani suggests ... at least his cat with gastric type caterwauling be entertaining to a degree!!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


a puppet controlled by a lady? hehehe...

Anonymous said...

Historic day today!

we have the first woman Prime Minister!



Kerp (Ph.D) said...


and the hubby will continue to maintain Tun Jeanne's garden...