Thursday, November 22, 2007

Km/j...finally done and over with.


Ok, I didn’t get to inform everyone about my being a guest in a tv show tonight. But the response I received was overwhelmingly huge, even smses coming in before the show ended. I swear I didn’t expect anything like it. I felt like a local celebrity, only bigger. Kahkah…

But really, it wasn’t something to shout about. Just a dude on wheel parroting what the host had briefed on before the show went on air. Not that I have never been on tele before but this was the most significant to date.

I remember the first time being on peti televisi was during a live Malaysia cup game between Selangor and Perak back in the early 90s, me and a few Subang Jaya lads were interviewed by Zainal Abidin Rawop during the halftime. Rushed back from Merdeka stadium and quickly switched on to the 12 o’clock news and voila, managed to get a glimpse of our silly selves, clad in red and yellow of Selangor tormenting the Perak fans with the word ‘Tempoyak basi’ which was obviously referring to their then veteran midfield maestro, Azizul Abu Haniffa.

As it turns out, it was our first ever tv appearance without having to put the necessary foundation make-up thing.

Back to Km/j, my dad the Man U fanatic and Pinky the football-hater accompanied me to Angkasapuri’s IBC (International Broadcasting Center) and was straight away wheeled in, got the make-up artist do some touch-ups and I was on. With 3 cameras facing you, how not to get nervous? Hey, I could have said more with a lot more confidence but my handicapped nerve gave in and let me down. And this was the same nerve that has stopped feeding me with sensations in some part of my damn freakin’ body. So damn you, stupid nerve.

Oh…anyway, It was embarrassing. Mom was excited that she had to inform every single contact she has in her phonebook. Dad was cool but could be cooler if he was a Gooner. And the two lovely kids making their cameo appearance were my Teves-wannabe nephew and pretty-as-princess niece, the apples of my eye.

Well, as I said in the original posting, glad I’ve got the monkey off of my back. My sincerest apology to those I didn’t get to personally informed, and those who called, texted sms and left a message here, I thank you all, family members and blogger friends mostly, for the support given and wasted 30 minutes of your life watching a big, fat cacat fella being grilled by a crime-analyst cum pianist. I promise to reply to each and everyone of you the soonest.

Oh boy, talking about being a has-been celeb. Not sure about the attention, which was massive but sure would accept such supportive friends with arms and heart wide open.

Thanks also to Kamal Affandi hashim and Fara the producer and Jas, the…other fella and all the Km/J crew.

I wouldn’t close the door to re-appear on screen but give me the role of Maya Karin’s pontianak molest victim and I should be on a roll.

Time to light up one, fine stick of Monte Cristo…and a pat on my back.

Original posting.

Pheww…I needed that really. No, not to have my face on tele but that particular show have been acting like a monkey on my back and now I’ve finally got it off. Firstly, people kept asking if the show would be on, for three weeks on the trot since it was canceled for well, 3 weeks running. And secondly, being on tele viewed by other people can be the most embarrassing thing to happen to anyone, especially when that someone does not have that face of, commercial value, so to speak, or to simply put it, a monkey face. So it was kind of a relief. .

Will get this entry updated in due time. Thanks all.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

thanks cikgu nazir. i knew somehow my dad will be the flavour of all my Man U fan friends. Hj hushim was nervous too i believe. but he's cool. will write again once i've finally replied all the smses coming in. alot, never expected such response. wow.

constant_drama said...

Damn. I missed your show. I have to go and catch a play at KLpac. Damn.

Anyways, awesome for you that you were on TV. A bonafide celeb now! YAY!

I was never on TV, I was in a mag once and that's just coz it was a Shiseido new makeup range launch and I was there. There was this chick that cut in front of me during the demo so I gave her a dirty look.

They somehow managed to get that pic in the mag and labelled it "The girls couldn't wait to get their hands on the new Shiseido range." And they insert my photo giving the evil eye there.

True story. Very embarassing.

cakapaje said...

Salam Kerp bro,'re the man, my man! You held yourself good there and I was impressed how you took it in your stride.'re the man!

Give me a 5 bro! :)

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


I swear to u, u did NOT miss a single thing. And that play u went to, should be way way more interesting than to be home and tuned in to rtm1. this is rtm1 I tell ya, RTM1! Haha…cant help having a dig at it.

Hey, if u have that pic scanned, get it posted in your blog, and I will surely cross over to catch a glimpse of u. should be interesting, giving the evil stare to that bi-atch.

Million thanks for your support. I didn’t get your name still, so hope u won’t mind addressing you as simply CD. Eh wait a minute, constant could well be your actual name, or am I being extra silly?

Shah my bro,

i was so nervous I only wanted to get it done and over with. That kamal fella actually made my nerve even more haywire. I mean, you’ve met him, you know very well how he’s like.

it’s a very warm feeling anyway knowing I have people like you sticking around. I have a huge battle ahead and if my own friends opting out, I know I have my wheel and blog buddies willing to be by my side. And this is no talkonly. Thanks, shah.

*another wish- our swamp brader gets to watch the freakshow. i doubt but incase he reads this, MS bro, you're never forgotten!

Pi Bani said...

You demam hari tu pasal kecut-perut nak go on TV ke? :)

Anyway, yeah, you were nervous that's understandable. But hey, you did good, man. You didn't make any blunders kan?

SO now Kerp's a TV Star! Tak kiralah RTM pun... ;)

Mat Salo said...

Cool! please save a tape of the show for te swampman y'hear?
Sini mana dapat AR-TI-EM daa... Mantap Kerpie - Yuh Dah MAN!

butterlily said...


i saw you on air last night, way to go couzie and owh, not forgetting the two muchkin hehe.. we are so proud of you :D!!



Kata Tak Nak said...

1st thing 1st, stop putting yourself down ok? There's nothing wrong with the way you look.

Hey if I am not mistaken,
Maya Karin's pontianak, molested 2 people, the other was a balding, pot-bellied, fifty something victim who seemed to enjoy it all the way.

Raden Galoh said...

Kerp... I can't help my feelings (my proud feeling) that I wrote is my entry today. Way to go brother! The bottom line: I'm so grateful I've know you!

p/s: Don't la be so merendah diri... okay? you don't look like that you mention at all, you know.

acciaccatura said...

salam kerp,
missed it lah kerp. apa pun, shukur kerp bersiaran for a good cause.

tokasid said...

Salam Bro kerp"

You what? I was so kalut for the prgme that at 8.30pm cepat-cepat dok kat TV in my room( TV kat luar Astro conquered da).Thje first 3 segments seemed so slow what with the stats and the phone call. Bila your segment came out baru relax and hearing how you got this OKU title and your friends death just made me numb. Thats what I call fate.

Anyway your segment was good. My point of view after watching:it just shows that life goes on despite setbacks and we make some adjustment here and there to continue with our lives.
And you really have strong characters bro.

And hang tak payah nak merendah diri lah...kami tahu hang dah jadi superstar. Hey you at the same level as Ras Adiba tau!!Glamourwise.

Have a nice weekend.Ptg ni aku nak pi Taiping,esok Aloq Staq and lusa Kangaq.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Kak Pi,

Believe it or not I was in full confidence when I first wheeled in, and kamal helped me eased up. Once the cams focuses on me, all nerves crumble. Not sure if I made any blunder but I wished it was over the soonest. Thanks for watching anyway, all the way from ipoh!

MS bro,

Yeah was just telling shah how you were doing there in the middle of the swamp. I’ve figured no RTM there but you didn’t miss much la…no worries brader.

Butterlily akak Ina,

Wei, why you go and mention my family name in the public…keep it down la..haha..

Thanks anyway for watching. Hope to see ya very soon. *Hugggss*

*eh, Why don’t you start a blog yourself?

Cikgu nazir,

Ok, I needed that. Thanks for the assurance.

Hihi…but I tell you cikgu, in that particular 18sx scene, not sure who would be doing most of the fondling, chances are the pontianak would be the victim’s victim!

Kak Dalilah dearest!

I am so flattered. Went into yours immediately after reading your comment here.

I’m grateful to have known you as well. And heck a lot of it. All the support you gave all these while, and I’m sure for a long time to come. I’m pledging to you I’d do exactly the same. Not sure how but definitely in doa and all the spiritual side of it. I’m right behind you, sister!

Kak E,

Meant to tell you personally, and even asked docTA to inform you via sms but none of us have your number. Its ok, akak. Next time perhaps. Thanks.

Salam doc,

Yeah, it was tragic when I first learned my best buddy didn’t make it. what was even more tragic was a week after his death, his mom gave birth to a baby girl. She’s 13 now and so is my disability physically.

I am thankful I have you guys as my new set of friends. And I’m serious. Besides my family members and wheel buddies close to me, my blogger friends have been supportive in giving me the extra confidence. And recently you guys did more. I’m amazed, honoured and flattered at the same time.

And thanks for spreading the word doc. I owe you one.

Drive carefully. Do enjoy the the scenery along the highways.

thanks all, once again.

anfield devotee said...

any chance of you posting a vid of yer tv cameo here on the blog fer those who missed it?

Yer dad manc ah? U think that's bad, Bro, I am fooking married to one!!!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


that 2nd part of ur comment had me in stitches la bro. my current state, i dont mind if my girl's a spurs fan, as long as i'm married to her.

i will try and get a copy frm the host, infact i have asked him, but will hv to keep this fella reminded. thanks man.

Bailey said...

bugger. i missed the program.

constant_drama said...

Ouuu...I have crazy, paranoid, stalking issues. I used to have pics of me on my blog then I have this crazy guys messaging me and perhaps even stalking me. It was freaky.

So in concluding that story, I no longer post pics on my blog and give out detail information coz its freaky and it made me really paranoid.

You can go ahead and call me CD or Drama or any variation of that. Cos that's how I roll in cyberspace =p

Daphne Ling said...

Hey D,

Sorry lar...Had to leave for something last minute and couldn't watch it...The perils of being completely zero in electronics...My bro and dad were out, so couldn't get them to tape it for me...=(
Anyway, hope to catch you round soon...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Hey, its ok, You didn’t miss much, only the chance to catch me live. Hihi…still, that too isnt something to shout about. No worries, ok sis?


There you go. CD it is then. And we shall leave It at that. I get what you mean, stalkers can be horribly freaky, and you just can never know especially in this virtual world. Better safe than sorry.

…aaaannnnnnddddd….BOO! hihi…did I scare ya?!

Daphne the red-nosed panda,

Don’t need to apologise. You already did that last night didn’t you? nothing to apologise about in fact. So no worries ok? I’ll catch up with you very very soon.

theconfused said...

got ya!! saw you in TV, and beleive me, after that my eyes just stared on it, no "channel hopping"... you rock!!!

oppss.. lupa.. salam kenal.. he.. :D

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


hey there. no big deal really, but thanks for watching. it was so weird to be looking at oneself appearing in the idiot box. glad its over. ahhhhh...

thanks for crossing over.

Tembam said...

Kerp, Kak Tembam here. Just added you to my Bloggers for Nurin Alert blogroll. I never realised what a big community of bloggers we have here. I always baca your comments on lots of blogs. Now I can picture you furiously blogging. Bro, kita semua serupa. Kalau tak ada internet access, virtually disabled.

Kerp, I need to tell you that the most touching moment in your km/j debut was when you talked about your friend that didn't make it. Allah's blessing be upon him.

I need to share with you Kerp that when my eldest son died just minutes after he was born, I too suffered massive blood loss and nearly died. But Allah wanted me to live. I asked why, why not me ya Allah? In my heart I knew there was a reason. It's because there is a duty I have to fulfill here on earth, to do good onto others. You are doing good bro! Keep doing it! Allah be with you always!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Kak tembam!

Thanks for dropping over and for the link-up. Not sure if I deserve that but I’m always with you guys, that you can count me in!

Oh, and thanks for watching the show. Not too sure if my arwah friend’s family were watching the prgrm but if they did, at least they know he’s never forgotten.

I’m sorry to hear about your son, akak. Allah made you live on for many reason, and I believe we could all see one of that very reason, which is contributing to the society. Your effort is commendable akak. And having Kamal Affandi on the board is a God-sent. More power to the NURIN Alert.

waterlily said... missed it. Attended the seminar :(

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

dont worry kak big deal and i'm very sure that seminar you attended means alot more to you than watching a guy blabbering away on TV.

* akak, i'm attending a wedding tmrw. the groom was PLPP's former student himself.

PrincessJournals said...

kerp sudah fofular! adakah dia masih akan mengingati kawan-kawan bloggers? ;)

kerp, since i tak dpt tengok the show, if u find it on youtube or anywhere else, cud u pls give the link to me? pretty please ....

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Meant to tell ya but since you’re far away in California, I doubt you’d get to watch it at all. And no way I could ever forget yo guys, my blogging buddies. You people were the most supportive friends when I went through some life’s bad patches.

Will try to get a copy from kamal. said...

o..kutuk aku ek? whaddaya mean when you said the our fellow blogger- you met kamal and you know! GRRRR ha ha ha..
But seriously, u did good on tv (albeit no commercial value..AHAKS!)And 'what is a man, what has he got, if not himself than he has not, to say the things he trully feels, and not the words of one who kneels, the record show you took the blows.....and did it YOUR way!'

Eh mat tv, it took great strength to say what you said on telly. I am proud to have you on my show bro.

p/s lain kali polish sikit kerusi tu ekk!!ha ha ha

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


not sure if i did good but since all of us insisted on it, then hey, gimme more roles man. hihi...

being on tv was an eye-opener for me too. and the reason i told my friends that meeting you is a must-do is simply bcos you're one heck of a fella. i'm honoured to have known you, brother. now i've said all things necessary, aku nak pinjam spy cam engko, sbg alat meng-skodeng...kahkahhhhhhh...

thanks for dropping over man.