Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Meeting The Real Deal

I’m totally beat. It was an eventful day for my standard that I only managed to lie on my stomach resting my ass for less than an hour before getting back on my chair for another dinner date.

I can barely open my eyes while writing this piece but I really feel the need to let the world know of my whereabouts today.

To a political forum.

Say what? You heard me right, machas. Attended this one forum organized by some UMNO guys which had Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad as one of the speakers. That was the reason I went without much persuasion needed.

It all started the day before. Received a call from Mat Salo and jumped on the first opportunity offered and the next day (1st april), voila, I was there, sitting amongst thousands of UMNO guys in a packed hall.

The sessions went well with one datuk Fuad took the mic. Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir was next and impresses the crowd with his calm approach. Next up was the former Selangor MB Datuk Seri Md Khir Toyo, took the podium and was heard blablabla-ing away. But hey, gotta give this fella some credit for taking it like a man when the audience gave him some tough time with no-holds-barred question after question.

Sorry for you man but couldn’t give much shit on what was discussed.

Only when The Grand Old Man took the mic that I re-switched my brain, sit up straight and got my ears completely glued. Political stuff aside, he got us all in stitches right from the start.

Not really a huge secret that Kerpov guy is Tun’s admirer…lama dahhh

A life-long dream finally realized with only a phone call received.

All the bloggers then proceeded to aunty Maria’s house for the weekly Mee Rebus and oh, whaddaya know, first met the dad earlier in the day, then Marina was there to my excitement. Had a pleasant chat with her and after posing for the lenses, Mat Salo just had to play the party-pooper by dragging me out without requiring much effort.

Since my whole family members are bunch of TDM’s fanatics, what I need to do now is,…to fucking brag about it.

Thanks Mat Salo, Kojak, A Voice and the security guy who gave us one of the best parking spots.

Rantings for the masses; Celebrating Marina's one million hits.


Salt & Turmeric said...

Kerp, I first saw the pics at Mat Salo's. Tension giler. Jealous actually. lol. ANyways, im glad tht u finally get to meet him and 2of his family members! All in 1 day. It couldn get any better than that ya?


tokasid said...

Salam Kerp:

I know you wouldn't miss the oppoturnity when MS sms-ed me about the forum( Voice sms-ed him).Since I can't go( jauh beb!)and I wanted MS to go( reluctant betoi bro kita ni)and I know you'd love to go I told him: Kalau hang nak pi hang ajak Kerp mungkin dia nak pi( but I already knew you will say a big YES).

I am glad that you go Kerpov. And finally you get to meet DrM personally( Daphne mesti bengang ni kalau tgk gambar2 you n DrM)...and ada foto somemore!

Maybe this Sat over nasi kandaq at Kayu Curve boleh cerita to me and Shah kot?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Sorry if I don't have anything nice to say because hmm, hmm you know la, but I still write this comment takut you ingat just because you went ecstatic over that man I shun you. Glad you had a good time. I had a nice morning when my MU beat the shit out of that ROMA in their grounds. Good luck tonight and please show them Liverpool fools that it's better for them to take up billiards.

waterlily said...

Whoa...I am sooo jelous. Takpe next time I want to go to Kelantan and meet Tok guru Nik.....mimpi2 je kut hehehe

ps: Kerpie jom ke pesta buku PWTC :)
Dik Besarkan sikit gambar tu !!

Pi Bani said...

So, Kerpov the kerp-o-chee finally met TDM face to face... woohoo!

Daphne sure jealous gila tengok gambar you dengan TDM ni... hehehe...

Rita Ho said...

I feel for Daphne. LOL!

wanshana said...

Waduh Kerp...Macam dapat durian runtuh, ya? Glad you had the chance to have met TDM.

Teringat dulu masa student days, Ayah and I took a Heathrow-KUL MAS flight, and our Economy seats were right behind First Class (or was it Business?). Dah sampai Subang, the Captain made an announcement for the passengers to remain seated to let TDM and his convoy leave the plane first.

The curtains right in front of us were drawn and whaddaya know? TDM and TDSH walked out onto the aisles! Sempat lah ternganga dua minit and salamed with them.

We were on the same flight for 13 hours, maannn! If we knew he was just right in front, we would have made some attempts to go and see him (if his bodyguards didn't get to us first, that is!)

Kerp, make sure enlarge and frame the photo up, eh? Letak kat sebelah katil... Every night before you sleep, give it a flying kiss...Hahaha!

jaflam said...

Salam Kerp,
Good to see you made your day with TDM. I like the one when you were holding his pinggang, the old man was actually at your mercy.

Great job by MS and Bodyguard to maneuver you to that position and you for nailing the pose.

See what three bloggers can do !!! I almost became the 4 hands when MS called me on the event but could not make it due to other commitment.

muteaudio said...

Bukan main melaram nampak. Gua nak pergi tapi ada shoot pulak.

bailey said...

ah...finally you met tun in the flesh. =)

cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

AK! Who's the man? AK!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


It was some sort of a historical day for me. never expected to meet both on the same day, at different location! This is what blogging can actually do to this small-time blogger, making it into the big world.


Cant thank you enough. but how could that Mat Salo guy didn’t think of my name in the first place?

I did sms daphne the night before but haven’t heard anything from her as yet. i’m pretty sure she’s happy for me.

Saturday ON!


Nah, don’t worry boss. Each to his own. and I wsh I could say something nice about ManU too, last night. They’re no longer like before, the Italians are never a threat.

Kak Mar,

Nowadays with the new state government, we don’t need to go all the way to Kelantan just to meet TGNA. He might do an official visit here. always check out the blogs, for any announcement.

Kak Pi,

Yes, finally! But not gonna say anything about what Ms Ling may have to say about it. she should be happy for me la…hehehe…

Aunty rita,

Oi you! hehehehe…tokasid started it, then Kak Pi, and now YOU! but she’s been very quiet la lately. Must be her assignments piling up. Should give her a call soon.

And have not heard anything since you got back from Oregon. Gotta hook up one of these days, or night.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Kak Shana,

To my astonishment, his securities even cleared the pathway so I could access directly to TDM. Never tried the Ladies Room as yet but this wheelchair works like an all-access pass.

Cant blame you and mr Ayah btw…I was quite star-struck too. THE man was right before me, in flesh!

I’ve bragged to my family FYI. mom says to print it out and frame it up. I might. And I thought I might frame up the one with Marina as well but since she looks all so sweet and awek-like, it might not go down well with pinky…hehehehe…

Tuan Jaflam,

Aiseh, quite an honour to have you here boss. Thanks for dropping by.

With all the crowd gathered at the entrance, I thought if i chickened out I may not get the same opportunity ever again. put on my brave face, parked my wheels right in the middle of the path and waited for him. we shook hands before I requested for some pics. I was so ecstatic didn’t realize I actually did that. But nonetheless, he was a great sport.

Yeah, could have been 4 of us and could have met you and gave you some tough times handling a crippled! Hehehe…


1 minggu ni aku busy gila bang. I mean, biasa la, rubbing shoulders with the VIPs….hehehehe…

lu forever busy shooting around. But eh bro, how about this Saturday? Ada waktu percuma ka?


Yes sister. Finally! I am so elated I can still feel his powerful aura circulating me.

Shah rir,

Actually Mat Salo, Kojak and tuan A Voice were the MEN. They made it possible. Could have been you tho, bro buuuut…you wouldn’t dig it anyway.

Teh tarik this Saturday, ON!

Thanks, all!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerp, what a picture and TDM is's his aura I guess, but really dont think there will be anyone that can be half as good as him, so you were sort of like a VVIP for a day, what a great memory :)MKATE

Mat Salo said...


April Fool's Day notwithstanding, a DAMN fine day indeed. Don't thank me, if Doc Tok Acid didn't put the germ of the idea in my mind it wouldn't have happened.

WE made it happen dude, a real fun outing... sometimes we just gotta wing it and take the tanduk kerbau by the horns! :)

constant drama said...

Wow. Impressive. Im jealous. I always wanna meet TDM. Wow.....soooo jealous.

And oh I met Marina too and I am beginning to like Mukhriz a whole lot. =)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Yea what a day it was really. it has left quite an impact I didn’t stop talking about him at home till today. Its going to take us ages to find anyone who can fit the shoes he’s left. Definitely not the current one.

Mas Salo,

Fun outing. I think Kojak played a major part. Do thank him for me, bro. another fun outing on the card this Saturday, you reckon? I bet.


I know. Exactly how I felt when some of the wheelchair lads met him some time back. and Marina, she was so sweet and friendly I got soooo turned on!

Mukhriz for the future? You bet, sister.

Salt & Turmeric said...

ooohhhh. salah gunakan card oku ye? :P

Tinesh said...

Though Im nt a huge fan of TDM, Ive gotta say this: The man can deliver speeches with NO fuckin text or paper man..He came to my school about 2 years ago and he blew evryone away..Awesome orator!

david santos said...

Hello, Kerp!
Thanks for your posting and have a good week.


muteaudio said...

Tak ajak TDM on Saturday?

Raden Galoh said...

I still can see you smiling ear to happy macam in cloud nine gitu... Dulu kan, ada sekali dapat peluang bersalaman dgn TDM tau,alahai lembutnya tangan dia....(agaknya masa salam dgn akak kan dia mesti detik dlm hati: amboi kasarnya tangan pompuan ni...) hehehehe

Jealous gak ni. Tapi mmg takleh squueeze time langsung, bz banget dik oii...

Tp sabtu ni gua nak turun gaklah. Already noted MS and TA.

Anonymous said...

syabas kerp! wah sungguh erat sekali!
inshaAllah jumpa soon. jangan lupa pinky!

blackpurple @ jowopinter said...


Gambar yang satu itu sepatutnya keluar di akhbar arus perdana.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Eh mana ada. It was Mat Salo’s idea…hehehehe


Gotta agree with you bro. he’s an excellent orator. His speeches are full of punches. Like him or hate him, he is the REAL DEAL. A living legend.

Mr santos,



Aku ajak dah but he said he’s too busy for you all lah…hehehehehe…

Kak D!

I was ecstatic. Cant blame me la akak. Been waiting for that precious moment for ages. It was never much about the political forum at all.

Saturday sure to meet you and our brother MH.

Kak E,

Thanks akak. Erat seperti kawan lama….hehehe…

insyaAllah to see you guys. I’ll be there but minus my better half laa…she’s too heavily involved with pesta buku @PWTC.

Wak purp,

Saat tersebut patut jadi headline bulletin utama dan warta perdana jam 8…hehehe…possible wak sebab si zam dah tak jadi boss.

juande raMOZisgod said...

Tuan "Ahmed Kerpov" of the collective-music-farming in located in upper vladivostok...i.e. known as the franschisikov..:)))

first off chief..

you have given me..a new meaning..a re-definition of sorts if you may..of the term
"ketawe-tergolek" and invigorated
a whole a new dimension
to the term of
"ketawe-berseloroh" - i.e. omnipresent & potent supply of nicotine-laced spittle, air liur cum phlegm.
also the term "ketawe-terberak"..but seeing the decent crowd yu got in here..i figure..i shouldn't dwelve into that further.
repo kerpov kene jage beb skarang nie..hehehehhehehhehehhee..

fer both. the ample supply of giggles was for your previous posting; a posting that i hope may set the precendence for
more on-the-spot shit inducing laughs bro - damn it moz why do you keep flushing down that way......all the same macha dei..
dude - a question out of pure curiosity..where did yu get that songkok a-la ruski? any racoon sacrificed in the procees? just kidding ah mate.
and here's the cool still have one of 'em CCCP-emblazoned shirts...i remember a time..when it was so cool to wear that chief..that and sleeveless loudness (pronouced: lod-nehh) t-shirts...
CCCP, let me see..,no the word boy does not suit you.

truth be told. it took my mind off a lot of strife for a while. happy for yu that yu got to meet DA'MAN.
although i'm not really a fervent fan of him, i do appreciate this bro. his intelligence. a man of razor-sharp wit and the ability to explain something as complex as
keynesian economics and it's ramifications to the average
layman on the street. (psstt..for you info..i have not lay-ed anything-ed in-ed a-ed long-ed time-ed..just in-case your were wondering...and please don't taunt me with the words..lindemulder..or my current state of
mind...tolongla bro..kesian gua)

i also appreciate the fact that he's a dude..who reads a lot. if it's there's one thing my poor old man and old woman ever succesfully managed to drill through me-thick skull is this..which is to
always appreciate people who appreciate's just that..oh well, i just couldn't agree or grasp the unwanted machinery-propoganda the generated around him...and the govt-in-context he left behind..riddled with bulletholes that somehow
i feel its a wee bit difficult
to start pluggin' with thumbs.
but that's another story right bro?
i'm not qualifed to speak on it.

you take care mate. keep your sense of "cross-dressing" going on:)..mwhahahahhahaa

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Credits should be given to you la geng, for toying around with Kerp. I think it was more Russian than Bulgarian, or could it be the same thing? Whatever.

Ketawa terberak= a party in one’s pants? Hehehe…

Got that Russian hat when my OAG buddy (Oil and Gas) stayed there for over 3 months. It cost him a bomb but totally worth it la bro. its called the ushanka, made of rabbit’s pubic hair or sumthing. Your CCCP-acronym version sounds like cibai la honestly..hehehe…

I’ve accepted the fact drM cant please everyone and I have friends who are against him and hispolicy but one gotta give it to him for his intelligence. Nothing political about it at all.

As always, nice having you here bro. we’ll sure to meet up, once the season over. Ok ka?

20 Cent said...

Good lord, do my myopic eyes deceive me? Did you meet the grand old man of Malaysian himself?

I have to confess, I'm not a really big fan of the grand old man myself, but it has to be admitted that he has one of the largest set of steel balls this side of Asia.

And you got to strike a pose with him! Walaue!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Yo vijay!

Hey thanks for dropping by my man.

somehow I knew of people’s reaction towards the real deal, GOM TDM. But hey, waited for that very moment for years. I was so determined to meet him I literally positioned my wheelchair right in the middle of the pathway he cant possibly miss a burly-built guy on a bright yellow chair waiting to shake his hands.

He was most probably the best in Asia but definitely still the best in Malaysia!