Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Really meh?

He has since apologized after all the mess he created. This apology comes as a surprise and I believe it was the most intelligent thing to ever come out of his stinky mouth through out his entire life.

So how should we react, especially on this latest outcome?

Let me see. How about this. Since we’re still in the month of Syawal and all, lets all forgive this MP and forget everything that he had uttered. He was provoked, so the blame should be on MP Karpal.

Oh, and we all should open up our hearts and accept his apology with grace. This guy did nothing wrong. We over retaliated. I over reacted for being a sensitive retard on wheelchair. I take the blame for his remark because I’m on a freakin’ wheelchair as a punishment from God.

He’s a member of the Parliament and deserve to be praised. This MP is a very noble man. Jerai folks are the envious of others for having such great representative. And with this, do vote him when the next GE comes around.

I think he deserve more than just lousy votes. How about this in the mean time. Lets all worship him instead. Yessssss…that.

I demand you all, ALL OF YOU TO BOW DOWN TO HIM…



So anyway…fuck.

Pic courtesy of Benny Loh (Malaysian Cartoons)


BigDogDotCom said...


You'd rather he did not apologize?

It does not matter to him whether he apologize or not. UMNO Jerai will still nominate him for the candidacy of Jerai in the next elections and since he is 'okay' with Boss, most likely he will retain his Jerai MP seat the next round.

Better still, the Boss could make him A Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Family and Welfare Development or Deputy Speaker of the Dewan Rakyat. He is already the Permanent Deputy Speaker of UMNO General Assembly and the 2500 odd delegates (who are the people who actually determine who is the President, Deputy President, Vice Presidents and MKT) actually love this man!

As far as it goes beyond the Bloggosphere, this case is closed. Whether you and the wheelers community able to accept his apology, it does not matter to him or the MSM anymore.

Since he already unconditionally apologized in the Dewan Rakyat, YB Karpal Singh of Gelugor can no longer raise this matter up in the Dewan Rakyat, without looking like a sore-thumb and a cry-baby.

What he 'should' do, then and now, no longer matters anymore.

Again, would you rather he apologize?

tokasid said...

Salam Kerp:

Yeah, he apologised. So what?
As far as I'm concern if someone is sincere of his mistakes or outburst, he would have apologised after the hoo-haa with Karpal.
Why after several days?
Just like the 'bocor' case,remember?
After a few days did those OKAs apologised for their bocor remarks.

For me his apology yesterday was a political apology, maybe after receiving several phone calls from PWTC or Putrajaya.

As a senior MP, he knew what is right and what is wrong to say in Parliament. He is no novice in Parliamentary debates and exchanges. As a veteran MP, he should know how to control is emotion and temper.( Same thing goes to opposition MPs)

Bro Biggum had mentioned that Jerai is very popular with the delegates. I agree. He is good when giving a speech in pantun form. And the Kedah loghat as the icing on his cake.
And that is what politics is all about. Its about popularity actually. You might be lazy, you might be prone to use vulgar remarks.You might be an OKA, but if you are popular with the delegates and the leadership, chances are you will be pick or retained as a candidate.
And once you are elected(or re-elected) you can turn the House into another circus and apologise before another General Election.

Jerai oh Jerai....

ps- couldn't make it on saturday to mufti's class. I had food poisoning. Will try to call him tomorrow night. If I have any news I'll call you personally bro.

cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

For all I care, he and his buddies and go jump into the deepest part of Sungai Kelang, with their bodies wrapped with golf clubs! And off course, golfballs stuffed into each of their orifice!

Kata Tak Nak said...

A Pukimak is always a Pukimak. Yes, he should apologise because we could have the pleasure of feeling him squirm when he did. Whether he is still voted or not is, to borrow another pukimak's remark,irrelevant. The pleasure of seeing him squirm in his pants is good enough.

Daphne Ling said...

Hey Danny,

Oh well, at least he apologised without being '''forced''' to publicly...

We do have a lot of clowns in Parliament, don't we? But like you, I'm steering clear of politics...=)

Looks like election coming...Maybe that's why there's an apology...I could be very wrong though...

ahiruDin aTTan said...

I have an Uncle who is on wheelchair who will thump this guy with one hand tied to the back of his wheels. Serious. So don't let this Uncle's nephew anywhere close to this machaipukimak until he apologises personally to Kerp and all wheelers.

That's all I have to say for now.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Biggie, docTA and cikgu nazir,

Yes, he did but he was pressured to. And whether it was done sincerely or not is none of my concern any longer.

He uttered words that are extremely hurtful but by a mere apology he got away with it. not even a tick from his party peers. Why? As you (bigdog) said, he’s very popular amongst the UMNO people.

I read tony yew’s take on this whole fracas and he made a very good point. Former England manager, glenn hoddle was sacked in 1999 for making a similar, insulting remark in nature and this coming from a country where freedom of expression is very much being upheld, it was still not good enough to keep him in office, and he was shown the door eventually.

Back here, In our beloved Malaysia, sorry seems to be good enough even when the worst kind of derogatory remarks are made. That person still gets to keep his job. So again, whether he apologises or not, he will still get away with it.

Bro shah,

Your description on how he should be punished is a little too gory bro…hahaha…but nothing beats the punishment from God!

Semua tu aku ‘cakapaje’…hahha…

Daphne dearest,

I tried to stay away from it as much as I could but this had to happen. When I first started, I thought it would be cool to do something like you and Kak Pi, writing about things close to your heart. Or simply blog as ‘survivor’ like Raden Galoh. But its never too late for that. Maybe I should just shut the hell up whenever politician talks. Its just not worth retaliating.

Hey D…been a while since we last chat. Kinda miss that. We sure have loads to catch up on. Will be looking forward to next week.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Yes, that oughtta do it if he is indeed sincere. He can say all the nice shit like shedding his tears whenever he sees an OKU. This pukimak can even kiss karpal’s ass for all I care. That’s all talk. He knew very well the house cam was focusing on him, hence all the nice, flowery words.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kerp,

As I have mentioned to you earlier, the sick and p#k**m#ks are everywhere, so let's get this Jerai MP to become the President to that p#k**m#k club.

Will call you nanti.

Akak mystery.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hi akak,

wahh...lama tak dgr cerita. loadsa shit happened since we last spoke. as for this PM fella, looks like he got out of it all unscratched. oh well. thats how things work here i guess. i'm moving on. hope to hear from you soon, akak dearest.

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