Friday, November 30, 2007

Cacat: Party On

World OKU day. Yeah man. Its just around the corner, on the 3rd of December to be precise. I’m not sure if anyone are aware of the existence of such a day. Save yourself from kicking your sorry, sagging butt. I myself have some doubts if any of my own family members have any knowledge that this very day existed.

I have never told anyone. I mean, what if someone comes up to me and start to wish ‘Hey Kerp, happy OKU day, man’.

How the hell am I to respond to that?

Perhaps I’d go something like, ‘Hey, thanks buddy. I'm happy to have damaged my cervical spine and if that's not bad enough, its been a while since I lived a happier life as a fucking handicapped. I'm a happy man, coming all the way from the happy Land. Hooray'.

Or some guy to come up to a hearing-impaired person and wishes him Happy Oku day by using a sign-language, and the deaf guy would simply reply with a middle finger…or two. That’s universal sign-language for us all.

So I guess that’s the very reason I think it isn’t such a big deal even for a quad taking his leak from a chair sitting down like me.

But like any other Annual Days, International Day for Disabled Persons is a cause for celebration. Forums, public discussions and campaigns are held globally focusing on disability issues.


Ok I admit that those are boring stuff but the good people there at Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat would normally have something lined-up up their sleeve for the OKU masses, by organizing a National-level do that the disabled people nationwide can participate and start showing off in all the stage-performances arranged for them. So not all things suck.

I’ve attended this annual event yearly since like 4 years back. I know I’ll show my face again without getting involved in anything. Hey, I don’t mind the stage shows you know, as watching the Down Syndrome kids showcasing their talents in dancing can be awe-inspiring, and the food served are normally great, especially if there was no meehoon in sight. With goody bags for each and every one to take home with, its not that bad come to think of it.

Oh wait…hold your horses, fellas. An event without a long, boring speech by the relevant minister invited? That couldn’t possibly be, right? Damn RIGHT. It is just too great to be true. Counting sheep can never be as effective as a long, scripted speech by a certain VIP.

And a bigger, wider YAWN.

I remember the last time out at Berjaya Times Square, a certain Datuk Sri S (not Samy Vellu, neither Syed Keruak nor Soh chin Aun) was yapping away with a crappy, faulty mic that none of the late-comers in the back row could hear a word. And surprise, surprise. I was one of them that at one point I thought if I had arrived a little later, the speech would have ended, and I’d be glad to vote that very moment as the most memorable of the entire event.

As for this year’s do, which will be held at Sunway Pyramid Convention Center, its essential for me to be there for unlike the previous years where I can simply come and go as I please, I’ve got some official duty in hand to get my brain worked on this time around. Unless I act like a retard and lie to Le boss I’m a closet schizophrenic, I may have to sit through out the whole event.

*the local celebration will be held on the 4th, which is on Tuesday next week. So there goes my Mee Rebus Tuesday again.

*Can't seem to find a photo to go with this entry so let's settle with this one below I found deep in the C drive.


PrincessJournals said...

my only wish is so tht they dont serve anymore meehoon. ;)

Mat Salo said...

Eh Bro'.. Should I wish you? Ha-ha, better not. Didn't know such a day existed. Alaa, to clash with TMR? Man, that sucks. Keep your chin up, bro'.. And they'd better have great food. Mmmm, if tak nak that goody bag pass to me bole? :)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


I know you still crave for meehoon and you'd kill for a plate right now, wouldnt you? admit it! hihi...its december and you'll have roast beef with cranberry sauce to go with.

MS brader,

just wish la, i'm ok with no bitter person la bro...haha..

I always get farina to comment at this odd hour since she's like in alaska or something but why in the world are you still awake at 3? i know its the best time to steal the link line but you've got a hole to dig mann...but always an honour la to have you around.

and ya la, gonna miss it but will you be around on the 11th? got special appearance from ipoh. nobody wants to miss that i tell ya.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I have to admit, I didn't know there is such a day.

Don't you know that it is a sin for a minister not to give a boring speech?

Maybe this time they will get that Bung from Kinabatangan to officiate. That would be cool.

galadriel said...

You know who I call cacat? People without love for humanity, without charity, and especially without a sense of humour.

I salute brave folks like u who weather hardship and still manage make others laugh.

Happy OKU day, everyday...we all are OKU in someway....heheh

Pi Bani said...

Happy OKU day! And U are definitely OK. OK, U!

And oh, tomorrow, 1st December, is World AIDS Day. Macam-macam hari ada sekarang... kita aje yang tak tau unless we're involved in it.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


No big deal man. being a crippled, I didn’t know myself till like only 4 years ago.

I think if it is really a sin for anyone to give boring speeches, then our PM is guilty of committing it every single day of his life.


Hey, nice to have you here. and couldn’t agree with you more. not that I’m asking for any charity but especially for those with a million bucks in his wallet, they can make the world a better place by sharing on what they have and put a smile on our crippled faces.

Thanks for crossing over, sistah.

Kak Pi,

Err, thanks for the wish and all. Shouldn’t have told me about the 1st. I knew about it and by wishing you on that day itself, I’d look smart. Hahha…

Yea, I don’t think I’d give a hay about all these annual days if I hadn’t been on wheelchair.

Thanks friends.

cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

You have yourself a good time there bro.

Er, with regards to the picture, I think they misspelled the the middle word; shouldn't it be 'WITH'? :)

waterlily said...

Selamat Hari OKU...
Kata seorang rakan blogger kita bukan OKU...kita OEU(Orang Extra Upaya).....x caya...tanyalah kawan2 kita...sape sanggup wheel dari PLPP ke Warta Bangi(sekarang Warta dah tukar Bintang).

Daphne Ling said...

Hey D,

You know...I would say we celebrate OKU Day to celebrate the people behind the disability...After all, cacat is an arbitrary term...Some may be physically perfect, but mentally 'wrong' (Think some people who discriminate against others and treat them like rubbish)...

There are many people who are physically disabled, but behind that disability is someone special too, with a lot to offer the world...

Like you...

So, Happy OKU Day, Danny!

Mior Azhar said...


Aaah the meehoon... and I owe you Nasi Lemak Kak Yan... nantilah yer tak sibuk sikit nanti. Sooooo sorry

MaryKate said...

Kerp,what about those who "cacat fikiran" ? Can classify as OKU also ke? My daughter came back one day crying said her friends called her OKU because she's left handed while the rest of the gang are not, so I told her that's because she's different, so she's special. are you also la. cheerio

constant_drama said...

Hey Kerp,

I wanna wish you but I don't think that's what you want but what I would do is that I would bitch.

I would bitch about the fact that when you are listening and trying not to doze off while some so-called VIP is making some very, very, veeeeery long and boring speech, I will be in the exam hall squeezing every ounce of juice from my brain to answer the paper. And when I come out, I'll be brain dead.

...The speech doesn't seem so bad now huh?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Shah brader,

Not sure about having a ball there. just need to get it off of my back and I can really look forward to all things nice. hey, its December, time to really parrrtayyyyyyyy on.

*the middle word should have been ‘ME’! kihkihh…

kak mariannie,

I think the term should change to Orang Kaya Upaya. Some of us are not physically strong but spiritually we can beat the hell out of those weaken-minded.

*those guys from PLPP sure are superman-bunch. You should know subhi, he’s capable of doing the impossibie.


Hihi…told ya gonna use that for a change.

Yea, we cant deny there are certain people in our society lacks the awareness but to totally discriminate with some touch of kiasuism, they ought to be summoned with community services. Some may not agree and get SUHAKAM to protect them against ME, but I say, give them the ISA for not making our country a better place. Yeah, that. Hihi…

Pak mior,

Yea man. its that thing where everyone loves. But me and the meehoon are getting really personal now. I’d starve for kak yan’s nasi lemak but not meehoon. NO!


You’ve said it best. Being different simply means one is special. Please tell her there are so many famous lefties who can shake the world for their intelligence. Buzz aldrin the astronaut who made the first lunar landing is a lefty for one. so was Julius Caesar and many others, with the likes of prince William of England being the famous left-hander. So please tell your lovely daughter to chin up as there’s nothing to be ashame of but proud of it.

And incase you were wondering, I’m a proud lefty myself!


Hey, go ahead and wish. No way you’ll ever get the sarcastic answer. the article was just an expression, I promise you.

Here’s good news for me which may leave you in envy and kick yourself silly. Just found out that the do starts at 8 and I’ll only be there at 10. goodbye to dull-speech and it can kiss my handicapped ass off!

Oh, errm…here’s wishing you again, all the best with your boring exams. You can do it surely. But that’s what you normally hear as you don’t get people wishing you would blank out and flunk eventually. So yeah, all the best.

tokasid said...

Salam kerp:

Orang Kaya Upaya! I like that. Its better than Org Kurang Upaya but and its 1 mil times better than OKA as our YB in Parliament(OKA= Orang Kurang Akal or Orang Kurang Ajar).

Too bad you'll miss Tok Mommy's Mee rebus. And to bad, at Sunway they'll serve you mee hoon!LOL!

Happy Orang Kaya Upaya day bro, and to Mariani Waterlily too.

sankochan said...

get an MP3... I hate it when people YAP YAP AND YAP AND YAP... non-stop.

If its interesting, it's fine... but their SOOOO boring.... and all they have to say is all SOOOO heard before....

SOOOO sorry for you to go through all this...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


So the term OKA is here to stay huh? Haha…I am so for it as we have too many of them around. The latest being that of yb paloh.

Anyway for this Tuesday, I’ve made plan with my friend if the do sucks, we will wheel ourselves to sunway pyramid shopping center while waiting for the van to pick us up. Amacam doc? Isnt that a good plan or what?


I’ve got my mobile phone, only that I need to bring along the earphones. Come to think of it, that’s a great idea. You’re such a bad influence la miss teh…hahha…thank you for that.

PrincessJournals said...

weii! apalak alaska? pfffttt! and yes, i really dont mind having meehun every other day.

constant_drama said...

Hey Kerp, so how was the event?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


sama la tu. alaska is just on the north frm where you are now what..and the time zone are the same right?


i wish i knew, as the do will only take place on the 4th (tmrw)...kihkih...but thanks for asking btw, sister.

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