Saturday, October 6, 2007

Praying For Hui Yi.

Riiiight. So they are not space tourists but the real deal astronauts, or most probably cosmonauts, as according to the Russians at least. Not by the Americans. Sure buddy. Whatever you say.

But for the time being, the two ‘Spaceflight participants’ can take the back seat as our main concern now is solely on Tee Hui Yi (pic)’s newly-transplanted heart, for the second time in as many days.

Apparently the first heart donated by the 15 year old accident victim did not work out on Hui Yi. But almost right immediately she received another heart from another accident victim from Johore Bharu. And this was after more than one year of waiting. So I guess miracles do happen after all.

The family of the new deceased donor are praying hard for Hui Yi to recover with flying colors. They are not alone. I’m praying hard to Allah SWT for our little Hui Yi to get back on her two feet again, and to start leading a normal teenage life. In this holy month of Ramadhan, nothing beats praying sincerely hard to get what we’re wishing for. And nothing more that I want now than for Hui Yi to pull through.

This posting may not be of any help but good enough to get my heart jumping with joy if everyone who reads this offers his/her prayers for Hui Yi’s successful recovery. I’ve never really been serious on most of the entries I wrote so far. But NOT this time around. I’m taking a very different approach, for Hui Yi’s sake. Lets all pray for her, friends. I really mean it.

MarinaM has more of her, reporting from the actual scene.


cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

With sincere thoughts and prayers, insyAllah. Also, kindly include in your prayers that she receive hidayah.

sankochan said...

yeah.... I hope too that she recovered... I read her story for the first time.

She have no heart but she jalan-jalan and keep a happy and positive attitude...

And here I see students my age suffering from depression out of negative attitude that the world is against them, nobody loves them... bla bla shit... TOOT!!

GURL!! You got my support~~ Hope you heal well~

tokasid said...

Salam kerp:

Hui Yi and her parents have strong character in them.The long waiting period without knowing when something like this was going to happen..
But thats what I normally see,those who were considered no hope cases, they are the ones that have the survival spirit.
My doa if for Hui Yi's fast recovery.

mekyam said...

Hi Kerpie dear,

Adding my prayers for brave Hui Yi to have a thumping recovery.

Prayers too to all brave people facing tribulations everywhere, from fighting for their health to fighting for their human rights.

To those who have passed on, my Al-Fatihah and to those who recently lost young children, prayers that God give them courage and emotional respite in their bereavements.

Selamat the rest of Puasa and Selamat Hari Raya to you and your gf and family.

david santos said...

Very good posting, Kerp!
Thank you.

Freedom for the people of the Birmânia!

Have a good day

Daphne Ling said...

Hey Danny,

All the best to Hui Yi, and may the Malay boy (sorry lar, I don't know his name) and Chin Yoon Keong (the mechanic), bless their souls, rest in peace...

I know who to find next time if I need prayers for healing yeah ;)...Hopefully you're as serious then...

To digress: I would like to humbly point out that depression is a real condition, and no laughing matter...Given, that alot of teenagers are drama kings and queens, and some never outgrow the tendency even till they are quite old...

People who are genuinely depressed (and adolescents are all the more prone for many reasons) need as much support as people who are phsyically ill...The problem nowadays is that people are so discriminatory against people who say they suffer from depression, that many don't seek help...Because they are afraid others will laugh or condemn...

Someone wise once said (parahphrased): When a person jumps to his/her death or hurts him/herself because of depression, it is not the failure of that person in life...It is the failure of society for not listening...

ahiruDin aTTan said...

Me pray for this miracle with you, bro. May brave Hui Yi's prayers be answered, too.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Shah my brother,

Anything for her speedy recovery, man. to me, she’s suffered long enough when she should be with her homies, discussing ending maths problem or simply hanging out.


Your first time read about her? Ok, so I guess blog is a good tool in feeding news to after all. For some reason little Hui Yi really touches my heart, more than anyone so far, who had their plight highlighted. I’m making it a point to pay her a visit once she’s fully recovered. yes Sandra, its true. positive attitude keeps one moving, even how bad that person is.


I’m with you on this docTA. In other words, when the going gets tough, the tough gets you going. Keep fighting til the last breath. Just like football, the game aint over til the final whistle blows.

Hui Yi’s one tough character, she’ll make it, insyaAllah.


I’m looking at the brighter side of things. We’ve had nurin’s case that sheds tears to all but good things comes along the way, or in between, I’ll take it. hui yi waited for a heart almost a year in vain and suddenly in as many nights received 2. isn’t that miracle or what?

Hey, Salam aidilfitri to u and family too, Mekyam. Always a pleasure reading anything from u, sister!

Mr david santos,

You’re welcome. And thank you too. obrigado.


Yea, the malay boy and Yoon keong were the real heroes. Although they are no longer around, their parents can be proud of their sons. As a Malaysian, I’m proud of them. R.I.P to both.

Hey, I’m not much of a religious person in nature but I shall keep on praying for those in need, God willing, insyaAllah.

Hey D dearest, you have got a lot of points there. but errm, this is no trump plaza, or thrilla in manila thing. Hihi…wishing you both well really. but will catcha later,ok?

Yo rocks,

Thanks bro. I believe a single prayer could make a huge different. Yours counts. , will u be around for raya? If u happen to be at the next door, do cross over man. on the first day that is. Haha..

thanks friends. keep on praying.

Bailey said...

from what i've read, Hui Yi dah start gerakkan tangan and mula nak bercakap even tho suara tak keluar.

i hope she's geting better day by day. insya Allah.

eid mubarak, kerp. =)

ewoon said...


my heart is jumping up and down with joy, too.

May God shower blessings on Hui Yi and all those who have contributed in one way or another to her cause.

God is great. He moves in mysterious ways. i am so proud of my fellow Malaysians.

Mat Salo said...

Kerplunk.. Arse's superb performances nothwithstanding, there is hope after all... I too am watching the events and hope the best for Hui Yii.

And yes, by the grace of God, miracles DO still happen, bro' - and I echo Ewoon's feelings too: My heart swells with pride at the selflessness and to see beyond a person's skin...

Yes, I shall pray for her too and my utmost respects to family of the deceased donor..

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Yea I read that too, and I have to admit it was a good news to kick-start your week. I am grateful to the donors, for they were the real heroes.

She will get better insyaAllah.

And hey, salam aidilfitri to u too, sis. and to your family as well. Things are so looking up, thank God.

Mr woon,

I’m glad to have known another person offering his prayers for our Hui Yi. Believe me sir, it helps tremendously. Once she’s fully recovered, maybe we all should get together and pay her a visit. I am so game for that.

I’ll edit the link to your new crib. Thanks for dropping over Mr Woon. Keep on praying.

Mat Salo bro,

I do believe that miracles do happen for good things. For the heroic act by the donors, Allah shows the way that hopes are very much alive, even tho they didn’t make it. Heaven awaits them, while hui yi gets to taste life longer. Jangan putus doa, abg mat.

Season still a long way to go bro but the kids are doin alright. Remember, there are no big names in the team, and yet they’re top the league. That speaks volume of what ‘le boss’ is capable of seeing.

Check out what me and bro cakapaje had to say abt you at talkonly.

Thanks friends.

Raden Galoh said...

Kerp...I'm with you and the rest..praying for her speedy recovery and for them to brace the future with strong will...

To the donors too..may God bless your souls....

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Kak D,

thank you so much. Hui Yi needs our prayers badly. by the looks of things in today's newspaper, she's very much on the right track. dont we all glad to see her giving her thumbs up? Alhamdulillah.