Monday, December 10, 2007

Apa Khabar, YB?

Forget about the back-page headliners, which I would normally nose-dive to first thing in the morning. For some matters close to the heart, I chose to make today an exception.

Yeah, yeah, so we lost, big deal. Boohoo.

Moving along.

As I picked The Star newspaper today, a picture of an accident victim on the front page caught my attention. It was none other than YB Datuk Paduka Chew Mei Fun, the Parliamentary Secretary for the Women, something something and development Ministry, who was involved in a terrible road mishap last night. I could always provide you with the link to the online news report for your convenience but surely you guys have read it in the newspaper while taking your dump this morning.

Briefly about the unfortunate incident. She was with her men on their way to Kuantan to deliver some aid to the flood victims there when the car they were traveling in skidded and turned turtle. As a result, she had her collarbone fractured while her men were more fortunate to escape with only minor injuries.

Now, why should I give a shit about this YB some may ask. Here’s the thing. Although she’s not exactly the rep for the constituency where I’m residing, I was privileged to get the opportunity to meet her in person and forwarded my grouses recently. Normally when you seek assistance from these people, they’d assure you help is on its way and all the empty-can promises but not Chew. Knowing her busy schedule, it was only natural for her to appoint her right-hand man to take my case, and boy, how amazed I was to see the guy appointed did his job well. He did all the follow-ups necessary to ensure I get the attention from the relevant party involved. And I thought all YBs closes one eye and make fun of the handicapped community. She proved me wrong.

Before you guys have this weird and crrrrrazy idea I’m one of them dickhead cyber-troopers, I am not.

I’ve stated clearly of my political stand but I always have some soft spots reserved for them MCA people for their dedication in handling and dealing with the people, regardless of their race and religion. That Michael Chong fella is a case in point.

As a common citizen, my wish is to live in a better neighborhood. I only see immediate problems as a main cause for concern and MCA have played their parts well. Maybe some have points to counter my claim and I respect that. But don’t you think I deserve some too, for hoping to live in at least a decent environment? I don’t see any wrong in casting my vote for a certain race-based party as long they get their asses down and be with the people more. I judge them on how well they can keep their promises made during election campaigns. And so far, MCA has delivered. Hey, after all, aren’t all the existing political parties a bunch of racist-bigots themselves?

Yeah, a Malay Muslim declaring himself an MCA man. So fucking what? this is Malaysia. No big deal.

To those YBs who licks their superior's rumps for a living. time to switch to Rakyat's asses...

...because, get this... we're the BOSS.

*Here’s anyway, wishing Datuk Paduka Chew Mei Fun a speedy recovery. In the mean time, she has her reliable men she can count on to get the business going.


anfield devotee said...

Re: The Gooner's unbeaten run

Bet you were wringing yer hands with glee when we lost to Reading on sat. Guess what, no more unbeaten teams left in the league.


I will be voting fer the opposition. Although I am a non-Muslim; like you, I see no problem in voting fer a party (ie PAS) that does not represent me race but can do a job in curtailing the BN excesses.

ps: what are yer thoughts on the proto-type poonk band - the Motor City Five?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


yea man. bubbles burst. but it has to happen eventually, so lets both move on.

as i said bala...its not about me being a pro/anti gomen but how close the YBs are towards the rakyat. it could be from any parties and so happen this was MCA. tell me this datuk chew is a DAP woman and i have no bones against it.

*the Motor City Five? whoaa..ok i admit, i am no Joe Kidd la bro. haha...i hv heard of the band's name but never their stuff. maybe i should list down all the bands i dig so you'll get the idea of the kind of CDs i dont mind parting my 50 bucks with.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I voted DAP which would make me a bloody traitor amongst the malays but to me they are the traitors.

Good for you that you got that good Datuk to make good on her promises. Not all of them are bad, we do have some good ones you know and they are most good during this 'pre-election' season.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I voted DAP which would make me a bloody traitor amongst the malays but to me they are the traitors.

Good for you that you got that good Datuk to make good on her promises. Not all of them are bad, we do have some good ones you know and they are most good during this 'pre-election' season.

Jue said...

We can only blame SOME of our politicians – they don’t work for the people. They may never have done so. It might be an oxymoron to their very profession. Anyway thanks to those who keeps their promises. Well said…kerp!.


anfield devotee said...

MC5 are fooking brilliant man. If you ever come across their debut Kick Out The Jams, pls buy it. Sure no regret, bro.

To release a live LP as yer debut is about as poonk as you can fooking get.

Wha dya mean, yer no Joe Kidd? Meaning u r not as old as that old fart lar. Guess what, none of us are he he!

Tinesh said...

Haha Liverfool ngan ARSEnal kalah haha..Guess who's having the laff now..yea yea I noe u're gonna tell me to wait for this sunday..And you noe wat im gonna say?? Bring it on babies hahah..

Ini YB ar..Dia manyak bagos la..Ini membuktikan bahawa ada jugak orang politik yg jujur ya..

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


You’ve got a point. although I support MCA, it does not necessarily mean I’m an UMNO fella. I stick to what I believe, YBs who can perform should be voted in, regardless of his party. I mean, the Yb can be a wonderful rep and it doesn’t matter if his party sucks ass. Its him that public masses deals with directly, if ofcos, he gets down and meet the people.


You are correct. Although there are some who sucks, there are quite a few dying breed who delivers. Just a matter of getting down to what they are voted and paid for. If that fails, it gives the party a bad name and should be replaced by someone else, from which ever party.


I have to admit that motor city 5 is part of the legends, together with Iggy and the stooges and I’ve had some taste of wayne kramer’s stuff after I found out he was signed with epitaph. Talking about this very label, yea I’m more into bands that are signed with them, as well as tim armstrong’s hellcat record. Good thing about epitaph is that it had roped in a few punk heroes of yesteryears, namely the late joe strummer as well as, as I mentioned above, mr Kramer.

Anyway, I said I’m no joe kidd cos apart from his old age(?), he’s just simply a class of his own as far as local punk scene is concerned. This was a guy who rubbed shoulders with ian mckaye of fugazi, man. I followed carburetor to all their every gigs in the klang valley area devotedly…live center, s&m, piccad, garfunkle etc…yea…

Yo T,

Have a good laugh dude. And I wont tell you to wait till next week. How about this, lets all wait till may? Then whoever gets the last laugh, the losers will bow down to the winner, game?

For the YB, yea man. she’s good. Hope she’ll recover the quickest.

Pi Bani said...

You bila pulak nak jadi YB?

I pun tak main party-party ni... tak kiralah party apa pun... party UMNO ke... party PAS ke... party tupperware ke... party pyrex ke... not my cup of tea!

cakapaje said...

Salam YB Kerp,

Oops! Wrong department :)

Basically bro, there are good politicians in every party, and that kris branding party included. However, due to their very association with the traitors of Malaysia, they are, unfortunately seen within the same light (or darkness).

When Khalifah Rashid found out he appointed a man who served an evil tyrant, he quickly pulled back the appointment. When the man sought the Khalifah for an explanation, the reply was "even if you had served him for a day, that makes you answerable for the tyrant's misdeed for that day."

This was not an edict, nor a sunnah, but something I would like to hold on to personally. No, you do not have to if you do not agree with it.

Btw, thank you for the do'a.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Kak Pi,

we are all YBs, Tang Bayar. simply because we pay them. sometimes i wonder why we call them yg berhormat, i mean should we really respect them for voting them in?

*kak Pi, i'm pleased to have met you yesterday. next up, daphne!


good one. i hear you, brother. utk lebih dipermudahkan lagi, dalam setandan pisang tak semuanya busuk, something like that.

* i heard from some reliable sources, your foot is still giving you problem, resulting in you being at home most of the time. i sure hope that was just a rumour. i wish we could meet up la some day. MRT lagi sekali ke or whatever. get well real soon, bro.

Daphne Ling said...

Hey D,

MCA pun Barisan jugak ma...;) Anyway, nothing wrong in appreciating and expressing gratitude for a good turn done...Nothing political about it at all! Politicians are individuals too...

Here's wishing the injured Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun a speedy recovery!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

yo D,

as the saying goes, 'dalam setandan pisang, tidak semuanya busuk'. so datuk chew is one of the rare gems still exist in the parliament.

and yes, nothing political about this at all. as you put it nicely, politicians are individuals get the caring ones, the project-minded, the assholes etc.

*at last check, she's now transfered to the normal ward, which means she's getting alot better.

thanks, daph.