Friday, April 4, 2008

Not Quite Pimpin'

Even my dear mom had noticed it. I’ve been writing on political stuff in recent times a little too much for my standard. And apparently a bit too much for her liking. Dad and uncles have been turning to me as their main source for some inside infos, ‘breaking news’ and other juicy stories simply because I read the new media.

If that wasn’t enough, my recent outings have been rather political too. Not strictly to a forum, dinner outing, teh tarik session with friends, the discussion were mainly revolve around this very topic. I didn’t realize it until I got some tick-off from her earlier today. Got down to it, did a post-mortem on what she said and agreed I should just tone down a bit.

I assured her the forum I attended that day was only for one reason. She was ok about it. The thing is, I know I need to do more than just a verbal agreement to convince her.

Not that I’ve promised anything but being a filial son I am, it is my duty to ease her mind if not much. Lets say things haven’t been well on the domestic front lately. Adding more bricks on her shoulder would sure to give me hell, here and after.

Time to take my foot off the pedal. Get a cold shower, turn some Simpsons’ DVDs on for some good laughs or simply laze around the house crankin’ up on some block rockin’ beat. And the idea of free-wheelin’ and chillin’ with cripplin’ buddies seems very appealin’, too.

Whatever shit-lah, just need to unwind.

Not about to take a swipe at them politicians but why the feck they are so paranoid really beats me. The word blog would make them cringe they'd shit in the their thousand ringgit pants. I’m a blogger and that scares the hay out of my mom that I might be taken away by some burly-built, masked gorillas, as Cikgu Nazir Khan Vidic Khan nicely put it.

Now I’m lost. Not sure where to go from here.

I think in the mean time I should just surf in one of my favorite porn sites and see where it would lead me from there on, goin’ to where it flowin’.

Maybe I should just take a parting shot anyway while I’m still at it; Fuck the Government. State or federal, siapa makan cabai dialah cibai.


cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

Whoa! You sound real pissed off! Chill out man! Afterall, tomorrow we'll be meeting with heck of a lot of other bloggers like us too! Hmm...sounds like the sitcom Cheers, doesn't it? :)

Tinesh said...

Rilek la macha..Apasal all this anger man?? Take a deep breath and say goosefrabahhhh

Kata Tak Nak said...

The strongest supporter of any party is nothing compared to a filial son in god's eyes. You can change government, you can change political idols, you can change political affiliation but you can't change parents.
Funny, just yesterday I was teaching the importance of 'harga diri and maruah keluarga' in my pend. siviks class. I told my students that besides god, their parents are their everything.
Sorry if I sound like a preacher pulak.

Anonymous said...

Dear D boy, relax's difficult for anyone NOT talk or discuss about politics, even the most anti-politics talk in my office are talking about it lah..cant really avoid it, but i fully understand how's it at domestic front, but hey, if you think your blog is heavy on politics, am sure you know there are many whom are tougher kan. anyway, hope you'll feel much better. aiyah...kerpov's a tough guy but a softie at heart too, and a good buddy too, itu yang special, so cheers my friend and have a fantastic week..M.Kate

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Just a bit je. Letting out some steam.

Eh, sure hope everybody knows my name. I’ll be sam. Not samy vellu mind you, sam malone.

Yo T,

I’m not much a computer game freak. But ok here goes anyway…



Now you’ve really made my day, sir. Its funny when someone mentions blog, they tend to associate bloggers with politics. this perception must change lah, or else even those who blogs about crafts and art will be called names, like monkey.

Maybe the next time I can come to you if there’s any domestic squabble, cikgu? I prefer your style, very honest and direct.


Yes, there are people who goes down harder. But mom wouldn’t buy that. Still need to tone down a bit. I guess I am a softie at heart. but never a softie mind you…hehehehehe…you have a nice weekend too, sis.

Anba said...

Mum's are always like that..and since we're all mama's boys we tend to jaga their hati...
Abt the blogging...why does the Powers that be tend to bloggers as a brigade of anti establishment was their controlling of the mass media made ppl chose other alternative form of mass media...Now they r saying as though the blogging community brought the downfall of BN...suddenly everyone is into blogging now..shame on them..
By the way bro i hope we win today and the nxt coming match with Liverpool and also the 13 April match against Man

anfield devotee said...

kerp: Hey, relek la. You are not being political, you are being a CONCERNED citizen. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. And sorry to say bro, parents AREN'T always right . . . (sorry aunty)

In the common & greater interest of stopping the scum from taking the title, we will gift you tonite's game. Just make sure you return the favouur on Wed!!! Ha ha!

Pak Idrus said...

Hi, Kerp. It was indeed great meeting you today. It do brighten my thoughts. Have a nice day and take care.

ewoon said...

Hi sam malone,

Your latest entry reminds me of the movie "American Gangster" where the protagonist's mum was just as 'vocal.'

i guess mom will be mom. So take care and remember to smell the roses.

How come i wasn't told about today's get together?

Tinesh said...

hahaha no la its not something from a computer was from bad boys 2..martin lawrence says it evrytime he gets pist

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Hey, nowadays to be called a mama’s boy, one should feel proud about it

And you’re right la my man. they have only themselves to be blamed. All the propagandas brought by RTM has backfired totally. They accused bloggers as liars as if they are some mullahs.

*bro, we shared the spoil lah. Another trophy-less season seems very likely.


To me IT-illiterate mother, blogs are all about politics. tried explaining that I even blogged about my island-5 CDs but she went blank instead. So how la?

*ok we can forget about the title now. its down to 2 now. arsenal needs to offload a few. Bendtner the wanker should be on top of the list.

Pak Idrus,

It was a real pleasure meeting you too, sir. They were right all along, that Pak Idrus is indeed a wise man with many great experience up his sleeve to share with us all. Thanks.

Mr woon!

My sincerest apology to you first of all but it was supposed to be a small teh tarik session between 2-3 of us until Mat Salo spread the word @NPC the night before. It caught me by surprise to see so many turning up. No, not blaming him because he was the one-man-show organizer, did everything so he could have missed out some names. Again sir, I’m so sorry, and to whoever Mat salo may have missed out, do forgive him as it was an impromptu bash.


Ok bro. will keep that in mind whenever I need to let some steam off.

One more…


Anonymous said...

bro, ada mkn2 ye dengan bloggers yesterday. alaa...i wish i knew earlier. teringin nak jumpa semua specially u.

btw...tukar blog lagi. huhu.

Anba said...

Bro..all hope is not lost
Man U drew with Boro..atleast we have 2 important away game...
Champions League against Liverpool and sunday against Man U..Nvr Say Die ..bro..
Bro...since we shave affinity towards many similar things..
Arsenal,Music wise Punk, Janine,Takako and Jameson...hehehe
SLC punks was a great movie to me 2...
Have u seen the movie Into The Wild(2007),Devil's Rejects 2005 found both movie were cool bro worth checking out especially the former is quite good..

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


you shouldda hv come. i left a message in your (previous?) blog. kak dalilah was there too, with the whole family. mever mind, there's always a next time.


yo my gooner brethren. if roon hadnt score equalised, i would have been more optimistic. as it is now to hope them manU to drop at least 7 pts with 5 games remaining is unlikely la bro. but hey, it aint over till the final whistle blow. we can only hope.

will sure to check the movie out. this the is animated, madagascar-like film you talkin about right?

20 Cent said...

Whoa, you say it like you see it, dude! Glad to meet you at the Asam Pedas meet-up, man, and I hope we'll be able to get together again soon.

Next time we'll skip the pleasantries of getting to know each other and have a good bitching session about how citizens are able to drag our half arsed politicians to court.

Kudos to you, dude!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Vijay my man,

All of us were equally pleased to have met you and yati.

And trust me, there’ll definitely be a next time. regards to Yati.

juande raMOZisgod said...

tuan kerpov,

dude, newsflash - CIMB actually can do it - i.e. if not come over at least some for of compromise to assist the customer. did an experiment out of pure curiousity, racked up the call centre the 1800 numbers and turns out they were pretty helpful. spoke to this fella by the name of "mr.tamil" (no joke) who took me number down and have promptly called me back today and transferred hte line direct to the branch. (btw i had bullshitted that your name is Daniel Fonseca from Keramat AU for confidentiality purposes due to you current.."celebrity status" ..mwahhahahha).
guess what - the officer dude says something can be arranged provided it can be really justified. voila.

further details:-
taman setiawangsa CIMB, savings account dept, en.azhar.
phone number - alamak gua luper.damn it, i didn't write it down..this is the problem if call the call centre..nemain bro
gunala - 103. (how do you think.. i stalk all the girlies la dei...mwhahaha). ok, so we know got hope. :)

btw. dei. no worries la alright. we are "in-the-line". and we are always doin' it for folk here as it is. except it is..everywhere else; we are looked upon as leeches of the work probably this may be a respite of sorts it's alright to get some procedural methods & knowledge on such matters..(the most whacked out which has come to my knowledge is the application for an LC (letter of credit) facility..giler dasyhat). yu could say this is my other hobby - other than uhmm.."tweakin' the joystick" la.

so take no heed; and hope they geroff their arses and do at least some shite for yu.

ciao bro. back to the drudgeries of work..*sigh*

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


The thing is, those JKM fuckers only accepts bank pertanian and not any other banks.

Went to the nearest branch today, bugged my cousin to take me there. filled in the forms like hundred sheets of them, and that bitch manning the counter only came out to take my thumbprint. Better than nothing I guess.

Thanks bro. cant thank you enough. let me know when you’ll be in town, gotta buy you a dinner, or perhaps some drinks. Me, you, bala and the regulars at fer fook’s sake.