Thursday, November 1, 2007

80s Re-visited: Brader Alert

Things are back in order there in the parliament house. As expected, he was NOT in any ways punished for looking down on crips in wheelchair. Hey, he’s a big-shot VVIP datok who must be treated like a king. So here it goes- Ampon Tuanku.

Hokie Cokie, let's move on. No, actually, lets travel back in time.

…All the way back to the 80s when Knight Rider was the coolest thing in the world.

Hey, those times weren’t that bad, unless you get stuck in traffic jams, the sight of drivers picking their nose were pretty common. Now days they have handphones to while away their time as replacement.

So anyway, it was also in the period of time when public bus drivers were rude as ever and cabbies were seen driving Mercedes to pick up passengers.

Discos were pretty much dead and half-buried when Glam rock/speed metal took over the center stage by storm. Mat rockers were the ‘in’ thing. Never mind the scrotum, tight leather pants and jeans were the flavour of the moment. Long-haired dudes in black Ts can easily be spotted in every corner of the town. Sling-bags with Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Sepultura and Motley Crue written on it were must-have items and Aliph High-cut rider shoes were like the Crocs of today.

I once had a brader who was proud to be part of this glitter rock generation. Yes. I had another brader to call my own.

Where could he be now I wonder.

It was very unfortunate that we had to split. With only some clothes in his Metallica’s black sling-bag, he went right off his own bloody way. Maybe it was tough for him, living a pathetic, meaningless life just trying to make ends meet. Never thought I’d say this and stab him in the spine but he was partly to be blamed. All his hard-earned money selling Care Bears and G.I Joe stickers went down the drain just for his regular fix of cannabis and some other illegal activity e.g Cock-fighting.

Society looked down on him while the Oteks were hot on his trail. He was given the ultimatum, either us or the junkie life and sadly, he made the wrong choice, sacrificing his own family for temporary enjoyment. We cant have a scumbag living in the neighbourhood so like it or not we had to disown him and he was booted out of the house soon after.

But now, after years of separation, I’m longing for his return. Its been too long. Struggling to bridge differences between us should be the thing of the past. Its high time to bury the hatchet.

Even though we’re cruising well in 5th gear into the new millennium, somehow I have the gut feeling this brader still very much stuck in time, in his preferred legendary era of the 80s.

Has anybody seen him?


What a cunt. I need to get a life.


Zakhir's Zoo said...

The only rock music that I listened to back then was the Def Leppard (mid-late 80s, early 90s). Even then, it was for a 'specific' purpose! (Ask Uncle Bernard for the story!)


It was "Pour Some Sugar On Me" and I programmed my CD player to replay this song endlessly (until it "served its purpose"!), then only I changed the song (Most probably 10-12 rounds of "Pour Some Sugar On Me").

The FIRST rock song that strucked my chord was "Jump" by Van Halen, 1984. I also like "Hot For Teacher". Then Def Leppards.

No Iron Maiden, no Motley Crue, no Motorhead, no Sepultura. Definitely NO Metallica!

I dug into Aerosmith's "Love's An Elevator" and some Bon Jovi's "Bad Medicine", "Wanted Dead or Alive", things like that. I also enjoyed Extreme.

That's all the rock I could take. Basically, I am a R&B man (Al Jarreau, Luther Vandross, James Ingram, George Benson, Peabo Bryson, Stevie Wonder, BoyzIIMen, After7, AtlanticStarr etc, etc, etc), with some fusion jazz and loads of Kenny Gs, Sanborns and Najees! Of course I am a fan of Sheila Majid, Liza Aziz, Mazlan Hamzah and the early albums of Zainal Abidin.

I also enjoyed big-band musics such as Old Blue Eyes, Harry Connick Jr etc etc etc. I really like Gene Kelly's "Singing in the Rain".

I also like Ghazal. Really!

So, I wouldn't be at your kinda rave...................

tokasid said...


Wow!!You rock braderr.....Wa Caya LU.....thats what those mat and minah rock would say for your entry.

Well, you might have noticed that I'm no rock kapak guy.
As for those loud stuff...I think Scorpion and Bon Jovi is my regular.( tu pun sebab ramai geng ada keset2 ni)

But there's Queen and Aerosmith. And thre's the Police and Dire Straits.We'' they are not rock kapak per se,right?

And there's Pink Floyd, they are what you consider as a progressive rock outfit.

Like Zakhir aka Biggum, my dose of music are from Al-Jarreau( how can one forget his rendition of Chick Corea's Spain),Malcom McDonalds,George Benson, Stevie Wonder( his superb Jammin'),The Dukes,James Ingram. And there's my all time fav David Sanborn,Tom Scott, Larry Carlton, Earl Klugh,Bob James, Spyro gyra( this one after reading Abang Med's review), Grover Washington, Dave gruisin,, lee Rit, Steve Gadd....

And of course Jackson Browne, Harry Chapin,Cats Steven, Jim Croche, Seals and Croft, Neil Young,America,Joni Mitchell, John Mellencamp,JJ Cale.

Ahh,,the list goes on and on...

Unfortunately metallica, Slayer, Iron Maiden ,Kiss, Meat loaf are not my cuppa.

And for the pic of the long lost brader...wooii....kerpy! Hang pekena kami noo...rambut palsu sapa hang pakai tu??

Pi Bani said...

Woi Kerp!! Wa ingat wa pernah tengok la lu punya brader tu!! Dah ada girlfriend cun wa cakap lu...

BigDogDotCom said...

Wooiii... Pi Bani can talk like that???

Wow! Rocker beb!

Tok Asid,

A good friend once said this to my face "Badan je besor, ingatkan suka musik kuat kuat macam thrash............tengok, tengok suka Pak Pak 'Itam suara kecik kecik!"

Pi Bani said...

Kerp, tumpang lalu.

Masuk kandang kambing, mengembek...
Masuk kandang kerbau, menguak...
Masuk reban ayam, berkokok...
Masuk kandang harimau... errr... mengucaplah kot sebelum kena baham.

Sorry, terdigress le pulak! Tapi ye lah, sekali-sekala kasi chan lah I bercakap ala-ala makcik rawk!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Whoaa…so rockin lively mannn…

Biggie @ tuan zakhir,

When u said def leppard, somehow it is registered in every rock fan’s mind its gotta be ‘pour some sugar’ song. But admittedly it was huge back then in ’87 to be exact. Only a year or so later I heard it for the first time and I thought it had to be my all my fav. Hihi…glad it was not to be.

And so you’re another Al Jarreau fan. You’re like the 6th blogger who told me that. Naturally being a non-jazz fan, I have no idea who the hay this fella is (was?) but I am so moved to check him out. I’ll get someone to email me just to get some taste of his stuff.

*big bro, will u be around this Tuesday? Instead of asking zorro, I’d rather ask you personally.

Doc TA,

Scorpion and bon jovi? Another mellow fellow…hahha..

i think rock kapak are those who digs more malay rock bands, stuff from fabiens, lipan bara, spring, sting, stoink and all those stinky shit. You can actually pinpoint the rock kapak on how they present themselves.

Hey doc, maybe we should ask bigdog to start the ball rollin’ on the one we discussed in your blog. I mean, I always get this writer’s block thing, so it would be good to know there’s something to write.

Hey, after all you guys are both jarreau fans, sure there’s plenty to talk about.

*wig aunty aku. Hahahahaa…she did some cleaning up in her room and the wig was part of the junks that caught my eyes…apa lagi, bergaya la jap…I even took along with it when I went for lunch with pinky. She said if I had it on in public, first time dia akan malu aku hadi laki dia…hahaha.

Kak Pi ku,

Phewwwwwwiiiittttttttttttt….rilek la kak long. Awek gua lagi cun la…


I really need to know, did you actually recognize it was me? tell me, tell me!!

Botak said...

I still play AC/DC at my age, and at loud volume too.
Rock on, man...

Bailey said...

macam kenal je orang dalam gambar tu...he he. familiar gile. =P

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

botak, sir!

woohooo...i am impressed! but ac/dc have been around since the 70s and whats exceptional about thm is they're still very much rockin' the stage!

no offence sir but i think angus young is pretty much around your age, or he could be older. but i guess age doesnt matter as long the spirit in you keeps flaming and rockin'.


hey sis. tell me seriously, when u first set your eyes on the photos, did u actually believe it was my 'long-lost brother' or that my shitty face was a dead give-away?

cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

Thought I saw your brother on WWF. Yup! Definitely! Somewhere near where our bro matsalo is now - Sipilok!

Say, why don't you pick up an instrument? Then, you and our pianist Fendi, can do a duet accompanied by Ahirudin and yours truly on vocal. So next when we go Mee Rebus Tuesday, we can break some chords there! What say you?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


totally forgotten they have renamed the other WWF for some time now. at first i thought u had mistaken me for ultimate warrior or something. rupa2nya beruk makyeh daaa...ciss.

hey, i need to be in the limelight so i get the mic. hihi...

PrincessJournals said...

cantik rambutnya ikal mayang! boleh pinjam ke? ;)
i pun terkejut baca Pi nyer comment. cayalah sis!

Bailey said...

i knowla it's you. =P

Pi Bani said...

Just to answer your curiousity,
First pic: I thought that was you.
2nd pic: CONFIRMED!

tokasid said...


bukan mellow guy daa...
tapi most of my juniors yg suka rock suka scorpions, Bon Jovi, Bryan Adam.
Kalau mat kelantan ,they will like the bands that you mentioned all those noisy head banging stuff which the lead singers will yell and growl that you don't understand a thing he said unless you have the cassetes' sleeves with you.
I never had any rock albums on my own. Only about 10 years ago I bought a compilation CD of Scorpion and Deep Purple. And Led Zep( now this is the real legendary rock group).

Yes the rock kapaks are are actually mat lentoks you know. Me just go for Sweet Charity, Search and Wings.

IBU said...

Muahaha..... i love rock music too! To the surprise of many. Mak Aji rock!! hahaha.....

p/s rambut tu... dah syampoo lom? Seghabai!!

waterlily said...

Muka tu macam pernah dilihat - familiar tapi di mana yup? Wa...cayalah kak PI. Rock juga eeee...ada sasapa tau perkembangan Metalicca tak? waaa...dulu gile abih tu...tapi sekarang kalau dengar muzik camtu rasa cam nak hempok jer apa2 benda yang keluarkan musik camtu( petanda diri dah tua...:P)

acciaccatura said...

salam kerp,
i was here very early. tak ada orang datang masa tu. jadi i tergelak sorang kat sini tengok wig you. and those were the days of my zaman kegemilangan.
you ni macam-macamlah kerp. but you can really make my day sometimes. i bet Pi was really cun herself in the 80s. ingat lagi seluaq stretch tu, dah macam pakai spandex adalah. Ibu punya 'seghabai' reminds me of naik turun bas masa tu. tahan tutup tingkap sebab tak nak rambut seghabai kena tiup angin.

yelah kerp, you all should group together and play some stuff of the 80s.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


That wig is totally out of fashion. That’s why ikal mayang. But glad i looked more like a mat rok instead of a lady!

Wei, Kak Pi stole the limelight. Tak puas


ok la u knew It was me. should have put the wig on properly and cld really fool u guys around..kahkahhhh

kak Pi,

shouldn’t have posted the 2nd pic but the first was kinda dark. Again, cld have fooled u guys…hihi..

doc TA,

don’t get me wrong, doc. All the bands mentioned are huge and influential with rock fans in general.

Maybe I should write something on fav bands so to clarify some things. Esp, the perception I get after posted on this entry that I was an 80s kid. no offence there.


Somehow I’ve figured that one out. Mom-son team that rocks!

Anyway, so nice to hear from u again. Been a while since u last updated your blog.

Kak mariannie,

Yes, muka tu mmg akak pernah tgk, dlm movie lethal weapon the first, masa mel Gibson muda. Exactly like that…hahaha..

There, another metallica fan ke akak? Now suddenly all the kakaks here can rock the world.

As far as I’m concerned, metallica is dead right after their justice album. They turned to corporate rock, where everything is all about the money, and their art only comes in second. Too bad for them, their later albums didn’t go down well with fans.

Kak E,

That wig tersepuk dlm almari for God knows how long. I doubt It was ever shampooed. That’s why berserabai.

I tried to imagine kakak2 ni semua spotting such ridiculous hair-do but it was beyond my imagination, and a scary thought at that! Hihi…

Thanks, all. Only regret is I didn’t get to fool anyone. Darn.

PrincessJournals said...

the question is, why in the world would u keep a long wig? hmmmmmmmm...... jawab kerp, jgn tak jawab.

david santos said...

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Kerp (Ph.D) said...


that wig isnt mine. I mean, hey...why would i keep a long wig in the first place anyway? it was my aunty's. she did some spring cleaning and the wig was un-graved from her wardrobe. so happened a cousin wanted to borrow it for his company's 80's-themed dinner or something.

there you go. and to simply answer your q, I'M NOT A CROSS-DRESSER!




Kata Tak Nak said...

Hmmm, hey I have seen that person before. Now, if only I can recollect. Where ah?

To me rock won't be rock without Led Zed, Deep Purple, Grand Funk, Black Sabbath,Santana, Iron Butterfly. In the 80s, I sought of went for more Malay songs. Soul-searching la kononnya.

Now I settle for anything nice. Nice tu pulak ikut mood jugak. Ada masa nak rock ada masa nak sentimental tapi kalau Deep Purple and Santana, bila2 masa pun boleh.

cbenc12 said...

hi kerp! long time i am not here! back again :D

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


on certain extent, i tend to agree with you that rock wont really be rock without Led Zep and Grandfunk especially. but this genre varies, with the not-so-mainstream bands eg Ramones, Sex pistols playing their parts as much as the ones mentioned in influencing the bands of today. and these bands were from the same 70s era.

all in all, rock is the preferred choice of many, and no one can deny that.

*we shared the spoil last night, as predicted.


its always nice seeing you here. been reading yours too occasionally. i'm kind of glad that we've got that little bond as blogger friends between us. not sure if you can relate much on what i've been writing so far but i sure could from yours. maybe i should dig some of your ideas whenever i have the writers-block thingy. thanks sis.

Mat Salo said...

Hoi Mat Rok!

Lest you know, last weekend Jakarta hosted not only Beyonce but Megadeath!

Gue caya ama lu laa bradder. Trust me, music ini come in phases. One day you will learn to appreciate other genres. Ha tengok BD, gazal pon balon!

*sekali sekala ada gak menjenguk luar dari kawasan dari paya* Hehee..

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

MS brader,

i not really a fan of megadeth but our indon friends are the envy of everyone here that such big rock act came to their shore. i dont know man but i sure wish we'd get more big names to perform here.

hey, btw i have learned to appreciate not just my kinda rock stuff. i even listen to thai song man...hihi...

always nice to see you making your rare appearance from the swamp. lookin forward to your next home coming bro.

Zakhir's Zoo said...


Al Jarreau is popular amongst Malaysians for his title song of the hit 80s TV series "Moonlighting", starring Bruce Willis and Sybil Sheppard.

I love his "We're in This Love Together".

I also like R&B crooner Jeffrey Osborne, "On The Wings Love" and "The Woo-Woo Song", Toni Braxton, Chaka Khan "Through the fire", "Ain't Nobody" and "I feel for you" and of course, the lovely Whitney Houston "I Have Nothing", from the movie "Bodyguard".

I made my darling daughter play on the piano Carly Simon's "Nobody Does It Better", the theme song from Ian Fleming's "The Spy Who Loved Me".

I also like Glady's Knight "Midnite Train To Georgia" and grandmother of Blues Rock, Tina Turner "I Can't Stand the Rain" and "I Dont Really Want To Fight". Tina's mid eighties "Better Be Good To Me" was my fav when I was taking my SPM.

Sting is also my staple diet, since The Police's "Synchronicity". "King of Pain", "Don't Stand So Close To Me" and "Synchronicity II" were my all time Police faves and solo, "Field of Gold", "Windmills of Your Mind", "Desert Rose" and "An Englishman in New York". The one that always make me cry will be "Children's Crussade" from his first solo, "Dreams of The Blue Turtle" and "It's Probably Me", the theme song for "Lethal Weapon III".

Last but not the least, Robert Palmer. "I Didn't Mean To Turn You On" and Marvin Gaye's adaptation of "Mercy, Mercy Me". His videos always have the most fantastic bunch of female band-giggers I have ever seen on TV!

My ONLY favourite Latino artist is Jose Feliciano. "Angela", "Rain" and "Windmills of Your Mind".

Zakhir's Zoo said...

Mat Salo the Paya-man,

Ghazal is so soothing. Really! You should try it. It gives people like me a lot of cultural and retro touch, being a someone who ancestors roam the Malacca Straits as traders in the Melayu-Riau archipelago (Johor-Riau Empire).

I feel like growing up during my grandfather's time at the banks of Muo river.

Fadhil Ahmad and Orkid Abdullah is my two favourite Ghazal crooners. Fadhil is also an excellent gambus stringer. He is with the gambus as Jose Feliciano with the accoustic guitar.

BigDogDotCom said...

BTW, James Ingram, Dionne Warwick, Kool & The Gang and Shaggy is coming to town , Nov-Dec.

Check out

Pi Bani said...

Whoa... orang dok share macam-macam lagu ni, I nak juga bagitau my all time favorite rock song (untuk membuktikan I pun terror bab rock ni). Ready for this? Here goes...


(lagu rock lah tu brader!)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Biggie a.k.a tuan Zakhir,

whoaa...very informative indeed. i believe bruce willis got his first break starring in this 80s hit series. cant remember the tune of the theme song tho but saxophone was the main instrument.

how about this biggie, check out my latest post and perhaps you could write about your own taste either at the zoo or BDDC. but preferably at the former. you can write longer and i'm sure it would be a pleasant read. are you game, bro?

kak Pi, teaser you. hey, you can join in the fun too i guess but NOT something that comes out of any nursery rhyme CDs la...

Mior Azhar said...

Astaghfirullah! Hehehe
My all time fave - Jump by Van Halen
Rock On bebeh!

Zakhir's Zoo said...

Rock apa ke hangguk tu Kak Pi????

Bagus lagi lagu Ahirudin Attan "Rocky's Bru"!


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Bg mior,

Aiseh, sampai mengucap ha…hahaha…

Anyway, like it or not, at one point of your life, you’ve gotta dig at least a couple of rock stuff. And in your case, van halen’s Jump. This song is a fav with movie producer for movie soundtrack.


Now we all know Kak Pi is a closet rock fanantic!

Zakhir's Zoo said...


Kak Pi ni macam konsep Hall & Oates 'Rock & Soul' yang Daryll Hall sebut dalam lagunya, "Rockability"!

Aku, macam Herbie Hancock's, "Rock It". :)

For you, Justin Timberlake's "Rock Your Body"...............

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Whoa…herbie hancock. Its been awhile since I heard about this jazz musician mann…he was like the king of synthesizer.

Fyi, anything to do with boybands aint my thing biggie. Justine was part of n sync wasn’t he?

wahhhh...36 comments...without a single spam...very flattering.

Biggum Dogmannsteinberg said...


I was big on Jean Michelle Jarre first, then Harold Faltermeyer. Until today, the theme song from "Beverly Hills Cops" "Axel F" is something I play a lot in my iTunes. When I was in sixth form, I also enjoyed Paul Hardcastle's "19".

I guess I hv divulged my entire music preference for you and your readers here.

Oh yes, I am also a big fan of Disney feature theme songs like "Beauty & The Beast", "I Go The Distance", "You'll Be In My Heart" and "True To Your Heart", by Stevie Wonder & 98 degrees.

Boy bands? I still enjoy "I Adore Mi Amore" by Color Me Badd and also the alto sax's version by Najee on the same song.

There, almost a complete list. I am off to PWTC now. I hv been asked to sit in the special meeting with the UMNO Clubs abroad and several MKTs.

Happy Deepavali to the Hindu readers of 'Lets Go'

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Yes, you’ve pretty much listed down everything there is from your cd/cassette/vinyl collections. Whats great about it tho, is I get to learn quite a number of new stuff and expand my poor knowledge of music in general. So this is a welcome. And thanks.

Anonymous said...

so....if i ever to see this 'brader', i kena buat apa?? bagi duit raya ekkk????

hahhahahaha...yeah, rite!!!


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

dee, if you see this brader, amek sure to give duit raya, duit deepavali and the coming duti xmas. oh, and dont forget hari oku sedunia falls on the 3rd of december. mintak charity sikit la wei.

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