Monday, October 22, 2007

Parking woes

The other day I found myself with nothing much to do, not a place to go when I had all the time in the world making my round of raya-visit to my relatives’. The reason being that is, I was only with Pinky and these houses are structurally not accessible for a wheelchair user like me to get into. Sure they were kind enough to offer to physically carry me up the curbs, stairs and the split levels but I say forget it, but thanks anyway. I’d rather fly a kite anytime than to have my uncles and cousins breaking their bones carrying a dead-weight human on a titanium-frame chair.

So we decided to make our way to one of the best disabled-friendly malls in town -The Curve, in Mutiara Damansara- instead. Since it was still raya and all, we thought we’d have the mall to ourselves but our hopes dwindled seeing the traffic getting to the entrance of the parking bay itself was crawling. And we were like, yay, great, the city folks are back from their kampong. Hooray.

Anyway, having a crippled as a passenger, in no time we found our car parked at one of the best parking spots. In most shopping malls, disabled parking are placed right next to the elevators and The Curve is no exception. Credits to their management as they reserved at least two disabled parking spaces each next to every lift leading to the mall. What’s even better is they placed moveable signboards that reminds shoppers against parking their cars meant for the disabled or risk getting slapped with a fine or simply have their cars clamped.

Oh, and as if that would actually work?

Your guess is as good as mine. Assholes are everywhere apparently. As we were leaving, the other disabled parking space opposite us was taken and as I would have figured, the owner is not in any ways crippled. I thought the security fellas went down hard on these unscrupulous people but to my disappointment, there was only a damn ticket placed tightly between the car’s wiper and windshield that warns the owner against parking his car there. I mean, just a lousy warning? For being inconsiderate and irresponsible this dickhead got off the hook with just a freakin’ warning, printed on a piece of recycled paper. Would the security people actually take it that he would repent and not to repeat this irresponsible act the next time he comes a visit? I doubt. The answer is a sure NO. He did it on that occasion, he’s gonna do it again. And I bet that wasn’t his first time acting like a jerk.

For such offence, no wait…let me rephrase that. For such serious crime, his car deserve to be clamped AT LEAST. That ought to teach this fella a lesson and serve as a deterrent for others to not take this lightly. Calling these people a retard will only degrade the real mentally-challenged persons themselves. So lets just stick with assholes.

Lets get back to the real issue. So yes, we do have our reason for needing such space. Disabled parking place are normally wider than the normal ones so that we can conveniently alight from our vehicle and transfer into our wheelchair. In a way, with bigger space, it would save the car parking next to us from getting accidentally scratched.

I’m sure I have numerous other reasons why such parking space must not be hogged by hogs, but since Brazilian F1 is about to flag off, my mind has left the Curve a short moment ago, flying direct to Interlagos analyzing on the possibility of Kimi clinching the championship title for this season-ending, nail-biting race.

Sooo…If they insists on taking the spot, I say go ahead break your spine and you sure can have the parking for all the people in the world to give a shit, legally.


cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

For the moment - forgive me - I won't comment on your latest post, cause all I want to say is:


Ferrari won! Kimi won! Massa 2nd!

cakapaje said...

Ok, now I can comment.

I like the last poster best. If only someone could translate it into Malay, Mandarin and Tamil, and have it posted at all parkings for..., it would be good.

Then again, when you come to think of the low reading habits of Malaysians, wonder if it would make a difference.

My suggestion, instead of clamping their cars, puncture their tyres! All four!

Pi Bani said...

Yeah, ini macam punya orang are everywhere. Yang parking kat tempat reserved for the disabled satu hal... kalau dah those parking lots pun penuh, depa dok park je kereta ikut suka hati, tak kiralah if in the process they block other cars.

Raden Galoh said...

I had witnessed org sakit hati sebab parking sampai scratched the wrongly parked car tu...hmmm...camne tu?

That day my son commented on the penalty if an un OKU (ada ke term ni bro?) people park at the disabled parking space...he said: laa...sikitnya denda, RM50 je? Macam ni sapa pun blh byr denda tu... little grown-up boy pun blh evaluate...hahahaha

I think I'm with cakapaje...bocorkan tayar depa tu inconsiderate!

Mat Salo said...

Bro'.. that's why I beli umah tak jauh dari Curve - sebab senang you nak datang visit. Ha-ha. Eh, make sure whenever you go there call me also ok? I can practically walk over there...

Citer pasai disable parking nih. Nothing upsets me more tengok orang kiasu abuse the spot. One time me and a friend pi Mandarin hotel basement parking. The disabled spot biasa lah, next to lift entrance going to lobby upstairs. We saw a lady in S60 volvo park right on that spot walhal 20-30 feet away banyak empty lots. Nak kiasu laa katakan. So my friend bukak glove compartment dia, amik wife dia nyer lipstick and started defacing the windscreen --"You don't deserve to drive a Volvo you kiasu asshole lady!" Padan muka!

Kata Tak Nak said...

Maybe the sign is in Swahili thats why the jerk parked there. He must have thought that if he parked there he would get a prize. Thats Malaysian for you, so bloody selfish and insensitive. Just look at the way they drive.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Bro shah,

Not just this fella didn’t read the signboard but he even had the face to remove it so that he can park his damn car. I’m surprised that someone could go that far.

So anyway, it was a good weekend for us. I was ecstatic and I’m sure tifosis around the world too but cant say the same abt the champion himself. Maybe he was being super cool! Haha..

Kak Pi,

I guess it is a typical for Malaysian drivers to have such mentality. Glad I’m not a driver myself. Haha…do u think their cars deserve to be scratched afterall? certainly looks like it.

Kak D,

I say scratch their cars for being inconsiderate!

Btw, un-OKU tak pernah dgr but I get your point. And coming from your son, he deserve some pat on the back for being observant. I think it’s a great thing that he is being exposed and sensitive at his very young age.

See ya tomorrow? Hihi…sure hope so.

MS bro,

The Curve is our favourite hang-out joint. Its accessibility being the main reason, its also only a short drive from home. So very convenient for us. Perhaps the next time we’re there, I’ll give u a call. Kalau boleh tak nak la kacau, u bro.

This lady u were telling in a way proves my point there is such term as kiasu Malaysian. When there r many other parking available they just got to have the one nearest to the lift, even for disabled pon dia sondol. I think what your friend did is a good idea and would give serious thought about emulating such act, even with cctv around. I have a case what. Right?


Hahaha…and the sign is in simple English! That’s even more puzzling, cikgu. Even a rm300 fine hugely written on the board just couldn’t stop an arse from doing what he’s best at.

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Danny,

Good post!

Tells those idiots (sometimes dressed in suits) who park and proudly saunter around that they parked in the disabled lot that karma has a weird way of getting back at you...

Good one, D!

PrincessJournals said...

I hate it when able-bodied ppl parked at the disabled parking area. macam takde otak. i also hate ppl who dont park properly thus taking 2 spots instead of 1. kalau ikut i, dah lama i scratched the car or pancit kan tayar. sadly to say tht when it comes to parking, msian stil has a lot to learn.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Yes, like the one written on the signboard in the second pic. Ok, I’m not wishing anyone to suffer the same fate, ending up on wheelchair but as some friends here had suggested, puncturing their tires, all four of them? Hihi…we’re such evil. But serve them morons right.


Hey, not just mere scratching the cars, I’d do one better, scratch and pose right infront of the cctv. That one’s for the security for being too lenient.

Eh, still cant access to ur blog la. Hmm…maybe its my comp as I hv a couple of other blogs inaccessible.

Mior Azhar said...

I read somewhere today (or is it in The Malay Mail) about this one person who apparently went to the Curve over the weekend and parked at the disabled parking space and got slapped by a denda or something (or ker kena clamped) and ranted about it about how unfair the management were. Yeah right! Some people.... sheesh.

Yeay, Kimi won! and Springboks won too. Double yeay!

Bailey said...

this is a friend of friend of mine, i think he's weird. one day i tumpang his car to go to this shopping mall, ada pulak dia ckp yg ckp membazir buat parking for disabled. dia kata kan kalau elok if bg je org lain yg nk park ble parking penuh.

such an unconsiderate fella.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Bg Mior,

Whoa…I can tell you this. its been more than 2 years since I read the Malay Mail. For some unknown reason, my dad has stopped reading the daily, and I couldn’t be bothered to read it myself, let alone buying it.

For this some people, he can whine. Go ahead, bring some banners and placards to protest. He’ll make a silly fool of himself. Another jerk on the loose.

Lama tak nampak bang…salam kat kak yan.


Oh gawd, since the first comment right up to this point, everyone has a story of jerks to relate to. This fella, your friend’s friend, is hands down the worst kind. Being kiasu has its own reason but for being extra insensitive shows this guy’s mentality is no different from those who are of in-breed product.

So your raya is still in full swing or what?

tokasid said...

Salam bro kerp:

Somehow my earlier comment tak masuk your blog few days ago.

Basically, those non-OKU physically but OKU in their head will park at the lots meant for OKUs. Not only in malls but infront of banks too.
In Cencalokland I notice most banks will have 2 lots for OKUs. But most of the time you find OKU inside their head will park there( and sometimes waiting while reading a newspaper). This really pissed me off. On several occassion I wanted to get out of my car and tell the driver off but my friend will tell me not to do that.

These jerks with kiasuism to the power of ten,are unfortunately ppl who owned luxury cars. I mean I have seen BMWs,Mercedeses, Estimas, Wish and Brabus(should have berambus!) using OKU parking lots!!
How selfish they are.

Me ,I won't scratch their car. But I prefer to go for the four wheels(buang angin not the paku type), they won't fork out money to change tyres but they have to find ways or help to inflate the flat tyres.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Yea, in most parking lots, they would normally reserve at least 2 spots for the disabled. But as we may have guessed, the public tend to take it for granted that the OKUs only comes around once in blue moon, hence the 2 spots are occupied round-the-clock by the non-OKUs. Or as you nicely put it, the OKU in the head. Haha…

Taking things for granted is one thing. And kiasuism being the other. How not sure if its going to be a simple task trying to change their mind set. So I guess puncturing their tyres or even scratching their cars, especially those luxury ones, would justify and teach them a lesson or 2. we’ve just got to go down hard on them, or they’ll never learn.

Doc, like elviza, I’m hoping as much to get to meet you. do make it a point from your part, bro.

tokasid said...

Bro kerp:

InsyaALLAH one of these days we'll meet. With sis Elviza too. And Shah cakapaje and pak mior dan pak zabs and bro mute and our mysterious Bergen.

zorro said...

Danny, ask Mum and Dad what happened to the car that blocked my exit at Assunta Hospital.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


yes, all in fact. and cikgu nazir and daphne, and i may have missed some names.

uncle B,

no way i'm asking them. much prefer to hear from you yourself. somehow i know its goin to be one hay of a story.

elviza said...


I typed something here last night. But it didn't get through. Sigh, I could wage war with streamyx at times you know...

Anyway, I know how you must have felt. I am disgusted by these inconsiderate lots.

Tell you a story. One day I was going to Times KLCC and I was at the huge parking area, walking from my car to the entrance of KLCC.

I saw this one lady who swung her high heeled legs out of her spanking band new audi, grabbed her expensive gucci handbag and nonchalantly walked ahead to the entrance of the mall.

Yes, she parked at the place meant for you.

I walked up to her and told her off. As expected, she retorted back by telling me to mind my own business.

Well, at least I tried!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Yo EL,

Oops, almost missed u there.

And, whoaaa…u actually told her off?? Ok, it didn’t come as a surprise for such arrogant bi-atch to be telling u back. It reflexes on her personality- rich, elegant AND a down-right BIMBO!

My hats off to u for possessing such courage. The lack of awareness only happens to those who don’t read, and obviously this woman has astro guide or something as her only reading material at home..

sankochan said...

cute!! can I curi the picture!!?? Thanks~~ glad to say I don't do such things!

I park super far away from the shopping malls.....

To avoid paying the parking bill!! Guwahahaa~!!! So I park free~~

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

miss teh,

by all means, feel free to ttake anything from here.

as in ur case, its ok i guess, to be a cheapskate than being a freakin' kiasu!