Friday, October 26, 2007

Tuesday With Bloggers (TWB)

Hello again. No, you didn't make a wrong turn and ended up in Jalan Sudin. You're very much in Let's Go land.

Its been quite an eventful week so far that I haven’t had much time to sit and write. Not that I have many things to say, apart from telling the world and the ISS crew somewhere up there how long my turd was earlier this afternoon.

Now here's one shit who had uttered the word Pukimak in the parliament for whatever reason it was and got away with it. Sadly, name callings in parliament has become the norm in Malaysia Nowdays. I am no fan of either sides but by insulting an opposition MP for being on wheelchair is not acceptable. And this coming from someone whose job is to represent the people. To that MP from the majority side, nah ambik ni...Pukimak kau balik.

I'm just going to leave it at that. You can read Peter's take on what was the hoo-ha all about.

Moving along swiftly on a completely different matter all together, I’m not sure if it’s a tradition thing but I felt that being a first-timer, or as Mat Salo puts it, a virgin, making my debut at Aunty Maria’s MRT (mee rebus Tuesday), I ought to write something about it. So here I am.

Cool-as-the-iceman Shah of the TalkOnly fame went through all the trouble to pick up Mat Salo before going through even deeper shit to give a crippled on wheelchair a lift to Aunty Maria’s. Arrived slightly past 1pm and of all the bloggers, it was Zorro who was the first to greet me at the front gate. Well, mainly because he had to remove his vehicle just to give way for this VVIP making his grand entry. Hey, I even had a bodyguard in the form of Kamal FND Hashim, the region’s number one crime ANALyst. He was making his debut as well but not as a virgin.

And so blablabla, and blablabla, and in no time I found myself in a company of well-known bloggers, who are mostly the regulars, finding their way to free lunch every Tuesday. Finally I get to meet Aunty Maria and Pn Nuraina of Jalan Sudin, I believe acting as MRT’s co-host. I’m equally honoured to have met Crocs-enthusiast Elviza, Capt Yusoff of the Ancient Mariner, Michelle from Bolehland, sis Raden Galoh and her other half the Mambang man, the legendary Bigdog and his adorable daughter Aishah, an 11 year old blogger who can actually write better and put yours truly to shame.

Alliedmartster and Rocky were there too but since I’ve met them a few times prior to that Tuesday, they are less important on this occasion. Kahkahh…But seriously, Its always a pleasure meeting them, brother Tony Yew and abang Ahirudin Attan. Forgive me as I may have missed some other names. I have a very short memory span.

Did I mention Capt Yusoff already? Oh yes, I did.

But here’s a man that will leave an impact which one will find hard to let it slip off his/her cerebrum.. I present to you…*table-thumping drum roll*…uncle Roslani the Mind-Blower!

Ok, the Mee Rebus was exceptional but this wise ex-judge is simply in a chamber of his own. Not so much a man with many words but an expert in getting everyone in stitches every single time he opens up his mouth!

Rumour has it that he may jump into the blogging bandwagon. I’m already declaring myself his number one fan cum stalker. Oh yesss…I know where you live, Your Honour, I really do. Muahaha…

Ok I better quit before I start to freak somebody out. Or worse, being accused a gay.

Now this is something I discovered today which is certainly no rumours. Aunty Maria herself has started her own blog. It was a great surprise but somehow I knew she would eventually put her writing skills (she’s a former The Star journalist) into good use again.

I say, welcome aboard Tok Mommy!

Thank you both. Had a blast and I truly appreciate your hospitality. I may not be able to join the lads and lasses weekly but will surely drop by every single opportunity permits.

* Arwah Nurin's uncle, Jasni Jalil was there and it was an honour to have a chat or two with him. Count me in, I'm wheelin' with you, sir.

L to R- uncle R, uncle B and some guy

Newly declared sister, Kak D a.k.a Raden Galoh with some guy. Aishah and aunty Maria can be seen in the background

L to R- Km/J Kamal, Shah CakapAje, some guy and our Bru.

*Photos courtesy of camera-shy Mat Salo.


Bailey said...

wow...bestnye get together. =)

cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

Hullo! You put my name as though I worldly famous! Don't lah, malu you know people read it.

Anyway, it was good fun there.

ps. Have you talked to your dad already about the Resident's Committee?

elviza said...

Oh Kerp, the pleasure was all mine.

Hope to see you again and I don't mind picking you up as long as your fancy wheels can be fit into my space-challenged proton.

Better still, if you inform me earlier, I could steal my other half's four wheeler. What say you brother?? Genius idea aint it???

Mat Salo said...

Mat Salo camera-shy? Bukan gitu, bro'. As a wannabe lensman, I consider myself the most un-photogenic subject laa, ha-ha.

Padan mukan EmPee tuh! Kan dah kene sebijik dari ko.. Don't ever get on the wrong side of OKU's esp. OKU bloggers --nak carik pasal...

Theo W rocks!

tokasid said...

Salam kerp;

Yeah, I read at Shah's cakapaje, all had a good time at Tok Mommy.

I can understand your euphoria on that day. Standing( sorry eh..) tall with the big wigs of Malaysian blogosphere is like you meeting ..say Angelina Jolie in person,right? Of course you don't get the hard-on meeting Mr Zakhir aka Bigdog or Unker Zorro or Rocky kan...

Mat salo camera shy?? Kerp..please lah bro..Matsalo kalu ada peluang nak dok depan sekali bila bergambar tau!!(MS, I can see smoke coming out from your ears pak. Or is it the Kalimantan way of smoking Dunhill through the ears?).Like he said, once you become a are no more the main subject. Dan tak hensem pun satu hal lagi lah...(heh3,,ampun pak mat salo..ampun dehh!!!)

tokasid said...

Kerp :
As for the pukimak remarks...well what do you expect from Jerai or Kinabatangan or Parit Raja or Jasin??

These guys are all samseng kampong who became MPs. Do you seriously think they can shed-off their biawak skin?

SiextyEight said...

I saw your comment in my blog (yg tak meriah tu)and of course as a freshman in blogging, I am very eager to know who are my,after reading your blog, obviously, you have lots of fan(and sometimes make me shy), having your comment really makes me proud..thanks..

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Hi kerp,

Thank you for yr comments at my newly-created blog.

Was my pleasure to meet you. In fact, I invited you parents to MRT and to bring you along when I was told who they were (ie. parents to blogger kerp) at the wedding of uncle Zorro's son in September.

Glad you finally mananaged to come.

As for Uncle Roslani, I think, being a comedian has been his secret ambition which has now been fullfilled with fans like you.

Please give my salaam to your parents.

Have a nice weekend.

Aunty Maria

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Yo bailey,

Hey sis, Maybe u urself should make it a point to have a taste of MRT, the mee rebus is excellent and the company is even better.

Shah brother,

Hey, I owe u one, man. its been great knowing u. anyway I hv told my dad abt it and he said that he needs to learn more abt it. I’ve given the card anyway. Once he’s given the green light, I’ll let u know.

EL sistah!

I really appreciate your too-good-to-resist offer. Just that u should know, this crappy wheelchair of mine prefers a proton more than a Mercedes.

I may not need to get a lift from anyone as now I know where aunty maria’s house is, I can always use Mobiliti. Come to think of it, joining u guys on regular basis seems very likely, and a sure thing in future.

Should have asked MS to snap a pic of us together. But hey, there’s always another Tuesday, right?


MS bro,

I think that’s how everyone thinks looking at her/his own pics. When I saw mine, I felt like the ugliest person at MRT. It could be the case but the thing is, I’ve proven to hv been there, eating the same legendary mee rebus as everyone has.

Aku bukan suka main hentam mana2 MP but this fella has stepped over the line. Nak sepak muka dia tak boleh…jadi aku pon maki je la balik…kahkah…

Do give us a call the next time ur back from the swamp again.


I tell u this doc,… when I first set my wheels there in the living room, everyone was looking down on…literally. Hahaha.

As shah puts it, it was great fun. And everyone’s looking forward to have u around too. I certainly am.

I asked mat salo to be taken some pics of us and get anyone to snap it for us. That’s when he confessed about him not being photogenic. No wonder la in every gathering, the name mat salo is in everyone’s lips only for his photos not anywhere to be seen.

As I explains earlier, I have nothing against anyone in the parliament but what all the words that jerai had shot came from his other head.


Hey there sister. Errm…thanks for all the nice words and all but I am perfectly sure u got the wrong blogger. I believe u meant to get it posted in zorro’s instead. But thanks for dropping by btw.

Aunty maria,

Looking forward to more of your postings, puan.

Immediately after they came back from the wedding, mom informed me about how pleased they were to have met you and uncle R. I didn’t know back then that uncle roslani is one heck of a man. do persuade him to blog!

As I’ve said to elviza, will make it a point to join u guys again in one of the Tuesdays. And I can come by myself now that I know where exactly your house is. Prepare urself to see more of my face. Thanks aunty!

Mior Azhar said...

Bro Kerp,
Oh jealous, jealous ... how do one get invited to MRT? jealous jealous jealous

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Bg Mior,

It was out of curiosity that I decided to attend one of the MRTs. The mee rebus and the company didn’t disappoint me. I could be wrong but I believe it’s NOT by-invitation-only as most bloggers are welcome every Tuesday. But out of courtesy, maybe it would be better to drop Pn nuraina a line in advance just to inform your intention to attend one.

BigDogDotCom said...


Great of you to come. Nothing legendary about me.

Now that you an MRT member, you are expected to make more appearances at Maria's.

PrincessJournals said...

bestnya dpt jumpa all the whose-who bloggers and makan mee rebus at the same time! jeles, very jeles!

Pi Bani said...

Amboi seronoknya dia...

Too bad it's on a working day. Kalau tak, probably I pun dah redah sama gi join you all. After all, the house is just a few houses away from mine. I mean... a few toll houses lah... ;)

sankochan said...

I only go to blog gatherings for the food~~

The Ancient Mariner said...

It was nice meeting you, kerp.

Since we are almost neighbors just holler if you need any help in the logistics the next time.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Big bro,

I sure will. Maybe not on weekly basis but will get my butt down there on every single Tuesday I possibly could.


Eh, i’ve never asked you this. will you be coming back some time in the future? I mean, if you’re from the klang valley area, it wont be difficult to join in the fun. Or any get-together for that matter.

The first thing I’m gonna do after replying this is to make another attempt on getting into your site. Has it been rectified yet?

Kak Pi,

I am very very sure everybody would love to meet you. I know I do. Kak dalilah took 1-day leave just for the MRT raya version. And I thought you would be around too as along the way leading to the Tuesday, your name were mentioned a couple of times. But its ok akak…if you happen to be in KL even on weekends, we can still meet up, minus the mee rebus laa..

Miss Teh,

But I tell ya, Sandra…the food should be awesome but the company is something else. It is like meeting your chat friends, only with the bloggers, we talk about more intelligent stuff. But as u’d expect, I don’t talk much…hahha…

Thanks, friends.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

capt, sir!

i sure will. thanks. but going with shah and mat salo the other day was to familiarise with actual situation at aunty Maria's. i'll just get Mobiliti the next time around. sure hope to meet u again, and ofcos, the rest aswell.

Bailey said...


i'd love to. but segan nak join. mcm tetiba je sibuk. ;)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


i pon mula2 segan but once warmed up to the crowd, u'll be on a roll. i wont be a regular but will find out more if all bloggers r welcomed. should be tho..

PrincessJournals said...

hilanglah pulak comment. :(
anyways, memanglah i sentiasa hoping dpt balik msia esp during raya. hopefully next yr dpt balik. yes im fr klang valley so its easier to meet up w fellow bloggers!
im srry to hear tht u stil cant get into my blog. nak rectify pun tak tau hujung pangkal since a few cant get into it but the rest has no problem whtsoever.

waterlily said...

Wahh..bestnye..if could join and meet all of you. Salam aidilfitri...

akak marianie aka waterlily

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


next year? that wld be like, 2 months to go...yay!

haha...seriously, lets make it a point to meet up when ur back. MRT would be perefect meeting joint. i'll be looking forward to that.

kak marriannie,

wahh..lama tak dgr cerita. hows things with u over there? yes, semua org now wish to meet each other. it was nice to know whos who in the blogging world. lets at least try and make it a point at least. thanks akak.

A Voice said...

Have been under the weather since the end of Ramadhan. The bloody dry cough came back worse than before and have practically been out of action for a week.

Man ... did I missed that week's MRT. Had an urgent matter to do. That must be the one with Big Dog's birthday, isn't it?

Been wanting to meet you in person. Kalau ada umor oanjang, boleh kita berjumpa.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Salam A voice, sir.

Almost missed u there.

Yea, the weather got most of us totally knocked out. Nau’zubillah but so far, I’m the last man ‘standing’ as most of my family members have been bugged down.

Anyway yes, it was the MRT raya edition thing, the day bigdog turns 40. you may have missed that one bro but Tuesdays are always just 7 days away and I sure would love to be as regular as rocky and zorro, so insyaAllah we get to meet up pretty soon. Its been quite while since I wondered who the man behind CW3/a voice anyway. How abt this Tuesday?