Tuesday, October 16, 2007

For The MAS-ses

I didn’t plan to reconnect myself this soon as I’m still very much in the celebration-mode. The first day was exhausting, as it has always been every year but since it was a day of joy, I say party on.

No doubt that Ramadhan will be sorely missed but it is time to get into fifth gear again, going all out shooting on every direction.

So anyway, I haven’t had time to even read the newspapers and missed on one article from the Star that’s worth highlighting, published on the 13th itself.

It’s the good people from MAS. Yea, them.

Being a non-air traveler I didnt even know they’ve been providing services for the disabled community for quite a while now. And mind you, these are services of the first class standard. I guess being the number 1 national career, they have to live up to their billing, providing good services for the Malaysian masses.

Check it out. 50% of ticket discount (domestic) offered to disabled passengers and on top of that, carers are given 25% discount, which is great as crips usually needs someone for company wherever they go.

This is no rumour. LICK for more of the report.

So really, the handicapped should feel encouraged to get out and travel more with the goodie stuff MAS has to offer. This may not be new to some but worth giving them some credits as it is already long overdue.

Chong Tuck Meng, a.k.a Le Boss (pic), Founder and Advisor of Persatuan Warga istimewa & Rehabilitasi Anggota K9 (Perwira K9) had this to say;

"Most people are shy or embarrassed to go out but it doesn't mean that if you're handicapped, you cannot travel They should be encouraged to travel. We're happy that this initiative came from MAS and not us."

Spot on, boss.

But for those who are on customized wheelchair, this can be a problem. Getting on to the chair provided by MAS may not fit them. So the next time we are invited to have a look on their updated, disabled-friendly facilitities again, I may want to be there pointing this one out. Not to give them the stick but I believe I have more questions to ask. Constructive criticism isn’t a bad thing, as I just felt that there are more rooms of improvement yet to be highlighted.

Nonetheless, their effort deserve some recognition. I can now quit imagining how it would be like getting on a motorboat or kayak-ing myself silly all the way to Kota Kinabalu.

Jambatan Tamparuli, here I come.

Pic stolen from Bigdog.


PrincessJournals said...

yes im sure taking the flight is much much easier than kayaking to kk. :P

ruyom said...
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fargowin said...
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reek said...
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samp said...
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yuking said...
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romsam said...
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cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

Reading all the comments here, I see only princessjournals as being directly related to the topic. Hmm...must be you are on your way to equal or surpass bro Rocky himself! :)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Fucking spammers. You assholes can take all your rubbish bullshit and dump it in your mother’s twat or something.

get a life, you pig-fuckers!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Hello again. Eh, seriously, I always wanted to go to east Malaysia and since I cant imagine how inconvenient to get to an aircraft with the wheelchair and stuff, I thought cruise ship would be the alternative. Only that I doubt there are any. Do they?

Bro shah,

I was surprised myself when I saw a spanking 14 comments barely 12 hours I got it posted. Haha…these are people of in-breeding product, bapak dia semua sondol.

I may get into deep shit with everyone, especially the cyber-troopers so gonna start delete them 1 by 1. damn ths people.

ahiruDin aTTan said...


truth be told, i have never had as many spams in a row. bro kerp has set a benchmark, here.

btw, curious, apa diorang tulis dlm spam tu,
kerp? shouldn't you lodge a formal complaint with azalina?

cakapaje said...

Bro Ahirudin,you've never? Hmm...

There you go kerp! You're on your way to being a blogger-celebrity already...and the price that come's with it - spammers! I sure don't envy you bro.

Perhaps, you should block those ips'? If its possible, that is.

Pi Bani said...

It's the same person sending all those messages lah. I pun dah pernah kena sekali, and a few other non-political blogs pun dah pernah kena. Takdo kojo lain...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


I didn’t read all but I knew it was a spam. They can have a go at UMNO for all I care but taking a cheap shot at one particular race, u can figure out which one, is not tolerable. Not here, not anywhere.

I have nothing against those gay cyber-trooper fellas so they don’t have any case to implicate me. they too, should get a life instead of trying to shut a crippled up.

Bro shah,

Hey, I wish they were genuine comments. Imagine, 14 new comments only to found out it was too good to be true. These buggers loves politicizing on a simplest of things. They have more bigger fry but they went for a non-political blogger. Didn’t they read at all?

Kak Pi,

Betul lah. Why do they have to go for the non-political blogs really beats me. I write abt wheelchairs. What has that got to do with race, UMNO, DAP or weird stuff like that? For once cant local blogsites be more than just abt stupid politics? memang takde keje lain beruk2 ni.

PrincessJournals said...

terkejut jugak i tengok byk comment deleted. looks like cakapaje yg got to read all those comments. itulah kerp, glamer kan u. sbb tulah byk splammer. heheh.
btw, i dun think ada cruise ship ke e.msia. i kalau balik kuching memang naik belon aje. ;)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


i can tell u it wasnt nice. our brother cakapaje may hv read it but even being a non-UMNO man he'd find the comments all rather silly. correct me if i'm encik shahrir! hehe...

now you gave me an idea. MAS should get one of those goodyear blimps and wheelchair users dont need to transfer to aisle seat as they can practically sit on their own wheels through out the whole journey. nice!

PrincessJournals said...

ler ke situ pulak dia pergi. kalau nak naik blimp tu kenalah jumpa datuk fernandez. diakan msian's richard branson!

tokasid said...

Salam bro kerp:

I'm back to blogosphere. Lots of catching up to do, apparently.

1- You are now the receiver of Tan Sri Spam, for getting lots of spam at a time.

2-Tranportation for OKUs is improving in the Klang Valley, but other cities or towns are still not OKU-friendly when it comes to public transportation or other facilities. And the public's perception or attitude towards OKU in rural area is still that of sympathy. What OKUs need is understanding and support so they can " berdiri atas kaki sendiri'( sorry what else can I use? Berdiri atas wheelcahair sendiri?).

But, InsyaALLAH things will be better for OKUs.

Raden Galoh said...

Kerp... Aisey...you pun kena gak ek...betullah depa buta dan tuli main serkap jarang spa je depa nak antar ek..but you did it bro! you kill 'em all...yeaaahhhhaaaa!

Ni tgh tunggu plan bro MatSalo nak meet up...nak make sure u r in the loop...

Take care. Ermmm...Maaf Zahir batin ye dik...

Mat Salo said...

More power to to our national carrier, kerpso. Not only Jambatan Tamparuli you can come bro', Batang Lupar oso can...

As for the ass-shit-holes spams, I've been at the receiving end myself. Just do one extra step 'delete forever' so the 'comment deleted' will not be visible. Like pibani said, takdo kojo.

Am in close comm with OBB aka RG. Am tryng to set up a suitable time for all parties. Will update soon. In the meantime I still got some rockets and mercun lidi to amuse my boys (myself mostly). We put one under a tin can and I manage to get lift-off about 5-6 feet up. I know it's not much bro', but we gotta crawl before we can run. And I don't think Drs. Faiz & SM would be amused...

Daphne Ling said...

Hey Danny,

Could I be your carer please? Pretty please with sugar and spice, and chocolates and everything nice?

Oh wait...Pretty please with lotsa Arsenal football matches, cigarettes and a polish of the yellow wheelchair?


Kidding ler...

Daphne Ling said...
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Daphne Ling said...

Hey Danny,

Sorry, the deleted comment was me...Ter-post dua kali =)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Eh, the spotlight now is on idris jala. Credits will be given to that Fernandez fella in due time, that is abt a month or so, thats his promise.


Welcome back, docTA. Your comments r always spot on and this time it is no exception.

Transportation has certainly improved. In fact, transportation company that caters the disabled has been around the valley for more than 5 years already now. where else sadly, cant say the same about other parts of the country. Not sure if the gomen people have thought about it ever as the one available here is run by the good NGO people. Its not about the fund but lack of sensitivity from, well, surprise, surprise, the gomen themselves.

I may be privileged to get to enjoy such facilities but by no means I can just sit and ‘goyang kaki’. My wheel buddies up north, down south, east coast and over the south china sea mcmmana? We only need one fella from up there to open his mouth, that’s ll and believe me, things will get moving.

Yg spammer ni pon satu hal. Time2 raya ni I vowed not to swear that much but they made me.

Thanks, doc.

Kak Delilah,

Actually this was my 2nd time to have dumps like that littered here. only different is I wasn’t aware of such spasm and they got off the hook for my naiveness. Not this time around, I tell ya. Wrong people to mess up with. Hihi…

Welcome back anyway. I was one of the early birdie to reconnect myself in, 4th day raya to be exact.

I’ll be looking forward for the gathering, gonna free myself from any other commitments just for this one. we shall wait for our MS and see how he would be coming up with. Thanks, and maaf zahir batin lagi sekali.

MS bro,

I don’t know much about the said jambatan but that song of the namesake has some mysterious attraction to it that makes me wanna be there. according to friends, its not even a tourism spot but hey, as they say on tele, If you want to see more than just meets the eye, be a traveler, not tourist.

My firecrackers all up in smoke on the raya eve itself. That was rm106 worth of bunga api and mercun of the softcore kind. Watching the kids enjoying themselves were one of the best thing about aidilfitri so it was 100 bucks worth spent. Setahun sekali je. Chinese new year besok lain pulak…hahaha…

The reason I did not completely delete the messages is that people might be thinking I’m a mutcase for swearing at nothing at all. That was a mess but its there sbg bahan bukti.

So we shall be waiting if its possible to gather some blogger friends to meet up. I’ll be waiting eagerly. Thanks bro.


Sure you can, my sweet as chocolate swirly daphne but eh, hold on. The DS kids gets the privilege too, so you need to come down all the way to be a minder for a crip. Hahaha..

Errm…but then, reading the second paragraph, it sounds too good to resist. Worth the second thought.

Guys, she gets to enjoy mee curry at cikgu’s house. Sorry daph, just thought that the whole world should know. Hihi…thanks!

Thanks, friends.

cakapaje said...

Seeing I was the only witness to the spam-crimes, I demand to be placed in witness-protection! Er...Malaysia takdak ek? Lupa, dulu Nazria kata ada, then kata baru nak buat! Hehe...

Seriously though, except for the topmost, the comments had nothing to do with real politics. The rest were sort of racial in tone. But let's just think of them as spammers instead of taking them seriously.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Don't you pay them no mind ya hear?
Well, at least you are a celebrity. Hey, some have been blogging for years and still not have even one comment.

As for Mas, we give credit where credit is due.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

bro shahrir,

oh, u mean henry hill-like witness protection program? only this time hiding away from a quadfather...hahha..

yes, racial remarks from them that pissed me. as i said, they can take a dig on any political party but racism is not acceptable here nor anywhere in the world.


criticism on religion and race are 2 things that i cannot tolerate and so the deleted comments. good people like u and others is the main reason i get comments on every entry posted. u guys arent just commenters but a friend, a good one at that.

as for MAS, ur point cant be more right. i'd be the first to give them the stick the first moment they implement stupid policy that may discriminate the OKU in general.

thanks cikgu.

BigDogDotCom said...


Malaysia Airlines even provide toilets for wheelers (widebody aircrafts) and its situated between Golden Club Class and Economy (the same row as the door when board/leave the aircraft). These toilets are even bigger than the ones in the new B747-400 First Class.

Malaysia Airlines always have good service paramount to their operations, even when times are bad. Delays and mishandling are now adays rampant because of the common Malaysia Airlines workforce is not happy with how Management rewarded themselves ONLY, where else its these people who dedicatedly kept the aircraft on time and passengers travel in comfort.

I know there is a German graduate student who went across the Globe to finish his post graduate dissertation and he flies Malaysia Airlines as much as her can. Its because his requirements as a wheeler is fulfilled when he fly on Malaysia Airlines.

I have personally witnessed wheelers travel as far away places to Europe on Economy and I am very impressed how this lady was handled and how the cabin crew try to make the journey a pleasant one.

Its lived up to their motto "Going beyond expectations".

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Big bro,

Good piece of info u feed me there. thanks.

Like me, most of my peers have never traveled abroad so we don’t really talk about it. but from what I heard, wheelchair users have to get into their sets of wheel and our own chair are considered as check-in item. Not really a problem on the latter but as for the former, some users can only fit into their custom-made wheel and getting into the airline’s wont go down well on them. I believe this applies to all commercial airlines. This is something that needs to be improvised if it is indeed true.

But alas, your take on this sums it up on this entry. Kudos to MAS and ofcos,u bro.