Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shape up or get lost

To be quite frank, I’m getting a bit tired of highlighting issues concerning the disabled community. It seems that nobody actually gives a shit.

Forget about the ministry, even those who proclaimed to be championing the OKU rights are guilty of not putting their words preached to where it matters.

But its ok, save yourself the trouble to come up with any excuses, the message is crystal clear- disability issue lacks sensationalism.

Ask people in the broadsheet business what’s boringly repetitive more than any opening speech in a government function. Even they will struggle to come up with an affirmative answer because they too, couldn’t give two hoots about it.

So you cant really blame the society. Issues brought up are basically the same old predicament that can be traced as far back as one thousand decades ago. To put it simply, nobody listens to broken record.

Then we have the really clever officers at JKM, the department that supposedly takes care of our well being since the beginning of human existence.

They are competent, alright. Time and energy are well spent hunting down disabled people subscribing to a freaking Astro.

For goodness sake, fine, we’ll skip the monetary aid. By all means the ministry can use all the money allocated from the country’s recent mini budget as long it is used to completely revamp the entire JKM body. The whole institution stinks and in dire need of a total facelift. Getting rid of the deadwoods would be a good start and down right necessary.

However I don’t expect the minister responsible, DS Sharizat Jalil to clean up the whole mess overnight. But I do hope she’ll make it right this time around, and all ears.

This second stint at the helm should cut the workload tasked on her into halve. Cliché as it may sound but she’s really got to shape things up.

I mean, second time failure can always put serious dent on one’s reputation, right?

Sorry DS Sharizat, never meant to scare you but now that the big boss has laid his wishes down, time is very much against you.

Performance has to be now.


Pi Bani said...

Maybe she needs to rope in Senator Ahmad Kerpov to help her out...

anfield devotee said...

As per suggestion above, perhaps you would like to run on a BN ticket come the next election . . .

Forget PAS. They are unlikely to field a porn-addicted candidate. So Bn is yer bext choice, after all, its got a good track record - Vijendran, Chua Soi Lek etc etc .

.ani said...

they are absolute morons is my only answer Kerpie!

and you wonder why the anak datuk datuk menteri menteri are getting scholarships to study abroad on tax-payer money when the needy are denied ...

same shit la here ... menteri/datuk can put satelite dish and get whatever and still get bantuan kerajaan - the rest of us are to die from boredom and lack of information so that they might remain gods in our uneducated minds.

BASTARDS! is all I say ...

Achilles said...

kerp: Me was fooking shocked to read the little newspaper clipping on OKUs having ASTRO.... c'mon-lah... WTF.

Having ASTRO is no longer a luxury item like it used to be those days. Think about how Handphone's were a luxury item those days as not many people had it, but now even the bangla's cleaning your toilet have 2 or 3 phones. so the same way... ASTRO may have been considered luxurious at once, but not any more. so to use that as a ruler for withdrawing aid... is like looking at the orange and wondering how you got apple juice.... not related at all.

On a lighter note, me also agree that you should run for the senator role as suggested by Pi Bani. Then you can make Astro have all the porn channels. hehehehehe

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Kak Pi,

No, I’m not settling for a senate. Going for a bigger one, a YB. Then can sell my soul for a million ringgit. Kihkihh…only in Perak, kak Pi.


You left out one fella, a certain pedo from melacca…haha…


Well said!

To these goons, being disabled is as good as staying at home, staring at 4 walls waiting for death come knocking at your front door.


Good point bro. couldn’t have put it any better.

They must not deny the community of simple pleasure because most are cooped up inside, which is ofcos not by choice. It’s the only entertainment affordable for most in the community.

Ps- what do you mean by lighter note? The senate post and porn are two serious business that must not be taken in lightly….muahahaha…

I’m serious, man!

Salt N Turmeric said...

The aid is for disabled, no? What they do with the money is up to them. I mean RM200? There's nothing much you can do with that amount of money but of course it helps a little bit. If the recipient wants to 'splurge' on astro, let them be. It's not like they're getting more thatn other recipients anyway.

I say, revamp JKM!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


exactly. but not to them, astro is considered luxurious, hence the need to rob the disabled of our only affordable entertainment. they're good at piling more misery. thats JKM for you.

cakapaje said...

Salam kerpie,

Hey! I thought you said your days as an optimist on the sarkas are over? ;)

hamdi said...

bang, dengar citer kementerian sdg pertimbangkan kenaikan semua jenis bantuan kewangan. betul ker?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


this is a different matter bro. i always remain hopeful that the goemn will finally realised its time to increase our allowances. nothing political about this.


harap2 gitulah hendaknya. tapi setakat cakap utk sejukkan hati OKU pon tak guna gak. tindakan kena ada, kalo tak, balik kpd taik yang lama la.(same old shit).

Mat Salo said...

Look, the disabled community has come a long way bro. Even Anthony T is now a PJ exco to take care (or try to anyway) of the community's issue.

Granted, there's many areas still lacking, but soldier on you must.

monsterball said...

No work la. All for show.
When are you going to learn...UMNO famous to talk alot and never, Can you count how many promises made good by UMNO?
It is always side fish for votes.
Disabled may now vote against UMNO..but they hope 10 times more Malaysians are fooled.....convinced that UMNO is so caring for the disabled...walk in the streets to be with the people..declaring "1 Malaysia"....when UMNO is obviously two groups and a racialist party.
Do not dream UMNO care for anyone sincerely.

Anba said...

me also was really speechless when i read the article..
maybe it's true the country has gone kuku...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


it certainly has. thanks to people like Mr counsilor Anthony, he has taken the community into higher level. but improvement needs ro be faster. the current pace is awefully slow.

* you around ah bro? BUM09 jom?

mr goh,

being part of the disabled community, i cant really be too critical of the powers-that-be. thir assistance are vital to us. besides, its free to feel optimistic. i mean, who knows?


its the welfare department that has gone kookoo. when they're supposed to 'menggunakan kebijaksanaan', they chose to execute everything to their suits and fancy. tu yang susah tu brother.