Sunday, April 20, 2008

If You Cant Beat 'em, Beat Off.

Ahh…the good Ol’ Sunday. Its that time of the week again when everyone gets to laze around the house wearing nothing and to just chill out, finger-tapping to the vigorous bhangra beat coming from your neighbor’s house above while sniffing the scent of curry from another one next door.

Oh, and I doubt there’s any better ways than to start the day by telling a chief minister to go and suck a pig’s ass. Ok this is not exactly a new issue as everyone has said their piece way before me but still its very relevant to tell him to suck pig’s ass. Because its Sunday.

Its not really about the pig issue, which was a non-issue in the first place. Its more about that guy who has some issue with everything that does not suit his fancy.

Here’s the thing. It is great to see this fella jumping on the blogging bandwagon and started his own. As expected he went on to write about his views on the current local political scene and as everyone may have seen it coming, taking a cheap shot at his political foes is to be anticipated. Nothing wrong there.

Initially, feedbacks were welcomed and all the blabla shit. I think he got the shock of his life to find that 95% of his readers strongly disagreed with his views. I guess being someone who are so used to listen to his own crap, the next best thing to do is to disable the comment box and deprive everyone from giving their two sens worth.

Maybe that’s how some bosses work, I don’t know.

While this fella’s stuck at his old habit like a clogged drain, another blogger who formerly works as a Menteri Besar, in my humblest opinion, has in a way started to re-gain some respects from the people by taking all the shits thrown at his direction like a real gentleman.

Firstly, he accepted the recent defeat graciously. Then, witnessing how the new media played a major role in planning his downfall, he decided to be part of the primates and through his own blogsite, he is now open to any kinds of criticism; be it constructive ones or simply all the abusive words one can find in porno mags. He took it all in his stride. Not enough with that, he was quite calm at taking the swipe from his own party members directly during one of the political forums the other day. I think if God has some plans of re-installing him back into the hot seat, he may, just may be, getting it right this time around.

Maybe he’s learned his lesson and humbled now by the way he addresses all commenter as Rakan-rakan Bloggers. Humbled now that grouses concerning the people can clearly be seen from across the floor.

Just like the bhangra, one doesn’t need to be a fan to dance to its lively drumming beat.

Update; Ken leeee...tulibu diboo douchoo...ken leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...ken lee meju moreee.....kahkahh...stupid Bulgarian.


Kata Tak Nak said...

Our new salute, Ken Lee.
If that MB wants to be a rakan to bloggers and is willing to take criticisms, now matter how bad he was before, he should be welcomed. Maybe by mixing with bloggers and their readers he could feel how the people actually feel. First thing is first. If he feels he has done wrong than he should apologise, then I would say he is worth his tempe.

Anonymous said... it's all sugary, sweet and nice with this new blogger ex CM, but me - still wondering why he burnt all those important dox? why ah? got something to hide kah? but still.. i agree wt you, nothing like defeat to wake a man up, and he's quite gracious at that, so 2 thumbs up for him. as for the others jokers jumping on the blog bandwagon, unless they have changed, nothing will change. So, they think just by blogging they can win votes? real deranged!! coz, me not going to read nor support their online-version-of-MSM, same rubbish-except its online. afterall, malaysians have matured many moons ago, its time for these goons to catch up and they'll take a decade or so..still living in their own dunia fantasia. happy week ahead for you, and me balik kampong next weekend but no go my fav island coz trip too short ( near the damn jetty yet X bole p'gi), but i'll bring back the goodies for sure, ciao for now. m.kate

zorro said...

Danny, some people dont have it in them to be just good guys, no matter how hard they try. It is not natural to them......unlike us....we are natural....haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ha.Are you game for May 1, as my guest.

Tinesh said...

I love the way these guys thing they can change things around by blogging..What they dont realise is that if they keep talking about the same bullshit on their blogs, it wont make a difference..

And the first guy, dia tarak itu genitalia..(dint wana say the street Malay word for penis)..And the second guy is OK la..But he's BM is like he's talking to the Agong..Couldn't bother to read after the first line..

"Dont you mean Without You?"
"No it's Ken Lee" hahhah

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Yea, I think he should apologise to the people especially. He’s seen humble enough to chuck his ego away to do that.


Actually this entry was meant for the 2nd goon more than the one from selangor. And I thought you said it much better than I ever could; still living in their own dunia fantasia…hehehe…good one!

Uncle B,

Yea, no matter of hard their try, or even pretend to, their misdeeds are already out in the open for everyone to judge.

*will give ya a call regarding the dinner.


Nicely said la bro. different shit, different WCs, same smell.

*yea man…its that song by Mariah carey. Hehehehe…but thumbs up to her she was full of confidence.

anfield devotee said...

RE: Khir fooking Toyo

May this wanker rot in hell! This bastard personally caused me health to deteriorate when he arbirtarily suspended liqour & entertainment licenses to virtually all S'gor outlets a few years back.

There me was trying to make an honest living & he decides to summarily close us down! You cannot imagine the fooking stress that me went thru thinking bout the loss of me rice bowl. Needless to say, he didn't even bother to have a constructive dialogue with us publicans.

And of course, MPPJ was instructed to continually harrass us. Meanwhile, the neighbourhood kuda machine outlet & DVD shop was left alone as well as bars with no licences in the first place. Fooking geram!

Sorry fer the long winded comments but that episode was one of the most stressful times as me encountered as a smalltime businessman. And it was all down to Khir Fooking Toyo. He can very well just fook off & die!

ps: Reading - bully la you guys . . .

jaflam said...

Hai Kerp,
Enjoyed this post very much, Pig,X CM bloggers etc.

Never too late to repent but they must know that we can smell ACTORS from miles away like the pig farm. To new bloggers, just be yourself mate and Stand Up for Your Right !!!???###

mozisgod said...

tuan kerpov,

siotttttttt 1 - dun't mind my salutations to you today, just punchin' in boss. glad to know yer still floggin' dead horses the way it is meant be flogged :))) 2 - $&#^@&$*@(*@@&*@(heskey&$^@#&@*#&cibai&%$&^##*heskeyyygrrrr&#$*
#*lastminute&$&&***** 3 - &#^@*@*(tevez&$^@#@*tevez^&$^@
**&$#&@*why? macha why?why?&$&#)(*


wanshana said...


No energy to comment on the political part of your posting. Hehehe...

But, on that Bulgarian lass -

"What was that language?"

And she answered, "English" - dengan penuh keyakinan you!!

HAHAHAHA! But, you have to give it to her laaa - she's one very confident girl, no?

Ken Lee pun, Ken Lee laaaahh ;)

Salt & Turmeric said...

i got the ken lee clip too. damn hilarious! ;)

Daphne Ling said...

Oi Kerpie,

Firstly, my comment no kaitan with your posting...

Secondly, you nak kena marah ni tau? See la, dun wan makan ubat, sick lar now you! *Grrr*

Missed you at MRT just now...I had a great time (and ate your share!)...Really wished you had been there lar...=(

You take care, and take your meds!

Salt & Turmeric said...

kerp, sakit ke? makan lah ubat tu. jgn malas. :P

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Yo bala,

I can really feel for you man. you know what, why don’t you leave this exact comment on his blog instead. Now that he’s down here with us, his conscience should be clearer.

*been down with very high fever. Didn’t watch the game this morning. Riise screwed up huh?

DJ, sir!

Thanks dato. Sorry for the late in replying. I have been down with fever.

*apparently another umno fella has joined the monkeys, starting his own blog.


Hehehehehe…never fail to amuse me la with your comments.

That heskey fella has been on form lately. Lets ask bala if he’d be welcomed back at anfield…hehehe…

Kak shana,

Hehehe…yea, full credit to her, her confidence was 2nd to none. The first time I saw that on youtube the tune got stuck in my head for a couple of days.


I think this Bulgarian lass can be the next William hung, because of the level of confidence she posseses…

*dah start makan ubat dah. Cant hide frm mom any longer, the sickness is written all over my face.


I cant even sit on my wchair since Monday. I thought I’d made it but woke up Tuesday’s morning feeling worse. I missed you guys too, especially the olympic torch! I feel so miserable la right now. my apology to you for not having to make it. perhaps next time, definitely before you leave for Canada.

*end of may perhaps? Kak Pi, take note.

Anonymous said... again, i got 2 awards for you lah. an E for this excellent blog and another cute one for the cute blog owner you lah...upload if you like, just tak paya' link me only. bye :) m.kate

lil' miss sunshine said...

hi kerp my couzie woozie,

wah, so long i havent visit you here and it seems that there's lotsa post that i need to catch up.. hehe i cant stand watching that stupid ken lee too.. bodoh gile, lawak kayy..

eh, btw i have started my own blog too (thanks to you)but please keep it a hush hush yaa..

luv you kerppp!!!

ina aka lil' miss sunshine :)

anfield devotee said...

yo Kerp: Yes, I did make me feelings known on his blog. Bet he has stopped reading the comments given that they almost all HOSTILE!!!

RE: Game - don't think we gonna make it this time.

ps: Haven't seen you at FFS fer a few days & eagerly awaiting yer response to me last two postings. Get well soon.

Pi Bani said...

Nothing to do with your posting... just responding to your note to me. End of May? OK noted... but cannot promise anything yet lah.

wanshana said...

Get well soon, Kerp.

Dah minum "air badak sumbu" tu? Apparently it's good to lower down your fever :)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Aww…you shouldnt have to. So sweet you are I wish I could give ya a hug right this very minute. will collect the awards once my health is back in order. Still feelin groggy I’ve been sleeping practically throughout the whole week. That bad you know. Thanks, sister. *HUGS*.

Little missey…..

Whoaaa…this is great, even now you’ve got your own blog. So proud of you, girl. haven’t had the opportunity to blog-hop as fever is still bad. But I promise you once everything’s back to normal, will do exactly that. I’ll link you up from here, k?

Love you lots. Oh and regards to K.


My apology brother but my health deteriorates la lately. Haven’t been doing anything at all. Skipped both champs league games. Will start to blog-whoring again once I have some extra strength boss. Thanks.

Kak Pi,

Ok no problem. Nothing’s concrete still anyway. And my apology for not able to make it last Tuesday. Demam kali ni really knocked me off lah…mampuih…

Kak shana,

Thank you so much. My apology for not having to cross over lately. The fever has been killing me lah…

*air badak tak sedap la akak…air lembu ok la…redbull…ehehe…but seriously, that’s what I’ve been consuming since I first got the fever.

monsterball said...

Glad you notice the cunningness.
We have plenty of those.
Infect...quality of UMNO's politicians in Malaysia lowest i Asia.......not sincere at all.
Braggarts they are..never admit any wrong doings......under suddenly...kris man said sorry. You think he is sincere or trying win votes?
I think .always...what they do is to win votes......never sincere at all.
By the and medical researchers...have proven pigs are closest to organs and bone structures.
Pigs organs are now used for transplant to humans USA.
I guess...that's one way to convert a Muslim to Christianity...if a muslim needs an organ USA.....hahahahahaa