Thursday, April 10, 2008

No Goner

finally got it done and over with. Going through hell wouldn’t be fun alone so I roped in my trusted cousin and of we went to the nearest bank Pertanian Malaysia, or the Agricultural Bank Of Malaysia. If I had gone alone I wouldn’t know where to begin with. Thus, this cousin of mine came in handy albeit his fatness.

Patriot Tani. That’s the type of account I was told to open up.

That officially makes me a farmer now. Not that I’ve planted anything apart from the rambutan seeds I chucked out the bedroom window some weeks back. I believe this bank are more for farmers.

I’m very patriotic at heart too, sooo patriotic that I feel I should terminate my Astro account soon and start tuning in to RTM1 especially during primetime. What is there to watch on Astro nowadays anyway. RTM on the other hand has the likes of Agro-jurnal and Halaman Pertanian programs lined up daily.

I think I’ll do it, maybe as early as Monday and give my life some 3 months of Satellite TV-less trial period.

Heard some rumor they were working out on plans to increase the subscription fee to some ridiculous amount until their ambition were drastically cut short by the minister responsible. Credit should be given when it is due and the said minister deserve a pat on his back. what’s his name again? yeaaa, that one.

Another rumor has it that one of our beloved PM's hardest critics is now having some tough time trying to swallow his own words by making a sudden U-turn. From taking swipes he’s now a licker himself. Apparently a huge sum of money was involved. Cant blame this guy. I’d sell my soul out for a thousand bucks. Available for sale some more. Negotiable. Mari, mari.

Now here’s something that can never be bought. A loyalty that can never be questioned, not for a thousand ringgit nor a million bucks.

Albeit this morning’s disastrous result, I’m sticking by the lads who gave their utmost best. Through thick and thin, good and bad times,…

I’m a Gooner, and a Gooner for life. Some jerks better believe it.

For 2 million pounds though, I am so sold!


Kata Tak Nak said...

Wow, I am going to have to fork out a lot this week. 2 million pounds for you to cross over. 2 million pounds for Sang Kelembai to scream "We don't want Pak Lah, We don't want TDM, We don't want Anwar, We want Katataknak"
A few hundred million for the campaign and that would leave me with only a few billion left. Must be PM fast and fastrack some billion dollar projects and prop up my bank account.

Anba said...

I am with you bro...
Always a Gooner never a Goner...
Its harder still when we started out so well and we beat Milan in their own place i believed we could all the way...Duh.. i was wrong...
Nxt Year Then...

anfield devotee said...
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anfield devotee said...

It ain't over yet, you guys could do humanity a huge favour b y beating the scum on sunday!!!

C'mon you gooners!

mozisgod said...

Comrade kerpov,

Only 2 million pounds ka? you cheap gooner you :)))))
(I would have settled for darren senget bin bengkok's transfer fee)

glad to know you settle the bank rendezvous mate. banks are always, almost always a pain to deal with. although dude, i felt one bank that is almost exceptional to this - public bank. generally, very very efficient.

here's a comparison from personal experience. let's say you want to do a bank draft or FD& get the bank draft or FD-cert in your hand.

In pubic (hehehe) bank - you take a number, do it over the counter & depending on the crowd, max 15-20 mins and voila you're done with cert in hand. or you can just sit in front of the customer service and they'll do it for you.

Now another bank.. mybank - certain branches you can do it at the counter. you have to go to another entire department of sorts (customer-service most of the time won't layan..they're role is more like traffic police...kontrol trafik bank)
then you fill up a form. apply and wait. sometimes they will tell you to go for a drink or even have a meal. I have waited for upto half-day to make a bank-draft before in this bank. no joke la bro. but i can understand why because the have certain key branches which are designated as merchant/trade centres..but then again..why? and most importantly what for?

probably, the only good thing about most banks is the strength of the union. but then again, that has robbed us consumers of the availability of a fortnightly saturday to get things done. then again they are also workforce. to qoute your earlir blogs
pi mai pi mai tang tuuuuu jugok.

okay bro. lunch awaits. farkin hungry mate, aduh..
did i hear something mentioned abt a BBQ over in FFS? ape cerite.

later dude.

p.s. bro, season is done for me as well, save for one last visit from the reds at THE LANE. pretty much nothing else la. who knows la kan.
see ya.

anfield devotee said...

moz: Me had suggested to kerp we do a bbq after the season's over, you know just the Fer Fook's Sake regulars. Was gonna get premo to call you & ask when will you be in town lar. Jangan risau, we weren't gonna leave you out.

kerp: or we can have a makan/minum session @ Fatty Crab. Me don't mind having bbq at me house but me lives on the arse end of the fooking planet la.

M.KATE said...
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Anonymous said...

yo kerpov..patriot tani?? sounds so silly, and this halaman pertanian whatever show? got people see kah?? and who made a u-turn, i must have been outdated here. 2 millions pound i takda, rupees, rupiah, yen ok ka? ahahahaha..have a fantastic weekend :)M.Kate

cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

Ooo...a million ringgit or buck tak muh! But when its in sterling pounds you are so sold! Greedylah you babe. Me, I'd take the ringgit if they give it...then run the hell far away from them! :)

20 Cent said...

Jeez, some people are think big, and are expensive to, I'd just follow the money making model most Malaysian politicians have set down and rent out my sour ass.

Fee is RM 100.00 per thrust times RM 100.00 per centimeter of penetration (non-negotiable). Lubricant will be provided, and is necessary, but bring your own protection.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


For 2mil quids, I’d be a red Devil for life. but cikgu, for a mere rm50k I’d swallow my own words and start to lick the present leadership…hehehehe…


Even in domestic league, we started extremely well. The turning point has to be the away game at Birmingham where Edu was injured badly by a thug and clichy’s last-minute stupidity…

Oh well…there’s always another season.


Aint counting on it man. you better not too.

*fatty crab sounds good but count me out on the minum2 session la…hehe…


Darren senget? Hehhehhehehehehe…

With the 2mil quids I’d still be a Gooner but only to catch games from my yacht somewhere (Monaco?).

Yea man. glad to have had the banking business settle and done with. not that I’m saying all banks are cunts but being on a crip, a small woe for you guys triple the trouble for us. But you sure have tons of experience as far as banking goes huh…

*not exactly bbq brother. perhaps a dinner for the FFS’ s guys. But only after the season’s over. Can pig out with some piece of mind…


Haha…actually the Halaman Pertanian show was re-branded and now known as Agro-jurnal or something. HP was one of the most dull programs ever but back then in the late 80s-early 90s astro was a thing of the future.

A well-known blogger was rumored to have made a U-turn. Kata Tak Nak actually mentioned his name above.


No lah, even with a thousand bucks I’d switch camp temporarily. That can happen in politics. in football however, you need more than some amount of money to sell his soul out.

Yo veej,

That’s my man. politicians are available for sale 24/7. but since I’m only goreng kecil (small fry) blogger, I doubt if anyone would purchase my crap at even a discounted price.

Nice to hear from you again brother.

Anonymous said...

oooo...sang kaldai, oops, i mean, sang kelembai, hihihi, MKate

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

yea...hehehe...oh well, wishing him all the best anyway.

Tinesh said...

Dude! First of all I would like to berterima kasih cause you said that you take cues from me to kutuk Sleepyhead (unless i mistook what you said haha)..

Good thing you got the bank thingy over and done with.. And what's this about unsubscribing astro?? Itu weekly football dosage cant be gotten with RTM la dey!

Whether Im invited for Bala's makan-do, I have to chaperone Mandeep cuz she wants me to haha

Anba said...

Bro...for the minum session i belanja you
susu kambing and carrot juice o ok
Balaji says he's in the arse end of the planet...what am in then...the colon...?

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Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Unsubscribing astro for the next 4 months. Only during the off season la brother. but no lah, cant live without afc@703 nowadays.

Ofcos you’re invited la geng. Have money will go. Fatty crab’s after all, a public restaurant. And since you’ll be the only red devil, expect some hell from anfield and emirates…and one from the Lane…hehehe


Yo gooner-mate! Susu kambing? I don’t even eat cereal for breakfast la boss.

Don’t worry, since bala lives so far in the jungle, all of us wouldn’t mind settling on crabs for dinner. And I mean, lots of it.