Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hard-on: Flushing Down the Myth

You know, I wish I could be the blogger who updates his blog on daily basis, with practically every single thing to rant about that the world has to offer. I tried once, but with games, music, downloaded porn vids and awaiting friends on YM, there are just too many distractions in my computer that I abandoned the idea of doing another Rocky.

And being easily distracted, writing a whole article can be quite a task. Sometimes I had to rely on other blogs, by hopping from one to another hoping to find something I can relate to. Once the idea hits, then only I put on my thinking cap and start typing away. The outcome varies. Most were junk-materials but since no one bothers, I shouldn’t too.

So anyway, I noticed in heck a lot of blogs I surfed in, they had lyrics of their favorite songs at least one or two copy&pasted amongst hundreds of their postings. So, not wanting to be the odd one’s out, maybe I should be doing the same thing too.

I’m a huge Ramones fan, one of punk rock pioneers that recorded their first album the same year I was born. They were well-known back then for their anti-establishment ideology that made their way to mainstream masses without being succumbed to the lies and fancies of them blood-sucking recording labels. Commercialism wasn’t part of their plan when they first started and carried on till literally their last breath (all their important members have passed on).

What made them different from others were the way their lyrics went, typically the 3-chord, repeated one-liner. So if I were to write a lyric, It will be very much inspired by their style, but of course with a touch of corny stuff and romanticism. This would be my first ever attempt and it goes something like this,…

I can get a boner,
I can get a boner,
I can get a boner,
I can get a boner...


Yes I can get a boner,
Sure I can get a boner,
Trust me I can get a boner,
Yes I can get a boner...

I can get a boner,
I can get a boner,
I can get a boner,
I can get a boner...

Guitar solo

Repeat chorus


I don't need no Vs,
Nor Cialis,
And Britney dollies,
Nor penisssssssss...enlaaaarrgerrrrr,
To get the blood pumped in and whooooww whooowww...

Still, I can get a boner,
I can get a boner,
I can get a boner,
I can get a boner,

As long as she spread,
I can get a boner.

I imagine this song to be longer than The Doors' extended version of Light My Fire and Guns & Roses' November Rain just to get the message squeezes through the narrowest of mind.

In the mean time, one myth flushed down. Hooray.

Time to get down to serious business which I haven’t started on at all. Not a single thing. I’m doomed.


Mat Salo said...

Whoa.. bro'.. Paul Westerberg, Bob Stinson (RIP) - them bastard dickheads from Minneapolis. Hehee.. If you write the lyrics who's gonna write the melody bro'? Ada bakat, ada bakat..

Replacements was during my time while in college, bro'. The original indie group. But I preferred the other genius from Minneapolis - PRINCE! Serious!

Bro', remember I told you about Jeff Buckley's 'Grace'? Menangih bro'. It's the only album he did because he died at 30 from accidental drowning. Get it bro'. Andy Wallace who mixed Nevermind produced it, so you already know what to expect eh?

anfield devotee said...

Brudder Kerp Ramone: Good stuff but the length of the tune isn't very poooonk rawk is it?

Perhaps you might like to try to swueeze all them lyrics into a 30 second fooking burst of sonic energy ala NAPALM FOOKING DEATH!!!

U hav a goood day & bet you fooking gooners are laughing at the crisis at Anfield rite now . . . sigh

Kata Tak Nak said...

Usually if someone tries very hard to persuade people that he can get a boner then maybe, just maybe, he has a problem with his pecker.

I also do the same, I hop from blog to blog to get ideas like my latest post was inspired by Shah's take on RB. One thing though, I don't like to sit down and prepare. I just hit the keyboards and don't fucking care if it comes out nice or not. Just too lazy for that.

Rocky's Bru said...

I have listed to the Ramones. Knew someone who was crazy about the Ramones. But it didn't stick on me. That someone, too, went on to sleep with my enemy at NSTP.

But The Doors and Guns&Roses. Now you're talking, boner! I mean, brother.

cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

Yup, I'm like Cikgu...once the fingers start tapping, they seem to have a mind of their own. I mean, take a look at the tons of mistakes I make. Perhaps, when this life is over, I'll rewrite them aproper :)

Btw bro, think your lyrics would qualify in Grims Fairytale :)

constant_drama said...

You know, what I'm gonna say would probably be insulting to you or it might not...but your uhh.....ummm.....fascinating lyrics that goes on and on in a loop reminds me of JT's Sexy Back.

Whole song is just him saying like 3 lines of bridge and the whole song is a repeat of two lines in between awesome beats.

Now that comparison would either flatter you or pissed you...depending on whether you like JT or not. So I'm just sayin here....

Oh btw, I linked your blog to mine =D

Kerp (Ph.D) said...
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Kerp (Ph.D) said...

MS bro,

I went through buckley’s grace lyric and it was beautiful. When he wrote it, it was as if he knew what was coming along. Damn, no way I can be a lyricist. Let alone a good one.

And who doesn’t know andy Wallace la bro? the man behind hell a lot of well-known bands and albums. I read somewhere he was also a producer for PRINCE, once. Cool stuff.

*pas ni aku gi download grace. Hehe…


simply lengthens the tune to get the message across. I kinda imagine this was like the splodgenessabound brand of punk rawk, and not the typical 1,2,3,4 punk-as-fuck stuff you know. Definitely not napalm’s grindcore stuff la, or else listeners may need to get their ears close to the speakers to listen to the lyrics. Haha…

*hey bro, whats happening at anfield is exactly the reason why we were against any take-overs by foreign sugar daddies. We’ve got Englishman hill-wood at the helm so them yanks and Russians can take their money some place else.

As much I hated mourinho, what happened to him was a sad thing, football-wise. So if rafa suffers the same fate as jose, its going to be another non-football related decision, and that money rules. Sad.

Cikgu nazir,

Don’t get me wrong sir. Being on wheel and stuff, people tend to have this little silly idea that I have a problem of my own. so since It was 3am, I decided to get down and write it down and let the world know. Hahaha…

I myself tried that method of writing away, but only a few attempts were successful.. But this entry was an off the calf thing. Was impressed with myself actually.


That someone you used to know is a brilliant fella for being a ramones’ fan but not clever for sleeping with your enemy. I’m with you all the way bru, ramones or non-ramones.


I had some articles written with flow too, just need to get myself in front of the screen and without putting too much brains into it, fingers would just type away freely. But if only I could do that regularly, I’d be a millionaire by now you know. Another JK rowling in the market, writing about nenek kebayan.


Oh yes I am insulted. Flattering? Heck no, lady. Hihi…

Seriously, I’m boyband’s hardest critic. But then again, each to his/her own. and credits to JT, he made millions strutting his stuff, so he deserve some recognition, strictly from his legions of fans.

I tell ya whats flattering. Its to have my blog linked up from yours. thanks. To have you drop over is an honour already for me. thanks!

Tinesh said...

Heh!! Constant Drama constantly talks about JT and Spice Girls in college haha..Cukup la..Dude I'm pretty sure you've heard Sex Pistols' Sex and Violence..your song sounds kinda like it la..Well at least in my imagination haha..

Sex and Violence,
Sex and Violence,
Sex and Violence,
(Repeat as long as the length of the song)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

tinesh, dude...

sex & violence was written by wattie buchan of the exploited. but yeah, you got the drift, meant as a one-liner but my thought was more of the ramones' 'Got alot to say' where it goes something like,

i got a lot to say,
i got a lot to say,

i cant remember now,
i cant remember now,

and the song went on and on.

*hey, give CD a break will ya. JT's a lady's man. the chicks, the million bucks...i'd sell my soul out if i can be the next JT man.

constant_drama said...

Tinesh gonna get it for this.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

tinesh and CD,
sitting in a tree,


Tinesh said...

Dude!!! NO!!! She's like a sister..And I hope she doesn't get me!! *runs away and hides*

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

tinesh, k man. all the best. but she's a lovely girl...dont go hard on her la brother. just let her kick you hard on the knee and all will be forgotten. kahkahh...

Tinesh said...

I think she's gonna aim about half a metre above my knees la bro haha

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

then you may have a hard-on problem yourself, man. haha..