Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Senator to the Rescue

Oh yes, finally its happening. Although after reading it this morning I wondered to myself why they didn't think of this like 5 decades ago, personally I’m grateful enough. Someone from the disabled community has been appointed as senator and so much so to represent the disabled community, so I shouldn’t be bitching about it too much.

Academician Prof. Datuk Dr Ismail Md Salleh (pic), who is visually-challenged took the oath at the Dewan Negara yesterday. He was delighted with the appointment, and I’d say so are we, and I couldn’t think of anyone better than Dr Ismail himself.

All these while our voices were not heard as much but with him around, we sure are cranking up the volume and get those responsible to turn their head and acknowledge that we have our rights too.

But again, why only now, when we’ve had Datuk Jins Samsuddin in the Dewan representing local artistes for ages now. Not that I’m implying anything but didn’t they realize grouses concerning the disabled community have been around since like, the beginning of civilization?

Ok, I’m not gonna push my luck. After all, Dr Ismail has pledged to bring up issues of immediate concern, such as education, job opportunity and facilities for the disabled.

This may come as a surprise to some and news to many but credits should be given when it is due. Private corporations and GLCs have taken up the challenge thrown by the government to employ more persons with disability to work with them. Yea, we’ve had a fairly good and equal opportunity offered from a few corporate companies, and surely more to come.

Facility-wise, though, is still very much lacking. Building structures, and transportation especially needs a great deal of improvement in order to encourage more Persons With Disability(PWD) to come out and to at least rejoin the society. Its more like a first step for things to open up before they start thinking about furthering their studies and eventually get a job. I mean, how in the world for the physically disabled to be independent when one had to go through many obstacles as soon as they steps out of the house?

Sure, with some modifications, some are able to drive their car to classes, workplace and to simply run errands, but still majority of PWDs are not fortunate enough to even own a lousy Kapchai, let alone to ride on one, physically and for various other reasons.

I’m not going to spoil this entry by bitching all the way but its going to be a tough task ahead for Dr. Ismail. On the brighter note, he has Datuk Seri Sharizat Abd Jalil he can count on.

Yes, I’m beginning to like this lady. I wouldn’t mind providing the link to the actual report but I doubt anyone would even bother to click and read it. Can’t really blame anyone, I’m guilty of such unforgivable sin myself.

So anyway, she played an instrumental role in successfully getting the Persons With Disability Bill passed last week. And today, this was what she had to say of the said bill…

“We do not want to have a bill which is nice to look at but can’t be implemented. This is a realistic bill for the disabled.”

Yes, well said. Time to really walk the talk, I say.

In the mean time, MORE POWER to Dr. Ismail Md Salleh!


cakapaje said...

Salam bro,

Kudos to Prof Dato' Dr Ismail! While I may have not met him, I've had the pleasure of talking with him over the phone as well as exchanging emails (surprise! - he uses a kind of machine that translate into either braille or voice. If the thing is on a blink, he gets his assistant to read it for him). He is, a very pleasant man and rather perceptive of one's intention. Well, at least with mine he was. And his appointment should be a boon to the OKUs.

Congratulations to him again, and all the OKUs.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Salam shah,

Now that’s a surprise. Whats the deal, man? haha…

I’ve not met him either but somehow I know what a pleasant man he is. He’s a fine example that disability is not a hindrance in getting things worked out. I’ve been invited to the parliament and who knows, insyaAllah one sweet day I might just go and meet up with him. that would be great. At the same time jumpa badruddin sekali….kahkahh..

Thanks bro.

tokasid said...

Salam Kerp:

I read the news in STAR and I agree that the appointment was long ovedue.But better late than never.

Personalitywise,I think Prof Dr Ismail is much much much better than most other senators or Ministers.
I do hope he can contribute something fruitful not only to OKUs but the rakyat in general.It'll be better if can make the OKAs understand too.

He will not have it plain sailing but he is one strong person to fight for the betterment(of treatments) for PWDs.

As for sharizat, I think she deserves a pat on her shoulder for her effort.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Yea, its never too late and couldn’t be a better timing now with the disabled person act bill has been passed on.

I’m giving 2 thumbs up for this very appointment as well as prof Ismail himself. I’m sure he’ll strive through with flying colors.

Sharizat deserves a pat but she sure needs to get down harder as there’s still heck a lot of workloads to look upon and be given serious attention.

Salam aidilAdha doc, to missus TA and Hafiz too.

A Voice said...

Yes long overdue.

What I am really proud of is that the one representing the handicap is a man of distinction. And he is my mother's student at JB blind school.

Man ... has he gone a long way from a blind boy from Kelantan. I know what they had to go through. I sure hope he would do something for the blinds and handicap at large in this country. I've bump into many of my mother's ex students who are merely receptionist, or telephone operators. Perhaps he can think of something in the future...

Eidul Adha Greetings

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

A Voice, sir!

So he is indeed the perfect choice for the job. You dear mother would have been proud to have a former student now in the parliament, especially representing the OKU masses.

Prof Ismail, I’m sure, have gone through many obstacles himself and deservingly gets to be where he is now. he has accomplished himself as a well-known academician after all. With his experience, and an intellectual at that, he should be able to get the job done, and I mean extremely well.

Thanks for crossing over, sir. Been to MRT twice but yet to be able to see the real man behind this voice/CW3. hopefully soon.

Salam Aidl Adha.

A Voice said...

Unfortunately, Dewan Negara does not have much cloud in passing law as compared to Dewan Rakyat.

Too bad. There is more brainy people amongh the Senators than MPs. In Parliament, an OKU like Prof Ismail won't seem as handicap as those OKU Berfikir in Parliament... that includes Mr zzzzzzzzzzz .....

So ... you've been keep track of KMU.

God willing, we will meet ... You can always ctc my link man know who he is

sankochan said...

Not into politics... but it sounds like something is improving for ya! XD

Kata Tak Nak said...

Well its about time. Hopefully they hear his voice and not put him up there just for show.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

A voice,

Honestly, I don’t know many senators apart from prof ismail and jins shamsudin.

Yes, I was quietly amongst the KMU but left shortly after Big Dog left. You can say I’ve been following him around, the reason solely because I was craving for news concerning Tun. In fact that was why I joined KMU in the first place.

Hey, A Voice, sir…just wondering, is that sweet lookin’ hottie still around there? I mean lady J? hehe…

Hey miss Teh,

Not just for me but PWDs in general. Things are certainly looking up, IF, they walk the talk that is. But I have some beliefs in prof ismail.


I believe Prof Ismail will not just keep quiet. He’s one very respectable figure. I know I sound rather optimistic but no harm in having some beliefs. No more hangat2 taik ayam, that’s my wish.

Tinesh said...

A step forward finally.. Let's hope this flers make more pleasant changes like this la..

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


only time will tell. but certainly things are looking up.

hey, i'm taggin you, bro.

A Voice said...


Lady J ... hmmmm ... was just told by an ex GenM that she's got her own Friendster and was told she is a hottie.

Well I am a bit too old for all this. But if she is anything like those old fashion beauty like Sarimah, or Sharifah Hanim, or Raquel Welch or Lynda Carter or ... that is something new for some of ligaments to look up to.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

salam CW3,

yea, i went through her friendster and thats how i found out she's a hottie..hahaha...

i guess she's nothing like the divas you mentioned. no offence to all the lads but being the best-looking in MyKmu, she deserves all the attention. hehehe..

Anonymous said...

He received a Doctor of Letters from Irish International University. Great accomplishment