Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Simple Retaliation Would Do

So here’s the thing. Uncle Bernard a.k.a el Zorro had posted an entry in his blog HERE that amongst other things, is throwing in his support for me. It all started some days ago when two MPs were seen strutting their talents by slugging it out at each other. Fine there. That’s always been the case in the House of Representatives Chamber that it would be better off to rename the entire parliament building as Trump Plaza or something.

What actually transpired is none of my concern but one of them must have said something that irks everyone and moved me to say my piece.

The slug-fest was between reps from Jerai and Gelugor (the wheelchair-bound fella) being the other. It didn’t surprise many for the Jerai jerk to utter silly remarks and this time around, someone on wheelchair being his opponent, he sure was having a field day. Here’s what he had actually said;

Now you are sitting in a wheelchair, God has punished you’.

Now, what’s the deal with that, bro? I’m going to say it here as my simple retaliation. That was down right rude and insulting. God is punishing us for having a jerk like you as our fellow Malaysian. How about that, huh? HUH?

And apparently he had uttered the word pukimak. So here’s one back from me…Pukimak kau balik.

So anyway, these 2 simple retaliation were knee-jerk reaction. Never have I thought it would go beyond that.

As I have stressed a number of times before this, Let’s Go Land is a Non-political Blog in nature. I have been making extra sure this to remain as one. Reasons being that are as follows;

-Mom’s totally against me touching on politics.

-politics aint my thing.

-being a guy on wheelchair, getting their assistance in the future is inevitable

-wheelchair users would be better off working hand in hand with them, politicians

-I could be sent to kamunting or ISS for reason only they know.

Having said all that, it kind of explains why I was leaving it at that as can be read in my previous posting, with only a short paragraph touches on it.

In response to uncle Bernard’s blog, yes, I am very touched and honoured by his concern and support, including from his wonderful, supportive readers who would not hesitate to take a bullet and wheel on with me.

Rest assured I am not chickening out but the idea of gathering some friends to wheel to parliament in showing our protest is beyond my imagination. This is something that should not be blown out of proportion as simple retaliation is enough to serve some justification to it, especially coming from this fella who are well-known to have uttered numerous other uncalled for remarks, it is just not worth the cause.

Ultimately, if this piece of shit reaches my mom’s ears, it will definitely land me in hot soup. All my life I was taught and constantly reminded to never break a promise. Obviously I’ve broken one of many other without her knowledge. This will only upset her. Call me a mama’s boy, I’d be proud to say I am.

My sincerest apology to Zorro-Unmasked and his band of blog readers but please count me out of this. Admittedly, I can only talk the talk but not walk the talk.

I doubt getting into trouble with those up there would be as emotionally disturbed as with mom, my real deal Guv'nor. So I’m sticking to leaving it at that or I may have to quit blogging all together.


ahiruDin aTTan said...

Hey bro Kerp,

Don't worry mate. You idea of a "simple retaliation" is good enough. We won't have to wheel you to Parliament if that's going to make your mom lose sleep. That's the last thing uncle Zorro has in mind, I believe.

But all the same, this MP "Puki Mak" (yes he said the word, go to Screenshots if you don't believe it) is not getting away with this. He owes you (read all wheelers) an apology. And after that we'll join Haris Ibrahim and help Pas get rid of the MP "PM" at the next general election.

ahiruDin aTTan said...

And bro, I think your link to Zorro's does not work.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

thank you very much, rocky.

not that he is forgiven nor will i ever forgive him but my priority has set on other stuff, eg. peer group counseling. i am far from being an activist. and being a wheeler myself, naturally i was pissed with his rude remark(s). but mom must not know that i even touched abit on this very political matter. some may argue it has nothing to do with it but to her, blogs are synonymous with the 'taboo' subject.

i have read Jeff's take as well as peter tan's and i am 110% behind them, hence the short paragraph retaliating exactly on what the MP had said.

*i've got the link rectified. thanks bro. and thanks for your support.

Boatk said...


You are right... Life is too short for tit-for-tat. I know how you feel, and that's good enough for me.

cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

Here! I'm with you and what's said by bro Ahirudin. So don't worry yourself silly, especially about the not blogging part, you hear! You made heck of a lot friends - including yours truly - by blogging.

If the matter which concerns you are construed as political, so be it. Politics is about the life of the people in a community. And you bro, are part of the community. Having said that, just don't go around carrying a placard and doing a demo all by yourself, ok? :)

Do the wee bit you can, and write what you want. Believe me, one of the first few people in cyberspace that would be incarcerated if the BN goonies decide to do so, would be Ahirudin any myself. Me, not because of my blog, but my other online activities which have received several warnings already. Subtle as they may be, a warning they still are.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Hey we understand and you will stand as tall if you go or not. Don't worry pal. Don't lose sleep over such a trivial matter.
Yo Rocky, I love the MP "PM" part. Brilliant.

bennyloh said...

Brader Kerp,
My apologies for given you the publicity without asking you, I was equally furious with that kind of P...mak hence I was hasty in doing this:

Pi Bani said...

Hey Kerp,
I make sure I stay away from politics too. Politics (and politicians) always make my blood go upstairs lah... bad for my health!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

thank you all, each and everyone of you for the support. but i promise i'll address you guys individually a little later. things are not looking so good. AM NOT EVEN IN THE RIGHT FRAME OF MIND FOR TONIGHT'S ARSENAL'S SHOWDOWN WITH LIVERPOOL. damn.

BigDogDotCom said...


Sometime in battles, we have to do the tactical retreat, to ensure that the strategies set can be carried out longterm and the goal is met.

You a lot of roads to cover, with your wheels.

Nadia said...

Hey dude, when I read about the buffoon's remark, the first person that came to mind was you. I mean, really, what gives? Anyway, listen to your momma, and just leave it as that. The dodo is known to say stupid things anyway, so we really shouldn't stoop to his level. Tsk!

BigDogDotCom said...


YB Badruddin Amiruldin, MP Jerai apologised unconditionally in the Dewan Rakyat today to YB Gelugor.

Timbalan Yang DiPertua Dewan Rakyat YB Dato' Lim Si Cheng said it was 'big' of YB Jerai to apologize when a mistake is made.

PrincessJournals said...

bak kata Pi, politics oso make my blood go upstairs. biarlah mangkuk ayun tu dgn labunya kerp. ;)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Botak, brother…

This fella deserve to be thrown faeces in his face but this is Malaysia, a sincere apology. Deepest from from his heart ought to do the trick. But knowing now days how cheap the sorry word is, I doubt he meant it. nice to hear from you as always, sir.

Shah, hey bro…

Hey, am not really quitting la bro. but on certain circumstances, I may be forced to, for any political reason.

Its been one heck of an experience since I started blogging. Pleasant ones, not so pleasant ones, but the former out numbers the latter, so am not complaining. Haha…

Yes, I’m taking on ur advice. I shall write what I feel like. Perhaps in my next entry.

Cikgu nazir, sir…

Thanks for the support, cikgu. I hv to admit I was a bit worried but I’ve gotten over it. but ‘PM’ fella sure has made more enemies than he could ever imagine. I’m declaring myself as one.

Benny buddy,

No worries mate. I kinda liked the poster u did in fact. And without ur knowledge I’ve saved it. perhaps wld paste it somewhere in my blog in the future. Thanks, bro.

Kak Pi ku!

So happened one of our MPs is wheelchair-bound and it was only a matter of time before some clowns in parliament to make fun of him. I wish I didn’t have to touch on politics but this coming from a politician, I had no choice lar…

Big bro,

Yes, I watched the news yesterday. Not sure how to react to that, to be honest.

I have nothing against anyone from either side of fence. Badruldin is known for his uncalled for remarks befire and I took it as just another day in parliament. This time around tho he has hurt not just the wheelchair users, but OKU in general, and not to forget their families.

Sometimes when I write, I take people’s feeling into consideration. People can accuse me of being a hypocrite but I’d rather be called that than to hurt one’s feeling.

I really look up to you, zorro, rocky, KTN, pn nuraina and few others who writes good political pieces, but to jump into the bandwagon is a no-no for me. no offence but I’d prefer to blog abt something in the line of raden galoh as a survivor myself, and kak Pi and daphne for doing noble works.

Have to try harder in sticking to my intention on why I blog in the first place. Distraction seems, sadly, just around the corner waiting to pounce on u.


Do me a favour will u, sister? What u have read must not reach my mom, u hear? Hahaha…not even ur mom in law!


Yes, politic sucks. Si mangkuk ayun ni apologized, ikhlas ke tak, ntahlah. But the damaged has been done, what was said cant be retracted. May he live with the guilt for the rest of his life….amin.

Thank you, friends.

tokasid said...

Salam Kerp:

Those Raja Lawak jerks in the House are court jesters( like Jasin,Kinabatangan too).

I just ignore their stupid otak udang remarks. I mean,how you layan orang kurang akal?(OKA),like them.

With or without them doesn't make any diffrenece in our lives( eerrr...on second thot, with them around do make our lives miserable laa).

So, don't give a SHIT about OKAs in Parlimen.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Salam doc,

I’ve never gave a poop on all their stupid remarks prior to this one of jerai’s. in a way, i didn’t really ignore them OKA, but just couldn’t be bothered.

It just doesn’t feel good to have an enemy. Too bad for this fella, he’s made one.

*doc, ada jumpa ustaz asri?