Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Can’t think…and…type. Must drink…more...vitagen prescribed, or lungs…will…collapse.

Ok, I’m just being a little over-dramatic. But If you guys noticed, haven’t been online since I posted the last entry. Reason being is, I was (still am) down with very high fever and spent the past 2 days or so in bed mostly, and looks certainly to remain there for the next few days.

I am so weak to the bone with my body aching all over. Weird dreams seems to appear and woke up sweating and thirsty at 2am. Then I threw up at 3 in the morning and purged in my boxers like 3 hours later for two days running now. It's just horrible.

But with this little bit of energy left in me, I decided to get online and reply to all the response from you lot. I can only thank you all for hopping over to this very humble blog and share your thoughts and two sens worth.

For now though, it’s time to get back into my crib and get a bit more rest.

Thanks, friends.


anfield devotee said...

haiyo, sounds bad. Am also online at this fooking hour simply coz I canna sleep due to hypertensive headaches. Fooking worse than a hangover from hell (& minus the fun bit as well!)

U take care & do get well soon. Us old fogeys, macam macam ailments, system ada sensitive la . . .

constant_drama said...
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constant_drama said...

Oooohhh sorry to hear that. How did you managed to get high fever anyways?

Take good care of yourself. I need you to blog more. I have develop a certain attachment to your blog and I need my weekly dose of Kerp :o)

PrincessJournals said...

Get well soon Kerp! kalau batuk, telan vicks dayquil. kalau nak tidur, telan nitequil. (free ad for vicks! lol!)

Pi Bani said...

Hopefully you're feeling much better now. Rest cukup-cukup, OK? Nanti when you're well enough, I give you step by step instruction on how to upload your picture to your profile, ya? Tapi janganlah guna gambar mat rocker hari tu... ;)

Raden Galoh said...

Dearest brother...

Get well soon, I pray for your speedy recovery... Sedih baca condition you... Macam viral fever je dik? Dah get a doctor to check you?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Those bad dreams are because of your fever running too high. I aint no doctor so can't perscribe anything, whatever, if fever too high do sponge yourself okay. Rest, rest and rest with lots of water in between.

acciaccatura said...

salam kerp,
wah seronoknya kerp, you ada friends macam all the above ni.jangan you mimpi kita orang datang ziarah you wearing that wig pulak! heehee... anyway, tak care kerp. zikir sentiasa, inshaAllah.

cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

You take care. Just holler if you need me (but with my leg condition, I might just end up sitting on your chair! :) ) But take bro.

anfield devotee said...

oh yeah, kerp, have you ever checked out the ricecooker blog? With yer tatse in music, me thinks you will like this. Link is on me blog.

MaryKate said...

hi kerp,maybe a good cleansing kot? anyway,take care and lots of rest :)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Benayoun Bala!

Hihi…ok that actually came out of no where. Could be worse u know, like, Bellamy Bala?.

Anyways, yea it is bad. Its so bad that it crosses my mind to quit smoking all together. Never had any hang-over myself but not being able to sit on my wheel is bad enough. I mean, that’s like getting back on your 2 feet. Thanks for the well wishes tho.

You know, me and joe kidd go a long way back. Not sure if he can recall anything about this young punk but I was carburetor dung’s no 1 fan back then, attending their gigs all around KL/PJ. thanks for the link. Will check it out in a jiffy.

Constant drama,

Good question sister. I believe I pushed myself a little too hard over the weekend and when my cacat body gave in, the whole system crashed.

Thanks for the well-wish and hey, I am so flattered but nothing special about this blog I promise you. just a guy with so much time at his disposal.


Thanks, sister. Tak batuk but aching all over je. Telan activefast but that didnt work. Anti-biotic will only worsen my condition soothe best is to sleep it over, and lots of it!

Kak Pi,

I’m feeling better but not totally. Will give you a message once i’m back in full-force.

Akak, u never failed to tickle my ribs la. Hihi…but seriously, gambar hari tu tak ok ke? Hahha…

Kak D,

Thank you so much, akak dearest. I was so touched to receive your sms this morning. That gave me a little bit of strength to reply all the messages as I was too weak to even check my phone. Hopefully, insyaAllah come 2mrw morning I should be able to resume on my usual routine.


Thanks for the advice, sir. I did exactly that, amid the coldness of even a single drop of water.

And the dream got weirder last night. I was so thirsty I dreamt a glass of iced-cold rose syrup was just next to me and yet it was beyond my reach. Doesn’t make sense but that’s dream for u.

Kak E,

Salam akak. That’s the thing. I’m guilty of berzikir only when I’m down and in trouble. Bila sihat jarang sangat. And normally in times like this I would pledge to continue berzikir only to forget about it once I’m up and about. But I’m happy to hve someone like u as my friend akak. It kind of pushes me up.

Shah my brader,

I have an extra chair if you really need one. haha…hey, afterall, you handled that particular chair very well the other day. hahaha…but thanks for the well wishes. Wishing you well too. try urut bro. but I think modern medication works better.


That’s exactly what my mom said. Its about time I guess. Have not done much justice to this poor body of mine. Well, I deserve it I guess. Serve as a reminder at the same time.

Thanks all for your great concern on my health-being. It was very heart-warming to receive all the well wishes from you guys. It has really lifted me up spiritually. I OWE YOU ONE.

tokasid said...

salam kerp:

How are you now?
Most likely you had viral gastroenteritis. If tak improve juga, go see a doctor tomorrow.
You feel weak bcoz electrolytes byk hilang bila purging. Take oral rehydration salts or air kelapa(thats natural ORS) or some isotonic drinks( 100 plus pun boleh). Soft diets for next few days( bubor kanji tau) and no pedas2 food for 3 days.

Take care, bro.

Bailey said...

get well soon kerpie. =)

anfield devotee said...

Talk bout six degrees of seperation, I was colleagues with Mr Kidd at The Sun many moons ago. I had the metal reviews page while he did the punk/alternative Blasting Concept column.

He's got a shop in CM now dude. Finally the capitalist in him has been awakened!

Perhaps we can meet up there one of these days?

PS: Joy Division - no comment?

elviza said...

what are you doing typing this posting when you shd be resting? Go on now, stay in bed. Sheesh...

Take care

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Thanks for calling. I did exactly that. 100plus dah a few bottles. As for soft diets and spicy stuff tu, susah sikit la..haha…porridge is like the last thing I’d have in the menu. Will try and have healthier diet tho, but again, not porridge. And thanks for the doctorly advice. It helps a lot.


Thanks, sis. that was short but as sweet as you.


Hey, the only reason I bought the sun on Saturdays back then was for the exact reason, blasting concept!

And for the kids back then who wanted a fresh change in local music scene, it was our only source of information. We had aedes (joe’s) but to see small bands being featured in a newpaper back then was something huge. The name Joe Kidd is big, so cant really say it’s a small world, now could it?

*my apology to have skipped your latest post bala. I was abit too beat to read any articles. Haven’t had much energy to blog-hopping just yet.

El sis,

Here I am again! Hihi…just need to inform friends that km/j will be on tomorrow, although its not such a big deal, I thought its just the right thing to inform all friends about it. but I promise you, better to watch cartoons on Disney channel than a dumb talk show involving a handicapped fella at primetime.

Ok, climbing back to my bed!

maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Hi kerp,

Hope you are ok now.

Aunty Maria

mekyam said...

Kerpie lad,

What the hey? Is it viral fever?

No, don't bother answering now...

I think you better just do as Elviza says (wow, she can sound so stern ;D) and just fill us in on what attacked your system after those peskie things are gone.

Just take it easy for now, there's a good lad.

And oh Sweetie, in case you're fretting... don't worry your head about Pulau Batu Putih... sounds like our wonder team at the ICJ is definitely going to win it for dear ol' Canland. Our secret weapon, it appears, is to make everyone there bust their guts laughing at us.

anfield devotee said...

no worries, dude. Look forward to yer comments on Joy Division some other time.

Yes, Joe is a well known figure. But both of us know him personally. Boy, we used to hang out every other day man. Taught him the finer points of holding his alcohol!!!

Take care & get well soon.

Mior Azhar said...

Bro Kerp,
Makan ubat and rest a lot. Hope you are getting better cepat2. Sunyi lar the blogospehere without you!!1

monsterball said...

Take care of your health and hope your are fully recover by now.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Mekyam dearest!

Woow, its always a nice feeling to see you drop by. Yea, elviza was playing mom that It almost freaks me out I went straight to bed.

Call me unpatriotic but I couldn’t give a hay about batu putih. At first I thought pedra branca was a name of a gorgeous model from brazil or something but just a plot of island. That’s when I started losing my interest. Hihi..

Thanks mekyam lass.


Thanks bro. will definitely drop by soon but first needs to get the km/j thing off my back first.

Its been ages since I set my foot in central market. I wish to set my wheels now, hopefully soon and see what else joe kidd has in store. I need to get more rare stuff and I believe he has it all. My priority is to look for Carburetor’s songs for friend’s cd. If you don’t mind bala, could you ask him if its still available?

Bg mior,

Thank you so much bro. glad to have a friend in tokasid. Did exactly what he told.

And I’m flattered la for you to say such thing. Nothing to shout about, about me I promise you bg mior. But I take it as compliment. Always nice to have you around too.

Mr goh,

It is nice to have you to drop by. Thanks, sir. Am definitely on my way to recovery. Wishing you in best of health too.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yo Kerpie,
I saw you on TV a moment ago and I am proud of you. Maybe a little bit of jitters but you were great. I love your dad, he is my kind of guy but soory la if I were to say, that kaunselor fellow served no purpose.