Thursday, November 15, 2007

KM/J kanceled.

Here’s the thing. I was supposed to be featured in Kamal Afandi’s KM/J program tonight (15-nov) but for some weird reason RTM1 canceled it and I believe it was replaced by some forum thing.


But fortunately enough, I didn’t spread the word around telling the world my crippled face gets to be on television. Hey, that’s a typical reaction you know. Telling your family even as far as Uruguay, friends, foes, fuckers and shit that you’re about to be viewed by many, although I doubt many of us tunes in to RTM anymore these days.

KM/J is basically a show related to road accidents, where victims are fortunate enough to live and tell the tales of their respective mishaps in hoping to deter other road bullies from breaking the traffic laws and break their spine in the process. My buddies were featured in earlier part of the season so It was something like don't drive under the influence or you'll end up crippled like us kind of thing.

The episode where I’m in, it will be a non-sappy shit stuff as I’m supposed to show the viewers there’s life even after being confined on wheelchair. Not a problem there. Hey, I do have some life still, to live to my fullest. Things like, getting married?

Hah! Yeah, yeah…that crops up again. What’s new, I know.

Ok, how about things like, doing a Scott Weiland, performing unplugged show on wheelchair, or simply to just bungee-jump? Only in my case I imagine it would be bungee-throwing instead. Kahkahhh…another lame crippled joke.

But seriously, I do have some stuff I’d love to do and hopefully I get to live long enough to wheel them through.

If only I’m rich, all my dreams would have been materialized by now. but you cant call yourself rich if you don’t do what the stinkin’, cigar-chomping rich fellas usually does…make the poor, poorer.

Up yours, I'm outta here.


constant_drama said...

Good call on not spreading the word. Things like these always have a knack of screwing one over.

So it was an accident that landed you in a wheelchair huh? I say Im sorry to hear that but whats the point? You are a strong individual kerp and you are handling the circumstance real well.

You do not need to be on RTM to be an inspiration. You already are.

anfield devotee said...

Thank yer lucky stars u are NOT featured on anything that appears on that fooking station la brudder.

Fuyoh, next thing u know, namapak yer face but they have dubbed some pro-govt message over yer voice!

Just wait till a prvate production house decide to make a local version of Ironside & you will be the first they call, ok?

Pi Bani said...

Phew... thank your lucky stars KM/J cancelled tu bukan ganti dengan KJ... ;)

But I'll keep on a lookout for next week's KM/J.

cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

Ingat lagi iklan where the nice singh boy said "kalau pegang saja tak guna..."?

Well, now I say "kalau rtm tayang kerp tengok sorang pun tak guna...saya pun nak tengok!". You bet I'll keep an eye for the segment next week! Thanks bro!

Daphne Ling said...

Hey D,

Haaa...This from the person who told me to 'publicise' my interview...And he doesnt say anything about being on tv (cancelled or otherwise)!



Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Constant drama,

Woow, thanks there. that was extremely flattering you know. Not too sure if I could inspire anyone, but as I’ve said in one of the blogs I hopped in recently, if I could make a soul smile, that would have been an achievement already.

So anyway, I’m no clairvoyant but coming from this particular tv station, somehow I sensed it will not be aired last night. I mean, a less important show like km/j had to make way for a program with a bigger propaganda, right?.

Yup, got involved with an accident like more than a decade ago. I’ve written abt it somewhere in Let’s go Land. You just need to dig deeper. Thanks once again.


Hold our horses my man. like it or not, this face will still be on tele after all come next week or week after next. I’m not bothered if they’re not showing at all as long I get paid. Haha…

Hey, I’m on neither side btw brader…a non-partisan. Comes GE I will register myself and sell my vote to the highest bidder.

Kak Pi,

It was canceled that I switched to al-jazeera and watched KJ instead. Not kidding you.

Please do next week. I’ll keep you informed if there’s any changes.

Shah brader,

Hey, I meant to tell you guys but as I mentioned earlier, I had the gut feeling it wont be aired, as I read somewhere a live-telecasted forum will be on. Perhaps I’ll remind you next week but its not a big deal la bro…just a few minutes program talking about all things cacat je. Hahaha..

*hope the swell has subsided. Blame it on the pain, not the rat!


I swear this is the truth. Meant to sms you yesterday afternoon but by then I already sensed it wasn’t going to be aired. Remember we spoke the other day? I was tempted to tell you but decided against it and thought I’d sms you instead at the eleventh hour.

But no big deal la…just a half an hour program thing. But will keep you informed and perhaps you can spread the word to kak Pi.

Thanks friends.

Kata Tak Nak said...

If ever they call you again, please I would like to ask you, give us, your blog-readers a warning. A short post would do. Cancel or not is a different matter. Please! Its like this, I would like to boast to others that my blogging pal is on tv, you catch my drift.

tokasid said...

Kerp bro...

maybe it'll next week or the week after. I still think they should show it despite its by RTM for kampong folks still rely on RTM for infotainmen(? Dei ZAM! Yennedei apda?). And we do have lots of mat rempits. Maybe they can learn a few things.

Bailey said...

hey kerp,

wow...u dlm km/j?maybe now this week tp i 'm gonna watch km/j next week.

MaryKate said...

hi Kerp,at least you are TRUE to yourself,and I believe you are a man with substance. Compared to the others like KJ or Nazri, they may be abled, rich or influential,but are relying on politics and connections to be "somebody", losing their own self esteem, losing themself in the process. People like them think too highly of themselves and are arrogant, and if one day, they are out of power, they will find themselves very lonely. Whereby, people like us, we are down to earth AND we never lose ourselves.

Have a great life, cheerio :)

watelily said...

My bro Kerpie,
Akakmu ini pernah diinterview oleh oleh soang penerbit bebas untuk RTM. Abis satu family diinterviewnya termasuk abgmu. What I got - RTM siarkan program tu hari Isnin 6.30pg. Namanya sedap -Kudapan Hidup. Yang tak sedapnya waktu siarannya. Bukannya akak nak glemer sgt - apa faedah siarkan pada waktu tersebut,kononnya nak membuka mata orgramai terhadap keistimewaan OKU & memotivasikan OKU lain. Nape rancangan camtu tidak disiarkan di waktu perdana. Kalaulah benar niatmu JUJUR wahai RTM.

p/s -kecoh mak mertua nalipon pagi tu. "kakak gambaq kakak keluaq tv."
What can I say "mak cek dok ataih LRT ni. mana ada TV. " :P

Tinesh said...

Fuyoo!!! Kerp on telly!! Haha..Lucky you didn't spread the word around la..Owh and I was wondering what Km/J stood for till you said it's a show on road accidents..Kilometer/ Jam haha

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


I meant to inform everyone but for some reason, my instinct told me against it. I will be in close contact with kamal. This time around tho, will get it posted, serve as an announcement thing. But no big deal la cikgu…thanks anyway.


Yes doc. Totally agree with u. the rural folks depends so much on RTM as their source of information. As much this tv station helps our fellow malaysia citizen in remote areas, it serve as a tool in spreading gomen’s propaganda effectively.

But rest assured doc, it will be on eventually, the earliest next week.


Hola sistah. Yes, most probably next week. Although not much to shout about, I will still announce it was it is confirmed. Stay tuned…hihi…


Hi there, ma’am. Its an honour to have you here. its very flattering to say the least but I believe I know where I ‘stand’, and its not difficult to be honest to yourself. With that, I wish I could be like them politicians. I mean. For one thing they’re ridiculously rich, aren’t they? Politic blows, but I don’t mind the money.

Oh well, back to reality and here I am, still waiting for my monthly allowances.

Thanks, marykate.

Kak Mariannie,

Akak pon satu. Should have informed us. But normally the station shows repeat of old programs, so we should remain ourselves tuned. Hey, by appearing on tele, it helps to know each other better, right?

As for RTM, nothing is bigger than the gomen’s propaganda. Cant blame them, its theirs after all.

Did you watch reality OKU last night? Lads from PLPP was featured in big-chunk of yesterday’s episode.


Hey, no big deal brother. but you can still catch me live next week, hopefully. Km/j also stands for kemalangan jalanraya or something like that.

Dude, I meant to cross over to your blog. I want you to check out fer fook’s sake blogsite, it’s where you can pretty much relate to. You’re a rock fan and a kopite at that. That’s the place for you man. click on the link somewhere in the blogroll.

Thanks friends.

Tinesh said...

ME KOPITE???? LMAO!!!! NO WAY LA DEY!! I was born a devil, living the life of the devil and I sure as hell gonna end up dying like one haha..

PS: Lucky goners..oops i mean gunners..ape ape jelar..Last minute goal..haiz

Raden Galoh said...

Kerp, dearest... take it easy bro... sume ni perancangan kita je... Sure it will be aired soon...

You are already an inspiration to me and to many people. You are alwyas being true and I love that the most... You always make me see the other side of the coin with your writings. So keep on writing ya... or forget the TV show...hehehehe

elviza said...


you know what? you shed the light into my hopeless search.

I thought I saw Kamal Affandi in KM/J during raya, but I havent met him then.

My Dori memory tinkled that day I met him. I googled about the programme but couldnt find anything.

Thanks Bro. Now I know it was him who host the programme. Will look forward for your segment to come out.

Give me a shout about it

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Sorry again brother. I thought I saw liverpool’s emblem on the background in one of your pics. I could have seen it wrongly. Check out Kata Tak Nak, he’s a devil thru and thru.

Kak D,

Couldn’t agree with you more. i guess kamal and his crew could only plan, and reschedule the plan. Will let you know if its going to be this Thursday.

Like-wise la Kak D, one of the reason that I am thankful for starting a blog is to get to know you. I may be a guy on chair but like everyone else, I live to survive. Not much to separate us all. Not sure if I could inspire anyone but as I have said a few times recently, putting a smile on one soul is already an achievement for me.

El sistah,

Guess what, I googled for KM/J myself hoping to get its logo to come with this entry but couldn’t find any.

Hey, you know what elviza. Only now I realized I got my link to yours in the same category as Sharon bakar. That’s the most flattering thing ever happen to me in recent times. But as I said to kak dalilah aka raden galoh above, never thought in my wildest dream I could inspire others. Making a soul smile is indeed an achievement already for me. I know where I ‘stand’ but if I could do more, it’s a jackpot!

Thanks. Will certainly let you know if the show will be on this thursday.

elviza said...

To me, you are inspirational. So, you deserve the spot. No biggie

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

thanks sis. *hugs*

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