Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Liputan Sukan

Ok back. I realised that my breaks are usually shorter than I take to post new entries. I thought I’d take longer the last time out but since i’m ok now, I should just move on. There’s always the new season to look forward to after all. The only thing that pains me deeply is the fact that its only April and Arsenal are already out of any contention to savor a cup. Yeah, its so Ouch, man…freaking Ouch!

Moving along swiftly then.

Me and some of the wheelchair lads were involved in a sukaneka OKU over the weekend (dis)organised by Majlis Perbandaran Petaling Jaya (MPPJ). Hold on, or was it MBPJ? I thought they have been upgraded to city status or something like that. Ok whatever. Whatever their status is now, they’re still the same old stupid shit.

The event was held over a 3-day period which kicked off on Friday. I was only made known of the sports carnival a week back because for some reason, my name was registered to take part in chess event representing Perwira K9. I mean, those guys must be nuts to have put me in this game. The last time I played competitively was more than a decade ago. But hey, I came out triumphant or I wouldn’t be writing this at all.

Yes, I’m a genius, I know.

Moving along again now.

The organiser- MPPJ/MBPJ. They screwed badly as if they were willingly presented me with something that I can bitch about. Here goes then.

Most games kicked off at least 2 hours later than originally scheduled. Fixtures all mixed up. They lacked the necessary transport to take us from one venue to another. And no disrespect to anyone but the meals provided were worse off than hobos gets to enjoy their daily fix supplied by NGOs.

Even the final event, the prize presentation did not go without a major glitch. All winners had to wait for 3 hours to receive their respective medals. And it was just a freakin’ cheap, plastic medal. Real pundek la.

So anyway, not all things shitty. All Perwira members were handed a certificate and 30 bucks allowance. That’s why I like a lot about this support group. They care.

Thanks to PK9's good people up there, I am now RM180 richer.


Salt & Turmeric said...

Kerp, dont even know where to begin. Why is it so hard for some ppl to get things organised??

anfield devotee said...

RE: MBPJ Fook Up - speaking from personal experience, the only thing they are good at is putting the squeeZe on you (ie collection time) & basically making life miserable fer you.

Fook em! What a bunch of wankers. Canna even organise a simple tourney fer you guys without completely fooking it up. Shows how much regard they have fer you. Am sure they only did it coz they had to.

ps: Arse out of it in April! Fook you! You should try being out of it by Nov like us Kopites!!!

pps: Chess tourney - congrats.

Anonymous said...

Bro Kerp Kasparov...

I dont know how to play chess... bleh ajar tak? hehehe

P/s: Main 'dam' tau ler...

Kata Tak Nak said...

I have lots of experience playing chests but chess, naw, too boring.

Monster Mom said...

So sorry bout no-silverware-for-Arsenal saga...

M'sia still lack the mentality esp those in Gov and the likes...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


I can answer that. The organiser themselves are a mess.


Hey thanks! And you said it right brother. it was a simple tourney and yet glitches can be witnessed at every venue. All of us didn’t stop whining, and sadly, right till the end.

*so its MBPJ…different shit same smell?


Yo bro. I think I can beat the shit of Kasparov….just give me 30 years of training and I’m game.

*eh, sape ni ha?


Yes I have to concur with you…I mean, ehem…yes, that’s what I heard from some guys over here…hehehehhe…

Monster Mommy,

Getting used to it, its already been what, 3 seasons on the trot now…ahh…I know you’ll be grinning reading all the woes concerning Arsenal…Monster Mom’s a Red Devil!

*Monster Dad a golf fanatic huh? i can feel for you.

Pi Bani said...

Laaa... ingatkan masuk archery ke apa ke... rupanya chess! Not my game definitely - while I know how to play, am too lazy to think. So if I play, simplam hentam ajelah. I'd rather play carrom...

Anba said...

Congrats bro...
By the way...Between Karpov, Kasparov and Fischer..which one is ur Fav..?
Kerpov not included hehehe

blackpurple @ jowopinter said...

RM180 kalau diguna untuk belanja kawan-kawan makan, pun afdal rasanya.... :D

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Kak Pi,

i was so like you la. otak dah karat. training online dgn computer je, then terus started to pick up the skill again.

Anba my man,

its down to anatoly and gary. the first and only time i saw them going head-to-head, gary came out the victor. and this was like a decade ago. i mean, no way i'd spend a minute of my lifetime watching a game of chess, ever again man...

Wak Purp,

boleh wak. nasi kandar, teh tarik 3 round pon boleh. takpe, nnt ada gathering lagi wak kena ada la...kita tunggu cikgu KTN turun.

waterlily said...

Di manakah gambar-gambar itu. Laporan lebih menarik sekiranya diselitkan gambar :)

wanshana said...

Re : Chess - Congrats!

Re : MBPJ - what's new?! Cerita lama, brother. Sampai doomsday tak akan efficient and tak akan organized. Time saman parking aje efficient beriya...Pelik bin ajaib betul.

Tinesh said...

Dey! You're a chess master la! I neva had the patience to play tho I was in my primary school team lol

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Kak Mar,

Gambar2nya semua dekat camera kawan. Akak ada tak? Meh la sekeping dua.

Kak Shana!

You got that right, sister! That’s exactly what my dad been complaining about. Pull their socks and then only people wouldn’t mind paying for any summons.

And thanks akak…saya tengah demam ni….adoii..


Not really a master la geng. How shall I put this, err…the best amongst the worst? Yeah that. To be brutally honest, they simply suck.

cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

At RM2 per glass, that RM180 can buy us 90 glasses of teh tarik! That, would be then be a true case of teh tarik drunk! :)

cakapaje said...

And oh, over Chess and even chests too! :)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


teh tarik over some chess game sounds good but i'd go for chest anytime over 90 glasses of teh tarik and any kinds of board games!

ruyom said...


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