Friday, November 16, 2007

Lazy Picture Show

Somebody, some animals, somewhere out there must be wondering why I still haven't had my picture up to go with the comments I posted in other blogs.

Here's a mad-man's confession. I tried a few hundred times but still can't get my freakin' face proudly displayed. I'm a quitter so maybe I should just throw in the towel, start writing a poem or two and turn queer.


Freddie Kruger-like Mad man: No kidding, I was clad only in my sarong below. Dare me and I'll prove to you.


Tinesh said...

Freddie Kruger good looking what lol..Self ventilation is good i heard?

cakapaje said...

Salam bro, thank you. I wouldn't want the scene to be like the TLOR spoof! Hmm...kerp, aka Jack Black!lol!

Hope you had a good time there bro ;)

Kata Tak Nak said...

When I read what you wrote, I quickly went to an earlier comment I made in your blog and no caption of this old man here. How do they do it anyway?

Mat Salo said...

Belader... when I come back from the swamps, I'll make you a nice potrait that would make even Fred Kuruger's mom proud. But please, head shots only -- and keep that sarong on dude.

Eh lu pi studio pakai baju Arsenal gak ke? :)

anfield devotee said...

They way you are smiling & with other arsenal jerseys in background, me thinks this was taken before yer 2006 European Cup final v Barca. Am I rite?

I say 'before'coz you would have been in tears 'after' . . .

Sorry, couldn't help a sly dig at yer team's lack of european pedigree here . . . he he

Pi Bani said...

You need to have a picture in your profile if you want your picture to appear when you leave comments. Go to edit profile and enter your photo URL there. For example, if you want to use the photo you posted in this entry, the URL is

Then save your profile. InsyaAllah akan appear lah gambar madman kat your profile and akan appearlah gambar you when you leave comments. (eh, you sendiri yang name the photo madman kan...)

Tapi kalau blogger reject pasal you pakai kain pelekat tak tau le pulak...

Pi Bani said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tokasid said...


What pi Bani wrote is corect,correct ,correct( ala VK Lingham jawab in the VCD), cuba try again.
But! Make sure you have decided which photo to be displayed.Takut hang terbuboh gambar KJ atau hisham pulak.

Daphne Ling said...

Hi D,

See? Just had to ask! *Rolling eyes* I asked Kak Pi a long time ago...

PrincessJournals said...

Kerp, i pun sama macam u sbb tulah takde gambar. Nantilah bila i rajin, i'l follow Pi's how-to.

MaryKate said...

hi kerp,better be a freddy krueger-look alike, than the REAL freddy krueger behind a politician's mask !!
cheers !

MaryKate said...
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Anonymous said...

Get well soon dear!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Freddie made me pissed in my pants back then bro. he was my nightmare during my primary days. Had always wished he was dead but wishful thinking. Haha..

*dude, thought you’re a kop, sorry about that man. fyi, that pic was taken during the recent ars-Man U game. Gallas saved my day!

shah brader,

this was more like kerp aka Robert englund!

*thanks for your concern, shah. I was too weak to even stare the pc screen for a short period of time.


apparently Kak Pi knows more about this than most. Lets probe her further..haha..

MS bro,

Eh, seriously la, ada rupa Freddie ka? I could appear in one’s nighmare if I got my pic displayed so perhaps I should re-think about it. can you get to watch rtm from the swamp btw? aku pakai baju yg presentable sikit la…taknak bagi kamal malu..hahha..

I’m making it a point to meet you up again whenever you’re back.


You got this one wrong, brother. it was only a couple of weeks back when we drew Man U 2-2. but I have to admit, we gooners crave for CL triumph, at least while wenger’s still in charge. Hopefully soon.

Kak Pi,

Hihi…you can really make me laugh out loud la you. but at least you believed me that I was wearing my sarong.

And for the instruction, but I’ve tried that like a few hundred times la. Ok, how about this, once I’m fully recovered I will ym with you and perhaps you’ll show me step by step, ok? Thank you in advance.


Aku dah cuba bnyk kali, maybe I did it incorrectly3x. ahaha..

I don’t mind any pic to go with, as long I wont be the odd one’s out you know.


Ok, Kak Pi it shall be then. Wanted to ask you but decided to holler in public instead. At least I got a new entry posted. Haha..


Yes, good idea. I told cikgu nazir that we should all ask Kak Pi. She’s the flavour of the entry! Hihi…


Hahaha…that’s a good one. the man behind Freddie is quite good-looking, unlike our politicians, masked or otherwise!


I know its you pinky. Thanks. Love you loads!

cakapaje said...

Yo bro, glad to see you up and your cheery self.

Btw, I was referring to your truth or dare sarong...don't want you to be another Jack Black! :)